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Corbyn has to Succeed for the Long-Term 'Good' of the 'Majority of the British People (up to 90%) and when he becomes Prime Minister, he must Build an Economy based upon High-Technology unlike what Blair did, who put most of his Eggs in the 'City' Basket and where his thinking in reality 'Failed' the People and the Nation in the Long-Term

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In politics there are little changes when it comes to the Party usually, but here we have an unprecedented example with Jeremy Corbyn being elected Labour Party Leader that a great sea-change in values and morality is taking shape...something that has been needed in British politics for many decades.

For Corbyn has those unique qualities in politics where the people's welfare is paramount and not for the privileged few, as both the Blair years followed and the present incumbent government continues to do so.

Now a new dawn beckons where true people politics can start to emerge again from the long years in the democratic wilderness. This will be a big influence on reshaping future British politics and where inequality will be increasingly addressed for the majority and not just for the minority rich. For Corbyn has the thinking and understanding to forge great needed change on the social issues facing the nation and to create a dynamic economy based upon a high technology, something that Blair dismissed although he was provided with the means to achieve this.

In this respect between 1997 and 1998 the World Innovation foundation through its 3,500+ 'independent' consulting fellows and honorary members (over eighty are 'Nobel Laureates'), advised the Blair government through Whitehall on White Papers that dealt with economic competitiveness, creative innovation and the establishment of the NESTA (National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts).

These advisory consultations involved around 100 of the WIF's 'independent' consultant members and where they were the leading lights in many of the high tech industry of its day and the thinkers of the new technologies of the future.  Eight of them had Nobel Prizes in the Sciences and at the leading-edge of knowledge. Indeed, these world-leading international scientist et al, had at the fundamental level, created new global industries that did nor exist a mere 40-years ago, but now turn over between $1 trillion and $2 trillion a year.

Over the two-year period working with the DTI (Department of Trade & Industry), these foremost creative brains and applied thinkers in science, technology, engineering and change economics, advised on the nation's future and what it should be doing to initiate and built a new economy based upon a dynamic hi-tech strategy.

Unfortunately for the UK and its people, the Blair government took no notice of these leading lights and ignored their advice. For the Blair administration placed all its eggs in the one basket of service industries and predominantly the 'City'.

The present state of the UK shows the sheer folly of Blair's thinking and that of his ministers and advisers. In this respect the UK has now more debt than at any other time in its history by far when everything is included (UK's Debt is far more than what people really think - and where our trade balance for our goods and services is always hugely negative.

Indeed one day, there will be a great day of reckoning and where this will create a massive adjustment in reduced living standards for the working population which will cause enormous suffering. Therefore there is a great shock on the way for the people of the United Kingdom and in a relatively short period in time, caused by the knock-on effect of the Blair years.

Therefore Jeremy Corbyn's emergence from the wilderness is in many ways a new realism emerging also and where this declined scientific catalyst that can be brought back into place and what Blair and his administration should have done in his first term (from 1997 onwards). For the service industries and the 'city' are very fickle in their dynamism and open to tremendously quick changes that create mass unemployment and a rollercoaster economy, that leads to major financial and economic meltdowns - just like what happened in 2008.

Therefore considering what has happened to the vast majority of the British people (up to 90%) and where they have been impoverished by the economic thinking through the Blair years (together with the present Tory thinking), Corbyn has to do what the Blair government did not do and has to build the British economy on high technology for the long-term, when he eventually becomes prime minister. For this is the only way that the UK and its people can really flourish from one generation to the next and not undergo, dire economic downturns that the present UK economy is constantly open too and exposed.

For overall, a future Corbyn led Labour Government has to adopt a new economic basis that is fully sustainable and based upon science, engineering, technology and manufacturing. The folly of not doing is what we have presently and where the Chinese and export-led Germany, has excelled.

Indeed, the Chinese leadership some 35 years ago knew that great wealth can only come from a nation emerging into a technological giant and where this has  happened over the past 3-decades for them. It should be noted that one of the major change-masters and leaders in this change thinking to develop the Chinese economy on this high technology basis was former Vice-Premier Dr. Jian Song, a WIF Fellow, and who developed China's economic 'blueprint' on these lines during his 13-years of office. Ironically the very same period of time that the 'last' Labour government had to implement a fully sustainable economic strategy, but where as China succeeded with their economy, the UK miserably failed and where we are today, going from year to year with no real hope of paying off our now massively accumulated and accumulating debt.

Therefore there is a lot riding on Jeremy Corby to steer the good ship the 'British Economy' around and out of the highly turbulent global economic waters towards the calm economic waters of a future dynamic hi-tech nation. For if Corbyn fails and takes no notice of those who have the economic answers for the future, he too will fail the British people, just like Blair did whilst he was flirting and dancing with the 'City'. Unfortunately he was totally remote to the real long-term economic solutions. It is hoped that Corbyn when his time comes, will be completely different for the long-term good of the nation and think differently to Blair. If he does, he will be seen by history as one of the greatest Prime Ministers that Britain ever had. We have to hope that this will be the ultimate case for the British people's future and the futures of all generations to come.

Dr David Hill
World Innovation Foundation
12 September 2015


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