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World's Future Existence CAN ONLY be Guaranteed by the People and not the Establishment Elite Who Destroy Planet Earth by the Year

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The graph above has enormous future problems for the EU as Africa has the greatest growth in global population and migration will not cease. The question is, how can Europe including the United Kingdom prevent a population catastrophe happening. The answer, only by the 'West' investing now and continually in Africa to make it self sufficient will unimaginable migration be stopped and that is a fact.

World's Future Existence CAN ONLY be Guaranteed by the People and not the Establishment Elite Who Destroy Planet Earth by the Year

The Elitist System is a false one and it is not coming from the right wealthy background or highest educational institutions where genius and creativity reside, but in people with little educational qualifications and from poor and middle-class backgrounds

The elites tells us that they know best, but where they tell us this for their own financial wellbeing. We cannot do without them they say. Ask any powerful banker and he will tell you the same, but where this section of the elites has caused more mayhem and suffering around the world than most.

When we really study the people have real intelligence and creativity, we find very few indeed who come from the elitist background.

Examples of this are such people as,

1. George Boole  - Inventor of the ‘0’s and ‘1’s that drives the digital revolution

Without Boolean Algebra the WWW and computers just would not operate. It took a man with no formal qualifications whatsoever to invent the means so that the modern world could operate and function, not a professor for example, from any Ivy League or Oxbridge university to do this

Boole came from a poor family (his father was a lowly shoemaker) and was a totally self-educated mathematician who had no degree whatsoever from any educational institution. He was all self taught, but where he determined the mathematics of Boolean algebra. Indeed, because his mid had not been corrupted by the establishment mindsets of learning, his mind was allowed to flourish and enable genius to emerge. But where he had to make his way in life to show the elites that he knew better than they did, which he did, or otherwise they themselves would have created Boolean algebra. It took years for him to be accepted as a mainstream mathematician but where eventually with no qualifications he was mad professor of mathematics at Cork University. His genius was so great that eventually the most prestigious scientific institution in the world that Newton partially developed, The Royal Society’, made him FRS. The first person ever to be awarded the Fellowship of the Royal Society without a single degree.

Therefore the elitist system when looking at Boole alone is totally flawed and where it can be seen as a mirage in many ways to keep the elites in charge through the constant brainwashing of the people into thinking that the elites are the ones with the brains and ideas.  They certainly are not and even Gates had to buy the brains who invented MS-DOS, the most important think that has made Gates the richest person in the world. But truth is, he simple just bought the invention and with a bit of bluff with IBM, the rest is history. So he has not a creative brain or is a genius in any way whatsoever. Lucky maybe and being in the right place at the right time with rich father, but certainly not a person with an inventive or creative brain. Gates is therefore a fine example in the corporate world of a person with little creativity and at the opposite end of the genius spectrum to Boole.

2.  Michael Faraday – Inventor of the Means to Create Electricity at Will

Michael Faraday is given the courtesy title of the ‘Father of Electricity’. The reason for this was that no-one else had invented a means to harness and create electricity at will and for the use that it is put today. Indeed without Faraday’s inventions the modern world would not be as it is today and no modern day computer or infrastructure system would be the case. In this respect also, without electricity on demand, the modern world would soon come to a full stop and our standards of living would decline very quickly. For electricity-on-demand is the economic and social life-blood of all modern economies and the world-at-large. Without it they and the modern world, just simply could not function. Therefore Faraday’s genius was without doubt the main reason why the world is as it is today, as without it, life would be totally different and less rewarding by far – no matter if you are the richest person in the world or even someone  who sleeps rough on the streets, as both gain from invention of electricity even though both at the complete opposite ends of the wealth spectrum.

Faraday was born into a poor English family (his father was a lowly blacksmith) and where he only had rudimentary education up to the age of 12 years and starting out in life as a lowly bookbinder. But although he had little education he had the intelligence and interest to read some of the manuscripts that he was binding, often borrowing those to read at home in his private hours before they were provided to the authors. Faraday soon found that his interests were in the emerging field of scientific-engineering and read avidly what scholars were stating.

There are many references to Faraday on the WWW, so we shall not go into the full details of his life, as this can be researched fully by any reader. The fact is though, that Faraday invented possibly in world history, the no.1 invention of all time as most other inventions that have revolutionised the world, need electricity to function; the WWW being just one example.

Therefore Faraday again shows that the elitists do not produce the things that make people’s lives better and where even Faraday knew the full worth of the Establishment and the elites, declining a knighthood from HM Queen Victoria.

3.  Sir Isaac Newton

Newton although he eventually worked for the Establishment was not one of them when he started out in life. His father was a farmer who was completely uneducated and could not even sign his own name. At Cambridge Newton was enrolled for a BA degree (there were no BSc degrees in this days and degrees in the Arts)  and where he was a poor scholar. Indeed he lost his ‘groats’ (a financial deposit if you did not attain a certain level) and was awarded the lowest BA degree that Cambridge could bestow on a student. Indeed at the time his far wealthier contemporaries (the elites of their day) stated that ‘nothing would ever come of Newton’.

But Newton with an uneducated father, who could not even sign his own name, became debatably the greatest scientist of all time. This again shows to a great extent that those who come from the elite families and dynasties are not the ones who give, but actually take all the time if people have any intelligence?

Newton did not start to show the ‘real’ Newton until after his formal Cambridge education was completed.
For although Newton never studied for an MA formally (people did not do that at Cambridge at the time) he was awarded this degree due to the fact that he had stayed on at Cambridge for a few years after his BA degree and had become a tutor. This change allowed Newton’s mind to flourish and to be drawn towards scientific discovery that were basically outside the confines of classical Cambridge education. With this new liberalisation, he started to think differently to those elitist contemporaries et al who had scorned him in the past and the rest is now history.

Therefore again Newton is like Boole and Faraday in many ways, not having the privilege of an elitist upbringing or vast wealth. Considering this fact again, the  establishment elites that constitute approximately 73 million people out of 7,500 million people currently, are not of the Newtonian kind and where they actually create little that benefits the human experience or humanity in general, only themselves.

4. Albert Einstein – Thinker of a New World of Science

Einstein was born into a middle-class family where his father was a salesman and partner in an engineering business that failed. Initially Einstein failed his entrance examinations to higher education and had to resit them. He did not consider that the rigid educational system was conducive to creativity and learning in general and was in many ways a maverick in his outlooks on education. Einstein was certainly not one of the elites or establishment and in many ways resented their ways. But over his lifetime he changed the mindsets of the scientific world to one of new horizons, based upon the understanding of the universe itself.

There are many articles on Einstein and any reader can research his life and achievements, but where he is another example that the establishment elites do not change the world themselves, but rely totally on others. Therefore according to the history of the world, it is others from the working-class and middle-class who actually change the world and where history cannot lie. Unfortunately the elites and establishment do not wish to accept this truism of the first order, but use the thinking and inventions of other for their own personal vested-interest, giving very little back to humanity.

Dr David Hill
CEO, World Innovation Foundation
5 November 2016

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