Sunday, 3 April 2022

Ukraine – the new USSR that was Previously a Democracy to a great extent is the ‘First’ Nation to Sign up to the ONE-WORLD GOVERNMENT (OWG) Structure that we Know as “The Great Reset” of the World Economic Forum (WEF)

The 2022 ‘Ukraine War’ was the pre-set means to draft in  the  start  in  the  disguise   of  the  global  agenda of The  World Economic Forum’s   ‘The  Great Reset’  for the  overriding  construct  of a One-World Government (OWG).  Therefore  and  people  will  not  believe  it  of course,  that   the  Ukraine war  was pre-planned by the ‘deep  state’,      to    change   our    world     from    the democracies  we  know, where the people voted in who they wanted to lead their nation, to one where  this will all go by the way and we shall have a  world controlled by technocrats  and  unelected leaders  of a   one-world government.   Hard to  believe  I  am sure, but as Klaus Schwab says  in   his dictatorial exposé to the  world of the WEF’s ‘The Great Reset’ and I cite,


          “You will own nothing and be happy"   


The Changing political landscape of The Ukraine

Unknown and kept hidden from the public view unless you undertake your own private research as main-stream media (MSM) will not tell you as they are owned by those behind The WEF, on 16 March 2022 -

The release of the hidden information states that,  Zelensky has just ‘signed into law’ the first steps of Schwab’s Great Reset. He announced he is introducing a Social Credit Application combining Universal Basic Income (UBI), a Digital Identity & a Vaccine Passport all within their Diia app. He also says that because so much money is coming into Ukraine as he has become an international celebrity, he has legalized cryptocurrencies in Ukraine. He will allow foreign and Ukrainian cryptocurrencies exchanges to operate legally, according to the country’s Ministry of Digital Transformation.

Unknown also to the world’s public-at-large and due to the exposé brought out within the release of the ‘Panama Papers’ of illegal offshore accounts by the world’s wealthy to avoid taxation and keep it all for themselves (tax evasion in other words and international crime) Zelensky has a US$35 million sea-front mansion in Miami and a private bank account in Costa Rica with hundreds of millions on the account. The big question is where did Zelensky get all this wealth from and where before becoming President of the Ukraine, he was a former actor and comedian with normal and medium middle-class wealth?

But not to get too far away from the main points of what Zelensky has done and enacted in the Ukraine now and in a very short period of time, the relevant significant elements are,


  1. Free Speech and Independent Journalism

Zelensky has barred all ‘Independent’ news and brought all under his so-called unifying news laws, just one voice and that of the Ukrainian Government – total censorship in other words – Note that the first link is prior to Zelensky banning all independent media in the Ukraine -

And the ‘Second-link’ after independent media was banned in Ukraine - - (read the comments of what worldwide people think of this as well)


  1. Disbanded Democracy in Ukraine

Zelensky has banned all other ‘opposition’ political parties with any opposing view to his own – all eleven parties, but not the party backing the Ukrainian Neo-Nazis. This is equivalent to what a dictator does and signed this into law, so that no-one can speak out and with the 10,000 strong Neo-Nazis Ukrainian military militia (Azov regiments et al) in place (and power behind the scenes – the real political power in Ukraine if Western media would allow you to know) and where if you do not do and agree with what they say, you are murdered or disappear, this order will now stay in place forever in reality with the Neo-Nazis in charge -


  1. Zelensky Suppresses Ukrainian People Publishing Any News against the Ukrainian Army – depriving and threatening the Ukrainian people under Law if they do and taking away the people of their rights to free speech 

Zelensky signs law forbidding publication of data on Ukraine army, exempts ministry of defence or staff –


The  world   therefore   is  now  starting   to  physically decend  into  a  world  where  there  is no freedom and where the control  of the  people is  paramount for  the new world order to operate and  function correctly,  with no dessent allowed whatsoever (as if you do, you will not get your financial digital allwance laid down by a OWG system and then you cannot eat - again sounds mad, but that is what they intend and to do to you if you delve deep into the WEF's Great Reset mechanisms for future humankind - far more sinister and draconian in nature than Orwell's 1984 world view that was supposed to be fictionous piece of classic writing) – seems similar as well to a previous time, well it is and the Nazis rise in Germany to power in the 1930s. Indeed, little known in the West or the world-at-large    due    to   the   West’s   MSM   censorship   and  suppression  of   the   news,   the   Neo-Nazis  who  are basically   Nazis  in  Ukraine   as  they   are  the  fourth generation  of  Ukrainian  Nazis  (and not Neo-Nazis in reality,  but   actual  Nazis  who  idolise  Nazism  –  the reason why  also  that  the USA has voted every time at the UN  against  banning Nazism throughout the world since 2014), have stated that their aim is to spread their intensions throughout  the  world  and where they have their sights  on  Germany  and  other  European nations together  with   all  those  with  rising  Nazi  supporting fractions within their nations.

Therefore the future for humanity is literally ‘frightening’ for the people of Europe and the World-at Large in true reality [even far more frightening than the the Nazi years of death concentration camps, extermination camps, torture and experimentation on humanity, as this time it is undertaken by our own and those who are basically behind all wars, where as a single example of many, Rockefella, richest person in the world at the time, who supplied to both sides (fuel & vast global commodities to keep the war going) to the Nazis, Japanese and the Allies throughout WW2 - as war is big business and it does not matter who you sell too] and due to what is going on behind the scenes now and specifically induced to enable the ‘Great Reset’ to be accepted by the people, as slavery and servitude will eventually be seen as the better evil of what is being enacted by the dire draconian powers at play. Indeed, if people do not wake up quickly to what is going on, they will only have themselves to blame and even the lying corporate and government controlled national and global media. As this dire future world that the "Great Reset" will bring, will affect the lives of all journalists worldwide and specifically their own children who will enter the same world of suppression, servitude and basically slavery to the OWG which will be of their own making by being totally complicit in all this vile human suffering construct currently - the propaganda of telling the people the absolute opposite in truth terms of what in reality is really going on and a greater crime in my mind, as the killing of Ukrainians happening now.

Overall the people should visit the links listed below in the 'References' to this blog and to see and interpret themselves what is really going on against humanity. Note that although these are extensive across a whole range of allied and fundamental issues relating to the world-at-large presently, they are basically only a mere few of the real truths out there if people care for once to undertake their own ‘independent’ research/search of the WWW and what is the true ‘Reality’, where people turn a blind-eye to try and avoid to believe anything else but what their governmnet is telling them – but now if they do this, they will be totally ignorant to what is coming for them, their families and children soon and unless they do something about it !


Dr David Hill

Chief Executive

World Innovation Foundation

April 3, 2022 (updated April 9, 2022)




Reposted from 2015 due to the Russia-Ukraine Conflict - Obama and His Administration Voted for Nazism to Exist in the United Nations Resolution on Banning it Globally (unbelievable but perfectly true according to the UN Vote in November 2014) - What is the Modern World of Politics coming too When the Most Insidious Political Ideology and Regime Ever Invented that Murdered tens of Millions world-wide, is Allowed to Exist and Flourish - But Obama Wants it That Way -

Also, view this YouTube link, “US keeps voting to defend Nazis at United Nations” -

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Example of just one of the Neo-Nazi military regiments in the Ukraine, but the most prominent - Azov Regiment On Ukraine Russia Frontline l Putin’s Denazification Goal Aimed At White Supremacists? –

Research documentary by the BBC in 2018 and according to a host of independent news outlets still continues today - Ukraine: On patrol with the far-right National Militia - BBC Newsnight (2018) -

*** WARNING - EXTREMELY GRAPHIC CONTENT *** - It's easy to see the difference between MSM propaganda journalism and REAL journalism. On news outlets like SKY, BBC and CNN each scene they present is staged, contrived, made to convey what they want you to believe. They use dolls, mannequins, crisis actors and various other methods to trick you but true journalism without a bias will show you the opposite version which is TRUTH! This journalist is amazing and should be followed if you want to know what's really going on in Ukraine - Dozens Killed By Ukrainian Cluster Bomb Attack On Center Donetsk  (Ukraine Army, not Russians killing Ukrainian civilians – their own people) -

War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity Committed by the Ukrainian Military-Political Leadership in Donbass (not Russian military, but Ukrainian Military as this video was 2014 when Russia were not inside Ukraine and the Neo-Nazi militia were bombing the Ukrainian people in Donbass, as they spoke Russian and did not want to live with The Ukrainian Neo-Nazis who just constantly waged war on the them and genocide) -

Ukraine won't give Donbass without genocide -

The children of the Donbass A video document that hits the stomach and screams in the head to open the eyes. (What has been going on since 2014 In Ukraine where the Ukrainian Government and military have been killing and murdering their own people who living in the region next to the Russian border, speak Russian and empathise with Russia more than Ukraine and where the Ukrainian government commit genocide against their own people continually – the killers are their own and not Russian) -

You’re asking why Russia has launched a special operation in Ukraine? Since 2014 the Ukrainian armed forces have been shelling civilian areas of the Donbass region of the Ukraine not Russian military  -

The Bitter Truth in Ukraine where a French journalist has seen and monitored the killing of over 13,000 Ukrainian people with evidence (including children) by the Ukraine government and military since 2014, not Russia -

Ukrainian Neo-Nazis are rampant in the Ukraine and western media have been covering up the real truth -

From 2014 UKRANIAN ARMY CREATED GENOCIDE. Killed our kids. The world must know the truth!-

I would say that Russia came too late to help Donbass. And all because we have been trying for 8 years to convince the government of Ukraine to stop the genocide on its territory against the people in the Donbass. -

The "Master Plan" for Humanity - thought up and designed for Humankind’s Future through the 'insane' Mindset of the Elites and the Real Global Overseers of the World Order, but where “YOU” will “NOT” like it, as it will lead to the Ultimate reduction of the majority of the People of the world through Vaccines and Vast Debt - Part 2 of the Series concerning “Human Extinction and the Death or Survival of Humankind” -

THE ONE THAT ‘ALL’ PEOPLE SHOULD WATCH AND LISTEN TOO FOR THEIR SANITY WITH REGARD TO THE TRUTH - Ukraine Roundtable - False Flags, Psyops & Propaganda: What You Are Not Being Told About Ukraine -


The KING of KINGS and Masters of Humankind's Ultimate Kismet - the 'New' WORLD ORDER that will eventually dispatch Humankind to Oblivion and its Ultimate Extinction - The Greed of the Few Combined with Our Planet's Natural Resources Running Out will make this Inevitable...We have to Change Our Development Mechanism from Corporate Globalization to Sustainability before we have Used Up 'All' the Non-Replenishable Natural Resources of the World...the planet belongs to all of us NOT the Few ! –

Revealed: ‘anti-oligarch’ Ukrainian president’s offshore connections (The Guardian newspaper - 3 October 2021 article) –

You want to talk about CORRUPTION. Let’s start with Zelensky $35M mansion and his $1.3 billion in the bank -

Zelensky found a billion dollars and a villa in Miami - that was announced by the deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of the Opposition Platform – Party For Life Ilya Kiva – what do they say, where there is smoke there is a fire usually -

Zelensky £1 billion plus private account in Costa Rica - (Read the documents under as the video tells people little and is Zelensky dancing)

It is better to run away with money than without it: Where does Zelensky get a billion dollars in his accounts? -

The Rada spoke about a billion dollars in Zelensky’s foreign accounts - (the RADA is the Supreme Council of Ukraine)

Ukrainian President Zelensky has a 35 million dollar home in Sunny Isles FL. Have to get there by boat -

Pretty puppet, Zelensky, incredible -

Note that you have to put this link address directly into your web browser as Crtl + enter on your keyboard does not work and due to censorship about Biden’s son’s activities in Ukraine)

Ukraine on Fire – by Oliver Stone, world renowned Film and TV producer - Ukraine On Fire – AS THIS IS NOW CENSORED BY YOUTUBE AFTER THE WAR BROKE OUT AND WHERE PREVIOUSLY IT WAS ON YOUTUBE FOR 6-YEARS, you can only access it through other ways now and the following is one of them, but it shows how western media has been told not to show that there are Neo-Nazis in Ukraine with 10,000 militia - Censored: Ukraine on Fire | Sharyl Attkisson

Also how George Soros is one of the main billionaires behind the control of Ukraine -


Is Fake News worse or is Suppressed News by 'our' western governments and MSM worse for the People’s Understanding of the Physical World and what is really going on? -

Top UK TV executive tells the truth about News SUPPRESSION dictated by the UK government throughout Covid-19 and the Pandemic… 'It created an environment which led to the biggest assault on freedom of speech and democracy I’ve known in my lifetime.' Ex-Sky & ITV News Executive Mark Sharman on Ofcom's warning to 'not question the official Government line.’ (22 March 2022) -

7 FAKE NEWS stories coming out of Ukraine -

"25 hoaxes, fakes and misinformation about Russia and Ukraine" -

The truth is never as obvious as they would like to have you believe (US Journalist was killed by Ukrainian military and not Russian). -

IvoryHecker Lara Logan War Correspondent on Ukraine War Misinformation & LIES -

World's Future Existence CAN ONLY be Guaranteed by the People and not the Establishment Elite Who Destroy Planet Earth by the Year –-

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American mercenary: “Stop coming to Ukraine!" -

Dr. Wilmer Leon drops major truth bombs about Ukraine -

Staged Photo Again in #UkraineCrisis! Alleged 'victim' in the Ukraine's Mariupol hospital that was allegedly 'bombed' by Russia is a CELEBRITY VLOGGER... The maternity ward is actually controlled by the Right-Wing Extremist group Azov battalion that has a record of burning public properties and beating citizens who don't conform to their extreme views -


Newsreader and TV media presenter Kim Iversen Debunks FAKE Russia-Ukraine War Videos Spread Widely On Social Media - The Hill –

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NWO Depopulation Prophet Bill Gates to Stand Trial for Crimes against Humanity. The Guardian: “Dear Bill Gates. Only You Can Lead Us against Climate Change' -

Political and Corporate Sociopaths and Psychopaths are Destroying the 'Free' World order and where these Political and Corporate Psychopaths know well what they are doing to the world-at-large and through their insane thinking of Sequentially destroying the planet and where the People are the Only Ones (7.8 billion people to be precise) who will ultimately suffer the dire 'liquidating' consequences, not the rich and powerful who have created this out-of-control monster –

REUTERS - Commentary: Ukraine’s neo-Nazi problem –

Global Pharmaceutical Giants have made Criminal Activity legal and the vast US multi-billion dollar Corruption Fines just a part of their Drug Costs - But since this blog was posted in 2013, the whole corruption by Big Pharma had been turbo-charge into a whole new dimension of Corruption never been seen before and the Pandemic is just the start of this continual dimension to extract money from the people based totally on false pretences - wake up people for your own long-term good and the future of your children it has to be stated clearly now –

The Truth behind Covid-19 – First 'Major' Stage of the Implementation of the Impoverishment of the World’s People and Sequential Control of Humanity -

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WAR is Predominantly Caused Through Economic Enrichment and Basically Greed of the Very Powerful Few behind closed doors and why there will eventually be World War 111, where the Majority of Normal People will Pay the Ultimate Price and Humanity Will More or Less eventually become extinct - Fact not Fiction based upon what the History of the World to date has told us and where the hidden hand and drums of 'Global' Conflict is NOW Growing Stronger by the Year -

Human Genocide has its roots in Personal Financial Greed and Political Power –


The ‘Establishment’ Makes Amends but where the ‘Establishment’ does not change its spots when it comes to its own –

Read what former UK Ambassador Craig Murray who was based in central Asia had recently to say about the Ukraine conflict and the Neo-Nazis that run the country as a small introduction, inflicting genocide on the people of Donbass over the last 8 years -

Children Found Hiding In Basement After Artillery Hit Their Apartment (Not Russian, But the Ukraine Military according to those in the property) - (not available anymore on YouTube as it stated clearly that the Ukrainian military had bombed the Ukrainians in the region). But for a fuller overview of what you are not being told about Ukraine visit this link and also look at the ‘older’ click link at the bottom of the page as a whole host of information and1,095 links to Ukrainian articles  -

And one from a guy living in the Ukraine from England who says it as it is with no holding back what is happening in the Ukraine by the Zelensky and his government -

Democracy died a death when 'Partyocracy' (a party-ruled 'democracy) and 'Corporatocracy' Corrupted the System and became the New way to Control People and run a Nation –

The People do 'NOT' know the TRUTH of what is actually going on and the 'Reality' of our so-called Democracy which is in 'Reality' the democracy of Big Business & Government hand in glove –

Donbass - 2016. Documentary Anne-Laure Bonnel (subtitles EN FR SPA ITA) -

The vast wealth of the few and the poverty of the many will fuel eventually global conflict -

Motives behind Ukraine War 2022 - This War is Not About Ukraine - - Note also that Soros is a supporter and member of the WEF and therefore their global agenda where Ukraine is just one of the pieces in the ‘Great Reset jgsaw’

World War 3 will not be a Military Takeover of the World but a Global Economic Takeover of the World and where the Vast Majority of the World's People will Be Subservient to The Power of the 'Very Few and the Mighty Corporations' -

"We trained Nazis" Scott Ritter former US Marine Corps Intelligence Officer dropping some cold hard facts -

Future War in Europe - Due not to BREXIT but Entirely Due to the EU  -

United States has 336 bio labs in 30 countries including Ukraine -

Klaus Schwab & Hunter Biden Connected To Ukraine Bio-labs


CONTROL - The Most Powerful Word in the World and What Corporate Leaders and the Political Elite Crave For to the Extent of Being Psychopathic in 'Their' Thinking and Actions Against the People –-

How to TELL the Truth: Russia War on Ukraine Demands This Skill…Do you Have It?-

Allied to what is going on in the Ukraine as al qaeda terrorists are fighting for Ukraine (NATO in reality who is arming them against the Russians), “Is the 'Islamic State' (ISIL/ISIS) a CIA-Mossad Creation?” -

Allegations of Russian war crimes in Bucha, Ukraine - Frm. US Army Colonel & Trump Pentagon Senior Advisor Douglas Macgregor

Azov Battalion - Neo-Nazis in Ukraine (Time Magazine) - the truth...from the Ukra people themselves

Asking Mariupol Residents About Russian Attacks On Civilian areas

Ukrainian civilians describing the war crimes of Azov Nazi Battalions in Mariupol Ukraine -

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DPR military fighting the Ukrainian Neo-Nazis -

Inside The Ukrainian Neo Nazi Asov Brigade - The Nationalist Fascists Of Ukraine - Trained By The CIA And Funded By Israel -

One Neighborhood Shelled Twice A Day Everyday In The Russia - Ukraine War -