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Radicalisation of the West by Islam and the Reasons Why this HAS HAPPENED and WHY IT WILL CONTUINUE TO HAPPEN


Sold by our Political Leaders to the Mighty Corporations - Something that people never thought could happen but two US Presidents predicted it (Roosevelt & Eisenhower)

Daesh (the Islamic State) may be a clear pointer that wars are created for the vested-interest of certain powerful nations and their partners, as the following article outlines in some depth. 'Why ISIS Exists' -

'Paris Thoughts-- on open carry, false flag and revenge' -

'How Saudi/Gulf Money Fuels Terror' -

There are many theories to why the fastest growing religion in the West is Islam. But in my humble opinion two factors stand out above all others.

1.  The Extreme Financial Model for the 'Few'- The Political-Corporate Global Model for in Reality, Human Unsustainability
Western politicians and particular their leaders together with the mighty corporations have over the last 30-years developed a 'dire' unequal society in terms of personal wealth. Indeed over that relatively short period of time economic 'inequality' and financial insecurity for the vast majority of people (90%) living in the West has expanded to its highest level ever in the history of the world. The main reason for this huge gulf in personal wealth that is constantly growing is globalisation, the liberalisation of the markets, immensely reduced corporate investment in the West by western corporations and the vast investments that western corporations have transferred to the East - overall the overriding drive of corporate greed to the sheer and dire future detriment of most people. 

Therefore political leaders and big business have and are still creating this developing monster that with eventually destroy western society as we know it currently.  Indeed in this respect we only have to look at the secretive TTIP (The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) to see clearly that politicians and big business are continuing unabated the control of economic and financial power into the hands of the 'few'. For this new so-called free trade agreement (nothing more could be further away from the truth), will allow the corporation to sue sovereign governments and override sovereign laws through 'secret' courts for a minimum profit, ensuring that they cannot fail and where their rich shareholders will be the only winners. I state this as it will be a system to write your own cheques out and cash them in all from the taxpayers' coffers as usual. The other sinister matters are that these courts will be held behind closed doors where no-one other than those privy to the court hearing (people of the EU & USA cannot be part) will know the debates or the payments made - in other words the people of the USA and EU will not be able to be a part of this stitch-up. Consequently prices will inevitably go up for the people (whether directly through their purchases or though payment by their governments in trade penalties to corporations through the people's taxes) and as usual the rich will definitely get richer and richer. It is a one-sided trade agreement that gives all to the mighty corporation and their shareholders. The sad fact is that our politicians know this and are signing up to the TTIP. The question is, who is in charge therefore the politicians that we elect or the powerful corporation? It appears definitely the corporations who behind closed doors use our political leaders and senior politicians as front men or women for their own insatiable greed that is in control.
Unfortunately the above has been part of the major problem that has fuelled to a significant extent for the second reason and the growth in international radicalization of Islam.

2. The Extreme Religious Fundamentalism of 'Big Religion' and Global Religious Power
As with all religions, they too are big business for those in control and at the top. Indeed  some say that the Christian religion is the biggest business in the world, but followed closely by the Muslim religion. Christianity has around 2 billion followers and Islam has over 1.6 billion followers (but this number is 500 million more followers than the Roman Catholic religion). Therefore like big corporate business these religions are organized to maximise income and power over the people. Indeed once you are born and your family is within a religion, you have no choice in what or whom you devote your religious life too from thereon (unless as the minority few change when adults and have been allowed their free-thinking).  This is the captive nature of religion where the blind lead the blind forever. Consequently because all that is important is to ever grow the religion, fundamentalism and extremism is inherent within this growth model, in equal measure in terms of Islam and Christianity. Therefore this incites radicalism and where the extreme percentiles take the teachings of the Koran and Bible as literal and take up even the most extreme areas of religion. Indeed, the radical 'homes-in' and concentrates on  the extreme elements as this is his or her excuse to do what they do in the name of Allah or Jesus. In this respect extreme  Christian fundamentalists are just as genocidal in their outcomes as extreme Islamic fundamentalism  as Africa and historically the 'Inquisition' can attest. But the tipping point into extreme religious killings and genocide is also supported to great extent because the West does not provide a stable economic base for work in particularly the Islamic communities and where many more are without work (back to the first reason). This has the effect of disenfranchising the young especially with western values and their ways and where the very few benefit from their economy's growth which produces the great gulf between the 'haves' and 'have nots'  is clear to see. With these mindsets fixed already at an early age, rebellion and a detestation against such a system is born. Therefore 'inequality' is one of the greatest reasons why, with extreme fundamental religious thought, causes the young in the West to disengage with their western nation of birth and to go away to fight against the perceived infidel or alternative religious main-stream values  in their eyes. In other words, they need a 'calling' and purpose and where western economies do not provide this. Indeed  they combine their religious extremist thinking with western poverty of the majority that they see around them that proves to them that western values are decadent (alien to their religious thinking). Indeed as the West declines economically over the forthcoming decades as the economic might of the East kicks in, the very few will continue to get richer and richer and where the majority will get poorer and poorer, extremism will grow exponentially within western economies. Internal conflict is increasingly the case with such an 'inequality economic model' in place and where this is like a cancer that runs through society. Consequently the politico-economic model that our political leaders have created will eventually be the undoing of western society and values as we know them. For history has shown that revolutions by the people always win through and where military repression is eventually put down also as a nation's soldiers change sides to the people's side if they also see that their society is repressive. All great empires have seen this happen and where great inequality in the masses has always been the fuse to light this global change. Western society is no different here.

'Terror, climate chaos, financial crisis are the costs of 'doing business' ' -  

Dr David Hill

World Innovation Foundation
29 June 2014 (updated 1 January 2016)


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