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Seaborg (Element 106 Seaborgium) knew that with the political and military mindset of the US Administration, whether it be the Democratic Party or Republican Party Makes NO Difference and World War 111 was only a Matter of Time and an inevitable event for Humanity without a change to a global "development" system of Cooperation, Collaboration and Concern for Others Between Nations - Being the 'Scientific Adviser' to no less than '10 US Presidents', he should know


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Our political leaders are never aware of the greatest threat to their people in the ‘West’. In this respect it is not a nuclear global war or limited nuclear war of using smaller strategic tactical nuclear weapons (that would always have the ‘high’ propensity of manifesting itself into a global nuclear holocaust), but the economic domination of the world - EXACTLY WHAT IS NOW HAPPENING WITH THE COVID PANDEMIC, where little-by-little but clearly, our freedoms and liberties are being taken from us through our politicians (not representatives of the people in reality anymore) who are now just mere puppets in the hands of the rich and powerful now and who are behind this ultimate ending of humanity as we presently know it. For economic supremacy that the ‘East’ will definitely win in the long-term, is forever in perpetuity, unlike military global conflicts of the past. Indeed in a nuclear war there would be no winners, due to the dire concept of MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) where both West and East would be totally annihilated. And if the nuclear weapons did not kill you with over-kill by any remote chance (both sides have enough nuclear weapons to destroy planet Earth many, many times over), the after-effects of the nuclear holocaust residing in the atmosphere for centuries thereafter, would. Consequently Humankind would be no more.

This psychosis that many military men (The thinking of the Pentagon on particular) and inveigle political leaders believe in that a nuclear war could be won is again madness of the highest order and where these people should be locked-up in a mental institution for deranged people forever. For they are not protecting the human experience, but totally destroying it with this insane thinking. Indeed in the West, there is more chance of a nuclear global war starting than from the East, as many US politicians and European politicians believe in their supremacy and that they could never lose a nuclear war. Pure madness again but fact, and where the Pentagon has been charged with determining the outcome of such a nightmarish war with Russia and China in particular (but where any nuclear war would be like a cancer traveling to and engulfing all nations where they would eventually have to chose ‘sides’.

But the above scenario is real and where it only takes a single mistake to light the fuse of such a global nightmare and where history is full of wars started under false pretenses and ‘false flags’. But again, this time there would be no further wars as all human life would be utterly annihilated forever. This of course is not the thinking of highly intelligent people, but the thinking of insane people who control the global system (political leaders and those who control our largest corporates in the main) and where currently because big business in particular is pulling all the strings, we have this mad global economic system that sees military domination as the only means of securing their economic supremacy. But where clearly this insane system can never lead to or provide a peaceful world order, as it is based upon military global domination in the West to be able to do anything, even though that may impoverish 100s of millions and probably billions of people in the process. That is where the great conflict to our very existence comes from and global wars are sparked into existence. For when people have very little to exist for conflict is sparked and where the concept that smaller conflicts are manageable as some military leaders would say are inevitable, but where one of these eventually according to history, will be the one that lights the fuse for a chain-reaction of global wars across the world.

The overall problem with people though, is that they just think that a global nuclear holocaust could never happen, but where they have forgotten what history has told them, especially WW1 and WW2 where the people did not perceive that these global wars would ever really happen, even though they knew about this possibility very well. This is the same mindset that we have today. Consequently it has to be acknowledged by the world’s people that such a war, based upon history and the mentality of political leaders, many Western and Eastern military leaders and major globalists, is more or less guaranteed not something that will never happen – for their modus operandi has always been “Victory at any price” and according to "Murphy's Law. This is of course sheer madness again to think that a global nuclear holocaust could never be and also to think that it will never come to pass. That goes respectfully for even those who believe in GOD also, who may think that this will never happen and where they should comprehend that in all World Wars or regional wars that have killed tens of millions of his creations, GOD has never intervened. Indeed, for those believers in this world, GOD allows us to do whatever we wish and where we are judged later as all the scriptures and the divine book states. So no comfort there I am afraid, unless believers can give examples of GOD’s intervention in stopping world wars or any past holocaust? I know of none.

Therefore the madness of our past and current thinking in the West especially and where it has to change dramatically, for wars around the world have cost the West in particularly dearly over the last 150-years (empires have been destroyed through the process of world wars) and have impoverished their people over the decades where the USA in particular, great wars costing many trillions of US dollars have amassed non-payable debt for their nation into the tens of $trillions. But on the other side in the East, they have not been concentrating on military supremacy, but economic supremacy and where the vast investment has been in industry, not wars. In this respect if we take Russia and the USA as only two examples, the former spends around $40,000 million (Putin Q&A, 2018) on so-called defence and the latter around $716,000 million annually – a near 20-times disparity. In comparison with China which has a military expenditure $151,000 million (Reuters, 2017) the differential with the USA is over 4-fold and where China invest the hundreds of $billions difference in their global economic building strategy, NOT in military supremacy. They do this on the understanding that as they and Russia have enough nuclear weapons to destroy the USA fifty-times over and that there are no winners with a nuclear global war, the only way to achieve global domination is through economics. But this is not a soft option, but a highly intelligent strategy,  as economic wars are forever and global nuclear wars are a one-time catastrophic event with no winners. Which is therefore the wiser decision-making process, the USA or China it has to be asked? I would say the latter if commonsense is used. But where this strategy will cause great economic harm to the USA and the West in general and why the West also has to move towards a global strategy of economic domination to withstand and protect this vast economic threat that is on the horizon. For this to happen there is only one mechanism and where Seaborg and other great inventors of the 20th century such as John Argyris agreed and that was the building of the vast ORE-STEM complex (built for the benefit of humankind) for the creation and manufacture of future global technologies. In this respect Silicone Valley and others (built for the financial enrichment and benefit of themselves, not humanity) have had their day as the USA's economic decline on the global stage has shown over the last quarter of a century and where its economic dynamism cannot be revived by the strategies of the past, not even the Valley phenomena of declining days.

The problem though with the USA, which was seen in a global poll by peoples around the world to be the biggest threat to world peace in 2017 (WIN/Gallup International to 67,806 respondents from 65 countries and cited in Strategic Culture Foundation), is that for a couple of decades at least now, its economic increase/output is not keeping up with that of its so-called dominate economic power status and where its debt (current and forward debt as analysed by Prof. Laurence Kotlikoff, a professor of economics at Boston University and a research associate at the  US National Bureau of Economic Research) is in excess of $235,000,000 million (increased by ‘real’ inflation from 2013>2018) and un-repayable.

In a 2013 interview (5-years ago and things have got worse for the USA since increasing its off balance-sheet debt by at least another $30 trillion based upon ‘true’ inflation alone) on Financial Sense Newshour Professor Kotlikoff stated the following,

The liabilities the government owes are mostly off the books. We have a true debt picture which is about $205 trillion. This is recording all the future obligations the government has, whether they are official obligations or not, such as paying for your social security benefits, mine, or your mother’s Medicare benefits, defense spending, etc. All of these things are really obligations that aren’t recorded on the books as debt, whereas paying off future principal and interest payments on Treasury bills and bonds are recorded. So, anyway, if you take the value of all of those commitments and subtract all the taxes coming to pay those commitments, the difference is what’s called the fiscal gap; and that fiscal gap in the U.S. is now $205 trillion. So, the true debt is $205 trillion; the official debt is only $17 trillion. So, most of the problems we’re facing, most of the debt we have, the vast majority of it is off the books and Congress has done bookkeeping to make sure the public doesn’t see it.

Why is that not well known?
The Clinton administration—we put out the fiscal gap studies for a couple of years on the President’s budget. The Clinton administration then censored it. The guys who’s now head of the National Economic Council, the Chief Economic Advisor to President Obama, was the one who did the censorship back in 1994. President Bush’s Treasury Secretary O’Neil wanted us to do a fiscal gap accounting for the President’s budget in 2003 and he was fired in December 7, 2002, and that study was censored two days after he was fired. So, this is not accidental. This is more or less a conspiracy to hide the truth to keep ourselves and our kids in the dark about what the politicians are really doing, which is trying to garner the votes of older people and then get reelected and leave a bigger mess for our kids to handle.

But the bills are starting to come due as the Baby Boomers keep retiring

Therefore the USA economy in reality is in diabolical state and why the nation is in many ways in terminal decline with the present economic model. But the USA only thinks in terms of military power and supremacy, not economic strategies to build its future economic capabilities on and therefore fritters away vast economic resources on military expenditure every year that its taxpayers have to repay sometime in the future and where this is sheet madness in the long-term for its people. The same to a certain extent goes for the UK, which follows the USA in most wars with the increase outlay in military spending, not putting that money for economic benefit building their nation. Indeed, these political, military and big business mindsets do nothing for their respective people, other than put them in greater and greater debt every year.

Glenn T. Seaborg (Element 106 Seaborgium) who was the “founding” president of the World Innovation Foundation (not the Swiss World Innovation Foundation Charity that went into liquidation with no debts) saw at first hand serving ten presidents of the USA as an adviser, that political leaders and big business had no scruples when it came to the overridingly cited reason for doing something, “In the National Interest”. Indeed Seaborg knew that if the mindsets of political leaders did not change, big business would eventually control the USA both in military and economic terms and where the people would take the brunt of these decisions. As a signature also of the “Franck Report”, Seaborg also knew of the dire consequences for humanity that nuclear weapons if used, would do and where if World War 3 ever happened, humankind would be no more.

Therefore from 1945 onwards Seaborg saw on the world’s forward trajectory, great suffering for humanity would be the outcome and one where millions of people would die and tens of millions would be displaced through the process of war and exactly what has happened over the last 19 years since Seaborg passed away. 

Therefore he also saw that a new global system of cooperation, collaboration and concern for others between nations had to supplant the system of self-interest at the demise of all other nations. In this respect he saw with others that the only way to avoid an eventual nuclear holocaust that would wipe out humankind, would be to collect together like-minded scientists, engineers, technologists, mathematicians and economists and what eventually did become the World Innovation Foundation (UK).  The purpose of this was to construct a new global system where people would share knowledge that benefited all humanity and not the political elite or most powerful people in the world, who basically had not a care for ordinary working people and only making more money on top of their already obscene money.

The essence of the new system for humanity that the World Innovation Foundation's founding lights saw to overall save itself from the present one, was that there were no major political parties to manipulate the system for the rich elite and powerful corporates and which is highly detrimental to the people of a nation. Indeed a system that was out of date and would never save humanity from a nuclear mistake that would get out of hand globally.

The key element of this new strategy was a global research centre for all concerned people for the world’s future and the preservation of the human experience, not corporate profits and the wealthiest 1%. This centre as called “The ORE” (The Open Research Establishment) and where it would serve humanity and not politicians or corporations. This was a concept for the benefit of all humankind and to secure global peace without the use of Nuclear Weapons between nations and where all would make progress for a meaningful life. This of course was completely at odds with the global modus operandi of “profit at all cost” for large corporations and where the effects on people were a secondary consideration at best. Consequently once the information was “out there”, large businesses did not want the creation of this new system that threatened their current status and where they perceived that the people would be the ones that benefited, not themselves and their steady-state of profits first mantra, not the people. Therefore forces were brought into play by some of these powerful global corporate sectors and a strategy to discredit the World Innovation Foundation was instigated in 2007. The first of these was against the WIF’s Swiss charity, the World Innovation Foundation Charity based in Bern, Switzerland and where Nature Magazine (owned by a German Group that had its early roots in the Nazi era working on propaganda material for the Nazi regime) was the instrument that they used with a totally uneducated and biased article by Declan Butler on the Foundation. In this respect as Nature Magazine was seen as a highly reliable and so-called trustworthy publication, it was seen as the ideal vehicle to slur and defame the Foundation without question and the reason why it was used. After this there were other attacks on the Foundation’s integrity, but the first one was the most inflicting to its status and existence. This is what though, major corporations undertake to destroy and nullify people and organizations that threaten their all encompassing profit at all costs modus operandi. In this initial case, the all-powerful global pharmaceutical industry. The reasons for this was that the Foundation posed a great threat to these powerful global corporations and where the Foundation's members were for the benefit of humanity and not for the production of vast profits for the few (it should be noted that the pharmaceutical industry is the most profitable corporate sector in terms of return on capital). In this respect just two examples of the great benefits for humankind was,

(1) A global humane cure for Class A Drugs that the pharmaceutical industry suppressed, as their drugs were only maintenance drugs perpetuating the scourge on humanity and not humane cures from non-addictive medicines that the Foundation wished to have introduced with the cooperation of a South-East Asian communist economy (something that the West never wants to interact with) with modern pharmaceutical production facilities. Indeed if a cure was given to humankind, their 'bottom-line' would be drastically affected, as drug addiction is one of their main profit platforms.

(2) Strategy to Stop Avian and Swine Flu (Bird and swine flu) that did not have drugs as its base to save millions across the globe and where the pharmaceutical industry's bottom-line again would be hit hard, even though they knew that this strategy had saved millions in Hong King in 1997 by its implementation. The problem is that the pharmaceutical drugs are not effective at all in stopping the deaths of humans and where Vietnamese scientists/doctors who were fighting at the coal-face stated that Tamiflu et al were 'useless' to save lives. Therefore when the bird/swine flu mutates into a new and stronger human-to-human killer en-mass, that Dr. Margaret Chan the former D-G of the WHO has stated it is only a matter of time not when, these pharmaceutical treatments will not save most probably the deaths of 100s of millions across the globe the next time (a far greater killer than "Spanish Flu" ever was).

But these two example clearly show that big corporations place vast profits above even human life itself.

In January 2008, the Foundation had 4,234 Consulting Fellows and Consulting Honorary Fellows including 104 Nobel Laureates from peace, science and economics. All joined the Foundation as humanitarians of the highest order after they had been fully individually vetted in their thinking for humanity and where they had all joined to help humankind achieve a better future world and the preservation of the human experience itself. For they had perceived also that the ways things were and were heading, humanity ran the high risk of its own destruction in future decades.

So the defamation of the Foundation began and where because no-one in power would listen to ourselves (due to the power connections), the  Swiss Charity was placed into liquidation, but as stated before, it had no debts.

Therefore this article shows that even when many of the world’s most respected and knowledgeable people join together to form a new basis for the world to exist for all, the present business and political forces will stop at nothing to retain their profit motives. Consequently the World Innovation Foundation Charity that could have done so much for humanity was not allowed to undertake its global strategy to benefit all humankind and not the few. This is another lesson I suppose one can say to why the world is so corrupt throughout at the top of the political and business level and where until the world gets the right political leaders, nothing will really change for humanity. Indeed, things will become far worse in terms of economic and social security in the West, as the world continues to have more wars mainly caused by US Hegemony that constantly tries to achieve the unachievable in the forlorn economic domination of the future world (which it captured from the global order in 1945 onwards) trying to sustain its current declining and militarized system to nowhere.

But having stated all the above about a nuclear holocaust, it has to be understood clearly also, that the Covid Pandemic that we are going through is the start of the world's people being totally subjugated to the total will of the rich and powerful and where in many ways, life under this severe draconian new world order will become far worse that even death itself for our loved ones and all future children and generations to come - where death will become the better option - madness, not really when it arrives and we can state to all humanity what is on the agenda for the people and all future generations and children to come.

Dr. David Hill
CEO, The World Innovation Foundation (UK)
30 December 2018 (updated 5 December 2021)


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