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Islamic State and the Future Continuum of Islamic State Global Terrorist Organizations will Just Go On and On and On, and Not Go Away until the World's Political and Economic Elites are 'Seen' for What they Really Are - a Manifestation of the Real 'Root Causes' of Terrorism, as Western Foreign Policy and Economic Superiority are Far More Important than the Preservation of the Human Experience

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Are we born with evil or does evil manifest itself in humans as they grow older and learn more about the world around them?

Most say that evil is not endemic to humans at birth, but there are some with superstitions who say that we are and it is dependent upon forces outside the normal and that reside within the paranormal.

But on a personal level based on exposure to our human environment, I believe that there is no such thing as an evil paranormal, as evil manifests itself from the environment that men, women and children actually live within.

People have no choice into what environment they are born into. The minority are born into an environment of plenty, where they will never want for anything and suffer any hardship, but still want to have more and in that way, deprive many of a meaningful life. Others are born into an environment where there is still plenty, but where they still want more, to the detriment of the vast majority. Then there are those who are born into an environment of relative poverty viewed against the two environments already described, who are in the vast majority of cases, kept down by the upper environments and go through life with no real change in their personal financial statuses. At the bottom of the pile in the environment that they are born into is the real poor of the world, who from birth, just go from day-to-day to survive.  Incredibly in a world that appears to have plenty, around half the population of the world are born into this environment and where hope and a meaningful life is more-or-less dead at birth.

I contend that the environment of the richest births, is not aspirations and ambition per se, but depravity of wanting to control evermore power and financial rewards that in all reality, only do harm to the majority of others in the overall 'big' picture.

Credit Suisse undertake every year an analysis of the distribution of the wealth of the world and who owns it - their 'Global Wealth Report'. What this states is very telling on the world order and where in many ways I consider is at the root of why killer and genocidal organizations such as Islamic State emerge and will always emerge based upon the human mindset that persists within our political elites and economic elites (the minority that control all of us in reality).  

For according to financial and economic analysis of Credit Suisse, a massive 90% of the world's total population (7,300 million) or approximately 6,700 million people, only control 14% of the world's wealth. The top 10% controlling 86% of all the world's wealth and the top 1% controlling just over 50% of all the world's wealth.

Nearly half the population of the world (3 billion+) according to the United Nations live on US$2 dollars a day or less and 20% of the population of the world (nearly 1.4 billion) live on US$1 dollar or less a day.

From these terrible statistics  I believe evil manifests itself and nothing else. We are therefore not born with evil within us, but the external environment that exist predominantly, causes evil to manifest itself and to take control of our very being - just what has happened with those misguided murderous souls we now call the Islamic State, IS ISIS, ISIL et al.

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For when  the minority take most of the economic and wealth pie for themselves (for nothing more than self gratification, as they can never spend all their wealth, even if they bought things every second of the day - the word of course is sheer 'greed' to the detriment of the many), they create evil and conflict is definitely the outcome. Unfortunately our political elite cannot see this and where they continually cuddle up to the powerful top 10% (more so the top 1%) and where the remaining 90% of the people in reality, do not really count at all if truth be known.

The economic and political model of the 'elites', does not also give hope to the young in western nations either, as in some nations there is 40% 'youth' unemployment, thus feeding radicalism internally to join with the radicalised. Therefore the economic model fails the people of the West in the long-term where increased millions of jobs are exported constantly to the low-cost labour economies due to the thinking behind the economic model of the 'elites'. The consequences of this are constantly increased western radicalisation for people to take matters into their own hands and where the system is attacked. The system therefore inherently creates radicalism and terrorism because the 'elites' want it this way to make evermore wealth for them. In other words, people are a commodity to do with them what they wish by the 'elites'. Such a system in the long-term is doomed to fail and where the retribution is internal and external terror. For as the world increases in population (the UN now predict over 10 billion humans by 2050 and where UN long-term assessments of population growth have always been far lower than the actual by a wide berth) and natural resources to support life are controlled by the minority, the majority will have no alternative but to take to arms, literally to survive. And that is why the present 'elite' system is overiddingly cancerous and will eventually metamorphosize into an exponential growth in national and global terrorism in the future. We have therefore to change our global economic model and before this dire scenario arrives on our doorstep. But, will the political and economic 'elite' listen, I very much doubt it. Therefore it is the 'global' economic model and 'global' political system that creates evil in essence, and where because of this fact, international genocidal organization like Islamic State (IS) will always exist and constantly emerge. Indeed not until mindsets clearly change with regard to an equitable world order, where wealth distribution is more than a concentration of wealth in the hands of a very low minority of humanity (some 700 million). Therefore at the root of IS and its creation, are those who are supposed to look after us and the reasons for their continual existence.

Unfortunately of course the present 'global' economic and political model is controlled largely by the West and where the West does not see that the distribution of wealth prevents terrorism and continual wars. Indeed since 2002 and a mere 13 years ago, terrorist atrocities have increased by around 400%, so terrorism is a growing phenomena, not a dying one. Therefore globalization instead of providing more wealth for the many through trade, it has placed evermore wealth into the hands of those who control the globalization system, mainly the Global 2000. For in this respect according to Forbes in 2014, the 'Global 2000' controlled just over 50% of all world trade and equating to nearly US$ 40,000,000,000,000. Consequently a mere 2,000 business control 50% of global trade and all the rest of the business throughout the world control 50% of all global trade. With so much power at their command of the 'Global 2000', it is quite easy to see how the minority manifests evil throughout the world, as billions go without food every day. From this vast inequality comes evil and where only now are questions starting to asked to the real reasons why IS has developed.

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Saudi Arabia is a barbaric country that instils terrorism, as the brutality of the regime creates it. People are suppressed to preserve the positions of the leading elite and where poverty is ripe for the majority. But, western nations turn a blind eye to what is actually happening in this country that through their inhuman actions, recruits radical terrorists to emerge.  The reason of course why the West turns a blind eye to what is going on, is wealth and trade for the western 'elite' minority where very little percolates down to the vast majority of western citizens. Therefore the 'elites' place added wealth above the morals of humanity and human life itself by dealing with such despot nations who themselves have place little value on the lives of the vast majority of their people. A very much similar moral stance as the sociopathic western economic and political 'elites' that create poverty in the West for 90% of the people.  Brainwashing of course is an integral part of why people become the perceived definition of evil, but where the main cause is poverty and seeing that the majority are suffering daily, especially in Islamic countries, where life in many has very little value.

Therefore the world has to come to terms with the fact that the present economic model (being decidedly reinforced for the top 1% by all these so-called 'free-trade deals in the West), will always create evermore wars and the 'growth' in international terrorism. For currently, it is a global plan created out of sheer evil.

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Consequently the majority of the world's people have to come to terms also with the fact that they are controlled not by level-headed leaders in politics and 'big' business, but sociopaths and psychopaths, who just have one aim, to enrich themselves through control of the markets and consolidation of global trade.  Until people realise this, the evil that manifests itself overtime within  the corrupt political and economic elites, will literally destroy the world order and where there will never be such a thing as the 'steady state', where peace is the norm. Time will tell, but where the TPP, TTIP, TISA et al are the real silver bullets that will kill off any hope of a future world order that has peace at its centre core - 'Economic Totalitarianism' in all its human splendour. For trade overrides everything, even wars for the top 1%, who do not really care one iota to what happens to all other humans or even the nations where they were born. In this respect 'personal greed', 'personal power' and 'personal wealth' is all that counts, not humanity or stopping terrorism. Indeed because of these psychotic addictions, the so-called defence industry is the largest in the world and in total now commands over 5% of the world's total economic turnover, killing people and not saving them. How mad has the world in reality become is the question? As mad as creating evil to manifest itself into such atrocious killing machines as the so-called Islamic State. Political leaders and economic leaders have only themselves to blame, but where they never look in the mirror, now do they?

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On a final note to this article, I do believe that there is a day of reckoning and where my take on that and applicable to the article's message we have to ask ourselves,

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Dr. David Hill
CEO, World Innovation Foundation
20 November 2015
(updated 10 April 2016)

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