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Vast Corporate & Political Power in the West have Impoverished the People of the USA and the EU over the past 30-years – and unfortunately it will get far worse as things will not change for the better


Before you read this article visit what one of the longest serving veteran US Senator in American history has to say about the 'cancer' that is destroying America's way of life and the backbone of their nation, the middle-class, who have lost the most and will continue to do so under the present economic values.

'American's Real Struggle-- Against Billionaire Oligarchy' (2015) by US Senator Bernie Sanders -

And also, how the TTP (Trans Pacific Partnership) will wreak havoc on future America and its people - 'This is what corporatocracy looks like!: Trading US Democracy for Corporate Profits with TPP' -


'We Are All Greeks Now' (by a joint Pulitzer Prize winner) -

Over the last 30-years the American government, their political leaders and the largest American corporations have sold the American people down the Swanee.

Likewise over the last three decades EU governments, their political leaders and the EU’s largest businesses have also sold the European people down the Swanee.

'The Lie Machine' - by Dr Paul Craig Roberts, former Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury for Economic Policy in the Reagan Administration

They have done this by closing  massive plants and vast business facilities in their own countries and setting up new equivalent state-of-the-art plants and vast business facilities in China and other parts of the world. Added to this, unparalleled outsourcing for products and services to the East and foreign western investment on an unprecedented scale never seen before in the history of the world, has added greatly to the loss of industry and employment in the USA and the EU. But the reason they have given time and time again is that they had to do this to stay competitive and stay in business. But the real truth is that they have abandoned their own countries and their people because of sheer greed and the financial interests of the super-rich and the American and EU’s most powerful corporations. Indeed to indicate how powerful corporations are, in 2012 the Forbes 2000 (largest companies in the world) controlled 51% of all world trade, leaving 49% for the rest-of-the-world - a mere 2,000 companies showing the economic and financial power that they have over our politicians and political decision-makers.

This has been at the clear expense of major unemployment in the USA and EU. Indeed the wealth of 90% of the people in the world has receded at an alarming rate and where in real terms a reduction of 23% over the last ten years alone. But on the other side of the coin the top 10% of the people of the world, including the super rich and board room corporate executive, have increased their personal wealth in real terms by a staggering 124%. This has caused tremendous disparity in incomes and where last year according to Credit Suisse’s global wealth report, a mere 0.7% of the world’s people controlled 41% of the world’s total wealth. Indeed the same report also cited that the richest 10% of the world’s people controlled 86% of all the world’s wealth. That means of course that 90% of the world’s people only control 14% of the world’s wealth and where Credit Suisse’s report stated that 50% of the world’s people controlled less than 1% of the world’s wealth.

This massive difference cannot be right for humanity's long term and survival as a species and something will have to give. Indeed if things continue like they are and where the ‘inequality gap’ continues to widen across the globe, eventually this time bomb will explode. Therefore either the inequality gap has to decrease and increase the wealth of 90% of the world's people or wars will ensue. Indeed little known but true is the fact that World War 2 was precipitated by many smaller wars that grew into the world’s greatest conflict. This again was caused by the unrest of the majority.

'Cancer Capitalism' -

Now the USA and EU will never regain their former pre-eminence and ultimately go into economic decay never seen before. That is unless they change their thinking to a more innovative structure of undertaking world economics and something that present thinking is oblivious too. Indeed the 'innovation chain' that drives new wealth and economic dynamism is broken because the most fundamental aspect that drives the system at the fundamental level is totally missing. Western governments are oblivious to what it is and therefore there is no chance ever of returning to happier socio-economic times. It is therefore the ignorant thinking and not understanding what basically drives a successful economic system in the 21st century that has caused this dire situation to emerge for the USA and he EU nations. Unfortunately with no change and new understanding what has to be put in place, things will just keep on getting worse by the year.

But as the USA and EU countries are bankrupt on any measure when they are fully analysed and where debt-on-debt is the only way that is keeping the West above water, the US will become nearer to a now world war more than others.

Many things say that this will be the eventual case, but where some indicators are,

  1. The USA and EU countries can only keep going by printing more money constantly, thus continually fuelling inflation. Indeed the USA will have to do this for as long as it can support its people but where they are putting off the inevitable and the eventual collapse if things do not change, of the American economy and the American dream. Don’t think that this is possible, just see over the next 20-years.
  2. The US dollar is losing its control as the world’s default currency and guarantee. Indeed China and Russia have been buying up ‘physical’ gold reserves for the last 10-years at least and where they have been working together on a new global currency to topple the once mighty dollar. I say physical gold as ‘gold bonds’ cover vast amounts of gold that simply does not exist in the vaults of the USA and EU nations. Therefore whilst China and Russia et al have physical gold reserves, the West has little.
  3. The USA’s total debt is in excess of US$293 Trillion (that is everything, private debt of the American people, corporate debt, bank debt, government debt and off balance sheet debt of the US government - This debt is compounding every year and why the USA is on an unsustainable path of economic collapse as their economy is less than US$15 Trillion a year. Therefore the American people would have to work for nothing and eat nothing for nearly 20 years and clearly an impossibility.
  4. The EU’s equivalent debt is near €200 Trillion. This debt again is increasing by the year and where there will inevitably be a day of reckoning for the people of the EU. Indeed the UK’s projected debt alone by 2015 according to the chief economist of PwC could be as high as £11.5 Trillion (US$ 17 trillion) and where the UK’s total economic turnover is less than £2 Trillion. Therefore the British people would have to work for nothing and eat nothing for over nearly 6 years and clearly an impossibility.

That is what the West’s governments and the largest corporations have doe to their people over the last three decades and where they have impoverished them. But worse is to come and some may say that it is casting their people into eventual slavery as jobs and wealth have been destroyed by the powerful few.

The question that has to be asked therefore, can we do anything about this future nightmare in the West? Not a great deal if western governments and their largest corporates continue to become even richer and the vast majority become poorer by the decade in allowing this government-big business agreements behind closed doors to continue. Basically in this respect our politicians and huge corporate empires are destroying the lives of western people and they will continue to do so if unchecked.

Therefore people will have to come to the understanding that the only way that they can take back their rights (for jobs and wealth) and the fundamental rights of their children and grandchildren et al for their own good, is to come together in what can be described as  ‘human power unions’ that force governments and corporations to rethink. This is not political democracy as we know it, but people democracy and how it should be. 

Indeed these human power unions would have enough power to bring governments down and to put corporation out of business. In this respect things have to change and the people will have to take back the wealth of the world that clearly belongs to ‘all’, not just the very few who basically trample on humanity at every opportunity and where personal vested-interests always rises above humanity itself. Therefore things clearly have to change completely if we are to have a future on this planet at all.

For if we allow the present political and corporate systems to continue, this will only lead to greater poverty for nine out of ten people living on the planet and eventually global wars as everything gets out of hand. No use either for politicians and corporate leaders thinking that this will never happen, for it will and in this respect as all revolutions in the history of the world has shown, the military forces always come down on the side of the majority – a nation’s people. For in this respect, over 90% of the military personnel in the West come from the poorest side of the equation and where they will side with family and friends before either political leaders or corporate leaders. History shows this time and time again and where those that caused the vast human injustices come to a very sticky end – Politicians and corporate leaders therefore beware for they are creating their own destiny and where the bottom-line is that it will be something that they will not like.

'Fast Track Trade Traitors Murderers and Enemies' -

The biggest problem of course is to change all this but where our political leaders are bought and sold on the altar of power and wealth both in the USA and the UK. For when it comes to ultimate control, less than a mere thousand people control the destiny of the USA as an example, and at their pleasure. For it's official now, as they control the White House in reality, even before a new President is elected, no matter which Party gets into power. In this respect, in the USA things are not as they seem and where western media controlled by the top 1% wealthiest Americans, is suppressing the 'real' America of today.  A few Americans have bought their political leaders before they even enter the White House and where the working poor, working class and middle class that accounts for 90% of the American people, have no say anymore in their country's future. Only the rich and powerful has any real say. Indeed the article by investigative journalists at the New York times released on 10 October 2015 makes this perfectly clear For just 158 families have provided nearly half of the early money for efforts to capture the White House. -

Dr David Hill
Chief Executive
World Innovation Foundation
22 March 2014 (updated 17 September 2016)

As a postscript -  'Global Inequality' is due to the economic model that western nations abide by. It is a pure capitalist system that gives the lion's share of wealth to the very few. Added to this it gives these few and the corporations that they control, the power to dictate to governments how things will be. When you consider that a mere 2,000 companies (Forbes 2000) controlled 51% of all world trade last year, you start to appreciate the financial and economic power that they have to wield. Indeed Credit Suisse in their most recent global wealth report stated that a mere 0.7% of the world's people controlled 41% of all the world's wealth and 10% controlled 86% of the world's wealth. Therefore you start to appreciate the dire and obscene inequality in the world today and where it is not a sustainability strategy for the survival of humanity in the long-term -

Another telling statistic is that last year the richest 100 people in the world increased their wealth by $240 billion and where OXFAM stated that this amount would have solved global poverty for that year and left a lasting legacy. The system is an unsustainable one looking at the jigsaw of global conflict and where we are heading unfortunately with this vast inequality in the inequality of global wealth

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Research & Development in the UK and Western Nations will never Create 'Dynamic Economies', as Government Funds the wrong section - For the Business-University R&D Model is Totally Flawed, Programmed to Fail and where if the terms of reference are vast financial paybacks, it never happens



The main reason why western governments and the UK in particular do not create a dynamic economy and fail the British people is because the business-university model does not allow it. In this respect the UK places its future in this so-called pre-eminent innovative system but where this system is totally flawed. For big business sets the agenda usually in the first place and if something comes to light that would blot out one of their profit earners, that invention or product is not allowed to enter the market. You see big business runs on the steady-state mechanism and if a product or service is providing them with a constant profit, many going into the billions of dollars when analysis is undertaken and where this vast profit generator product is threatened (even though the new product and service is superior), it is shelved. That is why they are always buying up patents, for whoever controls the patent, controls the present and the future. In this respect the longer a corporation can extract financial blood out of a product and service without replacement with a better innovation, the longer vast profits are made for the corporations.

The only time that this new product or service emerges is when they hear that a competitor is bringing something out similar through the grapevine. A prime example of this is the world’s greatest wealth provider (underpinning a global industry turning over $2 trillion annually), the ‘chip’. When the late Nobel laureate Jack Kilby initially invented the ‘chip’ in his spare time and at home (it was like a hobby to him and his employer was not even aware of his private work) and told Texas Instruments what he had invented, they did not want to know about it. But about a year later when a new upstart emerged that through the grapevine were developing a similar technology, Texas Instruments Board realised that this new competition could kill off one of their golden eggs – Valves. At that time TI was making 100s of millions out of the old valve systems that was like printing money as valves did not last that long and were a constant flow of manufacturing gold.

Therefore they asked Jack back into their inner sanctums and where the rest is history. But it is clear that if another new entrant had not come into the market we might have had to deal with valves for at least another 10-years. The same goes for Frank Whittle and the Jet engine where the aircraft industry supported by the British government did not want to introduce such a revolutionary engine. The reason again was that the aircraft industry was making 100s of millions of pounds again out of the old prop engined aircrafts at the time and where commercial profits were increasing year-on-year. It was not until WW2 was looming that they had to take notice of Whittle’s invention that the establishment (aircraft industry and government) had to change their thinking and place winning the war above corporate profits. This is how the system basically works in reality and the ‘don’t rock the boat’ mentality stifles the vast majority of R&D through big business controlling the business-university mechanism.

Oh by the way, that upstart that made TI sit up and think about Jack's invention was the little old firm called INTEL.

Therefore big business does not really want to innovate in the true sense of the meaning but keep with the status quo – the basic commodity that they are into, big profits, shareholder satisfaction (the rich usually) and milking the market dry for all its worth and for as long as they can.

That is why in modern times the pure business-university model has never created a multi-billion dollar industry.

Therefore the big business-university model that all western governments support is totally flawed and screwed in favour of corporate decisions, not university R&D decisions. Indeed even if a university gets a giant transnational to fund research, the big corporation has control as they hold the purse strings, to stop and shelve the R&D. And this is what happens in over 90% of university-big business collaboration.

Indeed as government are ignorant to what is really going on behind closed doors (or if they know they are squandering our tax), the taxpayer is getting a raw deal. In this respect government funds businesses to undertake R&D in collaboration with our universities through grants and tax breaks, but never gets a payback that is greater than the money that they give big business.

Therefore all government is doing is putting billions into this non-performing mechanism and big business is using it to its own ends, not the ends of the universities or the people. It is basically one big con on the taxpayer as there are no paybacks. Indeed for the billions pumped into the business-university model every year, the nation’s investment is negative. That has gone on for years and why the UK will never be a dynamic economy, as big business only takes and does not give anything back in reality. They may provide jobs in the minority, but get the lion’s share of the enormous tax breaks and R&D grants before any others.

Therefore government cannot see the wood for the trees and what they should be doing is to provide the lion’s share of R&D to the small-medium sized businesses, the ones that are growing. In this way new technologies and products would emerge and these would not be shelves. Indeed it would spawn many ‘INTELs’, with the new global wealth that was created by them in their day initially. Therefore government has got it all wrong when it comes to the funding of R&D and where they are giving it to the wrong section of the economy. Think small to medium in this respect is my advice to government and where the UK would through this change to a highly innovative system, create a dynamic Britain once more. But will they, I very much doubt it as they are totally ignorant to what is really wrong with their R&D thinking today.

Dr David Hill
Chief Executive
World Innovation Foundation

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Lawrence Case shows that Justice and Corruption are part of the Police System but where the whole Establishment is to a great extent Corrupt - Time for great change and Justice for the People who pay these people - That means both You and Me

Sean Price
Sean Price became the first chief constable for 35 years to be sacked after he was found guilty of gross misconduct

Corruption is endemic within the police and the establishment, as they cross borders to help each to subdue and totally negate prosecutions. In this respect the police, senior local authority councillors, senior planning officers and local authority directors look after each other’s backs when tens of millions of pounds are involved.

In this respect the planning system is fully open to corruption and where agricultural land at a cost of £10,000 per acre goes up to £1 million an acre when it is given planning permission to build houses. Indeed with the vast sums involved, the system is ripe for dishonesty in whatever branch of work or profession one resides. In this respect the police can stop criminal investigations in their tracks -  and do so to the detriment of the Law and the people of the United Kingdom.

A prime corruption case in the UK was the Poulson Case and where the following has many of the hallmarks of this particular national corruption case.

As a prime example of what corruption goes on within the police and local government several years ago a farmer’s son who had been left everything more or less by his father and where he was the adopted son, not the blood son, was challenged in the Courts by his two sisters, who were the blood sisters to the deceased father. It was not because that the father had left the majority of things to the adopted son but where the sisters had been told that the 30-acres of agricultural land that their father had farmed for many years, was to become building land.  Therefore it changed the value of the land at the time from a value of £180,000 to a massive £20 million plus. No planning approval or planning application was in place at the time, so how did the two sisters know that planning permission was going to given on the land? That was the big question.

Both sisters therefore took the adopted brother to Court over the matter and where they became bankrupt due to them losing the case in the favour of the adopted son and where they had spent £500,000 on legal fees. The adopted son had spent even more and about £750,000 defending the case and the father's final will and testament.

Therefore you must ask yourselves the question, why did two sisters spend £500,000 that made them bankrupt and why did the adopted son spend £750,000 on legal fees for land that was just agricultural land and worth £180,000? The only answer to that question must be that the adopted son and sisters had been told from the very highest level within the local authority that the land behind closed doors was to become building land off the record. There cannot be any other reason, for who would fight  a case where the combined legal fees was £1.25 million and the land in question was only worth £180,000. It appears on paper to be sheer madness but where in essence it was not with £20 million being the hidden value that someone at the top of the local authority must have sanctioned behind closed doors (sensitive information that could have only come from senior planners, local authority directors and senior councillors).

But added to this it also came to light that a local wealthy builder had offered £250,000 as a first option purchase on the land concerned and also for the adjoining farm also, £500,000 in total.  The question now that has to be asked, who in their right mind would pay out £250,000 as a first option on land that was only valued at £180,000 at the time? Again it appeared to be sheer madness but of course if the builder knew more and that the land was to become building land, he and all those involved would make an instant profit going into tens of millions.

Therefore this builder must have been in the know also and must have got this information from the top in the local authority concerned. For who would fork out £500,000 on farmland in the ownership of two farms that was not even worth £500,000? The plot thickens.

Indeed as this particular builder had some dubious dealings with planners in the past and where he built on community land that council planners allowed him to do so (but where there was no planning permission in place to do so - an illegal act by the builder and the planners clearly knew this), this matter stunk nine man's high from the beginning as this illegal development was also in the same council's area of control. Those buildings still stand today and the local authority did nothing to remove the industrial buildings constructed on community land for the people, even though there was no planning permission to do so at the time as stated. The only thing that happened was that suddenly the senior local authority planner decided to retire on a fat pension as questions were being asked. No disciplinary action could then be taken against the senior planning officer concerned and the builder made several hundred thousand of pounds in profits out of the deal. Not bad again for land that had no permission to build on other than a community hall (that then could not be built to the entire detriment of the local community numbering nearly 14,000 in numbers) as the builder's industrial units were in the way and where the builder got it for a song as a very nice little earner for himself and all others involved behind the scenes.

Therefore the question has to be asked again, how on earth did this builder know that the farmland to the two farms was going to become building land? It appears that because this certain dubious builder was well in with the local council at the top, that he had been privately told by senior council officials behind closed doors that this was going to happen. Or they all hatched a plot together to make it so and where all would share in the proceeds? Not a bad plan really when tens of millions are involved !

Now to the next phase in this apparent conspiracy and corruption debacle. Because questions were starting to be asked ever more, suddenly out of the blue, the council’s senior director decided to retire without any indication whatsoever with three senior planners and council officers - all were linked together at the most senior level to the Council's LDF (Local Development Framework) that determined what agricultural land et al would be transformed over night into building land increasing the value by tens and hundreds of millions by the stroke of a pen across the whole jurisdiction of this metropolitan council . Did they sense that something would be uncovered or what? It was very strange but where the chief planning officer for this local authority had been found out previously (within 12 months of these retirements on massive state pensions) to have external employment also with a land developer. He resigned and ended up working for another local authority in some other part of the country (the North -East), so no real punishment there. But where this chief planning officer knew well all these people who were suddenly retiring with big fat pensions and all the perks that goes with a lifetime of so-called 'public' service.

But it was not surprising, as the pressure was mounting and where a few years before the chair of the governance and scrutiny committee at the Council concerned had found incriminating evidence against the director of the council who had suddenly packed his bags and retired.

The police were called in and two CID detectives arrived at the home of the Council’s chair of governance and scrutiny. There waiting for them was all the evidence. Suddenly within the meeting one of the CID officers had a call on his mobile and where he said that they had to leave immediately. The CID officers then scooped up all the damning criminal evidence and left. To this day those officers have not contacted the chair of governance and scrutiny again. So why did the police officers do this and never send the case to the CPS for prosecution? Only a cover-up can be the answer and why I now realise that the police service is as corrupt as any area of government. Indeed thank God for the Judiciary and where ultimately we only have the law courts and judges to basically uphold the law no matter who the crooks are. Consequently no charges were ever brought against the council director concerned and his cohorts. Therefore the two CID officers undertook a covert cover-up operation and no more. Indeed and overall, they were certainly not there for justice but basically to cover up for others (by probably higher up the police command ladder). Most probably fellow ‘Masons’ unfortunately I have to say who were as I have stated, higher up in the police force command and who had sent their officers not to undertake the law of the land, but the law of corruption, deceit and greed.

As a post-script to the above it is known (through internal Council information from honest council officers - there are a few believe it or not) that the land in question relating to the two farms that will be valued at over £50 million when it becomes building land, has been earmarked in the Local LDF plan by the Council to be re-designated 'building land' (still a so-called secret even today, as the Council have not officially stated this fact to date, but where it will come to fruition as the land has definitely been secretly earmarked). That is what is going on even today within our local government system and where planning in particular is an easy way to make a lot of money covertly. Indeed the present government have made it even easier for this corruption to happen with lapsed planning guidelines and Councils who have not an LDF in place - giving developers an open season on greenbelt and open spaces. Unfortunately for the people the police are also involved with this socially corrosive system that undermines democracy, the integrity of all others and all decency.

But as I have outlined, this Council is not unique and most have serious corruption skeletons in their closets - Therefore you don't have to go far to find corruption ripe in the UK and in many ways the UK is no better than a banana republic where funds are illegally syphoned off daily.

Think the above is impossible and the police and authorities are not corrupt. Think again as a recent article in the Daily Mail on July 19, 2014 (pages 28,29 30) clearly shows that the Establishment is 'inherently' corrupt to the core when their vested-interests are challenged and attacked, cover-ups are inevitable from the top down - 'Chilling day special branch swooped to seize ANOTHER dossier on VIP abusers'. In this respect it was a substantial dossier on alleged paedophiles at the highest level within the Establishment  - what is supposingly being addressed now by themselves, the Establishment. The following is extracts from the article which concerned a dossier passed on by the late Labour minister of state Barbara Castle to a journalist and what happened to this journalist  in this events' aftermath.

The knock on the door came early one day in the famous dry summer of 1984...and Dale Hale, the young editor of the Bury Messenger, was reading the daily papers at his desk as his reporters were beginning to arrive...As Hale, then 31, answered the door, a trio of plain-clothes detectives barged in, followed by a dozen police officers in uniform. What happened next was, in Hale's words, 'like something out of a totalitarian East Germany, rather than Margaret Thatcher's supposingly free Britain'. The detectives identified themselves as Special Branch...responsible for  of national security.  'They began flashing warrant cards and bark questions' said Hale. 'It was as if they were interviewing a potential criminal rather than a law-abiding newspaper man'. The officers told me that I should abandon plans to print a story that was scheduled to run in our next edition. If I didn't, they told me to expect a long jail sentence.'

Initially bewildered by their threatening tone. Hale soon worked out the purpose of the police visit. The focus of their attention was an incendiary dossier he had been handed a few days earlier by long-serving Labour politician Barbara Castle...and the MP for nearby Blackburn. One of her lifelong interests as a principled advocate... was child protection. To that end, she had become concerned at the rising influence of the paedophile lobby...infiltrating the political Establishment developing links with...senior public figures including MPs, peers, civil servants and police officers.

Mrs. Castle was particularly alarmed, Hale recalls, about the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE)...officially affiliated with the influential National Council for Civil Liberties...'To her frustration, politicians seemed unwilling to discuss this important issue,' says Hale.

So being aware of my investigative work in the local media, she approached me and we agreed to a meeting.'

Over tea and a bun at a local cafe Mrs. Castle opened a battered briefcase and handed Hale a bundle of extraordinary documents. They included typewritten minutes of meetings...held by Westminster in support of the paedophile agenda...with details of...Establishment figures who had apparently pledged support of their cause...No fewer than 16 MPs were on that list...I warned her that I would have to make enquiries...about some contents of the dossier.

...A few days later he (Hale) he put in a call to the Home Office. 'I could detect the antagonism from officials as soon as they answered'...The Institution that should have been protecting vulnerable children seemed more interested in topping the Press from prying too closely.'

It was the morning after Hale made his call to the Home Office that Special Branch officers turned up at the Bury Messenger.

Pushing him (Hale) into a corner, they began barking orders. 'Let me assure you that this story is not in the public interest,'...It cannot be printed, as a matter of national security.'

'That can't be right.', Hale told him (the senior interrogating officer).'Look, we're not here to argue,' the detective responded. 'Are you going to hand over your papers?'

'No', Hale replied.

At this point, the officer produced a document, signed by a judge. It showed that his previous remark about not printing the story had not been a request, but an ORDER. The document...was a D-notice - relic of wartime censorship that could be served on newspaper editors, allowing the Government to block any story that threatened national security.

'If you don't comply with this notice, we will arrest you for perverting the course of justice,' the detective barked. 'You will be liable for up to ten years in prison.'

At this point, Hale's resistance collapsed.

The papers...were swiftly confiscated, as were Hale's notes and even his typewriter (sounds familiar, it is and the very same thing that happened in the Local Authority case previously cited above in this  article).  

'When I (Hale) asked the reason for this strange act of expropriation, I was told it was being taken in case of allegations of fraud,' he says (police officer).'You might have typed these statements yourself.' said a detective.

As the police left, Hale was warned never to write about the raid or tell anyone what had happened.

'One point I found interesting was that they all spoke with London accents,' says Hale. Not a single man was from Lancashire. It was obvious this was a Metropolitan Police raid, planned in the capital.

'This was confirmed when, disobeying Special Branch's instructions, I phoned Bury police about the incident. 'They knew nothing of it and were astonished.'

Rather less shocked was Barbara Castle. When Hale saw her a few days later, she told him, 'I thought this might happen.'...'Well, this certainly shows the extent of the cover-up.'...'We are fighting a formidable foe.'

With the D-notice in force not even Mrs Castle could then do anything as the Establishment had through the Judiciary blocked everything . But what the above clearly shows is how corrupt the Establishment is. Indeed since this dossier was erased from existence and in recent times, a  further 117 documents relating to the Establishment's paedophilia accusations have been lost by the Home Office (the most corrupt department in Government).

As a further post-script to the above the Daily mail article also stated,

'This week  a former Tory activist called Anthony Gilberthorpe told a Sunday newspaper that he had been asked to procure under-age boys for drink and drug-fuelled sex parties at political party conferences in the early eighties'

Can we say more about a corrupt Establishment? Probably yes and a great deal come !

Further Information - The following are just a few sites for further information if you don't think that the whole system is corrupt -

'Malfeasance in Public Office at Glasgow City Council - The Case for a Public Inquiry' -

Establishment 'Paedophiles' including our political leaders. Who would have thought that the list would include Blair and Brown -

Dr David Hill
Chief Executive
World Innovation Foundation