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Gates Foundation - Is the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation a Pariah on Society and Humanity?

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Before you start, read this recent article and where Gates and his like create the situation within the article as they keep most of their wealth for themselves. It's strange how Gates and others of like ilk will say that it has nothing to do with them but where they show this in how they operate, not by solving society's problems, but by taking away the means to solve them through sheer greed.

'We Must Pity the Children' -

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (but let's call it what in reality it really is, the 'Gates Foundation') and where all these vast philanthropic foundations are not predominantly for doing good for others, but just in many ways another self-interested cog in the financial control mechanism of the world order, dominated by the 'very few' who now even control the so-called global charity sector for their own financial interests and basically sheer greed  - It is time that 90% of the world's people that only control 14% of the world's total wealth (according to the 'Global Wealth Report by Credit Suisse) realised this fact for what it really is and who are the ones who create all the wealth for the super-rich in the first place, but where they are impoverished year-on-year now. Therefore what these so-called philanthropic Foundations do for humanity, is basically small change in reality compared with what they do for their owners who 'control' them.

Indeed all these so-called philanthropic donations are in reality investments and where Gates and all others say that they 'give' to good causes, but where in reality they all seek a return (an investment and not a gift). It looks good of course to the people, as it looks like a gift, but in truth, it is an investment. This is where people are hoodwinked into thinking that these Foundations only do good things, but where they operate outside paying corporate tax and where this loss of vast taxation for the people's upkeep, does more harm than the relatively small amount that they give (invest) every year. Indeed in Gates's case, he gifts (invests) no more that 3% on average every year of his wealth (a pittance in reality), but the remaining 97% netts him over 11% in financial returns, without paying a penny or a dollar in corporation tax.
In this respect also, but on the opposite end of the philanthropic spectrum, we are aware of only two global institutions who give with not strings attached and where these are pure gifts and not investments to good causes around the world every year. Those are the Masonic Brotherhood and Rotary International, giving on average $300 million a year and $100 million a year respectfully, to humanitarian causes. Therefore these two institutions are the 'real' philanthropic organizations and where they should be supported by governments and the people, for they are true philanthropic giving institutions.

Although the Gates Foundation is worth currently around $43,500,000,000, this does not include Bill Gates's personal wealth outside his Foundation. Indeed by setting up his so-called philanthropic Foundation and taking all in, Gates's wealth exceeds over $140 billion, but where of course, over a third of this does not pay any corporation tax. Indeed if it did and integrity and social conscious was  the predominant order of the day and part of their philanthropic make-up, the poor and I have to say, most middle-class Americans,  would be helped every year by probably $10>15 billion a year through the taxes that are not paid. The reason, they are tied up in a philanthropic no-taxable Foundation. Indeed Gates's personal fortune last year officially increased by 11.4% and around $7,000,000,000. These are obscene figures compared to all the poverty throughout the world, but also significantly in the United States of America, where Gates's birth country has ever-growing rates of poverty. For if Gates paid what he should in taxes, more American people who basically created Microsoft by purchasing their products over the decades since 1975, would be helped out of their poverty.

But all these vast Foundations from the Gates Foundation down, operate like this and do not pay what they should by any means into the system to alleviate the poverty of others. It is like they do not really care for their own people and most probably do not if truth be told. For actions speak louder than words as they say, and the actions are not philanthropic with the small amounts that they give away in comparison to their annual accumulated wealth, year-on-year.
Indeed in this respect the Gates Foundation within its operations has its tentacles in most of the supplying lines/companies, thus bringing back profits into its own Foundation all the time (just like major corporates do, but remember we are talking here about a so-called philanthropic organization) and where hardly anyone with no financial back-door payback, is allowed in the Gates's system.
We had first-hand experience of this fact a few years ago, when our Foundation (which is a totally philanthropic thinking organization, as it does not pay its executives and helpers at all and where they simply do it for purely charitable reasons) was contacted with the world's most affective and technologically advanced testing kit for the determination of HIV/AIDS that sold for a mere few dollars. It could also detect HIV/AIDS in babies and where this is the critical point to stop full blown HIV/AIDS happening, as cheap medicines at that stage can stop the whole process. At a later stage, it is very expensive and people eventually die. Therefore by not doing this, babies who grow into people, are predestined to die at an early age.

But after and having teleconferencing calls with several Gates's Foundation executives, they turned it down, even though costing a mere few dollars to save  a human life. Why was this was the big question, as surely a few dollars is worth a human life? Well, apparently the company that is supplying the current HIV/AIDS more inferior testing kits in Africa, Gates has a commercial interest. Unfortunately for humanity, these kits are nowhere near as efficient and effective in what they do  as the kits that our Foundation offered and where they do not detect HIV/AIDS in new born babies; a basic and absolute necessity if people are to be saved . Therefore there can only be one answer and that must be personal financial gain.
Added to the fact that the so-called vaccines for HIV/AIDS that the Gates Foundation uses are supplied by the world's largest pharmaceutical companies and where a former senior drug company CEO worked for the Gates Foundation (who has now resigned their position) and where it is debateable if the Gates Foundation have their financial tentacles in this as well? Indeed the resignations from a former CEO of one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, who is a man of great integrity, tells a story about the internal activities of the Gates Foundation. But don't take my word for this as there are countless examples on the WWW where the Gates Foundation have been involved with some highly questionable drug trials. In several instances where the poorest people in the world and in some trials, young teenage girls have died in their hundreds after trials had been undertaken.

This of course could not happen in the West, as it would not be allowed that several hundred US or EU children died from vaccine trials, but in places like India where apparently a life is worth less, the Gates Foundation with its drug companies, undertook unprecedented drug trials on unsuspecting and illiterate Indian men, women and children.   Strange that Western media have in the main not published anything about these activities, but where India's press and media have been vocal of course and where the government of India apparently is holding Gates responsible to a great extent. Apparently news about the super-rich when it is bad, is suppressed and where no doubt Gates will eventually buy himself out of this dire episode, but where again western media will not publish it. For that is how powerful these people really are and where they can simply manipulate western media to their will.
But the Gates Foundation also has its tentacles in the GMO business and where this is not philanthropic again in nature when you study the facts, as Gates is investing in this unproven GMO foodstuff and where it may be harmful in the 'long-term' to human health.

In an interview with Kirsty Young, broadcast on BBC radio of 31 January 2016, Gates stated that modified GM food products have been proven to be safe. This is an untruth and a lie, as no-one as yet in the scientific community (other than producers of GMO seeds et al like Monsanto, where Gates has a financial interest) stated that they are safe, but where contrary to this,  even the Norwegian Government through their own scientists have stated that GM has not been proven not to harm humans. Therefore Gates is giving out-and-out untruths and speculation and one wonders why again he does this, but where we know that there is vast future wealth to be made from GM crops, if the world is eventually sold on them. Questions have to asked therefore to whether there are other motives behind closed doors, other than what appears at face value with the GM/Gates marketing strategy?

Gates is also involved with all manner of activities behind closed doors and many are not in the direct interests of humanity, but where it is known that Gates himself and his fellow multi-billionaire friends, make evermore 100s of billions of dollars every year at the people's dire expense.
So I hope that this article enlightens people a little more of how the Gates Foundation and other vast Foundations, together with their founders, operate.

Since the above blog was created in 2016, Gtes has invested over US$10 billion (US$10 thousand million) and where in interviews with MSM he has stated that he hopes to recoup from this investment US$200 billion (US$200,000 million) and shows that Gates is not really intersted in helping people through vaccines, where anything goes to make a quick buck, it is the vasr wealth that he clearly sees in Vaccines - indeed governments are funding vaccines in the trillions over a few yeras now and with the World Health Organization ('The WHO') having the power in 2024 to call a pandemic whenever it is and national governents cannot object to what they tell them to do, vaccines are going to be a continual never ending surce of huge profits for people like Gates, but where as he is one of the major players in WEF, this sits very nicely with the WEF's global agenda of constant lockdowns, fear in the people and vaccines after vaccines, where no-one knows of their long-term side effects on the human body and human life, this falls verey nicely into the WEF's global agenda to reduce the population of the world down to 1/8th what it is today to around 1 billion humans - this stated by one of the WEF's main right-hand advisers in many tv interviews over the last couple of years and eugenics in other words for future humanity mass culling. This will seem far-fetched, but its true and if you don't believe me, do your own researcch as it is importand for your children and especially for their childrem, and their children's chilren in perpetuity I am sorry to say - impossible you will think and say, but read up on the WEF's global agenda and where this is vital to know what is on the horizon for you, your children, grandchildren, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers and friends et al. For if you do not, yiu will be very sorry indeed !

Dr David Hill
CEO, World Innovation Foundation
31 January 2016 (updated slightly in parts to current times on 30 April 2022)

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