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Reposted from 2015 due to the Russia-Ukraine Conflict - Obama and His Administration Voted for Nazism to Exist in the United Nations Resolution on Banning it Globally (unbelievable but perfectly true according to the UN Vote in November 2014) - What is the Modern World of Politics coming too When the Most Insidious Political Ideology and Regime Ever Invented that Murdered tens of Millions world-wide, is Allowed to Exist and Flourish - But Obama Wants it That Way



Obama and His Administration Voted for Nazism to Exist in the United Nations Resolution on Banning it Globally (unbelievable but perfectly true according to the UN Vote in November 2014) - What is the Modern World of Politics coming too When the Most Insidious Political Ideology and Regime Ever Invented that Murdered tens of Millions world-wide, is Allowed to Exist and Flourish - But Obama Wants it That Way

U.S. Among Only 3 Countries at U.N. Officially Backing Nazism & Holocaust-Denial; Israel Parts Company from Them; German - http://www.opednews.com/articles/U-S-Among-Only-3-Countrie-by-Eric-Zuesse-Genocide_Nazism_Obama-Administration_People_Barak_Obama-141124-109.html

The vast majority of people and voters consider and possibly believe, that their political leaders are looking after their interests, but where in reality and the truth, they certainly are not. For if you look at the actions of political leaders they are ultimately intertwined with 'big business' and what the corporation wants to see happen behind closed doors. One has only to look at the highly secretive TTIP trade agreement as a single example to see this and where big business according to leaked information, is writing the rule book where the corporation will be able to override sovereign laws and sue the taxpayer for compensation if the mighty corporation does not make a predicted profit margin. Indeed the secret Courts that are to be set up, give the power predominantly to the corporation and not the people or their governments. As a single example of what is going on is where a large USA energy company is suing the Canadian taxpayer for over $300 million due to the politicians blocking 'Fracking' to be undertaken in a certain cherished part of Canada. The same can happen in reverse and any Foreign corporation can sue the American taxpayer for banning any trade within the Trade Agreements or lack of a guaranteed profit. Therefore when the TTIP is signed up too, 'any' European country in the EU (most of them) can sue the US government for banning any trade (which may be against the American people's interests such as poisoning water aquifers et al) and get paid through 'secret' trade courts (the people of America and the EU will not be able to know what these multi-million dollar settlements are or n ever have a seat within these Courts) - if this is Democracy, then I must have come from another world that treats its people completely like nonentities and where they simply just do not count. 

'The War Against Humanity; Targeting the Real Axis of Evil'  - http://www.opednews.com/articles/opedne_rob_kall_071229_the_war_against_huma.htm

The main reason why the people's wishes are being constantly forced into second place behind 'big business' is because continual political elections are being bought by the corporation, so that once an election has been won, they can influence the political decision-making process behind closed doors to look after their interests, not the people's interests. As an example of this in the UK, over 50% of the Conservative electioneering funded donations are from Hedge-fund managers (bankers et al who caused the financial meltdown just a few short years ago).

Indeed it is not just at 'home' where politicians do the bidding of the mighty corporation, but throughout the world also, as globalisation (created and implemented by big business to look after their interests again and those of the super rich, not the vast majority of the world's people) needs overriding political support.

But interests of both the industrial military complex and also big business acting together, show how blind and 'low' our politicians have become in modern times and where they should go back in time to see what morality, integrity and truth should be all about in politics. In this respect in a recent (November 2014) United Nation's declaration decrying Nazism in all its vile forms, actions and repercussions (WW2 led to the deaths of over 50 million people including hundreds of thousands of allied US, UK and European military personnel), 115 countries voted for the motion and only three countries voted against such a proclamation that Nazism was evil. One would have though that the so-called 'axis of evil' despot nations would have been those who were the three, but where you would be totally wrong. For the nations who voted in favour of not denouncing Nazism were Ukraine, the USA and Canada. Who would have thought that Obama and his Administration would have ever undertaken such a depraved travesty of justice against all the allied dead of WW2 and in the name of the American people? But the American government did, supported by Canada, the 51st state of the US. But what was the reason for this? Well, the USA has supported the Ukraine against Russia and where many of the Ukraine's influential political figures and politicians are neo-nazis. If the USA had voted against Nazism it would have shot itself in the foot and would have denounced the Ukraine. The USA could not do this to keep face. Most of the European countries abstained in the UN vote, as they did not like to upset Obama and his Administration according to leaked media sources. Therefore European governments are also complicit in not denouncing Nazism and where the Nazis ravaged and plundered all European countries, except Britain and Switzerland in the last great war, wreaking havoc, carnage, torture, slavery, murder and genocide over the vast majority of Europe and the world in general. Therefore our politicians have now lost all moral compass since Americans, British and Europeans laid down and gave their lives to eliminate nazism, not to even mention the Holocaust, where 6 million were murdered.

'Fast Track Trade Traitors Murderers and Enemies' - http://www.opednews.com/articles/Fast-Track-Trade-Traitors-by-Rob-Kall-Enemies_Enemies-Of-Democracy_Fast-Track_Killing-150614-57.html

So politicians should not be trusted , for if they support evil such as Nazism, they will support whatever it takes to look after their party's interests and the interests of their political donors (the mighty corporations). Therefore the people and their vote are mere pawns in the whole democratic process and where democracy has in essence, died a death over the last thirty years on the altar of personal self interests, the greed of the super-rich and big business. Therefore the people now have little influence on how their nation is governed or run and where even laws over the last 30-years have been continually enacted to reduce the power of the people. So much so that liberty and freedom are being inextricably eroded in the West and particularly in the USA where more power is being given to the military and big business than to the people - unbelievably the US is becoming more draconian by the year, but where most Americans cannot see this due to looking inward from the inside. But eminent commentators who are looking in from the outside can see what is happening - a constantly ever-controlling politco-economic mechanism that makes the American people more submissive and impotent against their political masters than ever before. Unfortunately this stealth controlling subjugation of the American people is in the main undetected.

If you think that the above is so sinister and that it cannot be true, just ask yourself three questions?

Q1. Why haven't I heard that the USA and Canada voted to support Nazism and not to suppress Nazism?

Q2. Why has not the national and world media in the 'West' not mentioned that the USA and Canada voted to keep Nazism as an ideology and acceptable political entity together with most European countries abstaining from the vote? For one would have thought that such a vote against tyranny and applied suffering through Nazism, would have been in every national newspaper and TV channel in the world, especially in the West, where so many gave their lives to destroy nazism and all that it stood for.

Q3. Why have the Republican Party in opposition never raised the question that their government accepted that Nazism was something that should not be banned. For one would have thought that this would have been a political own goal that the Republicans could have made great merit and benefit from in the minds of the American electorate. But no, all has been silence and where one can only come to the conclusion that the republicans were as much for Nazism as Obama by not making a 'Mayday' call for Nazism to be banned - a clarion call by the Republicans for the American people and for all those who lost their loved ones during World War 2.

Overall therefore, the world presently appears to be a different world to what it was during and after WW2 with regard to ethics and where most politicians had integrity and morality, but now the West has seemingly lost all this and with it most probably as time goes on, the trust of its people. Therefore we are living it appears through a time-chain-reaction period in history, where as the governments in the West suppress the liberties and freedom of their people, civil disobedience and civil wars will become far more common place. For we all know what the Americans did to the British when they could not take things anymore (they were paying enormous relative tax to the British Parliament for no real gain - just like today with the EU political monster). But looking at what is going on currently in the underbelly of the USA's discontentment growth, the same thing will happen this time internally between their own people where the 90% who are being victimised continually will rise up to fight against the injustices and the 10% super-rich, the military industrial complex and their own government for greater freedom (not lesser freedom), a new liberal political way of living and far greater economic equality, where the vast majority of Americans and Europeans can have a meaningful life. This is therefore a warning also to the cosy relationship that politicians and big business have currently and where in the future this arrangement will become far more visible to the people of the USA, Britain and Europe, in general, as these two powerful politico-economic consolidated ties (politicians and the corporation) become ever-more powerful, casting an increasingly great dark cloud over the people and their future lives.

Dr David Hill
World Innovation Foundation
2 January 2015 (reposted 1 March 2022)


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