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Humanity is Entering the Final Stage of 'its' Development Existence on its present path, as Corporate Power and Greed, Consolidated Globalization and the Politico-Wealthy Corporate Agenda Engages with the World's Largest Ever by Far Global Trade Agreements that will undermine the World order, not Sustain it

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What the leader of 1.2 billion Roman Catholics has to say about 'Capitalism', even though our politicians will not say, for fear of upsetting the top 1% who own 50% of all the world's wealth and where they are getting richer by the day...basically he is right

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The 'First' responsibility of politicians and governments is the safety and well-being of its people. Unfortunately those people appear to be the top 1% and where the 99% do not really count anymore. This can be seen how politicians are manipulating the vast majority of the people in the 'West' by 'highly secretive' so-called free-trade deals. But, these are not trade deals for 90% of the people living in the West, but trade deals so that the wealthy top 10% and the top 1%, are the only ones who basically benefit. For the 90% of the people are used by the rich and powerful through our controlled politicians, as mere pawns and a way to a means to an end to make ever more wealth for them and only them (nearly $300 billion in April 2020 according to MSM for only the billionaires in the USA); and to the total demise of over 450 million EU citizens and 329 million American citizens in reality. Unfortunately, with 90>95% of western media  (TV, newspapers, news-webs, etc) being owned by the rich and powerful, it is the reason why people never learn the real truth of what is actually going on behind their backs. But, they certainly should, as eventually they will realise as things unfold, that they were ignorant to what was really going on due to their government's cover up of the truth and why things went so horribly wrong for people in the West in the decade of the 2030s; and so excruciatingly wrong.

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Over the last 30 years, Western Politicians and predominantly European politicians, have made the lives of 90% of their people more impoverished in 'reality', as they have placed them under increasing social hardship and dolour year-on-year. This in the case of the EU has meant that out of the total population of the EU of 508,191,116 (latest 2015 figures), over 457 million have been negatively affected on average by the economic development model adopted by the EU. This is not the fault of the people, but their politicians who have not been able to create wealth for the vast majority and where only the top 10% and predominantly the top 1% of the richest people in the European Union, have benefited substantially. Therefore the EU's economic model is highly dysfunctional in spreading wealth to the many and has overridingly failed the people over the last 3-decades more than at any other time. This of course has been because the richest and most powerful interests (the minority interest), through their puissant financial political lobby groups, have brainwashed and bought and sold our politicians on the altar of the greater wealth of the very few.
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But, our EU politicians even wish to make things increasing harder for the majority 457 million EU citizens in the future and conversely to further enhance the wealth of the top 10%, that accounts for only a mere 51 million out of 508 million EU citizens. All is now 'geared' for the financial enhancement and reward of the very few and not the many. I state this because when the 'highly secretive' Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership is signed, it will place all trade issues into the hands of the mighty corporations through 'secret tribunals' and not our sovereign Courts. Indeed, the National Laws of all EU nations (including the UK of course) made over hundreds and hundreds of years dealing with economic trade issues, will be controlled through these secret trade courts when claims are made (and they will be huge - currently other vastly smaller so-called free trade agreements, have over $30,000,000,000 in corporate compensation claims pending against sovereign governments) and where the people will not be privy, although they will ultimate pay through 'their' taxation hundreds of billions eventually.
Therefore European politicians are progressively selling the vast majority of the people of the EU down the proverbial river of economic and social decline, and where this river eventually will run red with blood it has unfortunately to be said, as the EU implodes on itself. Therefore the initial idea of the EU and its forerunners to make peace a reality in Europe, will in time be ripped apart and most probably over the next two-decades This is because of the immense wealth disparities that now exist in Europe and where again the EU was supposed to foster and make universal wealth for all a reality. For overall, the EU project has failed the people and will eventually lead to perpetual austerity and declining wealth to sustain 90% of the population of the EU. You see the EU politicians do not have the intelligence or the knowledge to realise and understand what is really going on and where the 1% now control them, whether they know it or not?

For the TTIP will be a socio-economic disaster for over 450 million EU citizens and because it places all or most of the financial and economic rewards into the banks of the few. The politicians are so stupid that they do not realise this. Indeed the real reason why the USA is pushing for the world's largest trade deal is because the US economy is in financial and economic ruin in reality and the only way that they can get out of this ultimate dire situation, is to use the EU and its people to bail it out.

'Julian Assange on the Trans-Pacific Partnership: Secretive Deal Isn’t About Trade, But Corporate Control'
Many people do not know that we now live in a 'mirage' of what the true nature of the world is and where the perceived state in the 'West', expressed by our political elite. is a lie and where our economic state is dire to say the least, totally loaded down by debt that can never be repaid.
Indeed, the UK's total accumulated debt to date (everything, not just the national debt) according to the chief economist of PwC (one of the 'big 4' accountancy firms in the world) is over US$ 16,000,000,0000,000 (and rising every year with interest) and where the USA's total forward debt is US$222,000,000,000,000 (or 3-times the total economic turnover of the world and again rising every year with interest). Both can never pay off these huge debt figures that are continually increasing and it is only a matter of time and when. But, it will happen over the next two-decades at the most when western economies fail. For the on-going costs, interest, constantly increased 'new' debt to just keep going and servicing this monumental debt, with the USA and UK economies only turning over US$18,000,000,000,000 and US$2.2,000,000,000,000 respectfully, the debt mountain can NEVER  be repaid. That is the main reasons why the USA is pushing for all these so-called free trade deals and why it really is the most destructive economic time-bomb ever witnessed by the world, far greater than the harm caused by two world wars.

When the new global reserve currency emerges, that is when the shit will hit the fan, as then the dollar that we all rely upon in the West, will disintegrate over a relatively speaking very short period of time. That will happen over the next two-decades and why people in the EU and USA et al, will have to be prepared for the on-coming collapse of the system. China et al will of course be the winners here, but where our western politicians have lied and lied to their people and will say after this happens, "it was not my fault guv", we had no knowledge of this, just like they did with the global financial meltdown of 2007.

Unfortunately the USA's 'fiscal gap' is so huge, that it will eventually bring the EU down as well. But, there will be winners of course as usual and yes you have guessed it already, the top 1% who are pulling all the political strings behind the scenes.
Overall, the EU is sleep walking into a disaster with the 'highly divisive' TTIP. Indeed EU politicians are being completely hoodwinked by the Americans and the real reason that the USA has brought the TTIP, TTP and TISA to the global table encapsulating 2/3rds of all world trade, is not because it will do good for all other partner nations, but purely for the USA itself. For the USA has to control global trade, as without this control it will basically disintegrate financially. This can be seen as the true nature of American interventionist actions to save them.
For as detailed above, the real fiscal 'gap' and not the national debt of the USA is according to some leading economists, when all off-balance sheet and accumulated debt and secured future national payments are included, is US$222 Trillion - not a mere US$ 18 trillion as the USA details. That is the real reason again for all these US-led global trade treaties, as the USA knows that without them, they cannot pay down this enormous debt (and only in reality the means to extend the eventual day of judgement for the US economy), but where in the process of trying to do so, it will of course make other people pay and impoverish them in this sordid underhand process (the EU in the case of the TTIP). Indeed, the EU will be destroyed in the process and where the reason will be due to the diabolical decision-making of our western leaders.
Unfortunately our inept EU politicians cannot see this and where the USA will rob Peter to pay Paul. In this respect, the EU is Peter and make no bones about it, that is definitely what will happen once the TTIP is signed up to. The EU will pay in blood for the Americans so that the so-called mighty dollar can survive and starve off, bankruptcy as their debt mountain is unsustainable and cannot ever be paid off.

But, they will also bankrupt the EU and its people in the process of paying off this US$222  in debt, leaving China et al in control of the world order eventually, unless the USA starts to throw nuclear weapons around and then we are all done for.
EU politicians have really to open up their eyes to the 'real' reasons the Americans are pushing for these trade deals to be signed and where they are irrevocable - forever.
The EU's politicians have therefore to look further than what they  are being told by EU bureaucrats and so-called free-trade negotiators or what you perceive, as you will be led gravely down the garden path if you are not careful and the vast majority of citizens of the EU will really suffer economic harm in perpetuity, as the treaty is irrevocable as stated.

One fall-out according to Robert Reich, former secretary-of state for Labour under Clinton, estimates that a minimum of 3 million jobs will go in the EU to the low-cost labour economies of the world, destroying families and lives in the process.

But, it has to be stated that on the US side it will be just as bad, as the people will also lose 3 million jobs at least through the TTIP according to leading economists, as the people are used as mere cannon fodder as usual on the battlefield of global corporate greed and increased wealth for the very few.

The loss of jobs in the US will be probably be more, as all previous US trade agreements have shown that they have taken jobs away from the American people and transferred them to the low-cost economies of the East, or anywhere for that matter where labour costs are lower for the corporates. Indeed in this respect, capitalism and globalisation thrives on economic gain at any cost to feed the greed of the few and where it has no national conscience towards the people at all. For they are a mere end to a means and if that means vast unemployment, so be it is the cry.

History has detailed great turmoil within the human experience, but where this time, the human repercussions will be unsurpassed in the history of the world and where the majority of humankind will feel the real appalling effects in continual perpetuity of great suffering and decline. The TTIP and its close cousins will be the catalysts for this to happen, but where again our politicians are blind. For they cannot see even that they are just doing the biding for their masters behind closed doors. Crazy?...but that's how stupid they really are in reality.

In the USA also things are not as they seem and where western media controlled by the top 1% wealthiest Americans, is suppressing the 'real' America of today. For it's official. America has bought their political leaders before they even enter the White House and where the working poor, working class and middle class that accounts for 90% of the American people have no say anymore in their country's future. Only the rich and powerful has any real say. Indeed the article by investigative journalists at the New York times released today (10 October 2015) makes this perfectly clear For Just 158 families have provided nearly half of the early money for efforts to capture the White House. -

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Dr David Hill
World Innovation Foundation
26 September 2015 (updated 5th May 2020)

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