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WAR is Predominantly Caused Through Economic Enrichment and Basically Greed of the Very Powerful Few behind closed doors and why there will eventually be World War 111, where the Majority of Normal People will Pay the Ultimate Price and Humanity Will More or Less eventually become extinct - Fact not Fiction based upon what the History of the World to date has told us and where the hidden hand and drums of 'Global' Conflict is NOW Growing Stronger by the Year

WW1 Timeline                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Wars have always been about economic gain and not the protection of the people. People have to get this right from the start and not to think for one minute that their governments and political leaders are looking after their interests. As they are not.

Control is also the most powerful word in the ‘human psyche’ and this is the internal driving mindset of why wars happen and millions suffer and die.
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Wars are the most potent means of acquiring wealth and that can be seen throughout history. In this respect political leaders and leaders throughout time immemorial in general, have made up all sorts of cock and bull reasons, lies, deceit and total untruths to why their people have to go to war. In modern times mainstream media (MSM) have been and are being used constantly to reinforce the ‘false flags’ of government, their political leaders with those powerful and totally hidden people behind the scenes, reap the rewards of wars. That is why wars under the present human psyche will ways be there, because our political leaders are told that it must be that way. The current major sea-change in the mind of Joe Biden is a clear sign that wars have to exist and flourish and where the Washington hawks and Pentagon, but predominantly the rich elite 1% in the world, have now taken control of him. 

But overall wars and global catastrophies are started by an elite set who are the most powerful financial and economic people in the world, as there is vast wealth created by this occuring on humanity and where this body is the World Econimic Forum ('The WEF'), where they control most western leaders if not all and to do their bidding. they are therefore bought and paid for and where political leaders and their Cabinets are in the grip of 'The WEF'.

For whatever war we look at throughout history, we can see that war is the major reason why countries become economic powerhouses and other suffer greatly. Indeed, supremacy in technology of killing machines and scientific killing mechanisms are at the very heart of why this is and let no-one else tell you otherwise. Indeed, if they do, they will certainly have an economic interest in killing people as well. Dominance in killing technology (a bigger bomb et al) is what institutions like the Pentagon thrive on, even though eventually it will kill the people that work in this ultimate global war machine. For again, this has nothing to do with protecting the people but in reality, keeping the world’s most economic sector alive at the dire expense of vast numbers of human lives that has happened since tribes were created. For when tribes see another tribe with greater wealth and land, they literally want it, even killing wherever required with no limit until they acquire it. This is not the human nature of most people in the world, but the human psyche of those in power that have psychopathic tendencies to do anything to acquire vast wealth for themselves. In this respect a great friend of mine and the people, was the late Glenn T Seaborg who was given the unique scientific accolade of having one of the universe’s Element, Element 106 Seaborgium, named after him whilst he was still alive. No-one else in the annals of science has ever had this remarkable honour bestowed on them, not even Einstein. Glenn saw at first hand how having advised no less than ten US presidents, how president after president would come into office and be manipulated by Washington, the military and the most powerful and wealthy individuals in the world. Some came with good intensions, but eventually capitulated to the ‘real’ power behind the nation’s throne. Indeed Seaborg saw time-after-time people coming into the White House (the ‘Administration’ and the real power behind the political throne)  who although were generally well off in economic terms, but after they left office, immeasurably rich from the proceeds of their deceit and wars that they perpetrated.

According to Fortune Magazine, the five greatest ever economic powers that have ever existed in the world are in date order,

      1. The Roman Empire, circa 100 AD: 25 to 30% of global output

2. The Song Dynasty in China, circa 1200 AD: 25% to 30% of global output

3. Mughal Empire in India, circa 1700 AD: 25% of global output

4. The British Empire, circa 1870: 21% of global output

5. The United States of America, circa 1950: 50% of global output

 When one looks at all these global ‘control’ authoritarian regimes, they all have one thing in common, they got there not through peaceful economic negotiations (outlining how the other nation would be better off if they joined together), but through immense conflict and continual wars. The people did not want this (because predominantly they are the ones who are killed and suffer in war as mere pawns in wars), but the political leaders and their military did – the minority psychopathic few who are always in charge because this again has over time, become a dynasty, passed from one power set to the next and where this system always prevails. That is why we see a significant number of the world’s people today saying that there is no difference between political parties and their polices and what they do. Indeed, they all go to war eventually in this guise of defence, totally misleading their people time-and-time again continually. For wars have to exist not peace, as there is no ‘controlling’ economic gain in peace.

Their decline came about in all cases because their leaders became so rich and content with their individual vast wealth, that they lost ‘control’ and allowed others looking for their own greater economic riches to conquer their domains through wars. It certainly was not through peace that they looked to make for a better future world order for sure.

Indeed if we just look at two of the above historical global economic powers, the Mughal Empire in India and the British Empire, we see why in many ways the British took control of India through war and made the British East-India Company the largest company in the world at the time with the support of 50,000 British troops. They again certainly did not do this on humanitarian grounds to make India a better place, but where the Indian people’s lifestyles declined immensely through British rule, as their wealth was taken from them and had to endure great human suffering.

History tells us also many decades after, how wars start and where all are through political deceit and what in reality are false flags of war. Some in the 20th and 21st century are as follows.


1. First World War
According to revisionist historians, WW1 happened on the pretext of the assassination of Grand-Duke Franze Ferinand of the Austria-Hungarian Empire by Germany. Germany and their Kaiser pressed by economic interests and the German military wanted to build its own greater empire to equal or exceed the British Empire. But to do this they needed a ‘single’ reason to capture another nation’s wealth and when the assassination of one of their allies happened and they declared war not on the assassin but Serbia if I can put it that way, this was the ideal reason to do this for Germany (not their people). Simple really, but where the German people were not aware and oblivious to these facts and even in modern times, the majority of German people still do not know this fact.
 As true history is not taught in Germany because the German political elite don't want their people to really know the truth. Does this strike a cord? Well it should do, as all western governments teach history from their own advantage and not the real truth. Suppression of the real actual facts in history is a component of government's constant brainwashing to put it bluntly. For once children are taught a certain version of the events in the classroom that the government postulates and they undertake examinations in history, it is totally embedded in the minds of the majority as 'truths' until they die. This is just a small part of brainwashing that western governments are undertaking all the time and most people are just not aware of this situation.

Prior to WW1 there was the gradual emergence of a group of alliances between major powers that was to blame for the descent into eventual war. By 1914, those alliances resulted in the six major powers of Europe coalescing into two broad groups:

  1. Britain, France and Russia formed the Triple Entente
  2. Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy comprised the Triple Alliance.
The timeline to the start of WW1 was as follows,
June 28, 1914 – The Serb Gavrilo Princip assassinates Archduke Franz Ferdinand.
July 28, 1914 - Austria-Hungary declares war on Serbia. Austria-Hungary blamed Serbia, even though the terrorists were not connected to the Serbian government. This was basically an excuse to invoke the Triple Entente to enter into war eventually through their alliance by protecting Serbia. In this respect Russia had signed an agreement promising to protect Serbia.
August 2, 1914 - Ottoman Empire (Turkey) and Germany sign a secret treaty of alliance.  Germany seeing this as the means to an end to their greater empire ambitions (not their people’s ambitions it has it be said).
August 3, 1914 - Germany declares war on France. August 4, 1914 - Germany invades Belgium, leading Britain to declare war on Germany.
August 10, 1914 - Austria-Hungary invades Russia.

When we look at WW1, we only have to look at the USA for a comparison of how nations benefit from war.    It should be noted that up until America's entry into this war, the American people had followed the wise advice of President George Washington given in his farewell address, delivered to the nation on September 17, 1796.  President Washington said, "It is our true policy to steer clear of permanent alliance with any portion of the foreign world.... Why, by interweaving our destiny with that of any part of Europe, entangle our peace and prosperity in the toils of European ambition, rivalship, interest, humour or caprice?' Therefore President Washington attempted to warn the American people about getting embroiled in the affairs of Europe, but where in 1914, it was not to be.  For there were those who were secretly planning America's involvement in World War I, whether the American people wanted it or not - the unseen hand that we see today that starts all wars.

The pressure to involve the American government started in 1909, long before the actual assassination of the Archduke. Norman Dodd, former director of the Committee to Investigate Tax Exempt Foundations of the U.S. House of Representatives, testified that the Committee was invited to study the minutes of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace as part of the Committee's investigation. The Committee stated: "The trustees of the Foundation brought up a single question.  If it is desirable to alter the life of an entire people, is there any means more efficient than war.... They discussed this question... for a year and came up with an answer: There are no known means more efficient than war, assuming the objective is altering the life of an entire people.  That leads them to a question: How do we involve the United States in a war.” 

This is in 1909 and 5 years before the outbreak of WW1.

When the war began, the U.S. economy was in recession. But a 44-month economic boom ensued from 1914 to 1918, first as Europeans began purchasing U.S. goods for the war and later as the United States itself joined the battle. Real plant and equipment were added, and because they were added in response to demands from other countries already at war, they were added precisely in those sectors where they would be needed once the U.S. entered the war."

Entry into the war in 1917 unleashed massive U.S. federal spending which shifted national production from civilian to war goods. Between 1914 and 1918, some 3 million people were added to the military and half a million to the government. Overall, unemployment declined from 7.9 percent to 1.4 percent in this period, in part because workers were drawn in to new manufacturing jobs and because the military draft removed from many young men from the civilian labour force.

It has been estimated by leading economist Rockoff that the total cost of World War I to the United States was approximately $32 billion (at 1914-1918 worth prices), or 52 percent of gross national product at the time. He breaks down the financing of the U.S. war effort as follows: 22 percent in taxes, 58 percent through borrowings from the public (note that the people funded 4/5ths of the total cost of WW1 as taxes are eventually paid by the people through buying US goods and services), and 20 percent in money creation (that old depreciator of a nation’s wealth, ‘quantitative easing’). Adding to this, the US Treasury Secretary William Gibbs McAdoo crisscrossed the country peddling war bonds, even enlisting the help of Hollywood stars and Boy Scouts. The prevalence of patriotic themes created social pressure to purchase the "Liberty bonds" (and, after the armistice, the "Victory bonds"). Government trying to shame their people into buying into war, but for all the wrong reasons (only known to the invisible hand of those powerful people and entities who made great profit out of WW1 in the USA).

The legacies of World War I for the U.S. economy was that when the war began, the United States was a net debtor in international capital markets, but following the war the United States began investing large amounts internationally, particularly Latin America, thus taking on the role traditionally played by Britain and other European capital exporters. With Britain weakened after the war, New York emerged as London's equal if not her superior in the contest to be the world's leading financial centre.  So now you know that WW1 was a planned event and where powerful people in the USA orchestrated behind closed doors to implement war as an ideal economic tool to provide great richest for the few.

It is important to note that almost every government program undertaken in the 1930s reflected a World War I precedent and many of the people brought in to manage New Deal agencies had learned their craft in World War I. One can conclude that the scope and speed of government expansion in the 1930s were likely greater because of the impact of the war on the world view of new economic and political leaders, who in turn inspired future generations of reformers. This is why we have constant wars today and it is a Washington mindset that just will not change so that peace can be the case. 

What the above shows is that the USA learnt that war pays and has ever since looked to wars to boost their economy. A lot of people will not believe this but it is perfectly true. Eventually people will open up their eyes to the reality of USA hegemony, but until then, wars are an inevitable consequence of this fact and continual due to economic gain of the very few who are made immeasurably richer by the consequences of war.

Postscript - If people undertake their own personal research into why the USA has gone into constant wars and indirectly and directly created them under the guise of so-called ‘defence’, they will find on top of WW1 that the Vietnam war, Korean war, Irish War of Independence, Irish Civil War, The Second World War, The Korean War, Suez Crisis, Malayan Emergency, Aden Emergency, Falklands War, Gulf War, Bosnian War, Kosovo War, Global War on Terrorism,  War in Afghanistan and Iraq War and Insurgency were ‘all’ ECONOMIC Wars. Therefore do not believe that these wars are either religious, political ideology or for defence as they are not. They were all started for Economic reasons to enrich the most powerful people and corporate entities in the world.

The sooner that people understand this the sooner maybe we can have a peaceful world order, but certainly not without this vast change in perceptions by the people forcing their politicians and leaders to change their insane political mindsets that kills, harms, starves and displaces millions every year across the globe. We have to hope eventually for the human experience to survive that future generations realise this and change the present status quo that is a clear recipe for humankind’s ultimate extinction….for overall we are NOT an intelligent species if truth be told presently and especially our political and corporate leaders who shun peace at every turn of the global dice of peace or war.

It now appears that Wars will continue infinitum and death and destruction just means money for those who are never in the line of battle, but reap the financial and economic benefits of continual war. These are the real criminals of humanity, but where they are our political and economic leaders. That is the mad part of all this.

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When it comes to the leaders of the USA, there are a continual status quo of things undertaken against the American people.

Presidents and Senior Administrators of the United States that Undertook Actions That Were ‘Against’ the People of the United States of America or Did Not Take the side of the American People, But Global Interests of American Corporations

Lyndon Johnson
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Some people have fond memories of this president, mainly due to his involvement in Medicaid and fighting for civil rights, both noble pursuits. However, Johnson has always had a murky history regarding ethics, with even his biographer alleging that he actually fixed the election which earned him a place in the US Senate. The biographer described how he overcame a 20,000 vote deficit and garnered a victory with an incredible 47 votes.
While in Senate, he used his powers for personal gains rather than serving the country and managed to get approval which allowed his wife to purchase television and radio stations. He then used his power to expand their reach so that the revenues and profits could increase accordingly. These decisions netted Johnson millions and ultimately made him a rich man.

Harry Truman
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Truman’s ascent to the presidency was totally due to the detailed historical facts and where he was backed by a notorious corrupt politician named Tom Pendergast. The means that Pendergast backed Truman would have been decried today, such as the bribing of officials. Therefore Truman was corrupt by direct association and not the saint that most people see Truman.

John F. Kennedy
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Books based on Kennedy have detailed that he was a selfish man who nearly caused nuclear warfare while not caring at all about his family, indulging in extra-marital affairs which could have jeopardized the country’s secrets. Furthermore, there are allegations that he had ties to the mob bosses in the US and would not have won the presidency had he not obtained their support.
John F. Kennedy: The Most Despicable President In American History -

Bill Clinton

Putting aside the affairs Clinton had while in office, such as the infamous Monica Lewinsky scandal. He, along with Hillary, used the IRS to exact revenge on the people who had been against his administration, with people such as Bill O’Reilly being audited several times during his presidency. The couple further engaged in vandalism and theft as they tried to transport White House property to their own home when they had to leave while damaging significant property as well. They also used the FBI to infringe on their opponents’ rights by illegally obtaining their personal files. The Clintons have made several hundred million from dubious sources whilst in office and after, but MSM have been relatively silent about these backroom dealings.

George W. Bush
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Bush will live on in infamy in US history as the President who became President after one of the tightest elections in US history. He was only successful because his brother purged nearly 60,000 people from the voter poll, who were incredibly likely to vote for Al Gore. Bush also redacted evidence which showed Saudi Arabia’s link to the 9/11 attacks while there are widespread allegations that he attacked Iraq, not to go against Saddam Hussein but instead, for oil.

Ronald Reagan
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While some consider him to be one of the best US Presidents (presently), mainly due to his economic policies, there is little doubt that he was morally confused, to say the least. Scandals were common during his term, of which the most damaging was the Iran-Contra scandal, where arms were sold to Iran despite an arms embargo. While Reagan initially denied the charge, he later admitted to it in front of everyone, thereby exposing just one of his many lies. This led to the indictment of 16 people, which included Reagan’s former Secretary of State.
Just a few other  Reagan scandals were,
1. A huge procurement scandal called Operation Ill Wind, which gutted the military and Defense Department.
2. A massive scandal that involved HUD.
A copyright infringement case in the Department of Justice called the Inslaw Affair.
3. The EPA's Sewergate scandal.
Reagan's administration had the most number of indictments and convictions of any president.

Richard Nixon
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Nixon tops the list of the most corrupt US Presidents in history. He is the only President who has resigned (but all those listed should have done so as well for their inappropriate deceptive actions against the people of the United States), and where his involvement in the Watergate scandal, which was so huge that any subsequent scandals that take place have been given the suffix “-gate.” The Watergate scandal saw many illegal activities conducted by Nixon and his administration such as the bugging of offices of opponents and people they deemed suspicious. Furthermore, recent news reports revealed that Nixon actually tried to damage the peace talks Lyndon Johnson held with South Vietnam, but the impact of his involvement is not reasonably certain.
Just a few other Nixon scandals were,
1. Nixon's vice president, Spiro Agnew, also had to resign about a year before Nixon did after he was implicated in a tax evasion scheme.
2. Nixon's CIA director, meanwhile, was convicted of conducting illegal surveillance on U.S. journalists and plotting assassinations in Chile.
3. Nixon's SEC chair had to resign after less than three months in office after altering a negative finding against a Nixon fundraiser.

List of federal political scandals in the United States (from Trump to Washington)

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But last but not least Obama and ask yourself, did you trust this man?

For when it comes to what he told the American people when in office was not what happened behind closed doors as many things will keep emerging I am sure about his time as president of the United States of America. One of these was when the majority of the American people lost a great deal of their wealth with the financial meltdown in 2007/2008 (most loss and more than the 1929 'crash') and caused overwhelmingly by the world's largest banks near corrupt activities and their top executives through sheer personal financial greed. Obama had told the American people on all major terrestrials TV stations that he was 'going' for the bankers and he would make sure that they paid for their mismanagement of the world's financial system (basically again, sheer personal greed).
But privately, Obama had told Wall Street executives that he would protect them. On 27 March 2009, Obama assembled the top executives of the bailed-out financial firms in a 'secret' meeting at the White House and he assured them ( that he would cover their backs; he promised "My administration is the only thing between you and the pitchforks" ( It's not on the White House website; it was leaked out, which is one of the reasons Obama hates leakers. What the DOJ's IG indicated was, in effect, that Obama had kept his secret promise to them. All cited by Pulitzer Prize winning author Ron Suskind in his publication 'Confidence Men', 2011 ( Therefore if the President of the United States lies to its people, democracy has totally failed the people, as their political leader is corrupt, as well together with his Administration.

Dr David Hill
CEO, World Innovation Foundation
15 April 2017 (amended 16 April 2017 and updated 30 April 2022)

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