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Globalization has failed Humanity and Capitalism supported without any 'real' restraint by our western politicians and leaders who are paid not to do so by the super-rich and powerful, will ultimately dispatch the Human Experience to the ‘Ashes of History' during this present century and the way the world is ultimately heading - climate change, economic conquest of poorer nations and the literally the evil greed of the very few are 'just only' three lethal cancerous reasons out of a multitude of dire human problems that will make this madness come TRUE

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Globalization has failed humanity, but what did you expect when capitalism the great decider of everything driving it and where this dire economic mechanism is destroying the futures for 90% of humankind - Covid 19 just being the mere start of the final stages of this over the next 10-years. For today the vast majority of the people’s wealth is even more divided than ever and before modern corporate globalisation started in earnest some 45 years ago. In this respect in 2016 it is estimated that there are some 6,650 million people either living in dire poverty (starvation level to living day-to-day survival level) or existence level (living week-to-week) and a mere 730 million living a world of plenty and no want. Indeed, the United Nations now estimate that by the turn of the next century around 2,100, the human population will be around 11,200 million (the average projection, but not the most severe enlargement) and an increase of nearly 4,000 million humans. Using common sense solely these dire statistics are a sheer recipe for major global conflict and the possible extinction of the human experience forever.

Therefore globalization will ultimately be the death of human civilization and not its saviour through universal wealth distribution, as proclaimed and forcefully supported by the majority of the world’s leading economists and political leaders in the West from the 1970s onwards and even today.  This is the biggest lie ever and you can ask all the 10s of millions of unemployed US citizens and EU workers who have lost their jobs to the low-cost labour economies of the world over the last 15 years due to globalization for confirmation of this fact.

What has caused this is the big question and the capitalist system to collapse for the many? Well, over the last fifty years there has been more and more career politicians who have taken over from the once ‘we will do our best for the people’  politicians. These new-age politicians have been those who go into politics not to do their best for the people, but to do the best for themselves. This change in political mindsets have engaged with the wealthy more than ever and where because they go into politics to do best for themselves financially, the people have simply become secondary to the main issues that now drive our political leaders and politicians per se.  Examples of this abound now, where US presidents and British prime ministers have become part with the super-rich elites themselves in office. Indeed in the decades gone by before the 1970s, presidents and prime ministers never became so rich, but they certainly do today.

The reason is that they all now work privately behind closed doors for World Economic Forum ('The WEF') and have literally been bought and sold on the altar of personal vast wealth and unimaginable rewards - Zelensky if you do your own independent reseach, is one of them and a young leader graduate of WEF having $35 million mansion in Miami and private banking accounts in Costa Rice running in to around US$1.3 BILLION - yes billion and its all there on alternative media that we are not supposed to see in the 'West' by dire censorship that goes againt the NARRATIVE (exposed in part through the release of the 'Panama Papers' and the 'Pandora papers' and you could not make it up if you tried, as they say),  and as many western political leaders are also and who do all the WEF's bidding for their GREAT RESET global agenda that actually if you do again your own independent reseach, will tell you that this enslaves future humanity through digital ID financial systems and total surveilence systems, so that these super-rich can totally control our lives as they wish. If you wish to find out who the WEF's political puppets are, it is not hard to find them out and who these egotistical political leaders are, as they show themselves in WEF videos constantly.

But what has happened so that this has happened to politics? Well, political leaders whilst in office have feathered their corporate nests like never before and basically sold their souls to the corporations, where the WEF members who are the richest in the world, control these largest of global entitities.  These political people have become just mere pawns in the who WEF-politico-corporate enterprise and where basically western leaders have now no real concern for their people, only for 'The WEF' and themselves basically.

Indeed our political leaders allowed the 2008 financial meltdown to happened, as Greenspan told them all in early 2004 that if the financial markets were not reined in, a total meltdown would happen. What did our political elites do? Absolutely nothing other than to exponentially liberalise the markets even more and where in the UK as an example, you could get 130% mortgages with very loose financial checks and put 30% into your back pocket for good luck (who with any financial acumen would do this - none other than our political leaders and finance ministers in the West to be precise who controlled the system. See what the chief economists of PcW stated in his analysis in 2010 (two years after the crash) and what debt this had created for the UK alone in its wake by 2015 -

They have also allowed  the so-called Pandemic to happen and also the current wat in Ukraine, as these are all pieces in the GREAT RESET jigsaw of humnaity's destruction.

Therefore the overall reason is that our political leaders were/are doing the bidding for their corporate and wealthy masters behind closed doors and where officially since 2009, the top 1% and to a lesser degree the top 10% have increased there wealth substantially. This is of course contrary to the majority 90% in the West (the US and EU predominantly but generally across the world), who have lost their life savings and their children’s futures. Indeed the majority are now more impoverished than ever before and even in relative terms to the times of the ‘great depression’ - since 2019 according to Forbes et al, there wealth has doubled on average from being super-super rich to grotesquely super-super rich and powerful people and which is all part of the GREAT RESET Plan again.

Indeed don’t think either that what your political leaders state is the truth and what they are going to do, as you will be let down nine times out of ten. In this respect a prime example of this is when Obama after the financial meltdown told the American people that he was going after the Bankers who had caused the greatest economic crash to the system in 80 years, impoverishing the vast majority of the American people. Obama made this clear in White House broadcast across the nation. But a week later according to ‘leaked’ documents that emanated from an intern within the White House itself, he held a meeting behind closed doors with all the major bankers that he was supposingly going for. But contrary to what he had told the American people the week before, what these leaked documents stated was that Obama told these bankers who had ultimately caused the ‘crash’, that he was the only thing between them and pitchforks, but he was not coming for them. This is a democratic president whose party is supposed to be for the working class and not for the top 10%, but where he certainly is not on this score. That is why because of this highly significant White House leak, Obama now actually hates journalists who publish such things, that although are definitely in the interests of the American people to know about, shows his total hypocrisy, his total lack of responsibility to his people and his untrustworthy nature that resides within himself. But, ask yourself one thing though, have you heard of this leak as it was not published by the majority of mainstream media? The reason is you will probably not, as mainstream media are hand in glove with both corporate power and political power that work as one in cover ups. But again the truth of the pudding is in the eating as they say and where none of the bankers to this day that ultimately caused the financial meltdown and so much harm to the American people (and the world-at-large), have been brought to justice by Obama, prosecuted and served a jail sentence whatsoever. That is the clear truth of the matter and where Obama’s words to his people were basically all lies. So never believe what a political leader tells you as usually they are lying between their teeth although they look completely genuine. For basically that is one of the traits that they all have in order  to get to the top in the dog eat dog world of ‘conning’ politics. That is also the reason why there are all these wars, as leaders constantly lie and are continually economic with the truth(Bush and Blair prime examples here). This is the ‘real’ world of politics and a ‘dark art’ in many ways.
We now have a world where officially according to Credit Suisse’s ‘Global Wealth Report’,  just a mere 1% own over 50% of the world’s total wealth and the top 10% own 86% of the world’s total wealth, leaving an unsustainable wealth for the 90% of a mere  14% (many in the West). The figures are staggering and where 6,550 million humans control less than 1/7th of the world’s wealth and 750 million control 6/7th of the world’s wealth. But the worst outcome of what our political leaders have allowed to happen through globalisation and previous cohesion, is the human suffering, starvation and futures of the vast majority of the world’s people on the altar of greed and personal profit of our political leaders and richest corporate paymasters working together. This system has decimated the many and where they now languish in poverty and debt, paying off their nations and their personal induced debt through the greed of others. Indeed their system of control has now created our young coming out of university with vast debt as they start their lives and working like modern day surfs for those who control our politicians behind closed doors. This is part of the system of control that they now implement to keep the majority down from an early age and where in the US, student debt after leaving higher education is now $1.3 trillion, another astonishing statistic, but all brought about by those who control the globalisation process. This debt never existed just a few decades ago, but of course, it has all been planned behind closed doors again by the rich and powerful, implemented by their puppet political leaders.

The TTP, CETA and TTIP are the mechanisms that the rich and powerful are presently using to consolidate even more wealth into the hands of the very few (politicians and the top 1%). Indeed it is projected that if these deals go through most of the world’s people will be further impoverished and where the top 1% will control over 70% of the world’s total wealth by 2075 and the top 10% will control over 90% of the world’s wealth, leaving a mere 10% for what will then be a projected people population of under-class of 8,000 million humans. The writing is on the wall, but with our political leaders now being totally controlled by the top 1% and their doers, the top 10%, nothing is going to change and where global war is inevitable using common sense again.

But the greatest tragedy has yet to happen after 2075 and where as the population of the world increases to at least 11,200 million by 2100 according to the UN, the human existence will have totally collapsed, as there is no other way to go.

Considering what is happening and how humans are being manipulated to their ultimate demise, the people have to start creating a new world order, where our politicians are not politicians for the rich and powerful, but ‘back to the future’, where politicians are for the people.   For if this does not happen and we do not get rid of the present totally rotten political-corporate control mechanism that afflicts all western nations, we will seal the end of humanity in this present century.  No ‘if’s or ‘but’s about it, as the time is coming when we shall start to see a world that we all shall not like and where 'ISIS' (Islamic State) will be looked upon as just a storm in a teacup to what is on the horizon for humankind.

Dr David Hill
CEO, World Innovation Foundation
15 October 2016 (update July 2021 and 30 April 2020)

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