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Globalisation in its Present 'Form', is a Totally 'Destabilising Economic Model that Decays business and is Ultimately a Non-sustaining' System at its fundamental base that Predominantly Underpins the Sociopathic and Psychopathic Tendencies of the Super-Rich and Western Political Leaders

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Globalisation is a totally 'Evil' System at its fundamental base, that Underpins the Sociopathic and Psychopathic Tendencies of the Super-Rich and Political Leaders
What the leader of 1.2 billion Roman Catholics has to say about 'Capitalism', even though our politicians will not say, for fear of upsetting the top 1% who own 50% of all the World's Wealth according to Credit Suisse and where they are getting richer by the day...basically he is right

Over the past 40-years at least there has been a corrupt movement within humanity, to control all the world's natural resources and wealth. Indeed this unsustainable mechanism for humankind (eventually major wars will ensue, due to the depletion in the world's natural resources), has made a world order where a mere 1% of mankind now controls 50% of all the wealth of the world according to the annual analysis, 'Global Wealth Report' by Credit Suisse. Unfortunately for the rest of humanity, globalisation is making the rich, richer than ever before, each and every new year that comes. In fact some economists estimate that due to globalisation, by the year 2100 (if we have not blown ourselves to bits by then), a mere 1% will control at least 75% of the world's total wealth. This means of course that the remaining 99% of humanity will only have in their control a mere 25% of the wealth of the world and with that, limited resources to provide for themselves and to provide for the health of their families.  

'Fast Track Trade Traitors Murderers and Enemies' -

The world is therefore heading back to the medieval days, when there were the powerful few who controlled the global system and where the vast majority (90%), were slaves in reality. You may laugh at the word 'slaves', but that is the only way of describing the future for the vast majority of humanity. Therefore globalisation other than being the saviour of humanity and liberaliser, will be its ultimate enslavement mechanism in many ways, as the rich control everything and the many are subdued through the military that the super-rich control through their puppet political leaders that they buy through political donations. 

'The GOP Candidates Know Nothing about Syria' -

'Terror, climate chaos, financial crisis are the costs of 'doing business' ' -

This may seem farfetched, but that is definitely where the world is heading. Therefore forget about Nazism being the most evil and insidious thinking ever thought up by certain minority parts of mankind, as that mantle will fall to the phenomena we all now call globalisation. Think this is madness, think again, as globalisation is already causing the deaths of millions every year across the globe through the mechanisms and economics that globalisation dictates. For the greed of the super-rich few, are definitely endangering the human experience forever and its sustainability, year-on-year.  

Don't believe me, then read what is happening in the wider world and where a few are cited below. For globalisation will eventually come to affect you, your family and their future children's lives living in the West, in a very big and negative way. For the writing has been on the wall now for a couple of decades, but where the forces of globalisation have been relentless in destroying the human experience bit-by-bit. To a great extent by stealth, because the world's media is between 85%  and 95% controlled by the super-rich and powerful again, who have subdued all the negative factors that globalisation has created to date and is creating constantly. We are therefore in reality being deceived and used in other words by stealth and where our political leaders are quiet about what is really happening out there. They have to be for their master's voice and political funding. For they are as psychopathic as their masters for power and control. It is what they live for, but where the insane super-rich want ever more wealth, our political masters want ever more power over others. The two are very similar and that is why the two work so well together, as they both get what they crave for at humanity's expense - globalisation is the conduit that they both achieve their respective 'fixes'. 

Indeed, 'Wars' will be fought over mere drinking water in the future and something that we have taken for granted in the West for decades and that would always be there.  The constant drought in the southern states of the USA, being a pointer here and where the global shift in weather patterns that is caused by the all devouring globalisation process, has created this major global and continually growing problem. 

'Paris Thoughts-- on open carry, false flag and revenge' -

But why is globalisation destroying the world and humanity in the process?

The answer to this is quite simple, but where it is sheer madness. Globalisation through corporate consolidation, has created ever bigger and bigger global corporations that devour each other as they take greater control of the world markets due to their ever increasing vast wealth, driven by the greed of the few (super-rich and shareholders - both the wealthy and those decision-makers within our largest corporations).  

'Cancer Capitalism' -

This dog-eat-dog mentality of the super-rich is the destructive force that will eventually lead to global wars. There is no other outcome. Unfortunately the super-rich to keep them on course to control ever more of the world's wealth, will send those who have been harmed in the West, to fight their wars for them. For they also control the military through the puppet politicians that they get into power through their enormous political donations.  The people are used as fodder and where the super-rich simply do not care it has to said and which is based upon clear evidence. 

But globalisation in turn has created millions upon millions of job losses that have gone in the West, as corporate globalisation has shifted its workforce to the low-cost labour economies of the East over the past 4-decades to make more money for the few. Therefore globalisation and those who control the corporations, have no empathy at all with their fellow citizens and where they have destroyed millions upon millions of jobs on the altar of financial greed and to hell with the repercussions at home for the nation's families and their futures. That is their mentality again and where many of the super-rich can be classified as corporate psychopaths also, with no empathy at all with humanity, only themselves. 

They even control the White House now in reality, no matter which Party is in power. For in the USA things are not as they seem and where western media controlled by the top 1% wealthiest Americans, is suppressing the 'real' America of today. For it's official now. America has bought their political leaders before they even enter the White House and where the working poor, working class and middle class that accounts for 90% of the American people, have no say anymore in their country's future. Only the rich and powerful has any real say. Indeed the article by investigative journalists at the New York times released on 10 October 2015 makes this perfectly clear For just 158 families have provided nearly half of the early money for efforts to capture the White House. -

This unfortunately is the 'real' world order and the truth about what globalisation has done for humankind. For it has been thought up not to make the world better through free trade, but for the corrupt embellishment of the few, who in many ways are simply deranged and basically mad in their thinking towards the future and the survival of humanity. 

What therefore can we do about this abysmal situation that humankind faces over the next 50-years and beyond? As our politicians and political leaders will not listen, as they are in the back pocket of the super-rich, the only thing that people can do for their own futures, is to systematically boycott major corporations by not buying their products or services.  For as an example if people did not buy say the products and services produced by say Microsoft, Apple and Monsanto for a mere 3 months across the world, all these three mighty corporations would be contacting their political puppets to do something about it. Only then would they get around the table to discuss the enormous problem facing humanity and what globalisation was actually doing against the vast majority of people. This could happen in every county in the world and where even the Chinese people could boycott their own corporations in a similar way or even the people of India in their country. Word would soon get around and where change would be the order of day to put things lightly. 

For 'People Power' is the only way that the system can change the status quo that has if it continues, the ultimate propensity to destroy humanity. Strong words, but realistic and where both the Royal Society and MIT have stated in their research publications in recent times, that the world is clearly 'on notice'. This people power mechanism has therefore to happen all across the world for change to actually happen. For this is the only force that can make the world a far better place and where the redistribution of wealth can only stem from the people themselves, not the super-rich or our political leaders.  

For if we do not do this, global wars and the possible extinction of humanity is on the cards during the latter part of this present century. This is a clear and unequivocal probability, according now to authoritative institutions. 

Therefore as our political leaders are not going to change and will effectively increase the globalisation process by any means (in reality for their masters behind closed doors), we have only ourselves to rely upon for our survival as a species. It is as simple as that and anyone who thinks differently looking at the way the world is heading, is literally mad and a part of problem of humanity's greatest threat for survival. 

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Dr David Hill
World Innovation Foundation
31 May 2015 (updated 1 January 2016)


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