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CONTROL - The Most Powerful Word in the World and What Corporate Leaders and the Political Elite Crave For to the Extent of Being Psychopathic in 'Their' Thinking and Actions Against the People



 Before you read this article visit what one of the longest serving veteran US Senator in American history has to say about the 'cancer' that is destroying America's way of life and the backbone of their nation, the middle-class, who have lost the most and will continue to do so under the present economic values.

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What the leader of 1.2 billion Roman Catholics has to say about 'Capitalism', even though our politicians will not say, for fear of upsetting the top 1% who own 50% of all the World's Wealth according to Credit Suisse and where they are getting richer by the day...where basically he is right - Pope Francis Criticizes Capitalism as a "Putrid, Rotten System" -

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CONTROL is the most powerful word in the World. For it is what all the people at the top crave for more than anything else. Indeed it is the primary trait of psychopaths, whether they be serial killers, corporate psychopaths or political psychopaths. This simple word has many 'synonyms' such as authority, domination, rule, manipulation, force, jurisdiction, restraint, determination, restriction, subjection, subordination, power, superintendence, containment, ascendancy and supremacy - and they are all the traits of the psychopath and not to be misunderstood for ambition; for the two are totally different altogether !

Indeed when it comes to ultimate control, less than a mere thousand people control the destiny of the USA as an example, and at their pleasure. For it's official now, as they even control the White House in reality, even before a new President is elected, no matter which Party gets into power. In this respect, in the USA things are not as they seem and where western media controlled by the top 1% wealthiest Americans, is suppressing the 'real' America of today.  America has bought their political leaders before they even enter the White House and where the working poor, working class and middle class that accounts for 90% of the American people, have no say anymore in their country's future. Only the rich and powerful has any real say. Indeed the article by investigative journalists at the New York times released on 10 October 2015 makes this perfectly clear For just 158 families have provided nearly half of the early money for efforts to capture the White House. -

For what has been happening over a relatively short period of time in human evolution is akin to scientific control by the corporations and the super-rich. It can be described in scientific terms, as a system to minimize the effects of variables other than the single independent variables - 'control' in other words and consolidation is the means to attain this state to control things and that is what has exactly been happening over the last four to five decades. As an example, a mere 6 corporations now control 90% of the media in the USA, but where there were many companies who owned the very same multi-media outlets a mere 50 years ago -

That is because whoever controls the system (economics & politics in that order), controls the world and what it will be like now and more importantly, what it will be like in the future. The problem for humanity is that corporations, industrialists, global financiers, the world's richest people and our political elite have over the last three decades got together to control humankind for their own purposes. Indeed the elite few have sequentially over the last forty years consolidated power more into their hands than at any other time in history.

This planned ownership of the world order has to date created control to an extent now that 51% of all world trade is in the hands of a mere 2,000 corporations according to Forbes. Indeed adding to this, the top 1% now control around 50% of all the world's wealth according to the 'Global Wealth Report' by Credit Suisse. But where it has to be said that this trend is increasing by the year and where the vast majority of humankind on this present economic trajectory, will eventually be to a great extent the modern version of the slaves of old, totally controlled by the few powerful entities and the super-rich who indirectly control governments, political leaders and the military establishment behind closed doors. 

In this respect some say that wars are inevitable with this constantly increasing control mechanism in place. Indeed these super-rich who control more every year, can be viewed in many ways to corporate psychopaths who have no empathy at all with humankind and only look to extracting more wealth out of the present unsustainable global development system. For Credit Suisse state that 90% of the world's population now only control 14% of the world's wealth. In this respect also according to research undertaken by the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in 2012, a mere 147 companies 'control' everything - And carrying on from that due to consolidation according to Forbes again, 4 companies 'control' the 147 companies that own everything -

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Some economists predict that through this constant control and concerted consolidation of the markets by the rich and powerful that over the next 15-years 90% of the world's population will only control and own 10% of the world's wealth. That means that  it is estimated that the top 10% will then control 90% of the world's total wealth and the top 1% within that group will own 55% of the world's wealth.

Predictions are open to speculation, but where informed analysts believe that eventually in the 21st century their will be a single individual who will become the first Trillionare (owning wealth of $1000,000,000,000) and equivalent to 1/76th of the total economic turnover of the world. Indeed, some 10-years ago an Asian businessman predicted that such a phenomena would eventually be the case and stated. "You (the West) have your billionaires, we (the East) shall have the first trillionaire". When that happens wealth and the corporations will have consolidated to where probably the top 1% will own 75% of the world's wealth. But, that will mean that poverty, subservience and even modern slavery will affect at least 65% of the world's total human population.

One of the main reasons why this has happened over a relatively short period of time is because according to eminent economists, politics is now predominantly corrupt and working not as they always state for the people, but for the powerful corporations behind closed doors. Indeed even Prime Minister Camerons' senior advisers are lobbyists for mighty corporations such as Lynton Crosby, so-called 'mastermind' behind the Conservative Party's 2015 Election campaign), is a lobbyist for the tobacco, alcohol, oil and gas companies. Therefore the people are being used overiddingly for the interests of our senior political leaders and the mighty corporations and where there are definitely major conflicts of interests between the hopes of the people of the United Kingdom and the political-business elite.

But how long will it take for the 'penny to drop' it has to be asked is the big question, where the British people see what is really happening behind their backs and closed doors continually in Whitehall and Westminster?

For as TTIP (Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) is looming, it is hoped that  this recognition will take place before this long-term devastating undemocratic trade pact is signed by the corporations and EU governments (EU and USA included and where the vast majority of the American people will also lose out significantly as consolidation and lay-offs/controlled unemployment  continues more so with the implementation of the TTIP). For once sealed it is irrevocable under the USA-EU agreement. Unfortunately again once signed, it will go the way of all other international trade deals, loss of hundreds of thousands of jobs (estimates for the TTIP by economists is 1 million), taxpayers being sued through their governments for compensation by the corporations (up to press over $3,000,000,000 has been paid out to date to corporations by governments through other trade agreements and with another $11,000,000,000 of pending claims currently on-going and where these trade claims against the taxpayer is increasing by the year). If this does not stink to high heaven, I do not know what does. Indeed the vast majority of the people who have signed up to these so-called sealed trade deals according to analysis, have not benefited one bit. But where in this respect the only ones who have benefited are the top 1% and that is official. 

'Julian Assange on the Trans-Pacific Partnership: Secretive Deal Isn’t About Trade, But Corporate Control'
For all nations who have signed up to these agreements have lost vast numbers of jobs as corporations have reduced labour through consolidation and where this is the first thing that all corporations do in business take-overs - the TTIP is no different here but where it is a vastly larger situation and they will do the very same with no empathy for the people of the EU and the USA at all. The reason for this of course is clear and where the corporation's highest priority is for profits and where human disposal and job cuts means nothing to them.

Indeed they act totally as corporate psychopaths in many ways having no empathy at all for the people that they employ, as they are expendable. In this respect they will do whatever it takes and the harm that it does  means nothing at all to them, ripping up whole family lives and their futures for the sheer benefit of the very few. Overall that is what the TTIP will do in the long-term and where our politicians are deceiving the voting public into a false sense of security with this trade deal. That is the findings of current trade agreements and where corporations never change their spots. If anything they try to get more blood out of an economy model to the total detriment of 90%+ of the people.

We have therefore to hold our politicians to account soon and where the only way to defeat this political and corporate evil in our midst is to vote for anyone else except the two main parties in Britain today. For even the Labour Party has signed up to the TTIP, just like they did for Fracking very recently with the main proponents the Tories and giving support for this still unproven safe way of extract energy. Unfortunately where this shows yet again, that the political elite are not really interested in the health of the nation, as aquifers will be contaminated (the Fracking companies will not disclose all the chemicals that they use for the Fracking process, but where media leaks have stated that some are carcinogen and cancer producing)  and increased incidence of earthquakes et al.


Dr David Hill
CEO, World Innovation Foundation
January 31st, 2015
(updated 13 February 2016)

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