Friday, 27 December 2019

Human Extinction and the Death or Survival of Humankind – what will and is continually destroying human existence through the actions of our Political Leaders and Global Corporate Leaders, or where sustainability can 'only' be secured by the people themselves..its your choice !

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This Blog is Part 1. of a series of consecutive continuum blog articles that looks at the way the world has developed in modern times, its ultimate end game on its present human projectory and what we have to do to prevent the eventual extinction of human life on Earth brought about through continual unsustainable natural resources depletion and continual western insurgent wars across the planet.

Genesis of Free-thinking Intelligent Humans
According to Dr. Richard G. Klein, a Stanford archaeologists in his book with Blake Edgar “The Dawn of Creativity”, the explanation for the apparent and abrupt flowering of creativity had a neurological hypothesis in that about 50,000 years ago, a chance genetic mutation in effect rewired the brain in some critical way, possibly allowing for a significant advance in speech. The origin of human speech is another of evolution's mysteries. Improved communications at this time, in his view, could have enabled people ''to conceive and model complex natural and social circumstances'' and thus give them ''the fully modern ability to invent and manipulate culture.''

Modern intelligent humans have therefore to all intents and purposes been around for a mere 50,000 years at the most according to Klein, but where many now say since his publication that the real evolutionary free-thinking intelligent humans emerged in Europe around 40,000 years ago and I am of this same opinion based on further research. Therefore intelligent humans capable of solving complex problems have only been in existence for a mere 40,000 years and where if we look at the average reproductive generation period, having the ability to mutate further in around 1,600 to 2,000 times. This means also in reality that humans have had the ability to increase their intelligence for problem solving, self satisfaction, working within a ‘pack’ to survive and also to deviate from these basic human survival instincts and become a loan wolf, preying on other humans for their personal satisfaction and existence. The latter may have been prevalent even 40,000 years ago in a lesser degree, but where in the modern world as technology has enabled people to spread their socio-economic wings and to become richer in the process, this has become the dominant state of the psyche of humans today in modern Western Nations.  But where if this destructive state of mind persists this very thinking will be the total undoing of humankind, as humans to all intents and purposes will be enslaved in a devastating global system of continual wars and where ultimately the use of the nuclear option with other WMDs will be inevitable. Therefore during these human transformations and mutations in the modern evolutionary periods of intelligence and psyche advancement in humans, singularity self-preservation has taken completely over in our politico-economic leaders and from a ‘group’ preservation environment of early humans.

Consequently we have gone from a sharing socio-economic environment to exist to one where the few dominate the whole human ecosystem and for their own personals satisfaction, no others. Ironically, this has only been made possible through the intelligence of humankind in their modern ability in creating technologies that has allowed this to happen and be possible – the well known modern phenomena of “dog-eat-dog” system of human survival in overdrive. 

Consequently today, we have the dire global problem of climate change that has the propensity to destroy all life on earth and due to economic considerations at the top, not the sustainability of humankind, which is secondary. Sheer madness, but that is exactly what is going on today and tomorrow if a check is not put in place. Indeed, political leaders and corporate leaders joined at the hip and hand-in-glove are doing literally ‘nothing’ about introducing steps at all to reduce carbon emissions et al, other than trying to agree carbon credits between nations that do literally nothing to reduce emissions, as only fines are imposed and if the profits are good (an they are), there is no reduction at all in emissions and they will continue to spiral upwards. For the carbon credits and non-binding in international law agreements, are not punitive to the extent that it makes nations think of actually cutting emission. In this respect you do not have to have a great deal of intelligence to determine this, but where western nations in particular have spend a great deal of their intelligent thinking is making sure that they continue at alarming rates to pollute the global environment year-after-year.

This ‘unsustainable intelligent thinking’ has therefore to stop on intelligence grounds alone and before humankind pays the ultimate price for this creative ignorance, negligence and sheer human madness on a colossal scale.

So what can be done to guarantee the ultimate survival of humankind?

A New Enlightenment of the People
Planet Earth has enough sustainable resources to provide for humanity indefinitely, as long as intelligence is used to manage the whole survival process. Currently and for a previously indiscriminate period there has not been this intelligence to do so, as both political leaders and leaders of the world’s largest corporates over time have in essence and reality when you look at how they operate, forgot about the sustainability of humankind in the quest for personal wealth in their life. In this respect they have basically colluded together for centuries to make themselves vastly rich at the human expense and demise of 90% of the people. Indeed, this unstated contract behind powerful closed doors has created wars on economic grounds where over the centuries, hundreds of millions of people have died so that our political and corporate leaders can reap the rewards of war, leaving the death of tens of millions of loved ones in their wake. Unfortunately as leading historians have shown, many of these wars were started on a pretence and where they are commonly known as ‘false flags’, such as the war in Iraq in modern times, to enrich again our political and corporate leaders.

Even the Second World War was started by Hitler on the pretence that Polish soldiers attacked and killed German people and soldiers (Operation Himmler) in 21 border incidents, but where in fact, it was German soldiers who had dressed up as Polish troops to undertake murders and massacres using innocent people or concentration camp prisoners. This single act of barbarism and infamy authorised by the Nazi leadership gave Germany the reason to attack Poland by creating the appearance of Polish aggression against Germany and to bring WW2 into being, killing at the end an estimated total of 70–85 million people - WW2 like all wars including all those in modern times were not in reality anything to do with bringing democracy to other nations, but undeniably on the grounds of economics, where our politicians and corporate leaders were always hand in glove. For if they had been about bringing democracy to these countries (from Vietnam and Korea to the recent wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Somalia and Yemen) these countries would have been far better nations after western intervention instead of being left in ruins now with an estimated deaths of over 10.5 million and the displacement (refuges) of over 65 million people worldwide at the end of 2015 by UNHCR and nearly equivalent to all those people displaced throughout the whole of WW2.

So wars started by our political leaders and in the political background corporate leaders, have caused untold mayhem and suffering on the world since time immemorial (more so in relatively modern times during the 20th and 21st century and not showing no real sense of abatement), not peace on Earth or human happiness, but in the true quest that wars are raged, economic power and the wealth that comes from wars for the very few. Indeed, people should read all about ‘False Flags’ to see how a nation’s people are continuously fooled into believing that we have enemies and where in reality, they are very few, after reading the real reasons why wars happen and are waged. 

Therefore the first stage of understanding what has to happen is to have a realistic view of the world and not to take what the Establishment tells you as gospel, as most like Hitler did, is pure political and corporate propaganda of the highest order, hoodwinking the people into believing that there is a big nasty enemy, but where in reality there is not. Unfortunately government make it appear to be realistic with all sorts of so-called experts leading the trumpeting, but where over time it always becomes apparent that these people and institutions, are simply doing lip-service for government and bend in the extreme the true facts. The WMDs in this respect that the US gave out is a prime example for the invasion of Iraq and in more modern up-to-date times, the White Helmets’, where western nations (predominantly the UK) funded this so-called humanitarian rescue team by the ten of millions.

That is why people should always do their own homework and research to determine on the balance of probability, who or what is right or wrong. Indeed, the US and UK governments in particular cite RT (Russian Television) as a news outlet that people in the West should not watch for its so-called propaganda. But where I have seen over time that RT (or Al Jazeera for that matter) gives a balanced view to that of say the BBC as one example. In this respect I have noticed time and time again over the last few years where RT has aired something that never appeared on British TV or on mainstream radio and where it was highly relevant for people in the West and was suppressed news in the UK, as it did not fit the official narrative in the West although true and that of western political leaders. As a recent example, the OPCW doctored report on Alleged Chemical Weapons Attack in Syria where there is now evidence that the report suppressed vital information and changed the reality into one supporting the West’s political narrative and making white look black. Indeed four OPCW inspectors who were not allowed to voice their diametrically opposed opinions to date have had their information leaked, but where no western media outlet has put in print, preferring to look after the narrative of western governments again of events that did not apparently now happen, even though they are now exposed as blatant lies...but of course, just another 'False Flag' again in the propaganda of government to justify their military intervention and the further killing of tens of thousands of innocent civilians across the world.  Suppression of news is therefore now ripe throughout mainstream western media and where journalism with integrity and morals is literally dead in the ground now. Therefore don't believe anything that they state, as you will eventually be found wanting as the real truth unfolds.

But don’t get me wrong here with RT though, as only last week (December 2019) I took RT to task in not allowing free speech and expression on their website, so I am not a Russian bot if anyone wishes to know and have never been a ‘YES’ man for anyone or any organization, for it is not in my psyche or human makeup. But there again in comparison and as a single example of western mainstream media's commitment to the so-called truth, the BBC also stops free speech and expression as all western social platforms do these days (they never used to do this a mere 20-years ago like they do today), levered overridingly by government pressure from behind closed doors.

So the Advice is always…DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH and do not accept anyone’s narrative, not even mine, unless you do your own in-depth research, looking always at both sides of any news or argument.

Dr David Hill
CEO, World Innovation Foundation (UK)
27 December 2019

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