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The "Master Plan" for Humanity - thought up and designed for Humankind’s Future through the 'insane' Mindset of the Elites and the Real Global Overseers of the World Order, but where “YOU” will “NOT” like it, as it will lead to the Ultimate reduction of the majority of the People of the world through Vaccines and Vast Debt - Part 2 of the Series concerning “Human Extinction and the Death or Survival of Humankind”

Stop Press (9th May 2021)



"Chinese document discussing weaponising coronaviruses provides 'chilling' information" - and in 2015, 5-years before the Covid-19 Pandemic emerged in late 2019/early 2020 - - The TRUTH comes out Eventually !!!

Capitalism tends to destroy its two sources of wealth: nature and human  beings : ExtinctionRebellionWhy Humanity Destroyed Itself - YouTube
Earth From Space - Western Hemisphere | Earth pictures from space, Earth  from space, Earth pictures Our 'Living' World for the Powerful 1%, 
                                                                       but not earmarked at all for 9 out of 10 
Ladies and Men of the Gentle, I present you with a dead Earth! :  terragenesisgame Our 'Dying' world left for 90%+ of
                                                                      the People, as the 1% will then be living on                                                                          another planet
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Two apt quotations before you read this particular Blog as a preamble are as follows:

1.  “Never be deceived that the rich will allow you to vote away their wealth.” 

2.  "I cannot accept your canon that we are to judge Pope and King unlike other men, with a favorable presumption that they did no wrong. If there is any presumption it is the other way against holders of power, increasing as the power increases. Historic responsibility has to make up for the want of legal responsibility. 
              Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts  
              Great men are almost always bad men, even when they 
              influence and not authority: still more when you 
              superadd the tendency or the certainty of corruption 
              by authority

There is no worse heresy than that the office sanctifies the holder of it. That is the point at which the negation of Catholicism and the negation of Liberalism meet and keep high festival, and the end learns to justify the means".
(Lord Acton, 1st Baron Acton - 10 January 1834 - 19 June 1902)

From Covid 19 to the War in Ukraine...and to all 'following' future 'Man-Made' Pandemics and Global Wars that will again be against the People so that Total Control of Humanity can be achieved by this insane thinking.

For this Covid-19 pandemic is all part of a huge global plan to place all the people into a vast 'chasm' of DEBT, as all the costs by our governments has to be paid back and the only means to do that is to tax the people. This global plan has been thought out for decades now, but it is just now going into overdrive. For debt is the only primary way globally that people are controlled in reality and it hits at the very heart of how people are allowed to operate their lives. Covid-19 is the mechanism that was chosen for those who have devised this global plan to ultimately control the world's people and this virus is the one that will place humanity into the chains of debt like no other mechanism in the history of the world. Indeed our politicians are just mere pawns in the whole control mechanism and that's why people are believing it - for Covid-19 is man-made for this purpose, not made in the animal markets of the world and where you had better believe it for your own long-term good. Indeed if you don't, the future will be bleak, very bleak indeed and therefore we have to act from now on 'against' this totally submissive strategy on the whole of humanity ! And this is no joke either it has to be said and the complete opposite if truth be told. It has been called all manner of things, but one that appears to be more dominate in describing what is happening is, 'The Great Reset' and the people behind it are the most powerful financial and economic people in the world that are known as 'The World Economic Forum' (The WEF) - do not forget those words as you will hear them a great deal more. Indeed many of our western leaders are all members within this organization and even those people who are driving such instututions as the EU. So you should never underestimate the power of The WEF or where you will regret the terrible future state of the world that you will have allowed to take control of the people, your chidren and all future generations to come and to deliver them into a world total human slavery, as no-one will be immune to this draconian and dominant future world order. Note that this is predicted to actually be fully implemented on its current path between 2030 and 2035 and most probably the predictions probability is arund 2032, so only a mere 10-years for now and not much time to stop this global take-over of humanity taking place ! Therefore after all the mahem over the next 10-years and what will be the dire state of the future world then, the people will think in their naivity, that the WEF's plan is the best opition on town and that's the whole idea of their plan with creating these so-called killer pandemics and continual wars - so do not underestimate what is really' going on throughout the world currently in the USA, Europe (Germany, France, the Netherlands, Italy, Austria, Belgium et al and all EU nations), Australia, Canada and New Zealand and a lot more nations, as it is  'real' and totally in the control of The WEF's politically anointed  appointees and therefore don't be fooled for one second that this is not the case.

But what you read within this particular web-blog, that is part of a series of how humanity can hopefully keep alive in the future and be sustainable as a species and more than just this present century, may appear to be a bit far-fetched and outlandish, but where information derived from eminent insiders within governments around the world and huge global corporations over a period of three-and-a-half decades, all points towards the essence of what is expressed. Only time will tell if the end game detailed and the means does come to its final destination, but where this is a blog of the scenario that will most possibly emerge , For it is happening now and where Covid-19 is just the start

There is a strategic global ‘Master-Plan” for humankind that has been developed by the most powerful individuals and corporations in the world who are all part of the WEF's agenda, but which does not care about the well-being at all of over 90% of the world’s people - for this is an organised overriding plan to reduce the population of the world by any means necessary. The reason is because the top 1%+ know very well indeed that eventually planet earth will run out of natural resources to sustain humanity (unfortunately for 9 out of 10 people, that is not that far away now in reality according to natural depletion economists) and where they will need a reduced final number of 10% left of the population (or in other words, the remaining top 9% after the strategy is achieved will be needed, but even their numbers will be reduced as more artificial intelligence takes over their support function) so that only they can survive from the highly depleted natural resources of the world – robots of course will take over everything more-or-less, as this is happening now on a very increasing scale and the workforce as we know it, will not exist anymore. 

But we all have to understand that the top 1% are from all over the world, from China to the USA and everything in between, so this global plan is not confined just to western capitalist billionaires, but multi-billionaires anywhere in the world for the plan to work – an invisible society of the very richest and powerful you could say to preserve their control and power heritage. After reading this you will most probably think that this is sheer madness, but where you would be completely wrong, as psychopathic and sociopathic traits are the unseen hallmarks of the accumulation of vast wealth and power  that people do not comprehend outwardly, but they do indeed exist inwardly within the minds of these global masters of power and wealth. Indeed modern psychiatrists in the field of psychopaths et al and who have studied these minds in depth over the last few decades, have determined that psychopathic minds are far more prevalent according to one-to-one survey data as they go up the slimy slippery pole of resources control (human and materialistic) in our richest and most powerful business leaders and political leaders - unfortunately these people outwardly do not show these psychopathic traits (as the game would be up) and it is only in interviews that they reveal their true selves through these in-depth searching and very telling questions that the psychiatrists know well. Indeed, the overtones and answer they are provided with, tell them the real truth that is inside these controlling minds. For the interviewer's  base knowledge is from data and information concerning serial killers that they and others in the past have interviewed over many decades and where only in the last twenty-five years or so, have eminent psychiatrists and researchers in the field of psychopathy really turned their attentions also onto the world's richest and most powerful controlling minds; which together control over 7.5 billion humans (that ironically in essence if truth be told currently and in the past, make all their money and wealth for them), but where the vast percentage of the world's people (9-out-of-10) get very little back in return when one studies the global capitalist system at any point in history or presently -  for the capitalist system is designed to take and give nothing back. Indeed even when it comes to charitable giving this is overriddingly (99% ) provided by the 90% and not the 1%.   

Don't believe me, then you only have to look at Bill Gates, the 2nd richest person in the world as a single example (who has invested i excess of  US$10 billion in Covid vaccines to date - people forget how huge a sum this is, but it is a figure of $US10,000 million, but where Gates has opening stated in interviews with MSM that expects to have a return on this investment of 20-times and some US$200,000 million and this should make it clearer to what is 'really' going on), but where the top 1% are all the same in reality in this respect. For a few years ago an economist looked into a basic standard year in the life of Bill Gates's wealth and the accumulated wealth over a single 12-month period. What he found was  that Gates gave away around 3% of his total wealth to supposingly good cause (but where he had his fingers in the pie of many businesses that carried out the so-called humanitarian operational work), but where with the remaining 97% he invested it and where this increased his wealth in a single year by 11.4% , but less the 3% that he gave away providing him with a clear 8.4% profit. But the catch is that he paid no tax and it was all for himself. Therefore have you ever wondered why all these people in the 1% group create philanthropic Foundations, the answer is clear, they can use their money as they wish, accumulate constantly new wealth and pay no capital gains tax on it whatsoever - all free of tax in other words and their money works just for them, not for their country or the people that live in it...just them ! Considering these facts, these philanthropic Foundations are not in all truth and reality philanthropic foundations, but a subtle and planned means to make loads of money every year without paying any capital gains tax to your country or any country for that matter - totally negative philantrophy for the American people, as the people get nothing and the philantropist makes billions every year for himself. People do not realise this and think that these charitable foundations are for the people of a nations, but nothing and  I state nothing, could be furtera way from the tryth and reality - wake up people to see what real philantrphy is all about and for the ones that are giving it, but not giving in total reality to good causes to help a nation's people and driven by personal greed solely. 

Therefore this destructive system should tell people how these people actually do 'tick' to start with and where what is stated above is not if one thinks about it, really that far-fetched if truth be told.  

For people just don't know who they are dealing with when it comes to the CEOs of the world's largest businesses and where in a research study in 2016 found that out of 261 executives (from corporations, but not the largest that have even more incidents of such people running them ) 21% were classified as psychopaths. 

Why Are There More Psychopaths in Boardrooms (21% to be precise, but where they are not from the largest global corporations as stated above and where some assessments are over 75% of these people in concert)?

But it is known that as one nears the top of the world's largest corporate giants or in political life that those that reach the very top are even more prevalent psychopaths and sociopaths - the 1% and who we are dealing with in this article. Therefore you should be fearful,,,,very fearful indeed for the future.

But where again unfortunately, it is also a fact that people don't  like to consider matters that will harm them in the future and especially when they feel that they have no control (and are totally impotent to change things) over such outcomes happening and therefore they are completely blind, hoping things will continue to be relatively stable and that they can sustain themselves at a level to live forever (have sufficient food, shelter and clothes to get by) - but that never really happens if one looks at what history tells us and where as natural resources run out for all of us, this will become ever more clear indeed as the 1% control things more and more through the military and paramilitary police enforcement agencies dictated to by their political leaders who they put in power and who are just mere puppets in the hands of the elite to do with as they wish - in other words, 'democracy' and who you vote for is a total mirage if people started to smell the 'real' coffee of the true world. 

This strategic global plan has already started and where over the past 30 years those who actually run the world order through their puppet politicians (who they put into power to tell us what we have to do through legislative laws and to control the system for the unforeseen power elite), by putting the world’s people into unprecedented debt through, as two single examples, false flag wars (in this respect all middle-east wars were false flag wars) wars that have cost over $20 trillion ($20,000 billion or $20,000,000 million)  at least (over 20% of global GDP- world Bank) and the 2007 Global Financial Collapse that cost the world's people over $43 trillion (the USA alone over $14 trillion), where global taxpayers are the ultimate payers (the 90% that they want to destroy). But the collateral damage to civilians is the greatest crime against humanity and where in the middle-east wars alone, the US military caused the deaths of 2.3 million civilian people and 10 million civilian people were displacements in the region according to highly respected international investigative journalists and just a side show to the people who killed them - so don't believe for one second the USA military's account and assessment of no more than 40,000 accidental civilian deaths, as the bombed the hell out of the Middle-East with indiscriminate US weapons of mass destruction. 

Therefore vast people debt throughout their whole lives now (and far beyond passing the debts to their children) and vast civilian deaths to attain this strategy is a control mechanism like no other and where the most powerful 1% do this with definite intent and purpose so that 9 out of 10 people are controlled by debt and war costs throughout their whole lives and what the so-called people’ governments around the world build up on behalf of the top 1% . But this is just a small part of their plan to reduce global population significantly.
Now we have the emergence of Corvid-19 since late last year and all those viruses that will follow over the years to come. Indeed the reduction in people through the use of Covid-19 is just the start and where the top elite and the world’s most powerful corporations are hand in glove with this strategy to reduce considerably the population numbers of the world  and unknown of course to the world’s populous currently, who are being told the usual lie by their political leaders across the globe. For next there will be an even greater human-to-human killer virus and where Covid-19 is just the start of this plan for full global dominance. But of course the rich get richer by the year, as when Covid-19+1 comes, the vaccine if any is developed for Covid-19 will be absolutely useless for the next Covid killer virus, as these killer viruses constantly mutate into something else and vaccines have to be different every single time - so what a useless strategy this really is using just commonsense, but again where it is a long term massive debt creating burden in perpetuity for the people who pay for all this corruption through direct and indirect taxation and also a great 'continual in perpetuity' wealth creator for the top 1% who are the only ones who gain and vastly in financial terms from all these lies and corruptive practices on the people.

Indeed, another major exposé that recently occurred detailing yet again that  the Giant Drug Companies who are driving the Covid-19 vaccine (and getting paid literally 100s of US$ billions with the taxpayer funds by our governments - literally throwing money at them) are highly corrupt in their dealings and where only one thing really matters...BIG Profits, not the people's well-being is described here – “OPINION: Hydroxychloroquine studies surface corruption in big pharma” -

If you trust these corrupt companies and our politicians who are hand in glove, you must be absolutely mad and have no brain to make up your own mind with great respect.

For these killer viruses are not created in the normal interaction between animals (there are estimated 1.7 million viruses (source: National Geographic) constantly interacting between animals that create and cause these human-to-human influenza/respiratory killer viruses), but in government military chemical research facilities (and private facilities within many secretive chemical facilities with licenses from government to do so around the world - all ultimately controlled by the military) and are around the world propagated by the elite 1% and the mighty corporations in unison, as they both win financially without compare and where this is the real name of the virus game; destroying lives at will and having no concern for the so-called ‘common' people whatsoever. For what  happened with Covid-19 was that it now appears that it was released into the air and was on the weight of probability, not contracted from direct contact with live animals (incl. bats et al) at the food market in Wuhan that is a red herring. So easy to do for these military establishments to deliver (as they have been doing this in every war now without the 'so-called' enemy knowing until of course they die through the effects of such human killer biological and chemicals or indeed virus released currently) and where you will not see the killer virus floating down to earth from a seemingly innocent private flight in the air - there will be many more. Therefore Covid-19 is just another mild biological weapon in essence and not created naturally between animal species. As time goes on this will be confirmed by scientific leaks where those involved will let the true story of Covid-19 be known and where it came from. 

But these deadly incidents that affect the whole world through their deadly pandemicity,  could just as easily be the USA military, as the USA is at the heart of the richest combined percentage and numbers by far of all global multi-billionaires and they are the ones who in reality are behind the scenes the ones who have created this 'doomsday global strategy' for and against humankind. Indeed the White House have had to try and dispel that it was not the US military that started the human killer pandemic virus that was derived from one of their military laboratories around the world (which deal with research into bio-chemical weapons - WMDs) and that had the means to implement the killer virus. 

Top Trump officials, including the president, have expressed their outrage at Chinese officials for trying to spread the theory that the U.S. military brought the coronavirus to China. The State Department even called in Cui to take him to task.” -  

But it has to be stated though, that’s what happened with the Spanish Flu when the USA military brought it with them to Europe during WW1 according to experts that have researched extensively over the decades  into the Spanish Flu and produced authoritative books and publications on the subject to where the Spanish Flu did in fact originate – for this human-to-human killer virus was not present on European soil until the arrival of the USA military and where prior to the troops leaving the US, there we many deaths at Army barracks and camps from something that was killing the troops and that was historically documented at the very time.Indeed uncounted sick soldiers were sent on boats to Europe and died during their passage because of the urgency of WW1 and the uncompromising  decision-making by US political leaders in compelling the ships to sail even though they were filled with highly sick soldiers onboard. 

But again and as is expressed within this blog, it was probably a joint situation as the real power behind governments throughout the world (including China) is not the politicians themselves, but the 1% global controllers of the financial and economic markets – have no doubt about that ! - 

So no matter who and what, this was a military ops undertaken in accordance with this master plan for humanity to reduce human numbers over time and only a part of the overall strategy to ‘significantly’ reduce global population of the world to a mere 10% at most in the decades to come and initiated by the mindset of the elitist 1%, who indirectly (and directly in some nations) control everything. 

For from now on unfortunately it has to be stated that these created human killer viruses will be released onto the world now in perpetuity until the target 10% or less total population of the world is reached and as time to change to robots to take over from humans takes over everything. 

The distance from Wuhan airport and Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market is approximately 25km and in the flight-path of the airport, where a disguised military flight could quite easily have flown over Wuhan Seafood Wholesale Market to do whatever over days and even weeks. For this had to be the most probably case in order for the killer virus to spread so quickly and virulently and where a single person-to-person would not have spread at the extremely high rate of infection that it did throughout Wuhan and thereafter throughout the world-at-large. For now it is known that the Covid-19 killer virus was there is August 2019, so why did the Chinese authorities not lock-down Wuhan more quickly and only disclose to the world of this deadly killer in January 2020, over six month after the virus had been detected by Chinese scientists and their military. And thereafter due to this time lapse of 1/2 a year, allowing it to escape across the world as though it was all planned previously in military fashion for the maximum devastation in terms of human lives and economic debt as possible - a sort of sifting out system that allowed the majority to live, but the majority 90% to pay the ultimate price in perpetual financial and economic terms and through reduced economic work stagnation  and the vast cost of vaccine development/manufacture and debt issued by countries around the world - for this vast build-up of cumulative debt will probably exceed over $20 trillion globally when all this is finished and if at all.

For the elite 1% (who control the mighty corporations in reality one way or another) know that debt is a complete control mechanism for the people (held in debt shackles in perpetuity whilst their governments try to pay off all their country's accumulated debt, but which will never happen now as the world's debt is far too high to ever do this - indeed some macro-economists state that the USA's forward dept is over $230 trillion now and can never pay off such debt through the people' taxation and where the once mighty dollar will eventually fail) and with the Earth’s natural resources at their current extraction and use will run out in a relatively short period of time compared to the past and where the colonization of another planet has to be achieved to preserve the continued survival and control of the few. 

Therefore the plan is initially to basically enslave 90% of the world’s people through constant debt (wars, global vaccines to combat their created viruses and all the support costs needed etc) to keep them down, built automaton support systems to displace humans, release killer viruses to reduce the world’s selective population (here you have to ask yourself, have you heard of any of the mega-billionaires who have contracted Covid-19 or even died from it and where these people have previously built-up antibodies already as this ultimate global plan has now been going on for decades behind closed doors). 

Therefore this is a systematic plan to provide a world where the elite and their future dynasty followers keep the world’s resources for themselves and reduce the world’s population by around 90% in order to do this. Indeed it is a statistical fact that the first phase of this ultimate plan by the elites in releasing the constant flow now of these killer viruses (Covid-19 the first military released killer virus on the global population) killed people who had "at least one acute underlying health problem" to the tune of 94% of the total Covid-19 deaths. Therefore this will be the norm, but as the killer viruses released become far more deadly, these will not just kill people with underlying ill-health problems already, but in time, human who are healthy also. But due to these killer viruses having to have an anti-body vaccine for the top 1% elites who have created this global monster, these human-to-human killer viruses will only be released when this has been achieved and the top 1% is safe. For even a psychopath’s ultimate concern is for self-preservation above everything else. 

Political and Corporate Sociopaths and Psychopaths are Destroying the World Order, but where the Political and Corporate Psychopaths are Really Not aware of what they are doing to the world-at-large, because of their insane thinking - Globalization is the Weapon they are using to Sequentially destroy the planet and the People are the Only Ones who will ultimately suffer, not the rich and powerful who have created this monster -

For on average now these human-to-human influenza/respiratory human-to-human killer viruses now affect humanity on average every 10-years and where they are quickening up this time interval for their frequency and killing potential significantly. In this respect we only have to look at the comparison with the 2009 Swine flu that killed 284,000 people according to data and infected up to 1.4 billion people worldwide and where Covid-19 worldwide up to 12 September 2020, around 1 million people have died from only nearly 29 million cases of infection - therefore Covid-19 is a more deadly virus by far (and it has not finished yet by far based upon other pandemic time periods and where Swine Flu was prevalent globally for 19 months and from January 2009 until August 2010). Others lasted up to two years as was the case of Spanish Flu that took its last victim in 1920.

Comparison Between the 2009 Swine Flu Pandemic and the Current Covid-19 Pandemic

“Swine Flu”
The  US Centre for Disease and Control Prevention  (CDC)  estimated that 150, 000 to 575,000 people died from (H1N1) pandemic virus infection in the first year of the outbreak.
80% of the virus-related deaths were estimated to occur in those < 65 years of age.
In seasonal influenza epidemics, about 70% to 90% of deaths occur in people ≥65.

An analysis of countries and US states or major cities with at least 250 COVID-19 deaths as of 4th  April reports that individuals aged <65 accounts for less than 10% of all COVID-19 deaths.
People aged  < 65 had 13- to 15-fold lower risk in New York CityLouisiana and Michigan.
The WHO further stated that older people are at highest risk: over 95% of deaths occurred in those > 60 years. More than 50% of all deaths were people > 80 years or older. 
People <65 years old had 34- to 73-fold lower risk than those ≥65 years old in the European countries.

Overall all the above is in the name of 'capitalism' and the requirements of the top 1% to take control over everything to self-preserve their top elite dynasties in perpetuity no matter what it takes - indeed currently the 1% control just over 50% of 'ALL' global wealth. Therefore with their governments in tow, that they do by controlling the political leaders of the time through their behind closed doors dominating influence and political financial donations to political parties, the 1% elites control everything that we do and happens to us even today, but where they want everything just for themselves with no regard whatsoever for the rest of humility. The sooner we understand this fact the better it will be for the survival of the human experience for the majority.

You may ask, when will Covid-19+1 next be released? My reply and advice is, ask our political leaders, military leaders and WEF insiders if you can, as they are the ones totally orchestrating all this dire and deadly situation on humanity systematically. 

Dr David Hill
Chief Executive
12 September 2020 (updated 25 March 2022)
World Innovation Foundation 


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UK's Elitist system will be the death of our People's Futures and all Generations to come - 

COP 21 (Climate Change Agreement) - Welcome to 'Planet Hell' in a Mere Generation - 

Global Poverty and Inequality are the Reasons for Wars and our Politicians and the Super Rich should Clearly Understand This ! - 

Probably the Most Important Keynote Speech ever given for Humanity's Future Survival as the 'Unthinkable' will eventually happen according to Dr. Margaret Chan, D-G of the World Health Organization (WHO) who has said many times, it is only a matter of time not when - 

Vaccines will 'Never' save us from a deadly equivalent of Spanish Flu if common sense is used - 

Global Pharmaceutical Giants have made Criminal Activity legal and the vast US multi-billion dollar Fines just a part of their Drug Costs - 

Another Warning for Humankind that an equivalent human-to-human killer virus will eventually emerge and which will be far more deadly than the Spanish Flu that took with it up to 100 million Human lives - the next time with rapid transit systems the human-to-human killer virus will no doubt take over 1 billion lives based on that fact and that we have 4-times more living on planet Earth - 

UK's Debt is far more than what people really think -