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The Truth behind Covid-19 – First 'Major' Stage of the Implementation of the Impoverishment of the World’s People and Sequential Control of Humanity

(ABOVE - Increase in US$Billions of a few US Billionaires in just a mere 
3-months from March 2020 to June 2020 during the Covid-19 Pandemic 

"We are now living in a world that is increasingly ruled, 
not by our democratic systems and institutions, 
but by public health fiat, carried out by politicians 
who rule by instilling fear and panic" 

The Pandemic was planned Years ago to frighten us into Submission


Stop Press Ukraine is the 2nd stage of this war on humanity by our western political leaders for their masters the super-rich 1% to impoverish and control humanity and where the WEF's 'Great Reset' is their strategy to do this - Indeed, Ukraine unknown to the majority of the world's people, being the first nation in the world to sign up under the 'fog' of the Russian-Ukraine  war, to the World Economic Forum's (WEF's) global agenda to take away the 'freedom' of future humanity and where this agenda has to be stopped before it is too late -

Dr. Anna De Buisseret, a Lawyer and former senior British military Legal officer,  who dealt at the coal-face with biological weapons in the military and tells it as it really is and where the undeniable conclusion was, based upon the overwhelming weight evidence, is  that Covid19 was a man-made biological weapon released in Wuhan, China and where the majority of her former medical expert colleagues in the military concluded that Covid-19 was a biological weapon, not a virus released by nature, but created and released by man – it is strange therefore that the USA's top six intelligence agencies stated recently that they did not know where the virus came from (and probably never will they also stated) when former military experts in the field determined on the vast weight of probability (the very same that Judges use to determine their judgements in the Courts) that Covid-19 was a weaponised  biological virus and opposite to what our governments are telling their people -

The world, because of technological advancement and which is now overridingly dominated by the powerful few (super-rich through their controlling shareholdings and politicians - who are now their servants that have allowed this to happen over the past 50-years or more), can now do whatever they want to do with humanity and where over the next 3-decades, will take complete control of the people and what they decide to do with them – this has been undertaken by stealth and where the vast majority of the people (over 80%) have not noticed or realised what is going on, but where their liberties and freedom have significantly been eroded and will without relent, continue to do so at an alarming and increasing pace. 

The method that they have used is huge national and personal economic and financial debt using a strategy that has been in the planning and making process for 50 years now at least and developed by megalomaniacs and corporate/political leaders – many say that they are psychopaths that have no affinity, compassion or empathy with  their fellow humanity and only to themselves, no matter what it takes. 

This global strategy is a strategy that encompasses directly or indirectly the richest people in the world with their enormous controlling power on global economics and finance and through their direct domination of the world’s most powerful corporations that they themselves manipulate through their vast shareholdings together with them controlling our political system through coercion and corruption. For although there has always been pre-runners of this dream for the super rich, powerful and insane before, they did not have the technology at their disposal that allowed them to do this until now – for previously they have not the total means or overriding control to do this to dominate the required all encompassing cohesive and controlling infrastructure and physical technology, as it did not exist until today, but where sadly for humanity now, they do ! 

This global impoverishment strategy for humanity has also included the control of our politicians and political leaders (it needed to be to work)  through threats, force, treachery, coercion, deceit and sheer corruption behind closed doors an which has infiltrated and manifested itself for over 5-decades now and until the required global technology and system controls were in place. 
Indeed, prior to today, this applied overarching strategy was tried out initially in 2009 with the Swine Flu pandemic, but where because these powerful elites who now control over 50% of the world’s total wealth according to influential global and financial sources, but who unfortunately always they want more through their sheer personal greed, did not get their strategy 100% right twelve years ago and it had to be abandoned. This was because the medical profession was not then controlled by them and where the medical profession had the integrity to speak out at the time through their conscience and their Hippocratic oath concerning the deaths that were occurring with the Swine Flu vaccine. But over the last 10-years up to the end of 2019, the medical profession has been totally coerced financially and brought-to-book and bought so that they got in line to complete this totally global corruptive and dire jigsaw puzzle. This was achieved through our politicians and their political leaders who forced change on the medical profession and increased their financial remuneration to a level that they became subservient to the wishes of government without any outcry – in this respect the vast increases in financial enumeration was so large and guaranteed for life that they dare not call out, other than the few with integrity with human concerns for humanity. For this buying off for compliance over the last decade and not speaking out against the agenda and demands of the powerful few and our politicians that the elite now control, now allows the medical profession to live on easy-street for life and where money in many ways became more important than their profession with regard to the wellbeing of people – and what they had initially signed up to when starting in practice medicine. 

So in 2019 when everything was finally in place including compliance for the elites to deceive, mislead, betray, to swindle, to misinform, delude and defraud the people in all countries, they tried again and where there was this time, there was little dissent from the medical profession and then due to the elite’s control of what has now become a dictatorial, totally autocratic and authoritarian medical systems, in government and private medical corporations (who have all now been bought and sold to keep their mouths firmly shut on anything negative, even the deaths of those who died in their millions around the world after receiving Covid vaccines), it worked – but of course all involved have been significantly rewarded in financial terms in doing so and continually will do so until they themselves ultimately end up in their graves.    

So in 2019, a so-called novel virus called Covid-19 arrived on the scenes mysteriously, without warning and where as they say, the rest is now history, but where there is evidence that this virus was not the normal influenza type virus, but one man-made in a government high-security bio-research laboratory and where the cover-up story had already been determined to conceal that fact. 

For this particular laboratory was in Wuhan, China (the Wuhan Institute of Virology and the highest level Biosafety Level 4 laboratory called  the Wuhan National Biosafety - ) and where this global strategy was hatched in the West by the western elite with their control over western political leaders and where China the bogyman of the current era, was the ideal transit vehicle to instil abhorrence, revulsion and in some, sheer hatred against this country – for the West since the end of the 2nd World War has always had to have an enemy whether it was Russia or China as we have today. For economic power is paramount and to achieve that aim, you just have to have western taxpayers putting continuously trillions into the armaments industry to safeguard against thee false enemies – indeed even after Afghanistan fell after the US had incurred official debt of $2.3 trillion (but where other informed and eminent military economists have accessed this figure to be a multiple of a three-fold increase and nearly 10 trillion and approximately currently in 2021, some 42% of the projected GDP of the United States), the US government have already officially committed around $1 trillion to the current year for military expenditure (but the real figure will be greater than this official figure as it always is according to juggled national statistics). Indeed next year it will be even greater again, constantly milking the American people and falling in further debt where US forward-debt calculated by a macroeconomist in 2016 estimated it was unbelievably US$ 232 trillion and a debt already that can never be paid pack – ultimately causing the collapse of the US economy and world markets with it, so you have been warned what is on the horizon for humanity.  

This alone should tell the American people that the political and economic system is completely wrong and totally corrupt – indeed since the 2019 Covid-19 pandemic started influential financial economists have accessed that the US billionaires have increased their wealth far greater than at any other time in history and in a relatively very short period of time, so they are happy and to the estimated tune of US$1.8 trillion by August 2021 according to the Inequality.Org and the Institute for Policy Studied, Washington, USA -  and globally even by only October 2020 all billionaires throughout the world had increased their wealth by US$10.2 trillion according to the Guardian Newspaper - 
What happened in Wuhan, China was that the USA had entered into contract with a research agreement (paid by the American taxpayer) several years before the advent of Covid-19 virus with the Wuhan Institute of Virology, Wuhan, China and research into Gain-of-Function, with a military expenditure overtone and specifically within the Wuhan National Biosafety Laboratory (Level 4)  - 

This agreement has by some been seen as the precursor to a major segment for the planned Covid pandemic (well in advance), in that by arranging such a contractual arrangement, the Chinese could then become the prime suspect for the global premeditated pandemic – the US could not be implicated as the release of the killer pathogen would have emanated from Wuhan, China. Once all this was in place, the green light could then and only then, be given by the elite (who are indirectly in charge of the military through their puppets, the USA’s senior politicians and the ‘deep state’.    
So consequently the stage was then set for the Covid-19 pandemic to be released and the constant future release it has to said, of all other deadly virus pathogens that the elites and military scientists develop - Scientists fear future leaks as top-level labs proliferate - . 

Indeed it has already been intimated by some authoritive world-leading virologists already in order to shift the blame away from direct government and elite causation of pandemics, but where others have stated otherwise [“Could an accident have caused COVID-19? Why the Wuhan lab-leak theory shouldn't be dismissed” - ],  by stating that there are great fears of future leaks from these level 4 bio-security labs  (the highest level of containment) so that public think that they are accidents, but where in reality they are deliberate and to keep the American taxpayer continually pumping in trillions  into so-called vaccines to supposingly counteract these deliberate released pathogens around the world – but in reality it is to keep the most profitable industrial sector in the world by far, the pharmaceutical industry, delivering vast fortunes continually for the elite – one of the main continual constituents of persistent  and ever mounting debt on the American taxpayer (the people) and where this is basically the strategy to enslave the US people and all people in the world under the control of the elite.   

Therefore what really happened in Wuhan is the big question and how did the release of laboratory created Covid-19 pathogen actually happen?

In this respect laboratory high-security dials that can be released by trained operatives into the masses at any time and concealment protection masks to give limited-time protection against these killer pathogens are in existence, but not known to the people. Therefore one of the causations is the direct release of these highly deadly laboratory pathogens by and as human-like robotics are developed that act and look like humans, this becomes a much easier task to deploy. 

There is already in existence immunity vaccines for developed killer pathogens in level 4 laboratories for use by the elites, command and control politicians and those who release the pathogens.  Indeed the immunity vaccines for Covid-19, were developed a year earlier according to some and before Covid arrived on the global stage - another major constituent in the elite’s strategy, as the primary concern of all psychopaths is in fact self preservation at all costs, as even madmen/women primarily do not want to die. 

Another cited causation is that the US chartered a plane that flew over Wuhan in the vicinity of the food market (as Wuhan is a huge city of over 11-million people) and discharged the killer pathogen over the area – indeed this could happen anywhere in the world as the technology is already there to do this and safely for those delivering these deadly payloads. 

But of course all official bodies of western government, politicians, news outlets (over 95% controlled by the elites in the USA), university/private research institutions involved with Covid vaccines (funded primarily by the giant pharmaceutical corporations)  and medical journals/publications in the main (owned again by the elites and funded by interested parties) have dismissed these momentous aggressions against humanity, but where the Covid-19 pandemic has been good for their pocket and is still doing so of course as detailed previously with the trillions of US dollars that they have made out of the 2019 pandemic. 

The saving grace for China was unlike the west, who kept all their borders open for a long period of time and where this allowed international passengers to infect other countries, that China immediately (up to 18 September 2021, China only had according to them, only 4,636 deaths), introduced a stringent lockdown strategy that one of our former members undertook (and his strategy) with Dr Margaret Chan in 1997 in Hong Kong that contained the spread - China is now behind the scenes knowledgeable of what was actually the case and transferring the blame game, making the world again a more dangerous place to live in future times and totally constructed by Western elites and the western political governments that they now control behind closed doors. 

So the Covid-19 pandemic (and all those that will come under the same western corporate/political mindset) is planned and where the overall objective is to impoverish the world’s people (ironically through their own money through taxation) and conversely to constantly increase the wealth of the few elites (the 1% predominately and their servants) who in reality, control the world of today through technology that was not available in past times. 

Indeed, according to the latest estimates, the world’s 1% increased their wealth by $10.2 trillion during the pandemic.

Some global economic commentators  have estimated that the 1% will control 2/3rds of all wealth by 2030 and others have indicated that this growtest figure by 2050 could be between 75%>85%, then leaving the rest of the world with a possible mere 15% of the world’s wealth to survive on for the remaining 90% of humanity. 

Therefore the world’s people at no other time in history on the scale that it is literally changing humanity into a mere commodity for the elite to do with what they want and where our political leaders are/will do nothing to stop what is happening, as they are bought and paid for by the 1% if people do not understand this – indeed ‘democracy’ is just a mere word to lull the world’s people into a false sense of security and what it really is. We are all becoming bit-by-bit global slaves in other words and back to the days of the Egyptians and  Romans et al, but on a massive scale – for it is global this time and not piecemeal as in past times and forever unless humanity clearly does something about an economic system that is corrupt, immoral together being against humanity and the elites psychopathic strategies and where Covid-19 is just the start of draconian future world that is on the horizon for humanity. Indeed, you have been warned, but where there will always be subterfuge and distractions by our political masters through the elites to blind us from reality and what is really going on.

Dr David Hill
CEO, World Innovation Foundation
19 September 2021 (updated 1 March 2022)


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