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Blair’s Brexit Actions are ‘Premeditated’ and in ‘Unison’ with the ‘House of Lords’ to allow the Lisbon Treaty to Fully Kick in on 1 April 2017, becoming EU Law and which will then Stop 'REAL' and 'INDEPENDENT' Brexit from the EU Ever Happening, or that's what his little twisted mind thinks anyway

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Stop-Press - "EU could STOP Brexit as Lords 'stalling would lead to new Lisbon Treaty rules kicking in' -"

The real reason why Tony Blair has raised his head to stop Brexit is because he and others know that there is a thing that the British people are not being told. Indeed the threat that is going around now as well that the House of Lords will prolong debate is a part of the plan to drag out the Brexit issue and stop the UK leaving the EU. For the thing that Blair and those in the ‘Lords’ who are orchestrating the delays know, is that up to 31 March 2017, it is easy for any of the EU 28 to come out of the EU, but come 1 April 2017 (April Fool’s Day), that all changes.

On 1st April 2017 the EU’s article 49aTEU (new item), “Withdrawal of member state” kicks in under the changed QMV (qualified majority voting) system that binds through Pan-EU law all 28 members including the UK on that date.

Until 31 March 2017 it will be open to any Member of the Council to request that a particular measure be adopted under the Treaty of Nice system that makes exiting the EU a mandatory right that cannot be blocked by the EU and where all EU 28 have to block (as the UK is one of the EU states) unanimity cannot be achieved and therefore the UK can leave because all EU 28 states cannot block exit. In this respect as the UK is one of the EU 28 states and therefore it will not vote against itself, the EU cannot block Brexit and the UK’s exit.    

 But come 1 April 2017 all that changes, as the Treaty of Lisbon kicks completely in. In other words, the Lisbon Treaty rules and no state, including the UK, cannot revert back to the Treaty of Nice. Indeed, what changes then is that a majority of countries accounting for 55% of the EU 28 and comprising at least 15 of them, when acting on a proposal from the Commission (such as leaving the EU as an example) or EU nations in concert representing a 65% majority of the population of the EU can block a nation state's action (Brexit in this case). Therefore after 1 April 2017, the EU can block Brexit with a majority in accordance with the above and not every EU 28 state has to agree.

In the Simplest Terms what Happens and How it Affects Brexit
Put in the simplest terms, until 31 March 2017 any EU nation can revert to the Treaty of Nice terms which have to have unanimity to pass something or block it. Therefore if 27 states out of the EU 28 nations voted that the UK could not leave the EU, there would not be unanimity because the UK would not vote against itself (that is unless it was mad) and the UK could leave under the Treaty of Nice terms. But the next day on 1 April 2017 the Treaty of Lisbon kicks in legally and then you cannot use the Treaty of Nice. That means that it only needs a minority blocking vote of EU nations to vote to stop Brexit and that is it, we are blocked to come out. For does anyone think for one minute that the EU would allow the UK to leave after 1 April 2017 and lose all those billions. I for one say that they would not and we are then locked in forever or until the EU disintegrates. Unfortunately when that eventually happens, it would be like or worse than, what happened to the British people after WW2, majority in poverty and living from day-to-day to survive. That is why it is so important that the UK officially leaves before 1 April 2017.

Think that the EU will not use QMV to its advantage, a similar siituation could quite easily happen as reported today (BBC's Ceefax - 22 February 2017) with South Africa and the ICC. Although not the same issues between the EU and the UK's Brexit, similar principals under the Treaty of Lisbon could be invoked. The following is verbatim what the BBC stated,

South Africa court blocks ICC pull-out

 South Africa’s decision to withdraw from the International Criminal Court (ICC) has been ruled “unconstitutional and invalid” by the High Court.

South Africa notified the UN of its intension to leave last October (2016), saying the ICC pursued “regime change”.

The court ruled in favour of the opposition Democratic Alliance(DA), which argued that the government had to first seek parliamentary approval. 

The court ordered the government to revoke its notice of withdrawal.

Therefore  everyone should not have any illusions when it comes to the Courts and where EU Courts have supremacy at the moment and are the ultimate arbiter of law within EU 28. The EU knows that of course...clearly

As the publication “The Lisbon Treaty: A Legal and Political Analysis” states,
Section 27 The Commission

The powers of the Commission have been increased by the Lisbon Treaty. This is the case with the ‘communitarisation’ of the former third pillar (role of making proposals, role of ensuring the application of EU law by the Member States). It is also a consequence of the number of legal bases which are switched from unanimity in the Council to QMV. In such cases, the increased power of the Commission stems from the rule in Article 293 TFEU which requires unanimity in the Council for amending a Commissions proposal when the Commission does not agree with the amendments.

This clearly, significantly increases the influence of the Commission in the decision-making process.

Also, “Extending Qualified Majority Voting in the European Union: does this mean the end of British sovereignty?” (Second Reading the House of Commons Library blog – UK Parliament
Have rights been taken away from the UK?
Individual States’ powers of veto have been removed in some of the 43 areas, where unanimous agreement has been replaced with agreement by a qualified majority. This means governments have to work harder to form coalitions, find allies and negotiate compromises.

As the Commission does not like one bit the thought of the UK leaving the EU because of the billions that they would lose through withdrawal, they will use the ‘in force’ Laws that are legally bound on the 1 April 2017 to stop Brexit ever happening. 

This is what Blair and those in the Lords know and why they are attempting to stall the process until after 31 March 2017. The problem is that when the people find this out and Blair and those in the Lords have achieved this situation, the nation’s people will feel betrayed and where internal resistance will start and gather which could quite easily, turn to internal violence for a long time. For after this date, there will be no chance whatsoever that the UK could ever leave, using the Lisbon Treaty rules that are EU law after 31 March 2017.

Most people do not understand this and where all our politicians are not telling the people. Indeed, once the Lisbon Treaty comes into full legal force on 1 April 2017, that means that the EU can hold any country including the UK to ransom and do all sorts of things to prevent and stop Brexit happening, even impose unimaginable fines that could cripple the UK economy with sanctions and all sorts of EU imposed economic and financial constraints...and legally under EU law  (enforecable through the Lisbon Treaty). For that is the law from that date. Therefore they can make it impossible for the UK to leave and where most people, even the majority that voted to leave the EU, do not  comprehend this, as ‘ALL’ our politicians are not telling the people of these facts. It seems ironic that the Lisbon Treaty becomes fully binding legally on 1 April 2017 and where the UK has signed up to this, to be come EU law on 'April Fools day’.

Indeed if the UK goes past 31 March 2017 and we have not given ‘official notice’ in writing (not just verbal as it presently is) to the EU to leave, on 1 April 2017 the EU will have all the power of EU law on their side and then they could literally bankrupt the country or at least hold us to ransom, making leave a financial impossibility. That is why it is so important to press the Brexit bottom before 31 March 2017. For there are tremendous ramifications for us all in the UK, if we do not act.

But you will have noticed that ‘ALL’ our politicians have been very quite about these facts and where they will be fully aware of what happens on 1 April 2017 with a qualified majority vote needed by  EU 28 and not the full 'unanimity' voting system currently, that allows any EU state to leave the EU (for the reason mentioned before concerning that a country will not vote against itself and therefore 'unanimity' cannot be achieved).  This is another bad pointer that we may never come out; as our politicians are not telling the British people of the horrible other side of the coin post 31 March 2017. That also goes for mainstream media of course as well, who have not been informing the British people of that same other side of coin and the dire consequences. But we know why, the majority of politicians (not the majority of the voting people in the UK), want to stay in the EU and that also goes for mainstream media that are totally controlled by corporate interests and their wealthy shareholders. Indeed put these two together and you have an ideal recipe for a ‘cover-up’ of the real truth.

No matter how the British people feel about Trump, we need someone like him to battle their corner for Britain, as we have no-one apparently in UK politics today in reality. For again, no matter what you think about Trump, he is doing what he has said he would do in his election rallies and speeches. How many British Prime Ministers can we say have ever done that I would ask? None to my knowledge, but where if anyone knows where any ‘major’ election promises have been made by a UK prime minister during an election run-up that have been fully implemented, I would like to know?

I welcome debate on this matter, but where if this blog is contested I need unequivocal reliably proof and not hearsay. Indeed, if evidence based debate is not provided I shall not reply and indeed, remove the post from the blog. People have to be informed but not with hearsay that a lot of people state without any proof whatsoever to back up their words or thinking. That is why people literally become deluded with hearsay, not the 'real' truth and then start to believe their own untruths.  

Dr David Hill
CEO, World Innovation Foundation
18 February 2017 (amended 2 March 2017)


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Thursday, 9 February 2017

Is Fake News worse or is Suppressed News by 'our' western governments and MSM worse for the People’s Understanding of the Physical World and what is really going on?

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For an overview from one of the world’s leading and long-term and experienced 'global investigative journalists', the following YouTube video is a ‘must’ and what the people do not know. You should for the good of your children and there children's future listen to it.jon rappoport

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There has been a great deal recently said and stated about ‘Fake News’, but is suppressed news far worse for the people? In this respect fake news can be examined and tested to see if it is real or fake after its release...but over time it has to be stated. But if news is suppressed by government and mainstream media, no-one other than the suppressors know about the news that the people should not know about.

The reason this question is asked is that there is now an extraordinary amount of 'CENSORED' media and on social media where people cannot say anything that is against the 'NARRATIVE' and where even the truth is totally suppressed by MSM and social platforms as enforces so the truth does not get out. Ukraine and the so-called Pandemic are two over the last couple of years, where we only learn of a 'one-sided story' continually and we all know that there is always two sides to any story as history has shown us all. 

Therefore who is suppressing the news through cencorship in reality? Well it appears to be the most powerful financial and economic people in the world and what is called the World Economic Forum ('The WEF'), who control all western media and all western political leaders and their Cabinets - the WEF has stated this in interviews. Therefore what is the point? This appears to be for the WEF's draconian agenda to bring in 'THE GREAT RESET'  that in reality if you do your own research is to, believe it ir not but what is the real truth, to enslave humanity through their digital ID, monetary financial control and global surveilence mechanisms. Sounds hard to believe, well I can only advise you to undertake your own research on alternative social platforms that we are supposed not to see such as Odysee and BitChute etc, where the 'real' TRUTH resides in 'reality'. For 'The WEF' controls all western leaders now and their Cabinets and where in interviews with the WEF chairman Klaus Schwab he admits this clearly. So all western leaders are now bought and sold in reality and they work for 'The WEF' in reality, not for THE PEOPLE - even Zelensky if you look him up on Odysee or BitChute et all. 

An example of fake and suppressed news combined is where the 'white-helmets' removed the so-called dead bodies of the sarin attack victims and where the USA has not checked the substance clearly -'Jumping to conclusions; something is not adding up in Idlib chemical weapons attack' - 

For as Sarin is so toxic, why did the white-helmets not wear highly protective clothing, sealed hand gloves and sealed face masks? It just does not add up, but the USA and the UK are not looking at this fact. WHY? We need to know the truth with unequivocal evidence before our politicians bring us nearer a world war with Russia by attacking Syria. For all pointers are looking towards this madness and our political masters and military intelligence have to be taken to task before such an unimaginable mistake happens.

Therefore there is a strong case that suppressed news is a far greater evil than fake news, as news that is unknown to the masses, but known to the elite few, undermines the people’s concept of what is real and what is not real.  In this situation, people start to believe only the propaganda given out by governments and interested parties because that is all that there is, whilst the news that they should know about is contained, restricted and withheld. This unfortunately is the real world, where the people are manipulated by those who control political power and the mass media outlets for those that form the central controlling economic and financial mechanism of the world. Therefore 99%+ of the people are manipulated every day of the year by what they read and see through the allowed released news of those in control.  Considering what happens the vast majority of humans living today are literally brainwashed into thinking that the world is how it is, but in reality it is not. That is how manipulation has caused wars throughout history  through the lack of all the evidence. For it is the easiest thing in the world to do for those in political, economic and financial power, just suppress all real and credible information until a planned event has actually happened.

But if you combine fake news and suppress true news, you have the best of both world’s in obtaining the will of the people. For the people in the main, what news they are given, whether it is a lie or the truth, the vast majority believe it according to international surveys.  Unfortunately the former is becoming evermore common and the later is becoming an ever-growing extinct informative commodity. Therefore it is no wonder that the people in the modern world go into supporting either something or opposing something increasingly blind. They think that something is morally real, but in fact the real evidence is suppressed and therefore a one-sided picture always emerges to deceive the people. They do not know it, but eventually after the event they do these days due in the main to social media. But where this is now manipulated behind the scenes by such networked community platform as disqus, and which is used by hundreds of thousands of sites all over the web and facebook. They do this through censorship and if something appears on a website or topic that allows true suppressed facts to be liberated, it is soon taken down. Indeed other alternative information like Wikipedia, you take at your own risk and where minds are manipulated through the gate-keepers that have biased opinions of how things should be and where you never really know what is the real truth - even history is rewritten.  Many people now suffer from this control of the real world when they see something that has real credence and against the given news, but when they look for it again it has disappeared. Also people see through things like disqus that they are blocked from commenting very easily, but where it has hit a raw nerve. These people in their 100s of thousands now have not a voice on the web through disqus and other network community platforms. But in this way the people are swayed towards a one-sided view of the world and basically brainwashed into thinking what certain vested interests desire. This happens because the elites of politics, economics and the financial circles want it to be that way. Therefore what we read and see on terrestrial TV is not the world that it is and the sooner that people understand this, the sooner they will understand why such things as wars happen.     

People call Trump, but where a recent survey in the USA found that 75% believe him  than mainstream media. The primary reason cited was that they trust their basic instincts, gut feeling and his brash and ‘what you see is what you get’  WYSIWYG ("wiz-ee-wig").   

Therefore hopefully at long last the people at least in the United States of America are starting to realise that they are being fed with lies and misinformation that sets a particular agenda of those in control and not what the people’s agenda is. It is hoped that this trend continues across the world and then we then might have only the truth reported and fake news and suppressed news are just things of the past. Most probably pie-in-the-sky, but we can only hope.Indeed I see the demise of western media as we know it today in particular over the next two decades, as more people come to conclusion that they are in the main buying literally lies, half-truths and propaganda for those that act from behind closed doors.

Dr David Hill
CEO, World Innovation foundation
9 February 2017 (amended 14 January 2018, added news article 28.11.19 and updated 26 January 2020 and on 30 April 2022)

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