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Leaving the EU for the People of the United Kingdom will Never 'REALLY' happen in REALITY - because Our Political Elites do not Want it to happen and where the biggest 1% of all global businesses who rules them all behind the scenes certainly don't want it”

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The people of the United Kingdom will not "IN REALITY" come out of the European Union (EU),  because our political elite that are controlled by big business and money behind the scenes and closed doors, have decided that this will be the case no matter what, even if the people want too or not - it will appear out, but we shall still be in, in all but name. Get real !!

The following is a reproduction of an article that appeared in 'The Euro Probe', an 'Independent' blog that looks in-depth into the EU. The article is by Gerard Batten Member of the European Parliament for London. Although a UKIP Member, people if they are intelligent, need to have an open mind to take in both sides of any argument. Otherwise, they are blinkered in their thinking and knowledge. But, this article is very telling and anyone who can find fault in the article's statements should post a comment/reply to him (see below article for email).
Basically, the EU appears on face value to be a stitch-up by our political elites on the vast majority of citizens within the EU that number over 505 million people. For it appears that only the rich and powerful are the winners overall, as  EU Laws are overridingly made for the politico-economic agenda, not the politico-people agenda. They are mutually exclusive in other words. Indeed, the two are completely different as the former looks at the agenda of 'big business' and their demands and the latter looks at the agenda of the people and their needs, and which is basically losing out big time in the present time that we all live (and most probably in the future). The TTIP or Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (see the end of this article for more details and a link to a trade deal that the vast majority of people know absolutely nothing about) also makes this completely clear and that the politico-economic agenda is overruling the politico-people needs agenda. 

Strange how people only find out about these things when they are all signed and sealed? But that's apparently how modern politics now works. Indeed, politics in the EU are seemingly for 'big business' and when one delves deeply enough, against 90% of the people. For the top 1% get richer by the year and where only the top 10% gain from such vast trade deals - the TTIP being the largest in the world, but where there is perfect silence about it by our political and corporate elites. Why? In this respect 90% of the people of the EU numbering over 450 million appear to be used by the politico-economic apparatus and in relative terms are impoverished for the financial gains of the remaining 50 million. If this is modern democracy, then something has seriously gone wrong. 
Massive Transfer of Powers to the European Union
Massive Transfer of Powers to the European Union: 1st November 2014 by Gerard Batten, Member of the European Parliament for London. (dated 31st October 2014)
In 2005 The European Constitution was rejected by the French and Dutch people
in their referenda. The European Union dealt with this setback by re-drafting the Constitution as the Lisbon Treaty, and ensuring that the governments of EU member states would not put it to referenda of their people.
The Labour Government at that time had promised a referendum on the Constitution, but reneged on that promise by using the semantic argument that its promise applied to the ‘Constitution’ and not the ‘Lisbon Treaty’, despite the fact that the contents are 99% identical to the contents of the Constitution.
The Conservative Party under David Cameron in the run-up the 2010 general election gave us a “cast-iron guarantee” that if elected he would give us a referendum on Lisbon. After the formation of the Coalition Government in May 2010 William Hague, the new Foreign Secretary, said that the referendum could not be held because ‘Lisbon had already become European law’.
Had Mr Hague understood the basics of the English Constitution he would have realised that Lisbon had been enacted into law by means of an Act of Parliament; then a referendum could have been held and if Lisbon had been rejected by the people then that Act could have been repealed. But he clearly showed his and his Government’s acceptance that EU law is supreme – even over Parliaments of the future.
The Lisbon Treaty, came into force on 1st December 2009 and did many things. It made the EU (henceforward to be known as ‘The Union’) a political entity with the power to enter into Treaties and international agreements in its own right which would bind its Member States, and conferred powers on the Union which are normally the prerogative of sovereign nation states.
One of the things Lisbon did was to confer powers in numerous policy areas to be decided by the European Council (Heads of Government) by a Qualified Majority Vote. In addition, Prime Ministers of member states can extend the Union’s legislative authority by a unanimous decision among themselves. 
What Qualified Majority Voting Means
The Lisbon Treaty (Article 16) introduces a new definition for the rule of Qualified Majority Voting which shall be applicable in three stages:
1. From 1st December 2009 until 31st October 2014 for policies decided by QMV the weighting of votes system from the Nice Treaty continue to apply. A blocking minority may be established by gathering together a coalition of 91 votes out of 352 or 38% of the population of the Union.
2. From the 1st November 2014 the QMV rule of a ‘double majority’ applies: The Council adopts a decision when it is approved by at least 55% of Council members comprising of at least 15 of them and representing Member States which include at least 65% of the population of the European Union. From 1st November 2014 until 31st March 2017 Member States can ‘demand’ the application of the previous weighting rules and the so-called ‘Ionnina Compromise’, but this is only allowed at the ‘discretion’ of other Member States and the rules allowing this compromise are vague.
3. From 1 April 2017 the rule of ‘double majority’ is obligatory; henceforward a blocking minority can be made up of at least four Member States representing at least 35% of the EU population. (Listing 44 is a very important one for any EU member wanting to withdraw from the European Union).
What this means is that a British Government no longer has control over forty-four areas of policy that affect every area of life for the British people. A full list of the powers surrendered are given in the table below
Gerard Batten MEP states that, "Despite David Cameron’s promise of a ‘renegotiation of our relationship with the EU’ and the return of powers to the UK Government, the very opposite is actually happening. Even more powers will be automatically transferred on
1st November 2014. 

What QMV will mean for the UK and the rest of EU28.
Transfer of Powers under the Lisbon Treaty on 1st November 2014 under the QMV

Policy Area - Nice Treaty - Lisbon Treaty
1. Administrative Co-operation - Unanimity QMV
2. Armaments Agency, Rules Concerning - Unanimity QMV
3. Asylum QMV - QMV
4. Border Controls - Unanimity QMV
5. Citizens’ Initiative Regulations - Unanimity QMV
6. Civil Protection - Unanimity QMV
7. Committee of the Regions - Unanimity QMV
8. Common Defence Policy - Unanimity QMV
9. Crime Prevention Initiatives - Unanimity QMV
10. Criminal Justice Co-operation - Unanimity QMV
11. Criminal Law - Unanimity QMV
12. Culture - Unanimity QMV
13. Diplomatic & Consular Protection - Unanimity QMV
14. Economic & Social Committee QMV - QMV
15. Emergency International Aid - Unanimity QMV
16. Energy - Unanimity QMV
17. EU Budget - Unanimity QMV
18. Eurojust - Unanimity QMV
19. European Central Bank - Unanimity QMV
20. European Court of Justice - Unanimity QMV
21. Europol - Unanimity QMV
22. Eurozone External Representation - Unanimity QMV
23. Foreign Affairs, High Representative Election N/A - QMV
24. Foreign Affairs, Initiative of the High Representative - Unanimity QMV
25. Freedom of Movement for Workers - Unanimity QMV
26. Freedom to Establish a Business - Unanimity QMV
27. Freedom, Security & Justice – Co-operation & Evaluation - Unanimity QMV
28. Funding the Common Foreign & Security Policy - Unanimity QMV
29. General Economic Interest Services - Unanimity QMV
30. Humanitarian Aid - Unanimity QMV
31. Immigration QMV - QMV
32. Intellectual Property - Unanimity QMV
33. Organisation of the Council of the EU - Unanimity QMV
34. Police Co-operation - Unanimity QMV
35. President of the European Council Election N/A - QMV
36. Response to Natural Disasters & Terrorism N/A - QMV
37. Self-Employment Access Rights - Unanimity QMV
38. Social Security QMV - QMV
39. Space - Unanimity QMV
40. Sport - Unanimity QMV
41. Structural & Cohesion Funds - Unanimity QMV
42. Tourism - Unanimity QMV
43. Transport - Unanimity QMV
44. Withdrawal of a Member State from EU N/A - QMV
Sources: Eurofacts 25th July 2014.
(from The European Constitution to Lisbon Treaty. By Jens-Peter Bonde. Foundation for Democracy. Website of the European Union.)
Gerard Batten Member of the European Parliament for London
020 7403 7174

Postscript - Therefore certainly the EU after 31 March 2017 will control most areas forever that our government controls today to a certain extent. Indeed, because all these elements of the Treaty that the Labour Government ratified and signed in 2009, to have a Referendum on leaving the EU, the UK will have to obtain the agreement of the majority of states to do so. For if the EU did not allow a UK Referendum and Cameron et al (if there were any other EU proponents and like finding a snowball in hell) decided to have one anyway, the UK would be breaking EU Law. 

This for the UK would never happen, for it would be like a multi-national corporation breaking the law of a nation, such as in the USA or in the UK. For once a verdict is pronounced, that corporation would not be allowed to operate in the country where the law was broken - in our case, the European Union. A prime example of this is the giant pharmaceuticals and although they have been charged, they have never had a sentence passed on them because of the future trading consequences. What they have done is to pay out-of-court settlements. Indeed over the past 8-years alone, the biggest pharmaceutical companies  have paid out-of-court settlements in excess of $20,000,000,000 - ' Global Pharmaceutical Giants have made Criminal Activity and the Fines a part of their Drug Costs' -

But if the UK went on its own with a referendum, the penalties would be so restrictive to future trade, that Cameron or anyone else would not dare and I mean dare, to hold one. The British people had better get real about our politician's motives and promises it has to be said, but where our political elites are masters of deceit and political psychopathic methodology in gaining power. 
The TTIP is also a politico-economic agenda and the vast majority of the people of the EU have to understand what it is all about and where they should visit the following link for an introduction -
For whatever way you look at things, the EU is controlled by our political elites (Tories, Labour, Liberal-Democrats, Greens, SNP etc) who in turn are controlled by the top richest 1% and where they are stitching up the vast majority of citizens in the EU and the people of the United Kingdom every day of the year.

Therefore think twice before you vote in May 2015. Indeed, as Whitehall actually runs the country behind the scenes and not the ministers or prime ministers, it does not matter who you vote for, even independent candidates. For only through a complete change in our present political system can people ever hope of real change for the many and not the few. Indeed, then there would be a chance for 'the people's majority voting' to exist and to make things better. In this respect,  to allow  'true  democracy' to exist and flourish as it was initially intended for the people.

Dr David Hill
Chief Executive
World Innovation Foundation
(April 2015)

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