Sunday, 29 October 2017

Social Control is Happening But the People are Not Aware of What is Really Taking Place and Where in another quarter of a Century, We Shall Have Been Totally Tamed

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From one who should know, an insider who helped develop the social systems that now pervades all our lives and even our inner thoughts (as we let things slip over time, due to the fact that humans are programmed biologically at birth to make mistakes and no-one is infallible to this built-in weakness of our species).

'Our minds can be hijacked': the tech insiders who fear a smartphone dystopia -

Have you ever thought what a controlling mechanism Disqus, Facebook, Google, Twitter, Microsoft has over us and what they have turned into? For although there may be benefits by using these social platforms, as with all things, there are major negative overtones also that may be used against you in the future, whether knowingly or where you are unaware. Indeed, although these social platforms allow people to comment at will and appear to be a mobilising of thought mechanisms, they are a part of the overriding controlling mechanism that the world is continually progressing towards and building on into a greater format to know everything about all of us in reality when you delve into what is really happening. But now this mechanism is now censored overridingly behind closed doors, by the world's most powerful financial and economc elites, The World Economic Forum ('The WEF'), so that their dire  'GREAT RESET' global agenda against Humanity can be fully implemented  mainly by stealth and leaving us in the 'dark' until it is too late to stop it - leading to basically the slavery of mankind through digital controlled currency and global surveilance of all of us, which they are implementing rapidly now so that all of us are indeed, 'CONTROLLED'. Read up and do your own research if you don't believe me on the alterative media platforms Odysee, BitChute et al and to realise the real 'TRUTH' 

 The Norwegian Holberg Prize: “Propaganda, Facts and Fake News” with Julian Assange, John Pilger and Jonathan Heawood (this is the part of the 'Debate' where these social media platforms such as Facebook, Google et al will control what we think of the outside world in the future and even today) -

They are therefore a controlling mechanism in reality in the final analysis and where the information can be use by governments, intel gatherers, big business, higher education institutions et al, and might I add, be used against you. In this respect as two simple examples, ever thought why you did not get that job, why you did not get that loan, you should look no further than to the information gatherers for the answer.

Information is a great strength as they say, probably the greatest in the world and whoever has access to it (our information) has the greatest control on what happens to us in reality throughout our lives. Therefore although there are so-called “spoken of controls” to restrict the distribution of personal information, the truth is that our personal information behind the scenes is shared continually. This means of course that our psychological being and how we ‘tick’ is increasingly being built upon and continually made known to the powers that use this information for their personal gain in controlling each one of us. Sounds a bit far-fetched, not one bit. Indeed in another decade I believe that every one of us will be controlled without our knowledge, as stealth is the method that is undeniably used. Therefore in many ways we are losing our ability to be free and autonomous beings.   
This vast gathering of personal inner and outer thinking of course also dictates who are suitable for what and those who are not. It is in many ways again a growing attack on our ability to express ourselves with an open voice through suppression and that means democracy is threatened long-term, as only those elected ones in power from the top, down, are the only ones with a voice. This of course leads to the people knowing less and less of what the real world is instead of the illusionary world that people perceive that they live within.

          Is Fake News worse or is Suppressed News worse for the People’s Understanding of the Physical World?-

For many organizations like Disqus, Facebook etc,  ban commenters under the guise of that they are spammers et al, as what they try to get out there is suppressed. Wikipedia can also be viewed the same here where they use draconian moderators to stop so-called undefined information sources and only the so-called reliable sources such as released by government and big business et al are accepted. Therefore there is a suppression of information that is going on throughout the world and western economies in particular. But unknowingly to the vast majority of the public around the world (estimated at up to 95%) all these social platforms do this of course in regulating knowledge and information.

Indeed many people in the field understand that psychology can be used to achieve social control. For psychology is the method of unravelling and understanding human behaviour, and where rightly in my mind, has been responsible for employing its processes to control the national and global populous long-term through certain peoples’ so-called understanding for the good of society or for other reasons. These people can be rightly considered as those with powerful vested-interests, whether government, global institutions or big business.  But because of this vested-interest thinking imposed on society behind the scenes, such questions as “At what time is control apposite and appropriate?” and added to this ‘What sectors of society or so-called important person should have the power behind closed doors to regulate the social economy?’ These questions are questions that require in-depth judgement for the functioning of a future ‘free’ society. But it has to be stated as we stand today, that the thinking and standards established by powerful entities in society already, have shaped a domineering form of recognized control, as they have defined a specific culture, such as those found today in the west and the east. Whether they are good or bad is a major debateable question, as both have highly negative factors within their structures, such as universal poverty that abounds in most countries and where in the USA alone, there are around 50 million men, women and children officially living in poverty and growing by the year.

Hard Drugs the Social Scourge that they are, but More-so the so-called Social Treatments such as Methadone et al forced on Society by Powerful Financial Vested-Interests 

Opposing these imposed social standards though (through the power of the few and with their military backing as the ultimate source of their enforcement) is understood by mainstream society as ‘anomalous’ and is consequently seen as objectionable by most of its population, but wrongly in my mind. Social psychology’s numerous methodologies have distinct channels of control, where every one provides a certain rationale. As an example, the application of pharmaceutical  prescription treatments for addressing hard drug craving or cerebral conditions. For as drug addiction is predisposed to be perceived as a disagreeable condition that has the capability to maim a person or other people, the common rejoinder by society is to categorize a drug addict as being aberrant and define a system of psychoanalysis to be adopted.

Schizophrenia as an example is usually treated with drugs such as chlorpromazine which assist to ease the malady’s positive signs, that may lessen any harm that the drug addict may cause, but where this treatment has quite a few side effects like trembling and muscle spasms. As schizophrenia is considered as a person who has parted with any realism, they may not be able to process and take their own decisions. However, moral question marks such as if they can make the decision to not take the prescribed drugs has to be broached.

In the treatment of ‘hard’ drug addiction, which I have some personal knowledge looking in from the outside, treatments such as methadone are given as a surrogate for these drugs (heroin and cocaine et al) as a process of addressing withdrawal symptoms and ethical issues arise such as whether or not the drug addict has the independent power to continue using methadone et al are there. It should be noted in this respect also that methadone is scientifically proven to be far more addictive than heroin, but where it has the top dependency rate recognized by scientists in the profession. Considering these facts, the drug addict’s decision to carry on with the treatment using methadone may be muddled by their very addiction. There is also concern with regard to these treatments such as methadone that they can enable the drug addict to cause harm to people around them and subsidising criminal behaviour, together with affecting other people to use drugs, even the so-called misuse of methadone.

In another area of social control, pharmaceutical drugs are predominantly used in the treatment of depression. Indeed, research determines that there has been a 4-fold increase in the taking of anti-depressants in all people from the age of 12 in the USA that now equates to around 10% of the American population taking these drugs. This has been greatly capitalized on by drug companies, making it simple to obtain these drugs from healthcare providers.

An example of this is seen in Rosenhan’s 1973 study which placed eight pseudo patients in psychiatric institutions under false credentials, allowing access to treatment for schizophrenia, showing that it is relatively easy to obtain these drugs. Anti-depressants, which help alleviate mood disorders, have their own list of short-term and long-term side effects and are said to be a way of preventing an individual from causing harm to themselves by altering thinking patterns.

Overall, it is apparent that the comprehension of human behaviour, psychology can be employed to control the population. For many in the field of psychology comprehend, these means of control are a violation of human privacy and hypocritical of democratic approaches and therefore they can be considered unethical.

Why the Social System that we live in is Controlled by the Hidden Hand of Power & Corruption in Both Government and Big Business

All the above that has been stated is for the purpose now of exposing the system that the people think that they live within and consider that it is for their benefit. Nothing could be further from the truth unfortunately.

For it has to stated clearly here that the pharmaceutical industry (with an annual turnover approaching $1 trillion (but now up to the pandemic as we stand in July 2021, over $2.3trillion - $2,300,000,000,000 and why these people are so powerful and control governments now indirectly if you did not know), making it the largest industry in the world and with that, has enormous financial and economic leverage on governments),

Is ‘NOT’ in the business of Cures, but ‘ONLY’ Treatments

The reason for this is simple. For if there were cures, this vast global industry would soon start to decline in ‘profits’ and where the main reason why the pharmaceutical corporations are in business is PROFIT, not for the overriding good and wellbeing of humanity. For if they were really in the business for the eradication of human disease, a cure for Cancer and all other killer diseases would have been created by now with the vast influx of trillions that have been pumped into drug R&D over the last 150-years. The reason again is that they are not interested in cures and only treatments to sustain the ‘golden hen’ through treatments (not cures) that gives them 'vast' profits year after year without relent.

Indeed in order to prevent cures ever being made available to the people, they go to considerable lengths to destroy cures, as they would affect their immensely positive on-going ‘bottom-line’, derived more-or-less solely from treatments (not cures).  In this respect I cite just two examples to make my point clear (where only a few people are aware of these  facts, but where unfortunately they are in the absolute minority) of two distinct alternatives and cures/systems that work and which were suppressed for profit, not the good of future humanity and basically against it.

One deals with a ‘humane’ cure for hard drug addiction developed by the communist government of Vietnam and now used extensively within their National Health Service (NHS). The other matter of global significance is the alternative system to stop Avian Flu (Bird Flu) in its tracks where no drugs are used.

The Global Cure for hard Drug Addiction

In the first case of the humane cure for hard drug addition created by Vietnam’s top scientists and medical doctors (who are educated in both Vietnam and Germany higher education, advanced research institutions and their technical universities) and leading scientists from the elite Leibniz Institutes of Germany, the HMG‘s Home Office declined the offer from the Vietnamese Government to provide a pilot scheme of this cure and its treatment application. In this respect they simply turned it down flat, even though the United Nations through the direct orders of their former head and Director-General Kofi Annan invested $400,000 for research into this unparalleled phenomena.  Unfortunately even though the United Nations determined that the worked humanely and cured the hard drug addicts, the UN cannot operate as a commercial undertaking and once their research was complete, their work was finished and could go no further. But also because the powerful pharmaceutical corporations did not want the cure to be universally available, they stopped hardly any mention of this unique cure for hard drug addition that affects over 100 million people around the world and causes havoc in economies that costs over £16,000 million in healthcare and indirect costs (crime et al) annually in the UK alone today according to official estimates made by the Home Office itself.

For a full understanding of the British governments’ and Whitehalls’ negligence against the people of the United Kingdom (together of course the wider effect on the global population) and what happened,  the reader is directed to the web-blog - What ‘Successive’ Governments of the United Kingdom and Whitehall have covered-up and ‘Not’ told the British People about Hard Drug Addiction Treatments that simply will never work and the only one that does they have 'secretly' suppressed -

The Alternative Strategy to Stop Avian Flu (Bird Flu) in its Tracks, But Destroyed by the Pharmaceutical industry as there were No Drugs Involved – The Strategy of never let it happen in the First Place

In 1997 a strategy to stop Bird Flu was out forward based on the same strategy that had stopped Avian flu dead in its tracks in Hong Kong in 1997. If it had been allowed to develop, the probability of millions of people dying would have been high.

But even though this was the only proved strategy to prevent Avian flu from emerging, the global pharmaceutical companies did not like it, as it did not use any drugs.

What happened was that Nature Magazine was organised by the powerful drug companies to undertake an assassination on the ground-breaking work that had been undertaken by the world’s leading authority on Avian Flu viruses. This involved taking to task the joint sponsor of this global life saving strategy the World Innovation Foundation and where lies were invented within an article published in Nature Magazine in 2008. The timing of the release of this article by Nature Magazine coincided with an international conference in Bangkok, Thailand where the first time that this groundbreaking strategy was given to the world by the leading authority on Avian Flu and how to combat it in a Keynote Speech. The title of the keynote speech was  - ‘CONFRONTING PANDEMIC INFLUENZA – JUST DON’T LET IT START’ -

The release date by Nature Magazine was timed to do the greatest damage to the strategy and Nature magazine knew that. For after the publication filled with lies, the financial supporters pulled their funding support and where one person who has in relatively recent times died, left a Will with assets of $854 million.

The reason of being of course is that the world would believe Nature Magazine above anyone else and where funders did not want to be associated with controversy, especially those in the public eye. Therefore the pharmaceutical industry through their assassination conduit, stopped the only mechanism that would stop a pandemic Asian Avian Flu ever happening in the future and where it will have the propensity according to many leading experts in the field, to kill literally hundreds of millions when the next one happens. Indeed the former D-G of the world Health Organization (The WHO) Dr. Margaret Chan has stated many times that,

“It is only a matter of time, not when”.

For a full overview and better understanding of what happened and to what lengths the global pharmaceutical industry will go to the reader is directed to – ‘Possibly the Most Important Keynote Speech ever given for Humanity's Future Survival as the 'Unthinkable' will eventually happen according to Dr. Margaret Chan, D-G of the World Health Organization (WHO) who has said many times, it is only a matter of time not when’ -

That was all because there were no drugs involved with the above strategy to defeat Avian Flu (a cure alterative in other words, not a treatment) and where therefore there would be a loss of tens of billions in drug sales and vast profits. It should be noted that the drugs that were used in the last flu pandemic, were in the words of the Vietnamese scientists who worked at the epicentre, USELESS, but where hundreds of millions was spent on them by governments.

Note again and relevant here why the above strategy was destroyed by the pharmaceutical industry and simply because,

It Is ‘NOT’ in the business of Cures, but ‘ONLY’ Treatments

So remember that every time you go onto Disqus, Facebook, Google, Microsoft systems, you are being used without your knowledge and one day it may come back to do harm t you in a big way….you have respectfully been warned !

Dr David Hill
CEO, World Innovation Foundation
29 October 2017 (added and amended July 2021 and on 30 April 2022)


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(Note that western economies as we know, are already using this technology but will like China, consolidate that particular control element that is only a small part of the overall controlling mechanism which will in a relatively short period of time, undermine our existence as autonomous humans)