Sunday, 4 November 2018

Letters that Mainstream Media would not Put in Print…because they were not the thinking of the Political, Financial and Economic Establishment?

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It is a known fact that a mere five companies and their owners control the news in the United States of America. With this ‘control’, they can allow or not allow in overall terms what the people of America are allowed to know. The same is the truth in the United Kingdom and Europe, where the true atrocities that our government inflicts on other nations is not recorded. Therefore the people continually get a one-sided view of what those in power want the people to know. Consequently our governments suppress news or even produce government propaganda that is not in their political interests through media organizations such as the BBC in the UK.

Media on Trial, Leeds 2018 - Professor Piers Robinson, University of Sheffield -

Media on Trial, Leeds 2018 - Sir Peter Ford -

Fabrication in BBC Panorama Saving Syria's Children Robert Stuart, Media on Trial, 19 October 2017 -


Indeed, major situations as an example where the President of China recently told his military leaders to prepare for war and where I have not seen to this day on a BBC broadcast where this was stated to the British people. Australia and some western media sources published such an event in a low-key affair, but nothing from the BBC at all and where this shows that extremely important news is being silenced in round about terms. For don’t you think that a possible war with China would be an event that we needed to know and would inevitably be dragged into by the USA? According to independent news sources coming out of China, this military directive from their President, was due to the unfolding US economic trade war and threats to them in their South-Asian territorial waters where the US constantly has its warships entering their coastal waters. Indeed, would the USA accept the provocation of Chinese warships constantly entering US coastal waters, for that is they equivalent on the other side of the provocation coin? I very much doubt it, but where the US politicians and military just don’t ever see it this way. So we shall have to see what happens in the future when Chinese warships do enter US territorial waters, as that if it happens, may be the start of the war.

Indeed in a very recent poll in both the USA and the UK (both totally independent of each other) to show how ill-informed people were, it was found that hardly any of the people knew that there was even a war in Yemen that had been raging for 4-years and the suffering that was happening there including over 14- million people and children currently under the threat of starvation due to the Saudi bombing and backed by the USA and UK governments military logistics backup, know-how and our the supplying tens of $billions of UK and US military hardware.

Now the people should be more worried about censorship and misrepresentation of the full facts, as social media platforms are being increasing controlled behind the scenes by our governments. Indeed, in a further 10-years time we shall all live in a state where we shall never the truth as reporting and history is distorted for the ends of politicians and their masters, Big business.

The following letters over the past 12-months are just a mere sample of the letters that I have sent for possible publication to mainstream media, but where they refused to put any of them in print and where they were sent to over 40-mainstream media outlets that operate out of the United Kingdom.

1. Letter to the Editor – The Yemen brutality says a lot about how intelligent we humans really are?
Our intelligence as humans has made us understand that animals survive through the law of the jungle and the strongest of the species survives. Unfortunately human intelligence has taught us little more about ourselves and where basically we are animals ourselves in the ways in which we operate whilst we reside on this planet. For wars that kill and inflict suffering on our kind has not diminished one bit over time and where in many ways with such brutal humanitarian crises as Yemen, where up to ten million could die of starvation alone, human intelligence has not advanced one iota and become a regressive human trait. For human economic wealth and more so greed, has made us into a species that apparently thrives on the demise of others so that we benefit. This can be seen in the middle-east clearly where the economics of oil has destroyed what we try to consider that we are as humans with regard to humanitarian values and concern for others. But it has to be stated that these human trait on face value only come out for a very short period of time such as Christmas times or times of the Eid Al-Fitr and Eid Al-Adha,. Unfortunately this caring for others that predominantly stays low in the present human psyche on the international stage, never continues for what we could say is an enlightened human species. For if it did, there would be no world wars or global suffering and where these negative human dire traits would definitely transform into traits that advance the human experience like no other and possibly lead to why we are all really here. Therefore human intelligence has to surmount what we have apparently turned into as humans and where we have to change our thinking to that of universal help for all, not just for our constant personal economic satisfaction. Until that happens, global conflict and human suffering will continue unabated and where one day we may very well see a further global war emerge without equal.

2. Letter to the Editor – The other side of the coin to 'project fear' that is never spoken or discussed
We have heard for more than 2½ years now of the constant threat from BREXIT through ‘project fear’, but we never hear with regard to the other side of the coin that is fully real and a far greater threat of the EU failing. Mainstream media, the Treasury and politicians never discuss the state of the EU and that side of the future global/national issue for the UK. For this real unspoken threat to the UK’s future is far more likely than any short-term threat from BREXIT and where this unparalleled threat is overridingly due to the EU’s  future decline in global GDP. This due entirely by the complete emergence and eventual supremacy of the South-East Asian, central Asian and sub-Asian economies. Indeed, EU growing and compounded debt and its well-being prospects are bleak when you look at the current and unfolding state of the EU. So why don’t we look at this greater threat of the EU itself you will/should ask, as every intelligent person would for their our own long-term good? You tell me, as this threat is real and in this respect when the EU fails, I would rather be outside the EU as an independent nation trading with the world than inside it. For when this happens, as an increasing number of eminent macroeconomists are now predicting, it will make the dire effects of the 2007 global meltdown look like a mere storm in  a teacup as the heart of Europe is ripped out. Therefore our political elites are ignoring what is real and what the big picture states if they cared to look for once at the other side of coin of the BREXIT debate. Indeed it definitely appears that they have turned a blind-eye to the future threat of the EU itself to the UK’s long-term socio-economic wellbeing.

3. Letter to the Editor – The people have come to the reasoning that we cannot trust western media's morality
As usual western media is two-faced and hypocritical when it comes to stating news as it is when it is not in their interests to do so. In this respect people have been telling them about the atrocities committed in Yemen that the Saudi coalition have been committing for years killing tens of thousands through bombs and starvation together with displacing millions. Now because they have suddenly got an apparent conscience, they start to tell the truth and what is really happening in the world-at-large. What this shows is that money as usual controls what we read, see and hear in the media these days. Indeed, it has to be asked has western media become the speak of western governments and that alone? For I remember a time when we received truth as it is, but not any more I am afraid to say and that is what is wrong with our news providers in current times, they don’t tell it as it is, only the narrative of their respective governments and the reason why the people are brainwashed into believing that black is white. This is how low the media has now stooped and no-one can believe anything that they state these days. It is therefore no wonder that there are wars with the unbalanced view of the world that we are sold. I very much doubt that this letter will be put in print and don’t expect it to be so. Sad really, when one thinks that journalism was a profession that we all once trusted.

4. Letter to the Editor – Nick Clegg's new £4 million a year job with Facebook shows that the 'Revolving Door' is fit and well
It should have been of no surprise for those who live in the ‘real world that Sir Nick Clegg, former leader of the Lib-Dems  has become a Facebook business executive on a £4 million a year salary and where he once castigated his new employer for not pay enough UK tax (only £7.4 million on UK sales of £1300 million in 2017). For the ‘revolving door’ is fit and well it has to be said as it always has been in reality and where former prime minsters, health secretaries, business secretaries, energy ministers and Whitehall top mandarins together with EU commissioners et al after leaving office have accepted crème de la creme of   business appointments in the industries that they previously oversaw and regulated basically through UK law. Indeed, even secretaries of state for Culture and the Media have been appointed to one of the top four jobs at the BBC and where they were the only person asked to take the job. In this respect, even Jeremy Paxman a couple of years ago whilst on Newsnight was taken aback when he interviewed the minister due the audacity of the BBC and the former Government’s top Culture minister’s accepting the position when all others were excluded. Is it no wonder therefore that politicians are seen in the lowest esteem possible by 90% of the British people in a recent poll and where politics was also seen as the least trusted profession of all professions by far. But I suppose it is water off a duck’s back for those who constantly use the ‘revolving door’ to over-enrich themselves, for nothing really changes?

5. Letter to the Editor – The greatest threat to the future world is "Derivatives" and when they fail again like they did in 2008Forget any perceived long-term threat from BREXIT; military and cyber aggression from Russia; a global trade war; climate change; a nuclear holocaust; Avian Flu…the ‘REAL’ ultimate threat to human civilization is something completely different and something that people know very little about, but where it has the dire propensity and consequences to totally devastate humanity than anything in the history of the world. For this ‘ULTIMATE’ threat and little known or understood is the mechanism called ‘DERIVATIVES’ and what Warren Buffet the 3rd richest man in the world has described as “financial weapons of mass destruction”. For ‘Derivates’ are the greatest potential threat that world has by far (and where the taxpayer will be called in again as the last resort of payment if the domino effect kicks in again like it did in 2008 and fails again). But, and it is a big BUT, this next time around because the problem is so huge now, everything will fail. For currently ‘Derivatives’ (trades in speculation in futures, credit default swaps and other exotic instrument et al by bankers and the world’s richest investors) according to some leading global analysts are a staggering $1.5 Quadrillion (yes, $1.5 million billions in visible trades and private trades that are not seen) and equating to around 60% of the total estimated “TRUE” world debt (that is presently estimated at $2.5 Quadrillion and not the nominal world debt depicted by institutions and governments). Indeed, if these ‘trades’ do fail again and where the situation is now even worse that what it was pre-2008, the repercussions will be absolutely catastrophic for all. For ‘Derivatives’ have no hard security behind them once the underpinning unlinked security has disappeared (i.e. housing in 2008 ‘Derivatives’ failure). The big question though is how have our politicians in the West allowed this casino gambling with the future of humankind to happen yet again and in such a relatively short period of time, as we have now entered the tipping point again waiting to happen?

6. Letter to the Editor – Political decision-making has harmed the people
When we look at the history of HMG political decision-making in the UK, we see nothing but disaster for the British people. In this respect just a few examples of where politicians have allowed human disasters and misery to prevail can be seen over the last 100 years alone.
1.    Allowing Germany to rearm after WW1 and allowing WW2 to emerge, killing tens of millions in the process and where Germany has now been allowed again to build their armies again that history has a strange way of always repeating itself.
2.    Taking the decision by the Home Office in declining and stopping the introduction of the Vietnamese humanitarian cure for class ‘A’ drugs that has dispatched millions and their family members to the scourge and effects of life-long addiction, increasing crime and tens of billions in non-performing NHS spending with no meaningful results.
3.    Supporting the USA in their constant wars in the Middle-East under false information/flags, destroying civilizations in the process, where tens of millions have been killed and displaced (to mainly Europe) and then allowing tens of thousands of jihadists to now reside in the West, waiting for the time-bomb to go off as ISIS has said that they would over the next 20-years, setting the West and mainly Europe on fire in their words.
4.    Allowing the giant pharmaceutical industry to dictate their ineffective treatments against the greatest threat to humankind in Avian flu as Dr. Margaret Chan has always said, “it is not if, but when” and which will eventuality be unleashed on the world killing 100s of millions in the process, by stopping the only system that saved millions in Hong Kong in 2007 but where it did not use tens of billions of so-called modern-day drugs, clearly showing the power of money over and above human life itself.
5.    Allowing Fracking to prevail that will have unprecedented historical human health effects on humankind and become the equivalent of the plastic waste traces disaster in our seas that is unquestionably now within our food chain having enormous propensity to harm humankind with cancer and other fatal diseases, showing again the power of money over human life itself.
6.    Being totally blinkered with the Russian threat as they only look at a one-sided view of the information and without any hard unequivocal evidence of proof and which has the propensity to start over time a nuclear global war with no winners.

These are just a few of the disastrous decisions that our so-called astute politicians have made over a relatively short period of time on our behalf, but where they have  had/will have immense repercussions on all our wellbeing. The root of all these dire decisions is money and either the lack of it or the overriding use corporate power that corrupts absolutely government and their civil service.

7. Letter to the Editor – An equivalent of Spanish Flu that killed up to 100 million and possibly more worldwide will eventually happen and we had better be fully aware of that fact
If anyone saw BBC’s programme “The Flu That Killed 50 Million” on 25/09/18 they should be very fearful for the future as it is the greatest threat to Humanity by far. Indeed the former D-G of the WHO Dr. Margaret Chan always said that it is only a matter of time, not when. But why therefore one has to ask, why have global corporations suppressed the only strategy that stopped bird flu in its tracks in 2007 and saved the lives of millions in Hong Kong?  Indeed, it has to be asked also, why did Nature Magazine use its scientific muscle to stop this strategy ever seeing the light of day in January 2008 that had saved millions?  The reason is that this strategy developed by the world’s leading authority on Avian flu Prof. Kennedy Shortridge and whose strategy it was that saved millions in Hong Kong, was that it did not use billions in drug sales. Indeed, although the efficacy of the strategy had proven itself in saving lives on a vast scale, money destroyed this strategy and where Vietnamese doctors at the time when they were fighting bird flu at the ‘coal-face’ stated that all pharmaceuticals such as Tamiflu et al were absolutely ‘useless’ in saving lives. But it has to be said with no hesitation that what the pharmaceutical industry and Nature Magazine did in 2008 will eventual come back to haunt humankind as no other with the deaths of hundreds of millions across the globe and where no family will be immune to the lost of a loved one – Fact not fiction unfortunately for us all in the future due to the corporate power and greed of the few, who put vast wealth above human life on a global scale.

8. Letter to the Editor – The EU has the same mindset as Trump's 'America First' Policy in reality
It is perfectly clear now that the EU and the leaders of EU 27 just want to make an example of the UK for leaving the European Union and to deter any other nation in doing so. Indeed the Hungarian leader stated yesterday (20/09/18) that France and Germany wanted to punish the UK (reported by the BBC today), so things cannot be clearer I would say. This has all the hallmarks therefore of spoilt brats who take their bat and ball home when one of their “so-called” friends does something that they do not like. But it also shows that France, Germany et al are no different to Trump’s America First doctrine and where they are not really bothered about the UK, its people or our future, only their own. With friends like that who needs enemies it has to be asked and where after BREXIT we too will have to give the EU a bit of their own medicine back I would say.

For some leading macroeconomists see the other side of the coin (the unspeakable and why is it that people only see the EU as a garden of roses and not what really is happening internally) and that the EU with all its problems (Fiscal Gap) and rising debt mountain (personal, business and government), will eventually fall into meltdown and far more damaging than the 2008 collapse. Unlike Hammond’s crystal ball gazing of all gloom and doom, my crystal ball based upon hard facts (Fiscal Gap et al) sees the EU as the worst long-term risk that there is out there, not BREXIT. In this respect out of the EU will cushion the worst effects when the EU eventually does fail as it will.

9. Letter to the Editor – 'America First' will be the norm in the 21st century and we had all better get used to this global economic policy
In 1962 the 3rd leg of the nuclear triad weapons strategy necessary to fully put in place the MAD doctrine (Mutually Assured Destruction) that was a form of Nash equilibrium, was completed and where this determined that there would never be a military WW3 due to the dire consequences to both sides. From thereon the change in the attainment of global dominance altered from a military one to an economic one with the respective militaries supporting this economic mindset through continuous minor wars across the world. Therefore the enemy then became not the obvious one, but where every major nation in the world could be seen as a pariah to each other. But in this respect it has become very clear over the past 50-years that the US has had a dominance strategy to control vital globally industries and corporations (many decades before Trump’s ‘America First’ statement was made) and where the USA  is not bothered due to this doctrine if you are a perceived friend of foe it has to be said.

Indeed this economic strategy is more out in the open these days as senior politicians (from the top down) and global corporations from the major industrial nations determine and implement the sale of even vital national industrial corporations that are against long-term national security interests. This can be seen clearly as an example of what is actually going on in the world-at-large with the sale of the French industrial giant
AMSTOM to General Electric (GE), where France will rue the day that their politicians allowed the sale to the American global industrial giant. Other examples of the US’s growing global economic hegemony with so-called friends is EDF, AREVA, Technip, Total and Peugeot and where the US has direct control over the activities of these concerns directly and indirectly, and will always do their bidding for fear of repercussions on past political leaders and national law enforcement agencies. This is the unseen face of capitalism and where friends become enemies whether they are aware or unaware of this fact. Indeed, the international doctrine of dog-eat-dog economic policies will become clearer to the world over the next two decades as critical global resources run out and which will inevitably fuel the growing and emerging economic global war for world supremacy.

10. Letter to the Editor – Government's primary responsibility is to protect the wellbeing of the people, but where they have not done this now for over two decades based upon historical facts
The primary responsibility of government is the protection of their people’s personal and financial wellbeing and their ultimate safety, but where successive UK governments have never done this over the last two decades. In this respect they never stopped the global financial meltdown happening although Greenspan told them 4-years before it happened and where financial markets had to be reeled in or the system would collapse. Indeed according to the IFS on 12/09/18, the people are still on average £800 a year poorer than in 2008 and where the crash will affect the people of the UK for many decades to come. They were also complicit in causing millions of war torn immigrates having no alternative but to flee to the EU and the UK by backing the US in their economic wars in Iraq, Libya, Syria and Afghanistan and where the world and the UK is a far less safer place today than a mere 20 years ago. Indeed before we go to war ever again the people should be put to a referendum on the matter and like some other western nations; unless that is that a nation directly attacks the UK. Then I believe that there would be hardly any more wars. But why is it that our governments always back the thinking of the military industrial complex, the hidden deep state together with the  interests of the global corporates and not the peaceful interests of the people it has to be asked? It is apparently in my mind that this mindless recklessness in political decision-making is due to our MPs being continually taken in, willingly or unwillingly, by all these vast financial and economic interests. It is time therefore for change and that corporate lobbying is seen for what it really is in commercial terms, where money and power of the very few rise above the wellbeing of the majority of a nation’s people.

11. Letter to the Editor – The greater threat is staying in the EU not out, as the global and EU debt mountain dictates this existence fundamental
The real ‘project fear’ orchestrated by the Remain camp should not be BREXIT, but if they look at the state of the Eurozone, it should be the EU’s growing and unsustainable debt mountain together with the EU 28’s forward fiscal debt (or ‘fiscal gap’). For debt in the EU 28 is growing and not reducing and where the EU banks have unsustainable debt that will eventually default. Global debt standing still without including forward fiscal debt (money that nations and people have to find and pay no matter what to satisfy off-balance sheet debt et al), was $233 trillion at the end of 2017 (a quarter of a quadrillion dollars and increased $16 trillion in 9 months alone from January 2017 according to the Institute of International Finance) and where the EU 28’s take of that is estimated to be at least $60 trillion. But the debt burden of ‘forward fiscal debt’ which is the real problem in the future for the EU is estimated at over $150 trillion. The only comfort, if I can put it that way, is that some macroeconomists estimate that the USA’s total forward fiscal debt is in excess of $240 trillion. Indeed, according to the macroeconomist Prof. Rodney Shakespeare, the EU is probably going to disintegrate and as that happens, bigger shocks are in store such as Germany's Deutsche Bank with its huge derivative book in the form of an upside pyramid and the Italian banks being in big trouble etc, etc. But he also state’s that when this happens, the UK will at least be a little better prepared for those shocks (after the collapse of the global financial markets that unparalleled debt will eventually cause) than the other EU countries (after BREXIT). Therefore the greater threat is staying in the EU not out of the EU and people should start looking at the other side of the BREXIT debate.

12. Letter to the Editor – BREXIT 'Project Fear' in Overdrive, but the 'real fear should be the Political & Economic Collapse of the EU that many predict
Project ‘Fear’ is now agreed to be a concerted attempt to stifle and stop ‘real’ BREXIT ever happening and what the people actually voted for – to simply LEAVE. For we have now even the leading pollster and now Establishment figure Sir John Curtice, stating that the remainers are now 52% and the leavers are 48%, the very reverse of the UK’s Referendum vote. Two weeks ago, we had Chancellor Hammond predicting that the UK by 2033 would have an increase of £80 billion a year in additional fiscal debt due to BREXIT, some 15 years into the future. But where it has to be asked, if Hammond and his Treasury top officials had such miraculous predictive powers, why did they not foretell the 2007 global crash in 1992 that provided unprecedented grief/ impoverishment for 90% of the global population and where even today the people have not recovered and probably never really will for many decades to come.
Considering these facts therefore, I have now personally determined with regard to these people, who are supposed to be highly intelligent people that we should all hold in awe, cannot tell what the future will bring and especially in a decade and a half’s time from now. But added to this on the other side of this double-edge sword of trepidation, I have determined that they certainly do put the fear of God in the people with their speculative polls and extremely dubious predictions of the unknown. For why do we never hear from the remain side of the future highly probable political and economic meltdown of the EU itself and what really should be the ‘real fear’; in my mind a far worse case for all EU nations when it eventually happens than the 2007 global financial catastrophe, as they will then be right in the thick of things and where 90% of economic world will not even be a part of this event?

13. Letter to the Editor – Vapour smoking and our uneducated political class
How stupid can politicians be? Well, with their wisdom in sanctioning in their minds that vapour smoking should be opened up so that vapour smokers can smoke almost everywhere, that must take the biscuit in intelligent thinking within the political arena? For don’t these dim-witted politicians know that these things look like people in a thick fog at times if they have studied people smoking these things whilst driving with the car window down. Now we may all have to put up with this unhealthy intrusion in most social areas that will definitely annoy tens of millions of non-smokers, as our wise political minds think it is a good idea. But according to reports these wise intelligent MPs have more or less ignored the scientific evidence that vapour cigarettes are also bad for us like normal cigarettes, even though there is medical evidence out there already that they harm - "Vaping Shuts Off Immune-Fighting Cells in the Lungs, Lab Study Finds" -
But, because they are not as bad in their well developed minds of insight, they are acceptable in their advanced ways of so-called good judgement. No wonder we are always in the state that we are in this company with all our problems when those that lead us are basically illogical and dim-witted individuals. But it also has to be stated though, that when the chair of this committee (no less than the science and technology committee) of these advanced thinkers who were not interested in the scientific evidence denouncing them, was told a few years ago that the elite Vietnamese scientific community (taught in western medicine in Germany and traditional medicine in their own country) had created a humane cure for class ‘A’ drugs, he simple ignored this immensely important information and where now this treatment is integrated into the Vietnamese NHS safely curing tens of thousands of addicts every year. Therefore this again says everything about this political committee’s decision to put forward this crazy scheme that only enriches the lobbyists and manufacturers of these unhealthy products in my mind and who I am sure the astute politicians know very well indeed.

14. Letter to the Editor – HMG Ombudsmen Protect the Industries and Institutions that they are supposed to find justice for the people
If anyone with an inkling to find out the truth about what is happening in the UK, they should look no further than the Financial Ombudsman Service’s (FOS) general conclusions after nearly a decade of investigations that RBS and NatWest did no wrong in destroying thousands of profitable businesses in the quest to support their own profits and wellbeing. For if one looks into all the Government’s Ombudsmen, they will find that those running them are predominantly former senior heads of the institutions that they now regulate. What this means is those who used to attend for years the top events of the industry that they now regulate, had become well connected individuals in their industry and where because this was the case, do not now as ombudsmen, hold their fellow industry/institution contacts and their operations to account. Basically it is all a mirage in reality where the people think that they have recourse against big organizations. Indeed,  I challenge anyone to look into the backgrounds of HMG ombudsmen people at the top and where this will open up your mind to why they never do anything of a major consequence to keep their industry or institution in order. Many years ago a very similar thing happened to thousands of other good and profitable UK companies due to a secret directive from the top of global banking that basically decimated whole industries and where one of these companies as an example was  called David Brown Tractors. That single similar bank action to one company put 40,000 British workers on the dole and where the repercussions affected around 150,000 family members for the rest of their lives. But unfortunately it has to be said, our politicians have never got to grips with what the banking industry is up too and I doubt that they ever will. Therefore  tens of thousands of profitable businesses in the future will die at the hands of faceless bankers it has to be said.

15. Letter to the Editor – Is the BBC an ‘Establishment’ instrument?
There has been for years the question to whether the BBC is biased and is an ‘Establishment’ news outlet in the main. In this respect there have been endless examples that it is and basically to protect against what is fully going on in the world-at-large. One more is today (29/07/2018) on the BBC’s TV news text service and where the headline was, “Palestinian viral slap video teen freed”. The text reads, “A Palestinian teen who was filmed assaulting an Israeli soldier in the occupied West Bank has been freed after eight months in jail. Video showing Ahed Tamimi slapping and kicking the soldier outside her home in Nabi Saleh last year went viral. For Palestinians, she became a symbol of resistance to Israeli occupation, but many see her as a publicity-seeking trouble-maker. She was mobbed by well-wishes as she returned to her home Town”
But what the BBC did not state is that her 15-year-old cousin Mohammed Tamimi just prior to the slapping and kicking incident was shot in the head at close range by the Israeli soldier(s) with a rubber-coated steel bullet, severely wounding him and I think that anyone would have thought that just a slap and a kick was merely a storm in a teacup considering what the Israeli Army had undertaken in shooting her relation. So other than the BBC stating that she assaulted an Israeli soldier and that many Israelis see her as a publicity-seeking trouble-maker, why didn’t the BBC state that the Israeli Army had shot her cousin inside the home of Ahed Tamimi? This can therefore be construed quite rightly I believe, as a ‘one-sided’ piece of ‘Establishment’ news (some might say propaganda) for the benefit of one side and that being the Israeli Army, not the girl where her cousin had been shot. Indeed the BBC did not mention also that many of the Tamimi family members had been killed over the years and where Musaab Firas Tamimi, 17, was shot and killed by Israeli occupation forces near Ramallah in the West Bank this year and where he was Israel’s first killing in the year 2018. Therefore it can be seen that one-sided story releases are ripe when it comes to the BBC.

16. Letter to the Editor – Is Western political thinking and its agenda now gone beyond the pale?
When it comes to our political classes, it has to be asked if our so-called western civilization is in decline? For only this last week alone, but where the following appears to be the norm now, we have Julian Assange being released in the future into certain US custody and to be extradited to the USA for doing his job and informing the people in what our political classes are up to in our name behind the scenes. Strange that this happened after Ecuador had just been provided with an ‘eye watering’ $1,400 million IMF loan (based in Washington, DC) the last week also and one wonders whether it was a stipulation that to get it, Assange had to go? Then we have after a single Israeli was killed told that they think the best way to stop this is to build another 400 more houses in Palestine and illegal in the eyes of international law. Next we had the white helmets being integrated into western society (even the UK) and where it is known that they operated with Jabhat al-Nusra (al-Qaeda in Syria) and other terrorist groups throughout the Syrian war, where we are now allowing these terrorists onto our streets to do whatever they do best. Then we had the news that the US had provided around $1,000 million in humanitarian aid for Yemen after they had been behind the Saudis bombing and killing tens of thousands of Yemeni people for years and final but not least, Brexit where Brexit does not mean Brexit anymore. It appears therefore that if there was another name for democratic corruption of what people vote for in our so-called free-political system, it might have a nuance derived from the subversive nature of what has turned into what western politics has become and our political leader’s foreign policy for reasons totally unknown to the people? We are in the dark in reality.

17. Letter-to-the Editor: Brexit was in reality a myth that the people were sold
For from the start the Establishment knew that real Brexit would never happen, even though the majority of the British people voted to ‘leave’ the EU, as the strategy all along from the start was to simply do nothing.

So the government and Whitehall just did just that and tried to make it appear to the British voters that they were serious in leaving the EU and things were progressing as they should. That even though Whitehall through leaks said that they had no coherent plan developed at all to leave the EU.

Therefore what government expressed to the people were just mere words in the end as the Brexit blueprint will clearly show and where the plan all along was to do hardly anything at all in reality so that eventually, as leaving the EU got ever closer to the wire, even so-called Brexit ministers would had their backs up against the wall and would not be able to do anything but to go back on the trust given to them by the people. Therefore today was a sad day for the British electorate, as future votes by the people will to all intents and purposes be meaningless, just like the EU Referendum has shown to be the case.

Indeed, ‘democracy’ as they say is for the people and by the people, but in reality the decisions of 6 July 2018 will reside in UK political infamy and as a great example that democracy for the people is a falsehood of the highest order.

18. Letter to the Editor – Brexit: have our politicians in parliament ever heard of what true democracy is and should be?
Well we now know that on Friday, we are not now leaving the EU as the majority of UK voters wanted according to the Brexit ‘mark 3’ plan that advocates a compromise customs proposal. What I have to ask PM May is, what did the UK electorate vote for, as it was either in or out, but where it now appears to be have been a useless piece of political manoeuvring to stay in the EU no matter what the greater part of the people voted for?
For if May does the dirty on the British electorate, there is no coming back for them and where Labour would vote against the majority of the people’s wishes also, as they have said that they would back a customs union. Consequently another question has to be asked, have we a party for the people anymore as it appears not.
Therefore it is apparently clear that the people are now left with no-one really representing their votes or wishes. But in my imaginary world, I thought that politicians were the servants of the people, but sadly now it appears to be the other way around.
For in essence it should not really matter what our politicians want (they are the people’s servants and what a laugh that is), the people have spoken, but where now I doubt that people will ever trust politicians ever again after Friday’s decision and this may very well lead to anarchy in the future, just possibly like it did in the 1930s with a certain person with a silly moustache? The politicians should think very deeply about what they are doing and what the word democracy really means. For it certainly does not mean in this country anymore what Lincoln espoused in that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth”.

19. Letter-to-the-Editor - Gorbachev or Putin v. US Hegemony – would things be different?
Several years ago I met Mikhail Gorbachev in Rome at the annual gathering of the Nobel Peace Laureates where he is the chairman of this illustrious group of special individuals. In this respect there is in my mind and a great number of others, the fact that if he had stayed in power, we may not have the perceived problems that we have today with Russia and where US President Reagan and PM Thatcher, said that he was a man that they both could do business with. But would that have really been so, as American interests are not apparently driven by peace, but in a lot of ways, commercial interests and namely armaments, where the USA is the largest manufacturer and exporter of arms selling over a 1/3rd of all global sales every year and increasing. Indeed, the US military expenditure according to SIPRI for defence is US610 billion a year and growing year-on-year (in comparison Russia’s expenditure is a mere 66.3 billion – SIPRI figures again) and keeps the American economy to a great extent afloat if truth be told. But this official figure does not include over $100 billion in veterans spending and $26 billion for nuclear weapons, bringing the total to about $730 billion and where in 2015 total discretionary spending on Defence was actually $1.1 trillion (or in other words two-thirds of the US’s total tax bill) Therefore to keep this industrial military complex going, the US definitely needs wars to engage the world in continually, as it has done so since the end of WW2. Consequently it appears that peace is not an option or on the agenda and where ISIL (which is in many informed minds now, a US/CIA/Israel construct) and Russia are just two modern-day ways to achieve continual armament sales in reality and paid for incessantly by the US taxpayer, fuelling wars that has now affected Europe by their vast migrant spill-overs and where these continual numbers have not directly encroached onto American soil.

So would Gorbachev be seen as the same as Putin in today’s world it has to be asked? The probable answer in my analysis is a definitive yes in order that US hegemony can be maintained and serviced continually. This can be clearly seen with Washington’s emerging trade war also, as the US takes on the rest-of-the-world including its so-called special friends. Indeed, when it comes to being all for itself, the US has no equals if people comprehend US foreign policy for the past 73 years and where during that time, they have also allowed the global financial meltdown to happen which has impoverished over 90% of humanity into their construct with none of their bankers at all being incarcerated. Talking about looking after your own at the total demise of others, we have to come real with what the US really is; and certainly not for us and that’s for sure I maintain.

20. Letter-to-the-Editor - US trade tariffs on the EU, China, Canada, Mexico et al that could lead to a global trade war and where if not resolved, could be economically more damaging that a global military war, as they can be continual
As America has decimated many parts of the world with the wars that they have been involved with and determined by their foreign policy from Vietnam to Korea, Iraq, Libya and Syria and where many millions have lost their lives together with tens of millions who have been injured (45% life totally changing injuries) and even more tens of millions that have been displaced, Trump and the American Administration are now entering a period of global economic malaise caused through imposed trade tariffs and which are far more devastating than conventional wars, as they are continuous and can be in relative terms, unending. Therefore we have to start to realise that the USA has only one concern and that is itself. Indeed, has US foreign policy ever done any good for the UK at all it has to be asked, for all I see in the UK is increased pressure on military intervention and hardware investment, pressure on the health service, schools, etc, etc, etc?  In this respect I see little benefit from our ‘special relationship’ and where western Europe alone has the ultimate nuclear capability to stop any foreign aggression, no matter who it might be, even it were even the USA itself. For their actions over the past 12-months with a corporate megalomaniac in charge, are certainly not those of a friend and ally. But where it has to be said, that these things have made Trump popular with the majority of the American people and where that also indicates to me that the American people are not particularly bothered about us Brits or Europeans or that they are not aware of the harm that they will do to us? But where of course certain business heads will say that there is nothing wrong with this self-interested mentality, even though they know that only people suffer in both military and trade wars. It is about time therefore that people got a sense of reality with global politics and where these definitely need changing to those of sustaining and advancing the human experience, not harming it constantly. For currently we have over 6,600 million people living on US$25 a day or less according to the UN where this is a result of long-term economic policies and where the IMF recently stated that international trade tariffs will have a highly detrimental effect on ‘ALL’ countries, even those imposing such tariffs.

21. Letter-to-the-Editor - Why is crime in the UK rising significantly and especially serious crime?
Over the last 10 years we have seen a vast influx of immigrants from the EU predominantly and where we have to be open and discuss this fact with regard to the pressures put on every system within government and nationally within the UK. I shall not go into the aspect of the so-called unemployment rate which officially stands currently at 4.4%, but just to say that if people analysed the ONS statistics they would see another story and where the true figure in reality is about 21.5% of all working-age people (defined as ages 16 to 64) without jobs, or 8.83 million people, according to the Office for National Statistics (cited from Business Insider UK, 2018).

But what is the most worrying fact is the rise in crime over the last decade which has increased significantly and where in the last three years alone of recorded crime figures (but where the true rate will be a lot higher than even these figures, as all crimes are not now even recorded) the rise was 6% (2015), 8% (2016) and 14% (2017) according to the ONS. Added to these figures, in the last reported year, knife crime had gone up 21%,, gun crime 20%, rape 20%, domestic burglaries 325 and murders 8%. Therefore has the influx of immigration on an unprecedented scale over the last decade had anything to do with this? Unfortunately this cannot be answered presently, as crime is NOT divulged on the national origin of the perpetrators. Therefore I am of the opinion that government should start releasing these figures, but where they probably will not I am afraid due to the sensitivity surround the EU and BREXIT. But the people need to know for there own long-term wellbeing, even if some will think that these recorded figures are alarmist.

22. Letter-to-the-Editor - The real reason behind the Iran sanctions and where we shall not like it once it shows itself clearly
You don’t need to be a Nobel economist to understand the reason why petrol and diesel prices have soared over the last few weeks. You only have to look at the Washington hawks for the answer and the US’s sanctions on Iran with regard to its oil exports that have caused the price of oil to surge across the globe. For Iran is a global oil powerhouse and once you take it out of the equation, you take out the 5th largest oil producer in the world. So why is this really happening? Well, when you look at what is going on with the imposition of US sanctions and where the US will become the largest producer in 2018 according to some oil analysts, the US needs people to sell its US oil to.  Therefore the best way to do this is to put sanctions on a major global competitor and that is the untold story of what is actually going on and behind these sanctions if truth be told.

But where this also shows using intelligence how the US now treats the world order if it is in their economic interests and where they will impose sanctions throughout the world to every industrial sector if needs be and even I have to say, against their so-called ‘special’ friends. Therefore the world had better watch out, as there is definitely more to come according to Washington insiders and where of course we were all warned by Trump of his ‘America First’ election slogan. For now it is apparent that this is definitely becoming a reality and where, as it will increasingly become clear, even if it harms its so-called western allies. For the oil hike is just the start of this new phase in US hegemony and where they will not take any prisoners I can tell you. For the Iran sanctions are just another false flag of threats to cover the US’s real intensions.

23. Letter-to-the Editor: The Present Economic Model will be the ultimate death of our Intelligent Species and Orwellian in its making
Is a meaningful human experience coming to an end for 99% of humanity and where this is the major question that society has to answer before it becomes inevitable? For there are to determining factors here, where one is the growing centralization and consolidation of wealth in the hands of the very few and the other is the continually increasing poverty of the world populous. Indeed, are humans in the future therefore destined to become controlled living organisms for the wellbeing of the very few. For if this is to be the case as it increasingly seems to be according to the projections, humanity will have lost all its meaning as an intelligent species; becoming subservient to the will of an elite few, controlled by ‘their’ military through coercion of the political classes. Although this will be Orwellian in people’s minds, this position is currently in the minds of many leading futurists the reality.

For when you add the wealth of the world’s billionaires (Forbes 2018) only together which is around US$9,150,000,000,000 (US$9.15 trillion) that could never be redistributed back to humanity, no matter how philanthropic you were and where real human poverty research figures states that 5,300 million humans are still today living on less than US$10 a day (based on the UN Millennium Development Goals economic financial data), we are heading for a major human meltdown where conflict just to say alive will emerge. Indeed as those same UN analytical research figures state also that relatively recent historically data details that there are year-on-year around 106 million more every year who live on less than US$10/day, this dire human problem is definitely growing without relent and where unless the global economic model changes, humanity may find itself extinct during the latter part of this present century through exponential global conflict that literally and completely gets out of hand. And where weapons will not be the answer to stop this happening either as humanity fights for its very existence.

24. Letter-to-the-Editor – “Are we still sure that Russia downed the ill-fated MH17 passenger plane?”
British justice they say is the envy of the world and where everyone is innocent until proven guilty. That is unlike the USA where you are presumed to be guilty and have to prove your innocence. But whatever way you look at the different justice systems, they have to prove that a party is guilty or not and where the judgement is "beyond a shadow of a doubt". Unfortunately the recent determination by the Dutch-led investigation of the shooting down of the Malaysia Airline’s flight MH17 that was all based on the evidence from one side and that mainly of the US, this still appears not to have been the case.

The reason I state this is because as an expert witness for the Courts of 31 years standing, any report can state anything if the unequivocal evidence is not published within the public domain. In this respect no visual satellite evidence has been released to this date detailing ‘trail’ footage of the actual missile, even for the latest findings by western investigators. For at the time when this inhumane act was carried out, there were more spies-in-the-sky on the Ukrainian and Russian border than anywhere else in the world. So why has this launch footage ever been released and where US satellites can view in either enhanced photographic technology or infra-red.  Indeed, any heat source location can be determined through direct or triangulation, so why has this vital evidence again never been released to the world-at-large? For that is the only way to prove unequivocally which side of the Ukraine-Russian border the missile came from. The US will say of course that this is ‘classified information’, but where when we need to know the indisputable truth, the release of this information is overridingly vital again to say the very least. There is too much secrecy in my mind with all this finger pointing and where anyone can say anything without submitting unquestionable proof. Otherwise the case is based on hearsay, even though the evidence is from so-called experts and where we know what some sectors of society have said in the past about ‘Experts’ and their validity.

25. Letter-to-the-Editor - I wish that some People would get their facts right and not totally ignore what history has recorded, as it is worse that fake news - The Vietnam/American War
It is sad that some people do not read history for the truth (YP Letters: "US stood with us in darkest hours" Mike Smith), for if they had read Vietnam: A War on Civilians in the American Conservatism or read the in-depth research over many decades by Washington University for only an example of one university, but where there are many who have researched the American War as the Vietnamese know it as, or what  U.S. General Curtis LeMay statement war during the Vietnam War, “"Bomb them back to the stone age.", they would know their ill-informed mindset.   Indeed, by the end of the Vietnam War the U.S. military had dropped more than 7 million tons of bombs-- more than twice the total tonnage dropped on Europe and Asia during all of World War 2--on a country roughly the size of New Mexico in the USA. This is almost one 500 pound bomb for every man, woman, and child in the country. Twenty million bomb craters are all over Vietnam. The craters fill with water and are breeding grounds for mosquitoes that plague the country today with malaria and dengue fever (according to “The Vietnam War: Destroying the Village in Order to Save It”, 2005 by US Revolution Online). In this respect also as recorded by leading researchers in the field, they say that over 2 million Vietnamese were killed, over 5 million had life changing injuries and over 11 million were displaced to other surrounding nations. I just wish that people at times would get their facts right and not propagate false information that has no historical basis whatsoever.

26. Letter-to-the-Editor - The real reason behind the Iran sanctions and where we shall not like it once it shows itself clearly
You don’t need to be a Nobel economist to understand the reason why petrol and diesel prices have soared over the last few weeks. You only have to look at the Washington hawks for the answer and the US’s sanctions on Iran with regard to its oil exports that have caused the price of oil to surge across the globe. For Iran is a global oil powerhouse and once you take it out of the equation, you take out the 5th largest oil producer in the world. So why is this really happening? Well, when you look at what is going on with the imposition of US sanctions and where the US will become the largest producer in 2018 according to some oil analysts, the US needs people to sell its US oil to.  Therefore the best way to do this is to put sanctions on a major global competitor and that is the untold story of what is actually going on and behind these sanctions if truth be told.

But where this also shows using intelligence how the US now treats the world order if it is in their economic interests and where they will impose sanctions throughout the world to every industrial sector if needs be and even I have to say, against their so-called ‘special’ friends. Therefore the world had better watch out, as there is definitely more to come according to Washington insiders and where of course we were all warned by Trump of his ‘America First’ election slogan. For now it is apparent that this is definitely becoming a reality and where, as it will increasingly become clear, even if it harms its so-called western allies. For the oil hike is just the start of this new phase in US hegemony and where they will not take any prisoners I can tell you. For the Iran sanctions are just another false flag of threats to cover the US’s real intensions.


27. Letter-to-the-Editor - The Grenfell Tower Tragedy has all the Hallmarks of becoming another whitewash in the eyes of the British public
One of the ploys that I have come accustomed too over the years is that when government, local authorities and government bodies in general wish to have a review or an enquiry into a sensitive issue, they appoint someone who is not technically qualified to chair the enquiries. In this respect Dame Judith Hackitt, former chairwoman of the Health and Safety Executive and now the chair of the Grenfell Tower tragedy, stated on Channel 4 News on 17/05/2018 that she was a chemical engineer and not a building engineer when questioned by Jon Snow into why she had not banned the inflammable claddings to high-rise buildings. Therefore with a person who is used to chemical plants that consist of mechanical equipment, pipes, girders and chimneys usually, she has not the basic technical knowledge concerning buildings that such an enquiry needs and her credentials are as different as chalk and cheese in reality. Indeed she decried the Building Regulations, but where her training is not equipped to decide on this matter either in reality again. Therefore it is no wonder that we always come to the conclusion that state sponsored government enquiries invariably end up being called a whitewash by the British public and where successive governments must think that the people are basically thick? But of course these enquiries cost the taxpayer dearly and where it appears to be an appeasement rather than changing the system for the better and the safety of the nation and its citizens.

28. Letter-to-the-Editor - There will never be a Peace Deal with North Korea as the Mindset is all wrong
When a sane man tries to make peace at a summit between two nations or indeed on behalf of the world, one usually does nothing to provoke the situation where one side may decide to pull out. But working to the usual Trump script and knowing that a peace summit between North Korea and the USA was on the horizon, what does the US and South Korea (directed by the US military industrial complex to do so) decide to do, they hold major joint military exercises in South Korea (involving about 23,700 U.S. troops and 300,000 South Korea forces) where the North Koreans automatically, like any sane and intelligent person would think, that this was threat against them. Indeed, this is something that would be the last thing on the mind of a sane person prior to a peace conference, but that is what happened and the real reason why the North Koreans are now threatening to pull out of the peace talks and nothing more. For they now see no change in the mindset of the USA towards peace with regard to the Korean peninsula. The question therefore that has to be asked is why is it that western MSM has never expressed this situation within their newspapers, social media platforms or on their terrestrial broadcasting networks. In this respect why does mainstream media not tell the people the real reasons it has to be asked that peace talks fail and not for the reasons that  they are told? For this containment of news is not in the long term interests of the people and where consequently they are told little of what is really happening. Indeed to see how far the USA has gone in the past and little known also is that the US military invaded Hawaii to take it over in its continual march ever since to control the world order. We have therefore to be very careful of our perceptions of so-called peacemakers, as they may not be correct.

29. Letter-to-the-Editor – ‘Real’ Brexit that was voted on, will never really happen now with Theresa May's new Divide and Conquer Mentality
Those of us who know how political leaders operate know that the recent decision by Theresa May to split the Cabinet over the Brexit issue in order to break the so-called deadlock, is what has happened since time immemorial; divide and conquer. For this is the way that we shall to all intents and purposes stay in the EU and where history will eventually record that the Referendum was just another useless piece of political skulduggery against the people’s will. Democracy lives….tell me another please?

30. Letter-to-the Editor - There will Now be No Possibility of Peace in Palestine or the Middle-East
The mass killing of Palestinians on the opening day of the new US Embassy in Jerusalem is to all intents and purposes, a terrorist attack and if it had been anywhere else in the world it would have been a crime against humanity (other than possibly in the USA these days). But the majority of people apparently do not know that between 1939 and 1948 in the fight for a Jewish state, those who were designated terrorists in Palestine by the British government were in fact what we call today the Israelis. Indeed history has recorded that these terrorists killed British troops and where there were up to 100,000 UK troops stationed in Palestine at any one time and about 28,000 terrorists. In this so-called struggle against British peacekeepers, the low point was when two British army sergeants were kidnapped and hanged by the terrorists. Indeed when Israel was created in 1948, those same terrorist leaders became the political leaders of the State of Israel. I know this because my late father who was awarded the MM with oak leaf (now the Military Cross) during WW2 was stationed there after the end of the second World War to complete his national service. Therefore have the Israelis really learnt anything it has to be asked over the last 70 years? With today’s events with up to 60 Palestinians dead (but more will no doubt follow) and no Israeli deaths, I fear not and the world should be highly concerned for what is on the horizon in the middle-east with Israel having the backing now of US military might.

31. Letter-to-the Editor - The Latest UK Rich-list Does Nothing in 'Reality' for the Good of over 9 out of 10 People Living in this Country
Why is it that the world’s poor always get poorer in real terms? We hear year-in, year-out, that around 4 billion human beings are coming out of poverty and where we are told now that they are living on a mere US$2.5 dollars a day from US$2 a day. But with inflation, they are actually going backwards constantly. What is really causing this to constantly happen to nearly 60% of the world’s population? Well, when you delve into the why, it appears to be that the system that is highly rigged against them and where international loans are relatively easy to get, but the conditions placed upon them is so strict in economic terms for the countries that the poor inhabit, they are literally impoverished year-on-year and are never allowed to build their economies in any meaningful way. In this respect a few years ago one of my co-directors, who had been a very senior UN executive for many years and international coordinator of the former UN’s S-G told me that the World Bank and IMF had failed the world’s poor, but where the system would not allow it to be changed. Consequently even though the UN knows this fact, they are not allowed to change the system and where nearly 6 out of 10 people will in reality again, stay in poverty indefinitely. The main stumbling blocks appear to be the major banks and those that control them and who by doing what they do, perpetuate global poverty. It is therefore in my mind not something to celebrate that the UK has increased its number of billionaires when so many suffer at the direct hands of the system. For the present economic global system produces great wealth for the very few and poverty for the many continually, either directly or indirectly. That is even though a lot of people still believe in the ‘trickle down’ theory that is akin in my mind to a fairy story than the real world and where even this ill-founded belief  is pedalled in all advanced western nations also, including the UK of course. The system is therefore broken if truth be told, but those in control appear to like it that way. I wonder why?

32. Letter-to-the Editor - Main Stream Media has a lot to do with Wars Starting and the Carnage caused
When we look at the history of wars and the carnage that it causes to humanity, main stream media (MSM) has a great hand in why wars actually do happen by getting the people behind wars to support their government. This is usually of course is in the run-up to wars where information is usually a one-sided affair and MSM always invariably accepts the line of government. This has happened every time a war has commenced and where most have bee found out eventually to be false flags and even acknowledged by former US secretaries of States. But the outcome of this media support for wars has caused unimaginable deaths, injuries and human displacements where as examples according to authoritive institutions deaths as examples in the Vietnam War were over 2 million, deaths in Iraq were over 1 million and deaths in Libya were over 600,000. But the toll in injuries went into  many more millions and displacements into the tens of millions. Therefore MSM should have a duty to find out the truth before supporting government policy, as most wars since the end of WW2 have all been found out eventually to be false flags. The question is, does MSM ever learn anything from their mistakes, as recent events say that they have not.

33. Letter-to-the Editor - Are we right or wrong to continually follow the US lead into continual wars?
Recently there has been questions to whether the UK follows the USA too much and gets this country into wars et al that have relatively nothing to do with this nation? In other words are we too eager to back the USA no matter what, as every conflict that the USA has become engaged with, the UK has followed. That is true for any major wars. Indeed little known but the UK even advised South Vietnamese President Diem through the British Advisory Mission to South Vietnam (BRIAM) in September 1961 with Robert Thompson as one of Diem’s chief advisers who had gained tremendous experience in the 12-year-long anti-guerrilla-warfare in Malaya. Therefore the UK has, if not had boots on the ground, supported the US in its military expeditions in every major war that the Americans have fought. But on the global stage the UK have backed the USA in every major war since they became the dominant military power in the world and where many have been found over time to have been ‘false flags’. Vietnam again is a point in time of this fact, where even US secretary of defence McNamara stated on US television after the war, that it was indeed a ‘false flag’ as the reason for waging war on Vietnam as the gun-boat incursion with a US navy ship, never actually happened. The killing and injured statistics for Vietnam were inhuman and the numbers are numbing(according to study by Harvard Medical School and the University of Washington, there were 3.8 million violent war deaths, of which two million were civilian, with similar estimates reached by the Vietnamese government and Robert McNamara himself; over 11 million were displaced and over 5 million suffered life changing injuries and illnesses through US military carpet bombing and such terrible things as ‘Agent Orange’ where the effects live on even today and an environmental disaster on a national scale). Indeed if anyone has ever been to Vietnam and I have been five times, you just cannot see how America could have bombed them , as they are a peaceful nation and highly respective to all people and something that the USA should learn from. But when one looks at every war that the UK has been involved with in supporting the USA, ‘false flags’ are highly prevalent. In this respect with the Gulf of Tonkin incident in Vietnam, WMD’s in Iraq, regime change and not the protection of Libyans in the Libya debacle and where Libya before US/UK/French intervention with the French in tow was the most stable nation in Africa and the Korean War (Sinchon Massacre). Therefore are we doing the right thing following the US lead into their military wars and where over 1 million Iraqis were killed with over 6 million displaced fleeing to other regions (mainly Europe), 600,000 Syrians killed with over 7 million displaced to other regions (mainly to Europe again) and 500,000 Libyans displaced to other regions (mainly to Europe again) according to the UN?

34. Letter-to-the Editor - Germany's Economic Model is Sustainable and dynamic as it is built upon Manufacturing but where the UK's is not based upon Financial Markets
When you look at the success of the German economy and the UK economy, you see two totally different political mindsets in terms of achieving the long-term continual economic wellbeing for their respective nations and people. In this respect after WW2, Germany saw that only through having a dominant manufacturing export economy could they forge economic dynamism, but where UK politicians saw the crock of gold at the end of the rainbow in building up ‘The City’. In this respect also, the Germans saw economic stability in terms of engineering manufacturing and where the British saw stability in the financial markets. But we don’t need to be an Einstein to see what happened here with these two totally different economic models and what the 2007 financial meltdown did to the two economic strategies, where Germany after emerged stronger and the UK according to the chief Economist of PwC in 2010 project that our bank’s debt alone by 2015 would be in the order of £4.5 Trillion (yes trillion) and the unsaid debt that government don’t want us to know. Therefore it appears to be that the German political elite had far greater insight into the future as they even poached some of our top engineers in the early 1950s to provide for their economic model.

In this respect a single example of Germany’s economic mindset was where their Minister of Education at the time travelled purposely to Imperial College to offer a certain John Argyris FRS (Royal Medal) FREng (Prince Philip Medal) who was professor of aeronautics, that if he came to Germany they would build a whole campus around his revolutionary work at Stuttgart University (note that BMW, Daimler-Mercedes, Porsche, Bosch etc, etc are headquartered at Stuttgart). They did and that campus became debatably the most innovative engineering research centre in the world where most of the world’s largest manufacturing companies used their leading-edge engineering research and services to make them global leaders. Indeed NASA could not have landed on the moon if it had not been for this unique institution and supersonic/hypersonic flight would not have been possible. In this respect this German engineering institution’s revolutionary work has made for far safer cars, far safer bridges, far safer buildings and structures, far safer railways etc, etc and where the input of this leading-edge facility is limitless in its impact on the world-at-large.

That’s where British politicians went wrong and are still doing so by placing most of their economic eggs in the financial basket and not the manufacturing basket. Indeed, there is no doubt that there will be another financial meltdown eventually as history has shown and although Germany manufacturing will be hit by this, they will come out of the other side and emerge stronger as they always do, as their economic strategy is basically fool-proof and ours is at the fickle whims of financial markets. Lessons to be learnt here I believe, but will anyone in government take note, I very much doubt it.

35. Letter-to-the Editor - Western Foreign Policy Decisions have to get a Sense of Proportion before we Risk a World War Eventually 
When you take all the innuendos concerning the so-called chemical attack in Douma away, the decision on the basis that we have to take military action to show that we in the wise West need to tell Assad to stop using chemical weapons, is sheer madness. Indeed if our politicians will risk a nuclear world war between the West and Russia (plus probably backed up by China, as they ordered one of their largest warships into the area just before the West’s missiles reigned down on Syria), they have not the sane intelligence of a normal human in my humble opinion. Indeed by risking this knowing what could possibly happen by lighting a major war fuse like no other, they are not in my mind the people who should be leading this country, as if everything had gone the wrong way, there would have been no people or no nation to see anymore after the event of nuclear Armageddon.

The question therefore that has to be asked is, what is up with these people even though we know that 40 so-called Syrian people and children were purportedly bombed with chemicals, for only in madness would you risk starting an unprecedented nuclear world war on the back of this, even though atrocious as it was. For in Yemen according to the UN, thousands a month are being killed and injured and a large number are children. Therefore a second question has to be solicited is, where is the West’s sense of proportion and why isn’t the West up in arms over the tens of 1000s killed in Yemen every month it has to be asked. There appears to be double standards on a colossal scale in the West and why?

36. Letter-to-the Editor - Wars are started by Pretence and mainly false flags according to history
When we look at the history of humankind and War, we see in the main that leaders and politicians take us to war on any excuse that suits them. We can look at WW1 (assassination of Franz Ferdinand that was not a major global issue, but triggered something completely out of all proportions to the killing of a sole individual, a world war), WW2  (the Gleiwitz Incident in 1939 involved Reinhard Heydrich fabricating evidence of a Polish attack against Germany to mobilize German public opinion for war and to justify the war with Poland. It led to the deaths of Nazi concentration camp victims who were dressed as German soldiers and then shot by the Gestapo to make it seem that they had been shot by Polish soldiers. This, along with other false flag operations in Operation Himmler, would be used to mobilize support from the German population for the start of World War II in Europe), The Vietnam War (The Gulf of Tonkin where the minor skirmish on August 2nd  1964 with USS Maddox did happen,  but where the US Defence Department didn't respond and where it was the 2nd so-called attack on 4th August 1964 that gave the US Congress full authority for military intervention in Vietnam, but where this incident NEVER HAPPENED and where even Robert McNamara admitted that this was the case after the War), the Cold war (where capitalist’s interest just wanted communism out of the way and any old excuse would do) and the Iraq War (Weapons of Mass Destruction that did not exist). The list just goes on and on, but where at the base of all these wars were powerful individuals with vast global economic interests according to many eminent war historians.

Therefore most wars are started by pretence and where ‘False flag’ refers to covert operations designed to deceive; the deception creates the appearance of a particular party (group or nation) being responsible for some activity, disguising the actual source of responsibility. These are operations carried out during peace-time by civilian organizations, as well as covert government agencies, can (by extension) also be called false flag operations if they seek to hide the real organization behind an operation. Are we therefore really sure that Russia is behind everything?

So when you see a government and its media touting for war, make sure that you understand how things really are before making a decision that is not based on fact or unequivocal evidence, but hearsay with no real evidence at all. For you are being used and manipulated based on the history of global warfare.

Overall, man has not learned a thing basically since he came out of caves in reality, as the animal instinct is always there lying dormant in some people and usually those who have clawed their way up the greasy pole of politics to the top.

37. Letter-to-the Editor - Reasons why the NHS will not survive in the medium term, no matter how many additional billions are put into it
When people ask why the NHS is busting at the seams and where it cannot survive in the long-term no matter how  many billions are pumped into this nation treasure, one has only in reality to look into the net immigration numbers of people coming to live in the UK for the answer.

For according to the ONS in 2017, the population of the UK will grow by a further 7.3 million over the next 25 years and 80% of that is projected through immigration (5.84 million) and a clear recipe for an NHS meltdown. Added to this statistic and according to Migration Observatory, the percentage of the UK’s population that were foreign born people was 13.5% in 2015 of the total and where in 1993 it was 7% and where it has approximately doubled over those 22 years, but where during the Blair years as he opened up the flood-gates for entry into the UK, immigration soared according to Migration Watch UK and like never before in the history of this country. Compounding these ONS figures in numbers, in 2017 net immigration was 244,000 and equivalent to the population of Portsmouth or Plymouth in a single year. Considering the official data, you don’t need to be an Einstein to see that these unprecedented numbers authorised by our politicians, have/will place in a relatively very short period of time, unattainable demands on the UK’s NHS that will not be able to cope in the near term, even if additional billions are pumped into it.

For although we know that our NHS is 35% supported by people from other lands (EU & Commonwealth in particular), the numbers coming into the UK are just basically unsustainable and something has to change, or all manner of things will happen that none of us wish to see. Indeed, in a perverse way the import of cheaper workers for British industry, will impoverish the British people in the long-term by destroying things that we hold so dearly today. The trouble is of course that some people like our politicians just do not listen or recognise what is on the horizon for the nation.

38. Letter to the Editor - Our political decision-makers are our greatest threat to a future war based upon what history has recorded and is constantly recording
Is it no wonder that there are Wars with our political elite getting things wrong time and time again? The latest brinkmanship with Russia is a case in time where there was no unequivocal evidence and just like the war with Iraq or Libya, where the former, did not have WMDs as we all know now. But it never stopped Blair and Bush starting an illegal war that was not authorised by the UN and if we don’t watch out, eventually we shall have a war like no other in the history of humanity through our politician’s sheer stupidity. So why do our political leaders get it so wrong is the big question. It must have to do with a lesser intelligence in my view, as who would inflame/fan the possibilities of war (stoking up the possibility) and indeed start them without clear evidence that other nations are threatening us, or in the so-called Russian poisoning case where the victim was a double spy, apparently taking liberties with no scrap indisputable evidence that the Russians did it? Indeed, these people who dabble in espionage for a living, especially working for both sides, will know all sorts of unsavoury people that may very well have a grudge against them I am sure. Therefore our greatest danger for a major future war to start is not the alleged aggressors that MSM and politicians tell us, but our own political leaders where history has recorded this fact. Time I feel that we had a mechanism where we could reel in our senior political decision-makers who appear to create conflict on a whim of a mere ‘I think that they did it or I think they have it’. For if we have not this mechanism in place, one day may come when it is too late to anything about it and then no-one will have a future at all. Therefore it is also time that our political leaders lived in a world where evidence was at the very heart of their decisions making process; not hearsay and especially when it comes to Wars and accusations that could very easily, start Wars.

39. Letter to the Editor - Russia will TURN OFF our Gas Supplies
The Russian-UK aggressive dispute yet shows again that UK politicians have not a clue how to keep this nation safe. In this respect it is not the chemical attack, but the lack of intelligence to make sure that this country is self sufficient in energy? For we learn that Russia could turn off their gas supply to us and others because of the fallout. Some stupid people will say that the Russians will never do that, but where the threat is real. For when our astute politicians put such projects as HS2 before total energy security their decision-making is literally flawed. For presently renewables only officially account for 27% of our requirements and most of it is not a reliant means of generation and totally dependant of the wind predominantly. Indeed, if there was no wind, we would have zero output. For without the means to generate electricity at will, even HS2 would not run and power just would not be available for anything else for that matter. Therefore our politicians since Blair it has to be said are really stupid people when it comes down to the basics. In this respect they have the cart before the horse as usual.

Invest in Energy Security 'First' and not HS2 as without the life-blood of any modern economy ELECTRICITY, we can do nothing including run HS2 -

40. Letter to the Editor - BREXIT should be about the future not what things are like today
Reading the vast amount of media content since the Referendum with regard to the good and bad effects of coming out of the EU, I feel that it is about time that people looked to the future with regard to BREXIT and not to where we are now. For we appear to just stay in the present time-warp for some strange reason and do not apparently want to comprehend or want to look at what major economic and financial players say with regard to world trade.

In this respect the macro-economists at PwC, one of the ‘Big 4’, consider that in a mere 33 years time (2050) China will have an economy as large as that of the USA and EU27 combined and India will be the second largest economy in the world. Added to this the USA will then only be the 3rd largest economy, but where Indonesia will be the 4th  largest, Brazil the 5th largest, Russia the 6th largest and Mexico the 7th largest and Japan the 8th largest.  By then also the United Kingdom according to PwC will be the 10th largest economy.

But the most striking fact that PwC state is that China by 2030 (a mere 12 years from now) will have an economy equivalent to that of the USA and EU27 combined. Therefore a vast shift in where the world’s global trade will be and where the US and EU27 will basically be left behind. Indeed looking at 2050 again, PwC state that the US’s share of the global economic pie will be down to 12% (16% today) and EU27 will be down to a mere 9% +(17% today).

Therefore voting to remain or exit from the EU appears in my mind to be based on present-day vested interests and not future vested-interests (where future global wealth will reside). We have to understand this clearly, as if we do not, in the long-term, we will certainly let our children and their children’s futures down based upon PwC’s constructs. Indeed when we consider if BREXIT is good or bad, we have to fully comprehend what is on the horizon and where an enormous change in economic power will occur in a relatively short period in time and where we have to think of tomorrow and not of today.

Considering this fact, access to the opening up of global trade appears to me, based upon on PwC’s in-depth analysis, to be the way forward.

41. Letter to the Editor: BREXIT means very little and it is the Liberation of the British People's 'Fundamental Creative Thinking' that has to released to provide a Dynamic Future Economy
Respectfully with the release on Friday of the film, Bombshell: The Story of Hedy Lamarr, the letter that I respectfully sent to you which is attached to this email, is highly relevant so that government start thinking of where does the 'fundamental' thinking come from. This is totally different to the research at our universities and advance corporate centres of R&D. Indeed we have not considered this vital area where most of the fundamental thinking comes from, thinking that it emanates for our higher education establishments et al. The history of science and technology tell us differently. Therefore if your newspaper has the intuition here, I would respectfully ask if you will put it in print so that people have a little more understanding of what basically creates dynamic economies. Working in Whitehall I know that they do not know this and why governments are not aware either. They simply do not listen even when some of the people telling them are Nobel Laureates, but maybe the Yorkshire Post has more intuition than they have hopefully.

42. Letter-to-the Editor - Current political thinking on how to create a future dynamic Britain is totally flawed and realism has to emerge if we wish to see our children have a meaningful and prosperous future life - the thinking behind HS2 is certainly not the answer
When I look at HS2 I don’t see our political leaders as leaders, but failures. For if this is the best that they can come up with for the future of Britain (it is our biggest project by far), we all have to be highly concerned for the future wellbeing of our children. HS2 in this respect will do little if anything for the positive future GDP of the UK as the equivalent railway systems have shown in other advanced nations; Japan as the third largest economy in the world being a prime example here with over twenty years of economic regression after the bullet train was introduced.

For as we know, getting to a destination 25 minutes earlier does not allow for say another meeting in London to be conducted and therefore there is no increased economic benefit derived. What our politicians have to do is to think for once what the perceived future world will be like and what will drive that world. I can tell them that it will not be a £100 billion+ and counting HS2, but coming to the reasoning that only by capturing and developing new technological industries will we survive and prosper, not by faster trains that will derive little benefit for our people. For HS2 once it is built will have no new industries derived from this colossal debt, as it will all be borrowed money paid off in never-never land. Better in my mind to invest wisely even though the money is all borrowed and into the creation of a national incubator system where 75% of all the real fundamental thinking comes from that changes the world according to the history of S&T, the very people of this great country and not our universities or so-called advanced corporate R&D centres of excellence. Not until politicians realise this and where the ‘real’ fundamental seeds of thought to create a future dynamic economy comes from by reading their S&T history books, we are not going anywhere fast, even if we are travelling on the HS2 to that well known town called nowhere. For the inherent stupidness of our politicians and where I have to state also Whitehall, know no bounds and people should understand this clearly.

So if the prime minister is listening out there you have to give the people the creative means to really express themselves and then you will really see this country grow at an unimaginable economic rate of knots. But that will never happen of course unfortunately as political leaders are in the same mind-set of stupid political people also and as the white elephant HS2 plainly shows.

43. Letter to the Editor - UK is now for the 3rd year running the EU national drugs capitol of the EU28 and growing by the year
The European Drug Report 2017 makes harrowing reading and where the United Kingdom for the 3rd year running is the national drugs capitol of the EU28. But the most disturbing statistic out of the official (statistical figures only nationally registered drug users and not what the real numbers may be and far greater) total drug users of the 32.8 million within the EU28, young adults from 15-34 accounted for 24.3 million of the total (74%) and where this figure is growing annually.
Therefore the EU and the UK especially has a huge problem and where the direct and indirect cost to the taxpayer of the UK has been estimated to be over £20,000 million a year now.

But having been involved in the past with the possible introduction of a 'humane' Vietnamese ‘cure’ that produces no harm whatsoever and which is used in their NHS, I cannot understand why successive governments from Blair to May could not introduce it or even at the least, trial it, when it is a cure, not a treatment? In this respect this medication humanely blocks the receptors in the brain unlike Methadone et al that do not and therefore over a period of days using this medication, Vietnamese addicts detoxify their body of the hard drugs with no ‘cold turkey’ (what the addicts fear most) and do no harm whatsoever. The medication is not addictive either, as it is composed of naturally growing Vietnamese plants that are now synthesised into capsule form by the Vietnamese pharmaceutical industry within western standard manufacturing facilities. This is also unlike Methadone et al that are more addictive than the drugs that they are trying to cure.

Today in the UK, many people are suffering including the expanded family members, not just the addicts themselves and where overall this drug scourge affect over 3 million British people currently, either directly or indirectly. The suffering for them is huge and like a nightmare in many ways, so why has successive governments from Blair to May been ignoring this ‘cure’ when they have been informed through the Home Office with direct meetings from the early 2000s onwards is the big question that has to be answered? It can only be in my humble opinion that the powerful pharmaceutical companies behind the scenes are influencing government policy to retain their non-performing products (as we are definitely losing the war on drugs with current treatments regimes), as this cure would replace their treatments (that is only a continual maintenance regime which goes on and on).

Hopefully eventually a politician will raise the issue above their ministers and have it debated in Parliament for the future good of the British people? For Ministers and Secretary-of-States in both the Blair/Brown Administrations to the Cameron Administrations were fully aware of this remarkable 'cure'

44. Letter-to-the-Editor: The way that government and local authorities always get funding for their political projects
Over many years I have determined that government and local authorities have a fool-proof political way of getting their way for spending the taxpayer’s money, or should I say increased the public DEBT, whether off the balance sheet or being on it. In this respect if they want something their civil servants/officers under estimate the costs and therefore it is value-for-money and gets rubber stamped. But if they do not want something they inflate the costs so much that it will not see the light of day, even though it may give great benefit for the people. I have seen this system operate many times and where the schemes that they have inflated for no other reason than they did not want it, would have as I have stated created public benefit, but where the ones that the politicians wanted, have cost over ten-times more than their initial estimates.

So don’t be deceived is my advice in thinking that government and local authorities use our tax wisely when they analyse their project, as they do not and usually the reason is that the politicians want something, not the people. Examples of excessive underestimates for projects that the politicians have wanted abound in the UK and where the largest of these in relatively recent modern times was the Scottish parliament building that had an initial estimate of between £10 million and £40 million but ended up costing an incredible £414 million. But where again this was a political want and not a public want but where the predominantly the English people paid out all of this funding and excessive over-funding through devolved transfer of funds from Westminster to Scotland. Unfortunately this outcome can be said about most projects that the government wants, but not necessarily what the people want and who provide the tax for all this squandering to be done on a massive scale.

45. Letter to the Editor: A major global war appears to be inevitable with the constant ‘fixed’ mindsets of our political decision-makers
Governments tell us that they keep us safe, but do they really? For we are told time and time again that we have to arm ourselves and pay colossal sums in the interest of our so-called defence and security. But I never see any major nation threatening the UK, only generals and vice-admirals et al telling us that nations like Russia are an imminent threat and where to this day, I have not seen any Russian aggression against the UK at all. Indeed now generals from our ally the USA are saying that the US and NATO need smaller nuclear bombs to deter Russian aggression whatever that might be (and noted again two weeks ago by our defence secretary on so-called new grounds). Don’t these military men comprehend that if smaller nuclear weapons are used, the larger ones will come thereafter without doubt, or have I missed something here, as any country that has nuclear weapons used against them, will not look to see what they have on their WMD shelf and retaliate with a like-for-like small nuclear weapon. Indeed haven’t these military men heard of MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction), as apparently not? For sadly what I have seen of our political system over six decades is that we are taken constantly into illegal wars on false premises and Intel and where our nation suffers from direct war and the indirect consequences of war. In this respect as just one example not counting the 100s of billions of taxpayer’s funds  spent on weaponry etc, mass migration from war torn regions of the world where we have intervened, have cause massive demands on all our public services that cannot cope and where these enormous costs have impoverish the nation. As an individual example, the continual and constant destruction of our NHS is a prime example where it is not being able to cope.  Therefore War brings problems back to our shores in terms of acute demands on the nation and terrorism. For the people do not start these wars, but our politicians do.

Our late president Glenn T. Seaborg (Element 106 Seaborgium) created the ‘bomb’ with Oppenheimer to defeat Japan and Hitler (where the former had attacked the USA, before the nuclear age of weapons), but after WW2 he was the most ardent campaigner for nuclear disarmament. Indeed when the bomb was initially built, he implored (with others - Franck Report) not to use the weapon, as he and others knew of the devastation that this would inflict on human life, but where as usual, the politicians would not listen. I now fear where things are going with blind assumptions from our political and military leaders that we are heading towards a war that can never be won, but our politicians and generals must think that we can. It is time therefore that the people’s will and direct concerns were listen too before the ‘button’ is actually pressed and which is most likely to be caused by the misguided fixed mindsets that our political and military leaders have.

46. Letter to the Editor: PPP/PFI is a system of Procuring Projects that are made in Heaven…for those undertaking the schemes, but not for the taxpayer
Quite a few years ago I was a governor at the largest pupil school within a metropolitan local authority that had been signed up to a PFI scheme and where I had been a construction professional and adviser involved within the building industry for over 30 years. PFI scheme was part of one for 19 schools within the same authority who had signed up as a group of schools to the PFI contract and were all signed up for 30-years.  Having dealt with construction contracts for over 20-years I was asked to look into the contractual arrangements after the local authority had signed up on behalf of all the schools. Usually I had become associated with  contracts that ultimately looked after the interests of the client, but were fair to both sides. When I analysed the PFI contract I found for the first time in my construction life that it was  totally the opposite of that situation and where the contractor was totally in the driving seat being able to charge astronomical amounts for building works and school support services. Indeed it became clear that it was a licence to print money and I had never seen such a weighted one-sided contract like it ever before…for the contractor that is. Indeed there was nothing that the school could do about the extortionate costs being levied continually by the contractor and where it was estimated that at the end of the term of the PFI,  the schools would pay at least ten times more  money under the PFI scheme than if they had borrowed the money and tendered under the old system of contractual arrangements. Basically PFI was a total rip off to put the matter bluntly, but  the local authority had signed up blindly to the whole affair and where their thinking appeared to be that they were not particularly bothered, as the taxpayer was paying for it anyway.

47. Letter to the Editor - The UK needs New Technological Industries to Drive the Economy Forward, not just building Transport Support Systems that do not Increase our GDP one iota with the ret of the world
I just do not get it and I hope that someone can shine some light on the subject of why all these so-called transport initiatives across the country, building railways et al and tunnels, will provide in the long-term vast increases in the UK’s GDP?  I ask this as once all these things are installed like the HS2 and these trans-Pennine transport systems, where will the new industry come from as we only have one GDP pie to eat from and just building support system does not increase a nation’s GDP. In this respect it only makes the performance of what we have now hopefully slightly better, but the GDP stays the same in reality, as nothing new in terms of new products et al has been created; just railways and tunnels to get from A to be quicker hopefully again. For something seems a miss here as the railways and transport systems in the industrial revolution and thereon were built to support Britain’s growing GDP as we exported to the world, but this is not the case today, as we have no new technological industries to drive any increased GDP after these new railways and tunnels have been built. It appears to me to be the opposite way around with all these grandiose schemes and where new trade should come first to give a reason for such support systems. Otherwise they are just another debt put on the public purse if no new income is derived at the end in real terms. Indeed, can someone tell me with the same goods and services base after these constructs, where will the increased GDP actually come from to pay for all these things knowing that they will not increase our exports in any material sense? For it appears again that we have the cart before the horse and where all these transport systems will add no real additional GDP at the outcome end and where any business man worth his salt will tell you that we have to have pay-back over and above these vast investments that will go into the 100s of billion. Indeed is there some sort of crystal ball out there that says that new transport initiates to get to somewhere quicker, will actually increase our internal GDP substantially and please do not tell me that it will miraculously happen out of nowhere as these systems will not increase global exports et al. For that would be the thinking of hope and nothing more. Therefore common sense dictates that we need new technological industries first, but where government just will not listen to how this can be delivered first it has to be stated clearly.

48. Letter to the Editor - Carillion’s demise does not shock me knowing how Government and Especially Whitehall, ‘tick’
The demise of the vast Carillion Construction Empire did not amaze me, but greater still the incompetence of Government and Whitehall did not amaze me even more. Indeed having had a stint with the latter over a period of two years with the old dti with nearly one-hundred of the world’s leading scientists, engineers and technologists including eight Nobel Laureates in the sciences, we came to the conclusion that these people lived in a ‘bubble’ remote to reality and were we renamed Whitehall, the ‘don’t rock the boat steady-state’, where change was an anathema to them. But the sad indictment of this informed comprehension is that the people of this great innovative nation have to put up with the system that does not enhance the lives of the majority of British people through their naivety of how to create a dynamic economy, as they are insular always looking inside themselves not to others from the outside and in other words, they have no chance of seeing the wood for the trees ever. But this we found literally held the country back and did not enhance the nation’s prosperity one bit. Indeed it regressed it For all ministers rely on these people for their so-called advice and base for their white papers et al and where ministers have not the knowledge or intelligence to challenge their idea of the world. This is where it all goes so horribly wrong and why concerns like Carillion were given huge government contracts when it was known that they were in a terrible financial state. That is how intelligent Whitehall and government reality is and it is about time for the country’s own long-term state, that these places of power had people with an inclination of commercial in-depth understanding of the world and primarily, common-sense. As without these two determinants of success out of a set of seven, how can anyone I would ask make decisions that affect the people in a advancing prosperous way instead of the negative way we always seem to find ourselves. Indeed in 2009 the chief economist of PwC issued a projection of the nation’s debt based on average intelligence at that time (and things have become even worst than the base assumptions at that time), that the UK’s total debt (everything) would be in the order in 2015 of some £11.5 trillion (over 5-times our total GDP today) and where our bank’s debt alone would be £4.5 trillion of that. Unfortunately the figures have not been updated for some strange reason and I wonder why, as things since 2009 have become increasingly worse because of the compounded effect on the debt built up in the Blair/Brown years which by opening the flood gates for the ‘Markets’, created a lot of how we are today in economic terms. Therefore for the good of the whole country, government and Whitehall has to change, not in political colour as that would be more of the same as history has shown clearly, but in who runs these establishments with the right knowledge base that derives success and not continual debt for over nine out of ten people. It simply has to stop if there is any wisdom at all in the UK.

49. Letter to the Editor - Post BREXIT Analysis of the Economy is an Unreal and Unattainable Dream
The demise of the vast Carillion Construction Empire did not amaze me, but greater still the incompetence of Government and Whitehall did not amaze me even more. Indeed having had a stint with the latter over a period of two years with the old dti with nearly one-hundred of the world’s leading scientists, engineers and technologists including eight Nobel Laureates in the sciences, we came to the conclusion that these people lived in a ‘bubble’ remote to reality and were we renamed Whitehall, the ‘don’t rock the boat steady-state’, where change was an anathema to them. But the sad indictment of this informed comprehension is that the people of this great innovative nation have to put up with the system that does not enhance the lives of the majority of British people through their naivety of how to create a dynamic economy, as they are insular always looking inside themselves not to others from the outside and in other words, they have no chance of seeing the wood for the trees ever. But this we found literally held the country back and did not enhance the nation’s prosperity one bit. Indeed it regressed it For all ministers rely on these people for their so-called advice and base for their white papers et al and where ministers have not the knowledge or intelligence to challenge their idea of the world. This is where it all goes so horribly wrong and why concerns like Carillion were given huge government contracts when it was known that they were in a terrible financial state. That is how intelligent Whitehall and government reality is and it is about time for the country’s own long-term state, that these places of power had people with an inclination of commercial in-depth understanding of the world and primarily, common-sense. As without these two determinants of success out of a set of seven, how can anyone I would ask make decisions that affect the people in a advancing prosperous way instead of the negative way we always seem to find ourselves. Indeed in 2009 the chief economist of PwC issued a projection of the nation’s debt based on average intelligence at that time (and things have become even worst than the base assumptions at that time), that the UK’s total debt (everything) would be in the order in 2015 of some £11.5 trillion (over 5-times our total GDP today) and where our bank’s debt alone would be £4.5 trillion of that. Unfortunately the figures have not been updated for some strange reason and I wonder why, as things since 2009 have become increasingly worse because of the compounded effect on the debt built up in the Blair/Brown years which by opening the flood gates for the ‘Markets’, created a lot of how we are today in economic terms. Therefore for the good of the whole country, government and Whitehall has to change, not in political colour as that would be more of the same as history has shown clearly, but in who runs these establishments with the right knowledge base that derives success and not continual debt for over nine out of ten people. It simply has to stop if there is any wisdom at all in the UK.

50. Letter to the Editor - The Cameron driven $1 billion UK-China trade initiative will fail overall due to a fundamental lack of understanding of how the 21st century will 'tick'
The news that David Cameron has been appointed the lead-man for the UK-China investment vehicle gives me no confidence that this tax-funded initiative will provide any major benefit for the UK, but most probably a great deal of benefit for China. I say this as Cameron has no experience of either running a large international trading company or a creative innovative institution. For in the trading world of this century and beyond, it will not be political brains that forge dynamic economies as they haven’t any idea how to achieve this prerequisite in reality and where history has continually recorded this fact, but others. In this respect, the real deal will come from those countries that capture the high technology markets of the future. Unfortunately that is something that politicians do not understand and have not a clue about, as they do not predominantly come from the sectors that create and deal with global trade. Whitehall is there of course, but where in reality it is ‘dead-wood’ when it comes to advising politicians on how to initiate a dynamic future economy. For history has clearly shown time and time again this fact with the continual state of our increasing debt ridden economy and where they have never had the answers in reality. Indeed, not until politicians and Whitehall listen to ‘new’ ideas and thinking ‘outside the confines of their own self-imposed constraints, will anything like Cameron’s remit ever succeed. That is a fact that history has shown continually. For you see, they never look at the fundamental level and where all great technological industries are born. In this respect it is the ‘seeds’ of a future dynamic economy that they miss consistently and basically from the prime minister down, have no idea what I am talking about here and why we shall never have a pre-eminent economy until the penny drops. But I doubt that this will ever happen with the insular thinking mindsets of our politicians and Whitehall who only look at mundane bog standard don’t rock the boat steady-state thinking. A dynamic future economy; I doubt that this will ever be a reality with the current establishment organ grinders in charge and that unfortunately for the British people will be seen as a fact of life.

Dr. David Hill
CEO, World Innovation Foundation
4 November 2018

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