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Global Inequality and Poverty will Eventually 'Cause' Global Civil Unrest & Wars where Politicians and Big Business are fuelling this Dire Paradigm by the day and What is on the Horizon for Humanity

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To fully understand and comprehend this article, you have to use a reasoned, logical and commonsense mindset, as the end result is never openly disclosed or freely openly made known, but is a fact that this happens. Indeed, corporate power and the power of the 1% elite (and overridingly those titans of wealth the World Economic Forum - 'The WEF', together with their WEF puppet political leaders in their grip in the 'West'), presently controls the lives of around 8 billion people living on this planet, not politicians, but where politicians due to this pre-eminent and dominant corporate and elite economic and financial power, generally have no alternative but to overridingly do the bidding of those who are in reality in control of the 'system'. It is basic commonsense really if people use it and western leaders and their Cabinets have been 'bought' behind closed doors by the WEF over the last quarter of a century predominantly including, the EU and USA Administrations.

For the present global economic and financial 'system' is totally geared towards the monetary and asset control by the few and more so, in western economies. This can be seen quite clearly with the vast well-being and financial inequality that we have within humanity and particularly within the United Kingdom and the USA.

Rich people and most politicians will say that if it were not for the powerful corporations or rich, the rest of us would not have a life to live. But the reality though is that the 'system' is totally geared at the bottom-line to take from the vast part of society (nine out of ten people at least) and to put as much financial and economic cash and assets into the hands of a relatively small number of corporations and 1% elites.

There is therefore no real wealth redistribution made to the vast majority of the people as such, as the 'system' only supports the people so that the people can support the 'system' for the elites, through paying  only wages with limited possibility of 90% of the people acquiring any meaningful savings in relative terms for a lifetime of serving the 'system' that has been developed by the elites over the last 100-years or so in modern times..

Therefore we have a two-tier 'system' of financial and economic enrichment.
At the top what the elite want and where our politicians design the 'system' for their benefit to allow the vast majority to provide for the powerful corporations and 1% elites and at the bottom, a 'system' that provides the least to pay out to the 90%+ so that they have to be subservient throughout their lives through mortgages, loans et al to basically survive and live. Some will say, that people don’t do that bad as they have holidays and some can afford their own properties, but where the 'system' is a tying and controlling 'system' that the elites and politicians on their behalf have created for their own designs. In this respect, the people are held captive by the 'system',  even though many do not see this and although paid, are in reality modern-day slaves to the corporations and financial elites due to the 'system' and how it operates - what can be seen as a legalized ‘Democratic Enslavement System' and what is termed in many ways as Capitalism and Globalization for the many, but where in reality it is for the very few. .

It is therefore a control 'system' that controls everything from behind the scenes and closed doors and where to succeed it has to appear to be a democratic 'system', but where this is a total illusion in reality when you look into the workings and delivery of the 'system' and who gains.

We may want to think that we live in a democracy but where when one looks into the current 'system' again, it is not in reality and overall a mechanism just to make the people believe that they live in a society that is just, honest and caring. The present 'system' may also appear to have national security systems within its workings, but where these are not for any meaningful life as the rich and powerful suck the life out of the 'system' causing  the 'system' to create even more poverty and where it does not reduces poverty at all. In the USA for example over 50 million American people (men, women and children) officially live in poverty by the USA's own economic assessments of which nearly 13 million were children and accounted for 17.5% of all children living in the so-called richest country in the world today. Unfortunately, these figures have percentage-wise changed very little over the years since they stabilized after WW2, fluctuating 500,000 one way or the other, but where child poverty has never really been reduced and shows that the "system" does not really work for 90% majority of the American people and where it is all a complete mirage for 9 out of 10 Americans in all truth.

In respect of the UK, over 14 million people including 4.5 million children live in poverty and the system again does not work for the majority, only for the elites and powerful.

There is no doubt that governments are dictated too behind the scenes by economic threats that are not predominantly from external competing corporate forces, but from mainly within.  For behind closed doors, big business and the 1% elites (who have significant holdings in the world’s largest corporations) can threaten politicians at ease for their own financial enrichment. In this respect if a powerful individual or powerful corporate for example states that if certain legislation is not eventually introduced, they will transfer work to another country, a government if the negative effects are so large will have to oblige. Added to this governments are also threatened by large external economic forces where through their inept judgement such as in the UK who have allowed the nation’s public utility companies (electric, water and gas et al)  to be sold off into foreign ownership (EU countries such as Spain stopped this happening citing 'national interests') and they threaten to withhold supplies on commercial grounds and international law due to legislation that is affecting their foreign owners, the government would be obliged due to such threats, to change the legislation over time.  

Therefore one way or another, as half of the world's net wealth belongs to the top 1%, the top 10% of adults hold 85%, the top 30% of adults hold 97% while the bottom 90% hold the remaining 15% of the world's total wealth, the elite and big business is going to control as things presently are, unless the people own more wealth. Indeed the Guardian newspaper had an article published on 7th April 2018 where the richest 1% was on track to control two-thirds of the world’s wealth by 2030, giving them economic and financial control and ultimately power over nearly 70% of the world’s wealth. This clearly cannot be good for humanity and where it does not take an Einstein to comprehend that this means a further and substantial erosion of humankind’s propensity to live in a free world and with continual erosion of human rights and living standards working at the coal-face for the 1% in a system of democratic servitude forever.


So things have to happen in this century where the people take back significantly the wealth of the world for their own long-term good and where presently 6,750 million people approximately only control 15% of the word’s wealth and where this is predicted to fall even more in another mere 11 years to 10%, impoverishing the 90% of the people (the ‘Masses’) by a further 5%. If this is not a clear recipe for continual civil wars, I don’t know what one is?


What other ‘System’ can be adopted then to prevent future human harm and ultimate conflict on a global scale?
There is no doubt that individuals who commence a business and provide work for the people should reap the rewards of success, but where it is the degree of that financial and asset enrichment that they should or not receive. The present 'system' puts the vast majority of benefits into the pockets of the owners (eventually the elites) and corporate managers (eventually the leaders of corporations) and this is where it all goes so horribly wrong, for as the business grows the elites and corporate executives get ever richer and the people (workers) in reality, stay as they are in real terms (other than for the very few), having to live with mortgage and financial control chains around them, in a totally controlled environment with no real financial enrichment throughout their whole lives over and above what they receive in only corporate wages – In other words they have to serve the company due to their financial week-to-week commitments and enforceable debts to pay for just living and where most are trapped thereon by the elite’s and corporates totally derived 'system'. Therefore the present 'system' is overridingly a control 'system' of the masses and no more where the elites devise, tweaking slightly here and there over the years, making the majority of people trapped within this prevailing control 'system' of the elites own making. Our politicians thereafter oblige and pass laws so that the 'system' is made legal in accordance with what the elites and powerful corporates want for their own enrichment and the people are trapped by this controlling 'system' that on face-value looks all nice and democratic, but where it certainly is not.

There is therefore no other way of looking at the dire inequality that the present 'system' brings with it, but to have a more equitable distribution wealth system. For one has to fully understand from the start that although the owners/elites had a good idea to start with to commence a business and initially grow it, it is the workforce that actually makes the wealth created, as without them, there would be no business for the owners to manage.

Therefore the equitable 'system' that is needed starts with the owners recognizing this fact and where the mindset is changed from total enrichment of the owners/company mangers to one where the employees are part of the corporate structure also, where the business shareholding is integrated to include both owners interests and employee's interests in order that bosses and workforce share the fortunes and losses of the business, through good times and bad.
But for this to succeed it is given that the owner/elites should retain 1/3rd  of the business ownership and receive 1/3rd of all profits and where the workforce likewise received 1/3rd of the shareholding with the same conditions of rewards attached. The outstanding 1/3rd shareholding being held by investors for the future expansion of the business. Nothing is perfect, but at least it would be equitable and unlike things are today.

Some orthodox corporate thinkers will say that this would not work, but where there are many benefits in reality such as the workforce being part would with intelligence look after the interests of the business, as they are really their own.  In this respect also, as the benefits and possible threats to the survival of the business are intertwined  with the success of the business, if any part of the workforce is not pulling its weight (from one individual to 100s), the effective workforce would have a mechanism to intervene and stop the rot and where the business owner would be constantly protected against corporate threats and losses. This should be welcomed by corporate owners and unions alike if they have a brain, as this system would protect and excel the business potential and where profits would be far greater and guaranteed in many ways far greater also, as all have an interest in one thing, the success of the business. Indeed, if there were any that had not this mentality, they should not even be a part of such a business model.

Therefore a new business paradigm is definitely needed if the world and humanity is to survive past this present century and where considering the current direction of globalization, an equitable business model between owners/elites and workforce is required as a mandatory condition for this to happen. For if the present 'system' of ‘take' by one minority side endures for the very few and the workforce continue to just live in business and corporate servitude, this will only serve one purpose, for the 'system' to become a mechanism for mass civil unrest and eventually to break in a chain-reaction mode of decline that would affect corporate earnings, a nation’s ability to support its people and the survival of business itself.

"The Elephant Curve of Global Inequality and Growth" -

Therefore change in corporate structures and the 'system' has to take place for the long-term interests of the people and the nation's own long-term global health, but to make absolutely sure that the WEF's 'draconian' GREAT RESET never happens that will places 'ALL' humanity into global slavery - have no doubt about that as the control systems to do this are in place and where Zelensky's Ukraine is the first nation to sign up to the WEF's global agenda of controlling the people. For Zelensky if you did not know is also a WEF puppet who is a WEF young graduate leader and there are many videos on the alterative media news platforms that you are not allowed pon 'western' MSM to see - Odysee, BitChute et, etc.  

Dr David Hill
CEO, World Innovation Foundation (UK)
18 August 2019 (updated 05 October 2019 and 30 April 2022)


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