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We Live In An Illusion and the Puppet Masters are our Political Leaders together with our Corporate Leaders but where We are of Course seen as the Puppets

  Iraq 'before' the War (Shock and Awe)

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Baghdad in 2002 before the Iraq WarRelated image Related image

Iraq 'After' the War (Shock and Awe)

 Iraq shock and awe
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Libya 'Before' the War

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Libya 'After' the War 

 Deserted: The denuded buildings of Sirte will have to be demolished after they were pounded with heavy artillery for weeks

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We live in an illusion.

From the government to the media, we all live in a created false impression (other than those creating the illusion of course – the political leaders and powerful global corporates), as what we are told is not actually reality.

This can be seen on all sorts of fronts if the majority of people undertook their own in-depth research. For the people are not the main concern of government in reality, as behind closed doors financial and economic power are the real change-masters. Unfortunately this is not a good situation for the people, as wars (based on false information) and dire economic catastrophes (for example, the global financial meltdown that the people had to bail out and impoverished the majority in the process – you and me, but not the big boys who destroyed many lives and the majority of the people's family futures) are the long-term outcomes. Indeed, we are all now aware if we have any intelligence, that the Iraq War and the Libyan War were unleashed under false flags of information and where although there where things wrong with these regimes when Saddam and Gaddafi were in power prior to western politicians involvement in ordering the military intervention against these two nations, they were quality built environments, where people had a reasonable standard of living, a meaningful life, good housing and modern western equivalent facilities.

We look now and where they are just mere relics of these past heady times for the Iraqi and Libyan people, with their countries in near total collapse and where two former prosperous countries (compared to many other middle Eastern nations) have literally been destroyed and turned into social states of anarchy and lawlessness. That is if western media would tell the truth for once. Therefore our politicians tell us lies on the altar of military intervention and where western arms dealers make billions in sales in every major war selling their killer equipment (where more civilians die by a factor of 1000+ than military personnel as a consequence) and where the so-called defence industry is the largest financial and economic industry in the world (taking into account the cost of all armies, their continual maintenance and the habitual uninterupted spending on replacement and upgrading of military hardware and equipment). Indeed, the USA in particular because it is the largest spender on so-called defence, needs continual wars to sustain their economy and war machine, as they have to use conflicts around the world as their primary engine of growth. In this respect without wars, the USA would find itself in a dire economic slowdown when you look at how wars keep the US economy afloat. In this respect the US taxpayer of course is paying for all of this under the guise of defence, but where in reality this is another big, big, lie. For just imagine for a minute that the US had no armies, no airforce, no navy, no Pentagon and no arms dealers, how could the USA find the industries to provide the vast economic numbers to replace this huge economic engine? Unfortunately for the American people, successive leaders and the White House together with the Washington Hawks (who do the bidding of the US arms industry and the military), have now to keep the military machine going at all costs; not because of global terrorism, but because if they ceased in the involvement and creation of wars, the US economy would fail within years. Therefore successive US politicians over the past 50 years have got the American people into an unredeemable state that totally relies on continual wars around the world to keep it bright and breezy, at the expense of the majority of nations (including Britain if truth be told) and the vast majority of humanity. It is not unusual therefore that from 65 countries and nearly 68,000 people polled, that the USA was seen by far as the greatest threat to world peace at the end of 2013 and things according to updated information/polls have not changed, and where even 9% of Americans voted that way also -  WIN/Gallup International’s annual global End of Year survey shows a brighter outlook for 2014 –

Unfortunately it has to be said but where this is 100% true, all these wars always have to have an enemy, even if it is made up every time with mega-lies - the 'false flag' ploy that our political leaders and big business use every time on the American people and those in the West generally to start wars of carnage and destruction. 

Therefore the American people are being told a pack of lies continually through the American Administration’s mouthpiece the White House and mainstream media, who do all their bidding and provide the lies again through what is now known as, fake news. But where the biggest fake news that they can spin on the American people and the world is that they are the peace-keepers. In this respect you look at all major wars since WW2 and the US has been the aggressive military invader from Korea/Vietnam to the wars in the middle east, central Asia and subversion in South American economies, killing literally tens of millions of civilians in the process. All in the guise of the US's perceived socio-economic ideology, but where in truth it is vested economic interests of the US that are driving this carnage, unsanctioned in many ways by the American people themselves who are basically used as a mean to an end and mere puppets in the eyes of their political masters.

But unfortunately for the people of Europe, the same is happening in the United Kingdom and to a lesser degree, in France and Germany together with the EU. For here again lies are continually being told to the people by successive European leaders and their Administrations. Indeed the question has to be asked, would it be better without any politicians at all - Democracy - Would We Be Better Off Without Political Parties That Wield Such Powerful Control Over All of us Without our Conscious Knowledge in 99% of the people's Minds –

But where it has to be stated that the rot and the corrosive nature of politics starts at the grass-roots and where this is called the political ‘Party’. For the ‘Party’ if people look into politics, is the overriding concern of politicians and not the people. In this respect the people are just a means to the Party’s ends. For how many times have we seen lies told to win elections in party manifestos for them never to see the light of day when in power. More by far have all been lies if people did their own homework. Therefore the ‘Party’ tells lies to get their ‘Party’ into power and for nothing else, and certainly not for the people's benefit based upon historical evidence. That is what true democracy is, a system built on a majority of lies by the Party machine. Overall, that is the real evil element in the whole of the political system and it is time that people clearly understood this.

Indeed, this corruption starts at the selection process where I have personal knowledge of candidates being chosen prior to the selection process and where all the other candidates are simply turning up for no purpose. Other clear examples of political corruption are where local political parties in power wish to have their party decisions accepted and where they arrange a meeting behind closed doors (usually at the party leader’s home, but certainly a leading party member’s home where they think that secrecy can be maintained and secured) where a quorum is required to get these decisions officially adopted. I have personally witness this corrupt system although not a party to the vote (only there as an adviser for an acquaintance on a personal matter) as I was not a member of this political group, but where my acquaintance was. In this respect people are given food and drink inducements to come at a leading ‘Party’ member’s home and where they are there just to put their hands in the air to vote things through basically. No debate, just hands and arms in the air to pass the so-called official ‘Party’s decisions through. At this secret ‘Party’ meeting that I attended I was sat next to a guy who smelled miles high and looked as though he had just come of a park bench from a night’s sleep. I had throughout to keep my head facing away from him due to the smell and not his intellect. He just kept saying to me in passing, “Doesn’t the food smell good, I wonder when we will have it” (nothing in respect of what he was doing at the meeting as there appeared no interest there). When it came to voting with no debate at all, all in the room of about 15 people after the ‘Party’ plebiscites had been read out one-by-one, straight away with no hesitation, all arms in the room shot up and ‘all’ the ‘Party’s decisions were passed 100% with no decent at all from any there. That is what really happen in the ‘Party’, but the UK voter is totally oblivious to all this corruption (unless you are part of the Party at the highest level of local government politics) that goes on behind closed doors and where again this is British democracy in ‘real’ deceitful action.

But a detailed study of psychopaths and sociopaths shows that the ‘Party’ and those at the top of mainstream politics, have traits of these dire mindsets. Indeed, the limited studies undertaken to date (but where more into this phenomena is now happening because of the damaging effect to the majority – one of the only positives to come out if the financial meltdown and rightly so) shows that many political leaders have predominantly the same traits, where it is the winning that counts and you have to do everything whatever to achieve this objective state, no matter if it harms other people, whether they be one person or whether it aversely affects millions. In this respect a predator mentality is the norm and where research confirms this to date, whether it be a corporate ceo or a political leader and no matter which country it may be, but where it has to be said, is more predominant in western economies.

The mainstream media are all part of this deceit process on the people, reporting distorted or fabricated news for their totally vested-interest masters (the rich corporates and powerful politicians who prevent the people knowing the real truth, because greed pays all the bills and honesty does not), undertaking so-called authoritve articles and so-called information documentaries and programmes that are based on untruths and total distorted reporting. For overridingly they are controlled by the powerful corporate organizations and government who are the people who allow what the people should know or more importantly for them, what they should not know. Therefore we have suppressed news in reality, not what the real news is. In this way powerful vested interests in business and politics provide a false impression of the world for their own self-interests, whether that is a major war or if it is for the accumulation of vast wealth. Don’t believe me, undertake your own in-depth investigations and where you have to enter such a situation with an open mind. In this respect most people have already an in-built conditioned mind through constantly released media information and who they are told who are the bad guy and who are the good guys. Unfortunately, most people believe what they are being told and do not question what the media is stating to them, but where in reality it is subliminal brainwashing that is really happening all the time. Unfortunately again, people never do their own comprehensive global analysis of what independent journalists et al are stating and use their own reasoning based upon all information to determine what is right and what is wrong. But where also leading politicians and corporate leaders rely on this fact and therefore the world continues to be blind in reality to the people and how it operates behind the scenes. But unfortunately again, this is the ‘real’ world and what the majority of people perceive, especially in the West, where the media is the most powerful influencer in the world on people’s minds and their perceived understanding of the world. Indeed, it is no wonder that the majority of the people believe white is black and that the good guys are in fact the bad guys and visa-versa. Therefore powerful politicians and powerful corporate executives using the media that they control, is the most powerful brainwashing machine in town and that is a fact. Indeed ‘Control’ is what they both have to achieve and whatever is required, has to be undertaken, whether that harms people with what is called collateral damage, so be it. That is why leading politicians and powerful corporate bosses generally have psychopathic tendencies according to research and can do far more harm than good. In this respect you can ask the people of Iraq where over 1 million perished and nearly 5 million people were displaced with the West’s war on Saddam. For this war as we all know now, was based upon a lie and where Iraq did not have any weapons of mass destruction. But again mainstream media told us that they had in order to support the actions of their political and economic self-interested decision makers behind closed doors and definitely not for the good of the people or their family’s futures.

We know also of so-called pre-eminent mainstream organizations such as Nature Magazine who tell lies for their corporate investors. This is to suppress scientific information that has a big effect on the bottom-line or corporates and where they discredit organizations that talk out against the system.  As an example and in this respect, telling people that a particular foundation’s vice-president did not know of an institution when questioned, but where he would, when another institutional name was given to him by Nature Magazine. This was done with other lies to discredit an organization that was trying to help humanity, but where their work had a major justified effect on the world in a big way, not the bottom-line. For they even stooped in using a Nobel Prize winning science Laureate here for their corporate deceit. Indeed in the outlined case cited, it involved the future to a high degree of global human life and where Nature tried to suppress the only mechanism that had stopped avian flu in its tracks, but where they were not the billions and billions in drug sale profits with this alternative that saved literally millions of lives in Hong Kong in the 1990s. For this self-interested thinking based purely on sustaining the economic greed motive, determined that this life-saving strategy had to be destroyed at all cost and Nature magazine dutifully obliged their global corporate interested investors and advertisers. Therefore we can see how mainstream media manipulate the truth and where the people reading such articles think that the good guys are the bad guys. An article outlining what happened is given hereafter - Possibly the Most Important Keynote Speech ever given for Humanity's Future Survival as the 'Unthinkable' will eventually happen according to Dr. Margaret Chan, D-G of the World Health Organization (WHO) who has said many times, it is only a matter of time not when -

But it has to be said that this is what is happening all the time and people around the world are being conditioned and deceived through lies and deception in believing that the world is as it is, but where in reality, this is not the real world.

Thankfully the great asset that the people have is the internet and the WWW, but where powerful political and corporate institutions are working to get control of the system and where bit-by-bit behind the scenes, they are succeeding. Such concerns as Facebook and Google are at the heart of this and where they can suppress information and keep the people in the dark. This is happening more and more now and this trend will definitely accelerate. So do not be conned here that they do no harm. Thankfully the new younger generations who are better informed than their predecessors, are beginning to realise this and shunning such platforms as Facebook et al. This is due to the fact that these two companies and similar global companies know too much about all of us and where future blackmail by governments and corporates to make us comply may very well become reality. They are therefore a massive threat to the people’s wellbeing in future years. Well at least there is hope one can say and where the emerging younger generation has to combat excessive political and corporate power over them and to take head on these information gathering global bodies. Don’t believe also the lie that they would not hand over information to governments (concerning terrorist in this respect) and where this was another big lie to make people think that they would safeguard our information no matter what. The reality is that they already do share our information and government’s behind the scenes make them do this with the threat of sanctions that would hit the reason for why they are in business, vast corporate profits. For if the new generation do not, they will become in reality future captive slaves to the system with no chance to live as humanity intended. And that’s the truth unfortunately. This consolidation and control mechanism is well on it way and people should understand thus clearly.

Dr David Hill
CEO, World Innovation Foundation
15 October 2017 (added 7.08.2021)

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