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The Globalists are Going to literally Destroy 90% of Humanity and have the world just for Themselves and for their future generated off-springs - But the 10% left will just be Slaves to these 'elites' so no-one will be Free and have any Human Rights at all by 2030




The Anarchical Problem and the People who are Evil, Sinister and not at all God-Fearing with the "Unhuman" traits of Hell  - "The Future and History of what 'Humanity' will be living from 2030 Onwards"

The Total Destruction of the World and its People has been going on now for over 260-years "in earnest" and from the start of the first “Industrial Revolution”, but where the Enemy has been and still is, the inner enemy and insidious traitors of the people - that small in comparison, but impotently powerful, western oligarch capitalists, who wish to simply control EVERYTHING including “YOU”: The megalomaniac and perfectly insane  “Globalists”, that reside in the background within that Machiavellian institution, "The World Economic Forum (The WEF)". 

Now we have the 2nd Industrial Revolution that will end in the demise of humanity and within a very short period of time in comparison with the 1st Industrial Revolution if the people do not prevent the worst genocide of humankind happening. 

The irony of what has been happening to the people in the ‘West’ is that the very people who have increasingly caused the ‘Collapse’ of western civilization, is the very people that were given their unprecedented wealth by the people of the West, where now over 50% of all global wealth is owned by a mere 1% of the world’s population according to Credit Suisse, through the people’s innovative creative thinking and their inventions – incredible, but true.


For this highly corruptive force of the mind has its roots within unparalleled personal “Greed” and “Power” of the few that totally metamorphosised into the most powerful word in the World – CONTROL. For now we have the few and their insane descendants running a global asylum, directing and presiding over the mass extermination of humanity and taking sequentially control of the people over the last 26-decades of the world’s history.

The start of all this world domination and power in the minds of a few started in 1760 when the British forces defeated the French in India and Canada, as Great Britain became the first ‘Superpower’ through military domination and where succession ‘Superpowers’ have done so ever since, some failing like Germany, but others like the USA, taking this ultimate power mantle for the last 100-years after WW1.

For these richest western oligarchs in the world have decided to take control of the whole planet and dismantle ‘Democracy’ completely as we know that was previously “for the people and by the people”, to their systemised control of the world.

We have known for years now that our political leaders in the west are controlled by these super-powerful western oligarchs behind the scenes and where people democracy is an “illusion” in truth. Respectfully for those who still do not believe this, they will become with great respect in my humble opinion, the demise of their own end in time and where time is running out for all of us if we do not act against this growing political, financial and economic tyranny.

As Lord John Edward Acton, the first baron stated to Bishop Creighton in 1887 in one letter within a series of letters between the two at the time,

“I cannot accept your canon that we are to judge Pope and King unlike other men, with a favourable presumption that they did no wrong. If there is any presumption it is the other way against holders of power, increasing as the power increases. Historic responsibility has to make up for the want of legal responsibility. Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men, even when they exercise influence and not authority: still more when you superadd the tendency or the certainty of corruption by authority. There is no worse heresy than that the office sanctifies the holder of it. That is the point at which the negation of Catholicism and the negation of Liberalism meet and keep high festival, and the end learns to justify the means. You would hang a man of no position, like Ravaillac; but if what one hears is true, then Elizabeth asked the gaoler to murder Mary, and William III ordered his Scots minister to extirpate a clan. Here are the greater names coupled with the greater crimes. You would spare these criminals, for some mysterious reason. I would hang them, higher than Haman, for reasons of quite obvious justice; still more, still higher, for the sake of historical science.

Note that this statement is still the most powerful proclamation of what these totally evil people in current times wish to do to people of the world, by ruling over all humanity with their draconian mechanism of suppression, submission, and total control of the people. It is also the most truthful of statements on the mindsets of these oligarchs who wish to control all of us in eternity if they can from one mentally deranged descendant to the other.

The WEF's Total Control of our Political Leaders in the West

Over the past 50-years since the WEF's founding, it has had a hideous strategy to get the West's political leaders on-board with their sinister agenda for humankind and most have now joined the WEF and where the WEF is  basically now their masters. This can be seen clearly as the Davos annual meeting and conference. 

So have no illusions about this, our political leaders in the West have been nurtured into office over a few decades and where now through the power of vast financial clout, has created our puppet political leaders that we see today. Indeed, Klaus Schwab the chairman of the WEF has said so himself on several occasions in interviews and conference speeches -  

Klaus Schwab, we penetrate Cabinets (of governments) - 

A List of Klaus Schwab’s WEF “Young Global Leaders”. The WEF and the Pandemic -

WEF/Young Global Leaders - 

How Globalists are taking over America

And of course these WEF puppet political leaders of ours, control the military and the police (who have become over the past 3-decades, like suedo-military militia in many western nations) and that's why the WEF thinks that the people are so impotent against them and where it is of course, the same thinking of the WEF's political puppet leaders also. But they have not studied revolutions in great enough detail in my opinion and what happens when the people rise up - for the great unknown is the unknown itself. For in this resect the history of 'Revolutions' has shown that once the people start to rise up and rally against an aggressive, harsh and dictatorial regime (which it will be), the Army and military personnel join eventually with the people, as the bulk of the lower ranks (96%) are family members and where they see through the vicious system that their military leaders are upholding, so they revolt and rebel as well. Unfortunately this causes significant fatalities and casualties, but where the oppressors are eventually brought to justice, judged to spend long-term jail sentences for their crimes or executed.  But it has to be stated that such a struggle will be harder than at any other time, as the surveillance systems where everyone is watched now and most have mobile phones and laptops et al, the globalists know this - as it was all planned unsuspectingly by the people and where these devices would eventually become tracking devices by the Globalists...all planned and why it has taken decades to create the technology that can do this and where it has to be stated, the Globalists developed a lot of these tracking devises to make sure it happened for them.

The Genesis of what these totally tyrannical-egregious  people are now doing (don't believe anything less or you will be totally fooled) and what has been going on for tens of Decades now and where "Wars" are just 'one' of the tools in their dire arsenal  that they have been using and creating for a very long time to get what they want - the Total Global Domination of the World and its 'People' with their servitude and thereby, their enslavement to these Globalists 

Although these people and their past descendants have tried previously to enact such mandatory edicts and operation in the past from the creation of the British Empire  and in a minor way before that time, to WW1 and WW2 where they were highly instrumental in formulating these global wars for their own personal profit and created people who were the richest individuals in the world, up to 50-years ago, they had not the technology to control the whole world through global surveillance systems and now the incoming digital currency market that will destroy paper money forever and thereby control us all financially.

For in this respect, only in relatively modern times has the technology been in place to totally control the people and the control also over by these high-end western oligarchs of all western political leaders. Indeed when you control the politicians, you control the armed forces of western nations and that’s where the great ultimate control resides.

The irony of all this in another dimension is that the vast majority of the very technological breakthroughs that now control humankind, were created in the minds of individuals and many outside mainstream science and what we know as independent inventors who sold their knowledge and inventions on the financial altar of these western oligarchs, enriching these people to unimaginable wealth and eventual power financial and economic power behind the scenes. Gates is just one who built his £150,000 million fortune on someone else’s thinking - Timothy Paterson with MS Dos that put Microsoft on the global  map and where it helped Gates of course with his mother being a director at the time of IBM, the largest computer company in the world at the time. 

Many of these people like Gates have done the same, given a pittance to the inventor (usually a regular guy) and gone on to make 10s of billions of US dollars and even hundreds of billions of dollars for themselves and where they have made their companies worth multi-trillions of US dollars as global corporations. 


Indeed, that’s where all the financial and economic power comes from and also the insanity of these people believing in that they can do anything, even when it is against natural law of the people time and time again. Things will get greatly worse unfortunately as these people take control of the world and its people and where Klaus Schwab.  chairman of the WEF’s statement, 

 “You will own nothing, and you will be      

    happy” - (The plan by 2030) 

But the above is a total disguise of what is actually coming and even if we believe this proverbial bullshit, where basically and logically looking at these psychopathic  people of the highest order, where in comparison to Hannibal Lecter was a mere choirboy, will literarily ‘enslave’ humanity forever if they succeed. 

The minor wars since in comparison with WW1 and WW2 that mainly the US has waged and has been involved in 64 wars since the end of WW2 including the Ukraine-Russia war, have all been a part of this global turnover of the world and its people where new and improved weaponry was used on the world’s people non-discriminatory and without any regard to people’s deaths and suffering to get the job done and where the US’s military industrial complex and the Pentagon’s thinking on wars where humanity is not taken into the equation and which is totally different to Russians with regard to the Ukraine conflict if people look into the ‘real’ background of all this and not the false and fake news churned out constantly by western corporate and politically controlled mainstream media (MSM) – see the link in the references for just one source alone of hundreds of thousands on the alternative news reporting – “Do 'You' Want to KNOW the 'REAL' TRUTH and the LIES through the ALERNATIVE TRUTH - Weblinks to What you are not being told due to Suppression of the News by Western Governments and the West's MSM concerning Ukraine War, Covid Pandemic and the World Economic Forum (The WEF)” - 

Indeed, this insane thinking by these post-WW2 western leaders carried forward from their predecessors, has decimated many countries throughout the world and left their people dead and suffering in their millions (not of course the political leaders or the vastly rich oligarchs that invested continually in wars on both sides of that time and their offspring do today who were always safe from harm). Indeed and only two examples, in Japan where the after radiation effect from two atomic bombs killed further hundreds of thousands after (if not a few million medium-term) and also Vietnam with Agent Orange where it killed also some say, millions and still kills today through inherited Cancers. For these wars do not just kill at the time, but millions upon millions after they have been waged. The West has therefore never learnt anything from wars and basically with the Ukraine conflict, just continues to kill people and maim millions for life including the aftermath. 

"Periodic Global Financial Collapse" is 'another way' to harm and to sequentially effect enslavement on the world's people so that they submit to the WEF's dire 'global agenda' for Humanity together with "Man-Made" Virus Pandemics

The 2007/08 financial collapse of near enough the global financial system that was caused by the political leaders in the West (US Bush Administrations and UK Labour Party Government in predominantly) where millions lost there homes through repossessions due relaxation of mortgage lending criteria (where people could get 130% mortgages where the 30% was put in your back pockets) and the opening up of the financial markets in the early 2000s, caused long-term financial harm to the people throughout the world and had no effect on the perpetrators of this strategy. Indeed, the bankers were never prosecuted and in fact became richer throughout the crisis and its aftermath, but where of course the people were left reeling and suffering to pay for all this. This was of course all part of the initial system that we are in now of course to impoverish 90>99%% of western people and eventually enslave them. 

The "Digitalization' of currencies will be the icing on the cake for these WEF globalists, as that will give them 'Total' control of our money and where you only have to look at WEF puppet leader Trudeau and Canada to see what this can do by disabling your bank accounts, debit cards and credit cards where you cannot buy or purchase anything - the ultimate control mechanism if the people allow them to do this. So have no misconceptions here and the Digital Currencies are not for our good, but for their CONTROL.

In 2009 the WEF Oligarchs with big global business and its crony political leaders attempted what has happened over the last 2-years and what is  still in the background happening now with the Swine Flu, but where this was then thwarted by the Health regime regulations in the USA at the time (a pity it is the opposite now with these mRNA vaccines where millions have died and had life changing adverse effects from them and was never allowed before present times) and where the communication technology at the time could not infiltrate people’s minds as much with ‘project fear’ then. 

The "True" Genesis of the Ukraine Conflict

In 2014 when the Obama Administration behind the scenes deposed the democratically elected president of Ukraine and installed their puppet knowing the Neo-Nazi militia were actually running that country from thereon and have done so ever since with the threat of assassinations to their politicians and times reminiscent of the Gestapo in Nazi Germany times, where people mysteriously in their thousands disappeared over night never to be ever seen again and over the last 8-years where the Ukraine military (particularly the Azov regiments and similar Nazi leaning military fractions of the army) have killed up to 20,000 Ukrainians in Eastern Ukraine who were Russian speaking. Culminating today in the Ukraine-Russia conflict and where all this was planned again with what is happening now and the impoverishment of western people (US, UK and EU together with 99% of the rest of the world) and towards their capture by the globalists in their ‘Great Reset’ Agenda of humanity across the world. Indeed, that is what all these high commodity prices and vast accumulation of debt for the world’s people is all about and eventual the ultimate end in the enslavement of people in all truth by the globalists (western oligarchs and western political leaders). Sounds mad, well it is as mad as these people at the WEF and part of that sinister organization. 

The Criminal 2019/2020 'Man-Made' Covid Pandemic

In 2019/20 we had the start of the Covid Pandemic and really another run by the WEF of the 2009 Swine flu fraud pandemic that failed for them then. This was predicted by Gates’s Event 201 on October 18, 2019 just prior to the Covid Pandemic starting and participated by the United Nation’s Agenda 21 agenda which is the wider scope, but includes to a great extent if you read into it for global repercussions for global health and the people, and which basically you will not like if the UN body the World Health Organization (The WHO) gets all its powers over the people that it seeks and all western political leaders have already in principle signed up to and consequently will no doubt therefore sign (as these WEF puppets always do). That is unless the people rise up to stop this by peaceful means ([that may though, not stay that peaceful once the full ramifications of this global treaty are fully known to the people of the world where the WHO will be given ultimate power to call all future health emergencies and pandemics (by only the WHO’s Director-General in fact believe it or not), even overruling all sovereign governments and their leaders et al]. Note that Gates now has a unique special privileged at The WHO where no-one else has ever had this and basically before where he can attend closed-door meetings that set The WHO’s policies. It has also to be remembered that during the Pandemic in interviews by US MSM, that Gates stated that he has invested US$10,000million in vaccines and predicted that he would have an unbelievable return from that investment of US$200,000million – a 20-fold profit wealth mark-up, so you make up your own mind if there is any conflict of interests here, even though Gates is now the largest investor donor in The WHO ? 

This WEF induced global pandemic through ‘Project Fear’ driving the vast vaccines rollout (over 8 billion now been sold by the Big global pharma worldwide) and all associated health costs for the people, decimated economies even further with long-term lockdowns that took 100s of millions jobs away in the West and increased the debt mountain of the people to unprecedented heights never been seen before (where taxation has to pay for all this vast debt, as governments have no money without taxation on the people). It should be highly noted that, the WEF's multi-billionaires have increased their wealth by US$Trillions during the Pandemic and shows what they are about, not your safety or health, but their sheer unabated and insatiable  criminal 'Greed' - "How Much Money America’s Billionaires Have Made During The Covid-19 Pandemic"  -

All again part of the WEF’s plan to seize control of the world and to make people totally subservient in the future to a one-world government (a government that they will completely control) and what all these so-called pandemics are in reality all about, not people’s safety of wellbeing by brainwashing people that they are saving them. Indeed, it is officially now that the normal seasonal flu is more deadly than Covid and where the death rate officially from Covid alone (no other morbidity illnesses) is a mere 0.07% and therefore if you get Covid, you have only a 99.93% chance of dying from Covid and similar to that dying in an plane crash  and safer than driving a car -  “IS FLYING SAFER THAN DRIVING?” - 

Indeed, People should watch and listen to this UK Undertaker, Embalmer and 'Whistle-Blower' found undertaking the embalmment process on a 30 year old 'triple-jabbed' young man (note very few embalmments have been undertaken during the Covid Pandemic due to the Government's Regulations and why these embalmments have been so very  few if any others at all) - "INTERVIEW WITH UK UNDERTAKER JOHN O’LOONEY (2 July 2022)" -

For this details that the dead young person had elastic string-like material throughout his whole body, arteries and veins that completely blocked the circulation function of the body to enable life to function and with the eventuality of a 'Heart Attack' that killed him. Indeed, the undertaker states that he has never seen anything like it as a long-term undertaker together with the totally horrible dark substances that came out of his body as well. 

The Next Phase of 'Project Fear' by the Globalists with still the Ukraine Conflict raging forever until the West 'Wins' according to Western political leaders operating for their WEF 'masters' as their Puppets - as the next and then the next, Pandemic continuum will always be around the corner for Humanity and always 'Man-Made', not made naturally within the environment as they used to be

The next Pandemic is already planned and although Monkeypox is what may or may not metamorphosise into the next pandemic, there is already another planned no matter what, so do not be surprised if another one is just around the corner with lockdowns and vaccine jambs one after the other with boosters and with these experimental and untested pandemic virus vaccines – if you did not know prior to these vaccines all previous vaccines had to be tested for a minimum of 8-years to fully understand if there were any serious health side effects before the Regulators have permission for their use. But now a mere few months is okay with our Regulators with this new mRNA technology jabs (never used in humans before and where only animals have been tested long-term with them and where all died according to termination research on mRNA vaccines) and where people if they have a brain in their head have to ask themselves, why is this, as without this long-term trialling that was mandatory before previously any vaccines were allowed to be used on people, this had to be undertaken. This was also reinforced by the fact that of the thalidomide scandal and birth defect crisis and where that vaccine was introduced rapidly without all the safety testing over years before being allowed  for release on the public and was not even tested on pregnant women beforehand – thousands upon thousands of new born babies died and had missing limbs and retarded health problems -

Unfortunately it has to be said, that the mRNA vaccines that already have over a million deaths and tens of thousands of serious side effects reported over the last two years and continuing to be case, may turn out to be a similar situation to the thalidomide scandal of the 1950s and 1960s. But we shall have to see over the next 6-years or more. 

The Ukraine War Continues Infinitum

It appears also that the Ukraine-Russia conflict will go on indefinitely now, as western leaders under the control of the WEF behind closed doors, have all stated and NATO also, that this war will not end until the war is won against Russia. Therefore although this has the potential of a nuclear war eventually, the people will continue to be impoverished as our political leaders have signalled that whatever it takes, will be provided and done to defeat Russia. Consequently draining all the money from western people until they are literally on their knees and destitute. But that is and was the WEF’s plan from the very start, to sequentially impoverish the people over the next 10-years from 2020 globally and then offer them nothing, but loss of their freedoms, loss of their free-speech, loss of their human rights, loss of their personal wealth and property and total control and suppression of all people if truth be foretold and what the WEF has basically told the people, but where the people are clearly not listening or ignorant of what is going on in the real world. 


“You will own nothing, and you will be happy”  (The plan by 2030)


Dr David Hill

CEO, World Innovation Foundation (The WIF)

2 July 2022 (updated 30 July 2022)



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