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ISRAEL - PALESTINE WAR - The only Solution to what will be a never-ending Conflict if mindsets do not change to applied economic solutions

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Prelude to the Article
History has shown clearly that politicians cannot devise or put in place a solution to the middle-east problem. The reason is vested-interests of the politicians involved. They may blame religion and extremism, but where foreign policy is dictated by western economic benefit and national interests, not the economic and national interests of the people of the middle-east. Therefore no matter what western politicians say, no long-term solutions will ever emerge because of the Achilles heel that is governed by the interests of the relatively few powerful entities behind the scenes that control what happens, not just in the middle-east, but in all western economies. Therefore political solutions will never work to overcome religious and economic interests dominated by immense global financial and economic entities. Considering this truism, only an independent solution evaluated and executed by non-political/corrupt factions and totally independent of political self-interest and vast economic external benefit, will ever solve the ever-growing hell that the people of the middle-east endure. Abject poverty is at the very heart of why things are as they are and not until a 'master plan' for pan-middle east economic development is put in place, will peace become a reality and war a past memory. This strategy would take 40-years to undertake, but where once in place, it would provide the only sustainable development mechanism in town. In other words, a 'Marshall Plan' for the middle-east transforming the region over time into a dynamic economic bloc. For history has shown also that so-called enemies work in harmony together when economics provides dynamic regional blocs providing growing standards of living. Indeed even religions and long-term human differences come together if it is in the economic interests of all parties. Simple really based on the history of the world and where warlike and terrorist groups have come together, but where the political elite and their backers currently will not let this happen behind closed doors.
Indeed, keep politicians and powerful interests lurking in the background in, and the whole dire destructive process will continue to be a totally non-ending spiral of horror and genocide...infinitum. The secret is therefore to keep politicians out and where military power has never succeeded in obtaining long-term peace when a nations people post-conflict, are not developed economically. Indeed without the 'Marshall Plan', Europe would have erupted into war many times over after WW2 as poverty would have driven this state to continually exist. In this respect also, this time, the people in the conflict region/zone have to be told first the economic benefits that they will receive, so that internally they know this time that there is a better life to look forward too and so that they will get behind the strategy from the inside out. And where this is possibly the greatest incentive for success.   

ARTICLE: ISRAEL-PALESTINE WAR - The only Solution to what will be a never-ending Conflict if mindsets do not change to applied economic 
The so-called 'political' solutions to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict since Israel was created in 1948 have all failed miserably because of the West's economic vested-interests and where powerful financial and economic players in the background for personal  reasons have controlled the mechanism not to find a solution. This power behind the scenes has controlled presidents of the united states, prime ministers and EU presidents.      

The Middle East has been the stage of a violent conflict that has gone on in the open for over six decades.

Although there has been many political approaches to solve the conflict in the Middle East, the World Innovation Foundation considers that it has derived a strategic innovative plan to put an end to the conflict.

The State of Israel has more scientists, engineers and doctors per capita than any other country in the world. That is a great asset that would contribute to solving the conflicts it endures with its neighbouring countries. Up until now, all approaches to solve the conflicts were diplomatic, military, administrative and political. Moreover all the attempts to solve the ongoing conflicts were preceded with religious and ethnic rhetoric that has biased the conflict and made it look unsolvable. However, from an economic perspective, there may be a need for Israel's neighbours to catch up in terms of innovation and economic growth when compared to the rest of the emerging and developed world. The two factors are inherently  connected but political leaders cannot see this: for the wealth of nations is created through innovation and nothing else. That is what made the United States become an economic superpower, with the creation of Silicon Valley becoming the wealthiest region in the world, and if California were to be ranked as a nation it would be the world's eighth largest economy. China has followed the same path as the United States in this respect and where their former president stated several years ago that China would become the first truly innovative nation, constantly driving it forward. 

Now back to the Middle East. 
Leaders from around the world have granted the Palestinian Authority with development aid which has however been short term, usually between 7 to 24 years, and where is often humanitarian rather than development aid. That way the PA has little if any innovation policy, therefore no creation of wealth. For only innovation can provide the region with durable peace and stability. Good examples are countries like Singapore and South Korea that relied little on foreign aid as it has been understood for Palestine and where they are now industrialized countries that have become innovation hubs in the world today. The reason Singapore and South Korea, who a mere fifty years ago were countries living in abject poverty, made it to where they are today in terms of innovation thanks to an internally designed plan to reach self-sufficiency and economic growth. The Palestinian Authority and other Middle Eastern countries, whose everlasting wars in the region are caused more  by the poverty factor and economic reasons than by religious ideologies and beliefs, should therefore implement measures to innovate. All they need is innovation direction and the right funding to match...but not how western governments perceive it to be. Therefore the objective would be to reach in the long run, perhaps in forty years time, a decent economic level through innovation that would guarantee peace and stability in the region.

Scientists Panel Discussions
The World Innovation Foundation(WIF) is represented by scientists, engineers, technologists and economists from every corner of the world, including the Middle East. What the WIF encourages is that scientists from the different countries making up the Middle East would meet and debate about an integrated innovation strategy for the region, putting aside their religious beliefs and dogma. In a region where religious and ethnic prejudice has been a major barrier to peace negotiations, having people from that particular region discuss scientific and innovation application would be a turning point in its history. Discussing science and technology for the benefit of its people would mean discussing what is based on empirical proof and physical knowledge, or seeing what is possible together. Indeed both Israel and Palestine would benefit greatly economically together and where this vast wealth generation would bring their peoples closer together, not further apart by the year. Unfortunately, politicians do not see that kind of opportunity and keep postponing talks, as the conflicts goes on infinitum. In this respect scientific discussion and innovative discourse could lead to a genuine breakthrough in the region's peace process. Indeed in this respect there is nothing greater than economic success to bring fractions together, even if conflict has been going on for decades and even centuries. For once the rewards are seen on both sides, even religious beliefs start to harmonise for increased stability and economic dynamism. Indeed, wealth creates a growing bond, but where poverty creates the great divide and conflict as we still have today - the main reason, abject poverty. Therefore our solution mindsets have to change to full economic development, but only how other poverty stricken nations have made it to the pinnacle of the world's pre-eminent per capita incomes - through the exploitation of leading-edge innovative thinking by the people themselves and delivered by the nations inherently involved. 

New Process of Conflict Resolution through Innovation: Four Steps  
The World Innovation Foundation would initiate a plan in four steps with the main objective of bringing together people involved with the innovation sectors in the countries involved in the Middle Eastern conflict.

The First Step
The first step would be to hold a conference in a neutral country such as Tanzania say, a country that has no political or economic ties with the countries that are part of the conflict and where this would be chaired by the WIF. The conference would include scientists, engineers, technologists and economists from the nations party to the conflict. It would find solutions to the conflict, provide a roadmap for the way forward and an advanced application plan for the solutions implementation that would put an end to the conflict. The UN or any other agency will not be a party to the conference, as the aim is to hold talks that would be totally independent of outside agencies.

The Second Step
The second step would then be to present the results of the conference to the United Nations as independent arbiters. What would follow would be a submission of the solutions for approval and support by the United Nations member states.

The Third Step
The third step would consist of applying the plan for peace and stability in the Middle East. Once the plan received UN approval, the WIF would help through a newly created Middle East Council support the process through independent advice. WIF members would help all Middle Eastern countries find solutions to eradicate poverty and help those nations to become self sufficient, through counselling in the fields of applied technology, economics, international finance, sustainability, education and peace building.

The Fourth Step
The fourth and final step would comprise the post-application stage, or the WIF along with the newly created Middle East Council, supervising and advising countries from the region in applying innovation to their economies and dynamic development. To reach economic growth and creation of wealth on a peaceful basis, the Middle East would need continuous advice from experts in the different sectors involving innovation is the life-blood of sustainably development, but where political leaders have little comprehension of this. This is the Achilles heel of all western governments and why China et al is rising above the West in wealth creation all the time now.

These four steps are somehow an original way to solve the on-going crisis in the Middle East. Indeed, never before has any institution offered to solve the problem this way. Politicians have offered short-term solutions to the problem, and often political ones, not long-term economic in nature. For by choosing an approach that would solve the conflict through innovation what would be tackled here is at the core of the conflict and their causes. This way, thanks to innovation and economic development on the basis of scientific and technological partnership, the Middle East could be pacified and great advances could be made like they were when the Arab world was once the most economically innovative region in the world. We have to get back to those times and that is exactly what this innovative process is all about.

Will the above ever happen? Probably not as the powers behind the throne (controlling US Presidents, Prime Ministers and Presidents of EU nations) will never let peace exist due to their own twisted and self-interested thinking. The reason, they are only concerned predominantly in the power that they wield and where these powerful entities have no empathy with humanity whatsoever. Indeed death and destruction are just part of the environment that their minds exist in, as power means everything and where even human life is insignificant in their world.   But we all have to hope that somehow a knight in shining armour appears in the future who has the power and empathy to drive the above solution through for the whole of humanity. If not, the world looks forward to a very bleak future indeed as the middle-east conflict becomes a global cancer that perpetrates throughout the whole world to all nations. Indeed, containment is not option and where only a solution will prevent this dire future scenario happening.
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 Dr David Hill
CEO, World Innovation Foundation
7 August 2014 (updated 13 February 2016)

ARTICLE NOTE: The above was derived from an article that the WIF  had published in the Newropeans Magazine in 2007 with international writer Akli Hadid -

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    Israel Palestine two state solution is the wrong decision.

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