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Political and Corporate Sociopaths and Psychopaths are Destroying the 'Free' World order and where these Political and Corporate Psychopaths know well what they are doing to the world-at-large and through their insane thinking of Sequentially destroying the planet and where the People are the Only Ones (7.8 billion people to be precise) who will ultimately suffer the dire 'liquidating' consequences, not the rich and powerful who have created this out-of-control monster

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"Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men" - Sir John Dalberg-Acton, 8th Baronet

'We Are All Greeks Now' (by a joint Pulitzer Prize winner) -

Corporate Sociopathic and Psychopathic tendencies are not just a personality disorder that represents evil within criminal psychopaths who kill humans, but where it is an incurable disorder of the mind,  that wreaks suffering on all others on an unimaginable scale and causes the indirect deaths of millions through the actions of the psychopathic corporate mind which now pervades the world. For they wield enormous power over those who work for corporations and also and far more significantly, the global population through their actions worldwide.  Indeed to understand this immense power and economic dimension, a mere 2,000 corporations (Forbes 'Global 2000') last year controlled 51% of the world's total economic turnover or in nominal terms around $36,000,000,000,000 ($36 trillion). Therefore anyone with any intelligence at all can see that putting the psychopathic mind together with this controlling economic power, has the propensity to affect negatively every man, woman and child who exists in the world today. So-much-so that a small minority of corporations control everything from political leaders to their worker's futures and their lives together with the rest of humanity one way or another.

Manipulation is their main modus operandi that they use to achieve their true aims in life that are not obvious to those that they are constantly manipulating. But once in power, those who have been willingly manipulated or not, see over time, their unwitting disaster unfold. Unfortunately when it comes to political leaders, it is 90% of the populous it affects with dire consequences in jobs and usually, further relative impoverishment.

'Twenty-First-Century Fascism: Private Military Companies in Service to the Transnational Capitalist Class' -

Research is only now being taken seriously in some quarters such as academia (but insanely, not governments or business) as  the devastating effects that corporate psychopaths can definitely have on the economic health of corporations funded by shareholders can be unparalleled. Indeed controlled by such corporate psychopaths a shareholder's stake can quite easily be wiped out and become worthless or at least devalued substantially if the identification of these destroyers of businesses are not exposed. Added to this, the dire destructive force to people's livelihoods and the world-at-large can be incalculable. 

Unfortunately these so-called captains of industry are extremely good according to research in covering up their true intents - power and vast personal financial reward for themselves to the utter demise of all others, whether that includes colleagues, fellow directors, shareholders, workforce or their wives and children (the 'Family'), who all suffer at the hands of megalomaniac corporate leaders without morals or empathy for all others. A callousness that does not understand the great harm that they do or even cares of the consequences. For the mind of a psychopath knows no inhuman bounds.  As the corporate ladder to the top is a 'dog eat dog' transitional mentality where no holds are barred, some estimate that between 40% and 50% of all major corporation heads are corporate psychopaths, having no care towards others, other than themselves. Indeed those who get to the top apparently have an insane perspective of what life is all about.   

'Cancer Capitalism' -

When we look at the normal driving force at the bottom of the corporate hierarchy ladder, 'Ambition', we generally associate this as a great thing within society. But where when ambition turns into sequential greed, it becomes psychopathic in nature and gradually takes over that person which appears to destroy the human traits of any good will towards all others but themselves. Some say that this dimension though may reside within these corporate psychopaths from birth, as it has been shown through leading-edge medical scanning tests of the brain, that criminal psychopaths have an area of the brain that shows no response when images of death and severe cruelty are shown to them. In fact their brains do not respond to human suffering or even genocide when it is shown to them. For they show no change in their outward and inner self with examples of horror than they do looking at pictures of a tranquil sunset. Several researchers now in this emerging science of corporate psychopathy consider that this brain malfunction is also there in a substantial number of the world's most powerful corporate executives and billionaires, who constantly manipulate the political leadership of nations to their will behind closed doors. This may feel to be science-fiction, but where it is becoming reality as more research into this important area of corporate power is uncovered. But it appears that they think that they are above the law and a law only to themselves.

'Paris Thoughts-- on open carry, false flag and revenge' -

In the USA and the UK in particular (but common to all nations), political leaders and their administrations are systematically controlled by these very powerful corporate psychopaths. As a single example recently, but all consuming,  where the Obama government has given way to the wishes (demands behind closed doors) through so-called political-corporate meetings with the corporations and banks. This has included where the American taxpayer is now the ultimate guarantor again to the banks casino gambling high-risk investments and that that the US government cannot use its vast buying power to reduce drug costs for Medicare et al. That means that the people of the United States are now again fully open again and exposed to the corrupt activities of the banks that the Obama Administration stated would never be allowed again to exist and that  the US taxpayer will pay far more for their medical drugs than they should have done. The question that has to be asked, what politician would allow these things to happen, but where clearly this is the case.?

For the former bank of England Governor Mervyn King on 30 December 2014 was reported to have stated that 'the banking system may not survive another crisis' and went on further to say "I don't think we've really yet got to the heart of what went wrong" and "I don't think we're yet at the point where we can be confident that the banking system would be entirely safe" (BBC Radio 4 - Today programme).

Indeed when it comes to ultimate control, less than a mere thousand people control the destiny of the USA as an example, and at their pleasure. For it's official now, as they even control the White House in reality, even before a new President is elected, no matter which Party gets into power. In this respect, in the USA things are not as they seem and where western media controlled by the top 1% wealthiest Americans, is suppressing the 'real' America of today.  America has bought their political leaders before they even enter the White House and where the working poor, working class and middle class that accounts for 90% of the American people, have no say anymore in their country's future. Only the rich and powerful has any real say. Indeed the article by investigative journalists at the New York times released on 10 October 2015 makes this perfectly clear For just 158 families have provided nearly half of the early money for efforts to capture the White House. -

Indeed to show what power these people have, some consider that because JFK nearly brought the world to nuclear conflict and therefore would have destroyed the world markets, Kennedy was assassinated not by foreign powers or gangsters et al, but by corporate America who could not take the risk a second time around and allow Kennedy who at times took drugs, to press the nuclear button. We shall never know but where this reasoning is fully plausible in some circles. 

People may scoff and constantly ridicule China about its human rights, but is it not the case that what the Obama Administration has now accepted, will do far more harm against American citizen's human rights than what China has ever suppressed.  Indeed although what the United States has done is subtle and little unknown to the people of the USA, these two examples that are given above show the abuse of corporate power and what the US government will do to accede to the corporation's wishes; a far greater crime against the American people than whatever China could inflict. For more people will suffer (tens of millions of US citizens) if the banks again collapse and if they cannot afford drugs to live (probably millions of people again in future years) respectfully.

Therefore what these powerful corporate psychopaths do affects all our lives through the leverage that they place and use on our political leaders. Indeed added to the fact that these corporate psychopaths control a significant part of the political decisions making process and lawmaking behind closed doors, they also determine poverty within a nation through investing elsewhere. This has happened in the 'West' over the last 4-decades as globalization has taken root and where again our political leaders have been culpable in exporting jobs and opportunities to the 'East' (the cheaper economies for labour and material resources), where trillions of dollars have been transferred destroying  tens of millions of 'western' jobs in the whole sorry process. Oh yes, people have become rich, exceeding rich, but where the vast majority of people in the West have become more impoverished. Indeed according to the most recent Credit Suisse 'Global Wealth Report', a mere 0.7% of the world's people (around a mere 51 million leaving 7,164 million for the rest) now own 41% of the world's total wealth and the top 10% now owns 86% of the world's total wealth, leaving a paltry 14% of the world's total wealth for 90% of the world's population (6,494 million people).

Therefore these corporate psychopaths have therefore enriched themselves enormously but have also impoverished the world in reality. In this respect according to Forbes, last year the 100 richest people in the world increased their wealth by a staggering $240,000, 000,000 ($240 billion), enough according to OXFAM to eradicate poverty in 2013. That is just the 100 richest and where the same in relative terms has happened to the near 1,700 billionaires now in the world (aggregate net worth increased by $1 trillion in the year to $6.4 trillion from $5.4 trillion a year ago). But does poverty go down? No it actually increases year-on-year showing that inequality and dire poverty is not really a problem for these corporate psychopaths or for our 'puppet' political leaders that indirectly they control. For in the case of the USA, more millions in political donations are pouring into Washington than at any other time in its history. Indeed the US Courts (with insider help from the Obama government), blocked, overrode and dismantled the maximum that people can give in political donations only this year. Therefore the politicians are clearly dancing to these corporate psychopaths who have no real empathy at all with the American people. If they did, they would share their wealth far more instead of amassing more for themselves to the demise of all others and so that tens of millions of US citizens would not have to go to food banks and live in dire poverty day in, day out. Therefore if nothing more this shows that these people are psychopaths, as they have all the hallmarks that psychopathic tendencies show. Even Bill Gates is not the good guy in this respect that everyone thinks and where he gives (or invests should I say) a mere 3% of his wealth every year to so-called good causes, but where the remaining 97% of his wealth reinvested increases his personal wealth by officially over 11% annually. Therefore this man officially made nearly $7 billion last year and this year he will make even more, as the corporate psychopaths have made the system that way, and not for the good of the 90% of the population. So Bill Gates, the richest man in the world could with a single stroke of his pen eradicate poverty, not just in the USA (something that he has never addressed for the American people) but with Warren Buffett and the billionaire club et al, throughout the world if he and they wished to do so. But they do not and that is why most or all of them can be assessed as corporate psychopaths, with no empathy at all with their fellow man or woman. For they have the means to change the world, but they simply do not and which in my mind says everything about them.

The problem for the world now is that as these corporate psychopaths get richer and richer by the year and the vast majority of the world gets poorer (at least 90% of the world's population), most people will never see a future for their families that they would wish to see. For with more and more wealth in the hands of these corporate psychopaths, the majority of humankind will suffer sequentially, as these people draw out every ounce of blood from the world economy. The blood that makes life bearable and meaningful. Indeed as the world's population reaches probably 11.5 billion or even more by 2050, these corporate psychopaths will ultimately sow the seeds of humanity's eventual destruction and extinction over the current century, as both MIT and the Royal Society have predicted in recent years. In this respect, as these corporate psychopaths control our political leaders behind closed doors, they indirectly control the military (but this is not strange as history has shown that this is the case from the Romans to the present day). Therefore eventually as social unrest spreads into the streets throughout the world because of our political leader's pandering to these powerful corporate psychopathic minds, internal civil wars and guerrilla warfare will become the norm and inevitable with present projects taken into account. Sounds like things that could never possibly happen, think again, as many eminent researchers have stated this over many years and more so over the last few years and where we are only a few weeks away at any time from anarchy. For a simply example is the food supply chain and where food shortages would make this happen very quickly indeed. In this respect this will ultimately happen according to the predictions by the world's leading technological university (MIT) and the world's most eminent scientific institution (The Royal Society). But unknown to these psychopathic super-rich individuals and corporate leaders, the reason for this food shortage will be because of the very thing that drives them to sheer madness, as powerful corporate psychopaths have no idea of the impact on land and its industrial erosion that their decisions determine for our planet and our world population. Indeed land through global warming, industrial overuse and toxic contamination is destroying land the size of Iceland ever 6-months now and eventually the world will cease to feed everyone (probably between 2031 and 2035 which also coincides with the MIT and RS predictions of a meltdown of the global system). And all in the name of wealth creation for the very few that by then will not mean hardly anything, as the markets will have started to collapse and the value of money will be in free-fall. Then anarchy will prevail and where it will be too late to do anything about reversing the chain reaction that would ultimately destroy all that we hold so dear - even for the billionaires and corporate psychopaths who will have caused all this misery on humanity; that will be far, far greater than any world wars could ever inflict on the planet and where over time it would be completely devastated.

Putin's Revenge? The Fight for the Border -

'9/11: Decade of Deception (Full Film NEW 2015)' -
'Yugoslavia: The Avoidable War' -

Therefore corporate psychopaths together (although mainly acting alone for their own personal through their own unquenchable greed) are now in the process of the end game for human civilization (but they are so obsessed with their own world that most of them do not realise it, or probably more so, do not really care)  as we know it and by the end of the present century, globalization (super-capitalism that has created this monster) is predicted to terminate the human experience altogether. Not me saying it, but a great number of eminent researchers who have studied sustainability on one side of the coin and over consumption on the other side. The two are totally incompatible, but where the corporate psychopaths of the world's largest corporations, who control the world order in reality, cannot see this because they are totally blinded by greed and their own self gratification. Unfortunately for humanity, our political leaders cannot see this either, for all that they are also interested in is ,the 'Party' and themselves (just like the corporate psychopaths and where they can be seen as comparable individuals), not the people they supposingly serve. Therefore political psychopaths with corporate psychopaths working together for the good of each other  and no-one else. Sadly what they have created and are continuing to create together is a monster that devours everything in its path to the sheer detriment of all humanity and its possible road to human sustainability. 

'The GOP Candidates Know Nothing about Syria' -

'Terror, climate chaos, financial crisis are the costs of 'doing business' ' -

Dr David Hill
World Innovation Foundation
27 December 2014

(updated 17 September 2016)

As a postscript and the way that our political masters now think, the USA, Canada, Ukraine and most European countries (through abstaining in a vote at the UN), are in favour of Nazism, even though in Germany where Nazism was born and killed and murdered tens of millions throughout  WW2 (over 50 million). Sadly you could not make it up if you tried but where this is perfectly true unfortunately for humanity.

Whitewashing Fascism - USA, Canada and Ukraine Vote against a UN Resolution in "Combating glorification of Nazism, neo-Nazism and other practices that contribute to fuelling contemporary forms of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance." Therefore the USA, Canada and the Ukraine are for Nazism and where European countries mainly abstained as they did not want to upset Obama.
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Selected Publications
'Corporate Psychopaths - Organisational Destroyers', Clive R. Boddy (2011)

'Snakes in Suits: When Psychopaths Go to Work'  - Paul Babiak, Robert D. Hare (2006)

'The Psychopath Test: A Journey Through the Madness Industry' - Jon Ronson (2011)
'From Psychopaths to Responsible Corporations: Waking Up the Inner Sleeping Beauty of Companies' - Nova Science Pub (2008)
'The Corporation: The Pathological Pursuit of Profit and Power' - Joel Bakan (2004)

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