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Politicians are Allowing Corporations to Kill us - The TTIP (Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) is so evil that our political negotiators are now allowing 'Cancer' creating carcinogenic crop sprays to be used in the European Union

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Politicians are Allowing Corporations to Kill us - The TTIP (Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) is so evil that our political negotiators are now allowing 'Cancer' creating carcinogenic crop sprays to be used in the European Union


Years ago I believed that our politicians that we elect, care about the people, look after our very wellbeing and protect us from harm. But not anymore.

For our EU negotiators acting on behalf of over 500 million EU citizens (including UK subjects), have relaxed their guard with the TTIP (Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership), due to US pressure brought about from the mighty American corporations, to allow our crops to be sprayed with cancer producing pesticides. Who would have thought that our politicians, who we vote into power to look after us and our children, would allow the people to eat foods that have carcinogenic ingredients embedded into them through crop sprays? But unfortunately for our future ill-health, it is perfectly true.

If this does not show how evil the TTIP is for the future of European people, nothing will and we shall all suffer the consequences of this 'Irrevocable' (we can NEVER come out once signed) secret treaty giving the most powerful corporations in the world, full control of our lives and with that the loss of our democracy and sovereign laws to protect us.

'Julian Assange on the Trans-Pacific Partnership: Secretive Deal Isn’t About Trade, But Corporate Control'

On 10 June 2015 (less than two weeks away from today), the TTIP goes before the European parliament for a vote. Don't let this sinister trade treaty go through as if our politicians will allow the indirect killing of us through carcinogenic foods, they will do anything. Indeed if our politicians vote this through, they are literally killers and should be dragged before the Courts for crimes against humanity. But there again, if the TTIP is voted through, their secret courts will overrule even the European Courts on the Convention on Human Rights. Therefore any harm done by the TTIP in indirectly killing innocent people, children and the elderly, can never  be brought before the Courts and justice obtained for those families affected. That again is evil, as it gives the Treaty the means to kill people with total immunity. How insane are our politicians and the big question is, who is in charge, the people and their politicians or the mighty corporations?

For the following article based upon the Guardian's reporting clearly states the worst.

EU Dropped Pesticide Laws Due to US Pressure
The European Union has dropped plans to regulate hormone-damaging chemicals linked to cancer and male infertility. The proposals were put on the back burner following pressure from US trade officials over the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) free trade deal. Documents obtained by Pesticides Action Network Europe show that drafts of EU criteria could have banned 31 pesticides containing endocrine disrupting chemicals.
The proposals were dropped because of fears of a trade backlash fuelled by an aggressive US lobby push, Legislation planned for 2014 was delayed until at least 2016, despite estimated health costs of almost 170 Billion dollars in Europe from endocrine-related illnesses such as IQ loss, obesity and a condition affecting the genitals of baby boys -

But it has to be stated, that once Monsanto has taken over Syngenta  (not may, but will due to shareholder pressure on the Board to sell), these killer pesticides will be sprayed all over the European continent and with that, countless deaths will result of EU citizens, children and the elderly through CANCER(s). Do you really want this to happen to your children and their children it has to be clearly asked?

Dr David Hill
World Innovation Foundation
29 May 2015 (updated 14 June 2015)



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