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Does The Royal Family Really Know What is Going On in Their Own Country?

I have always thought that The Royal Family were and are, a stabilising effect on the country, but where because of the gatekeepers, they never really get to know what is going on. Therefore, there is little chance in getting through to them unless you know one of the inner circle to the gatekeepers.  For serious matters that directly affect the people are never really the forte of these gatekeepers. Indeed, they are not really interested.

 In a recent communiqué to HRH, The Prince of Wales, short shrift was given by one of the Palace's gatekeepers, even though the subject was close to the heart of HRH. In this respect also, the communiqué mentioned an old friend of Prince Charles's grandmamma, Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother together with someone who nearly gave his life for King and Country. These things though apparently meant nothing to the gatekeeper whose reply was short and to the point and where the matters raised did not really count, as they were things that never affected him. 

We live today therefore in a mirage of hope that people will listen in high places, but where the truth is, they never really get to know themselves. It is no wonder therefore that  even the Royal Family are stopped in knowing what is really going on and kept in the dark. For it appears that they are fed what the ruling class wishes them to know (politicians and the rich who own the media predominantly) and where anything that might arouse The Royals to battle, is totally concealed. Is it no wonder therefore that there is an undercurrent that is trying to stifle the Monarchy  to death. For apparently these gatekeepers are in the service of not The Royals, but others that would like to see an end to them in my mind. For not even a Royal Prince and most probably the next King, would ignore the plight of the millions of subjects, who are indirectly affected by hard drug addiction in Britain today.  Indeed the true situation with hard drug addiction is growing and where it is estimated that at least this scourge on British society affects in one way or another, around 4 million people and most probably the vast majority, loyal subjects. 

The full text of the communiqué, information sent and the reply are detailed, so that people can make up their own minds to  the reasons why HRH, The Prince of Wales was not interested one bit with one of the greatest scourges on modern Britain today and which its dire stricken effects, are increasing year-on-year. My reasoning as I have outlined above, is that the gatekeepers are told to not inform The Royals of something that the ruling classes do not want them to know. Sounds very familiar, it should as that is how the super-rich and those who control the mighty corporations and media operate behind closed doors. Therefore The Royals apparently in my mind are no different it appears to anyone else and where only those in ultimate control, are the ones who control what we all should know.


1. Letter sent to HRH, The Prince of Wales on 11 May 2015

His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales       OR:dsh.zm/HRH/

    Clarence House
     SW1A 1BA                                                                   
11 May 2015 

Your Royal Highness,

Our late chairman John Argyris FRS (Royal Medal) FREng (Prince Philip Medal) was a friend of your late devoted grandmamma HRH Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother. Indeed with great respect, The Prince and your father HRH The Prince Philip, meet John on several occasions, but where in The Prince's own particular case when you visited Imperial College privately with your Grandmamma as a small boy. John was a Greek by birth, but a very proud naturalised British subject who created the greatest engineering design mechanism of all time that literally revolutionised engineering science. In this respect also I attach an article for The Prince that dealt with in part  the Argyris creative and innovative dynasty where Einstein's mentor was John's uncle, the great Greek and German mathematician  Constantin Carathéodory (or cited as Constantine Karatheodori by some). Indeed Einstein just prior to his death when commenting to the world media stated the following.

 “You ask me to answer to all sorts of questions, but none has ever wanted to know who was my teacher, who showed me the way to the higher mathematical science, thought and research. I simply say that my teacher was the unrivalled Greek Konstantinos Karatheodoris, to who we owe everything…”

 Having stated the above, the great purpose of writing to The Prince today is because of your personal and rightful belief in alternative medicines and health treatments. I would therefore respectfully make The Prince aware in this respect of a miraculous curative alternative medicine from Vietnam (one of the two most bio-diversive nations in the world with unlimited untapped medicinal potentials for humankind), that is now produced in western standard laboratories. This curative medical treatment based on plant life was introduced into the Vietnamese NHS two years ago after extensive support from the UN, instigated by the former United Nation's Secretary-General HE Kofi Annan. It is an incredible treatment that is unique in the world today and where respectfully it would undeniably prove to a great extent, your true hypothesis in believing in natural cures and alternative treatments. They actually do work. But overridingly this natural curative medicine, detoxifies within 72 hours, is not addictive like Methadone et al and where there is no 'cold turkey'. Therefore it is a unique breakthrough also, as the reason why most do not come off drug addiction, is because of the nightmare of 'cold turkey'.
Therefore if it pleases The Prince and with the greatest of respect, if The Prince wished to hear more of this miraculous natural curative treatment to heal people from hard drug addictions, that is an absolute scourge on humanity and one of its greatest problems, I would be deeply honoured to meet and speak with The Prince personally.
In passing, a few months back I met with The Prince's brother, HRH The Duke of York, at an event in Rotherham in respect of his innovative Community Awards Initiative.

 My late father was J R Hill MM, who fought for freedom and peace during WW2. He was a medic/stretch bearer who was wounded twice at the 'front' (even though he wore the red cross arm band), hospitalized both times,  was shell-shocked twice and hospitalized again on both occasions. He was demobbed in 1947 after serving for his King and country from 1942 and eventually became a member of the late Lord Hanson's personal inner family employees and confidant.

I for my sins, were born the year before The Prince and where for The Prince's possible information, my private contact numbers are                                                        .


Yours sincerely,

David Hill

Chief Executive

World Innovation Foundation

United Kingdom - Switzerland - USA - Kazakhstan - Turkey



2. Information Attached that was sent to HRH, The Prince of Wales
For the full information visit - http://www.thewif.org.uk/home/christmas_2013.pdf

3. Reply from Clarence House through Buckingham Palace on 15 May 2015 (sent by 2nd class mail)

Private and Confidential

Dear Dr. Hill,

Thank you for your letter and enclosures to The Prince of Wales.

I am afraid, however, it will not be possible to arrange the meeting and discussions that you requested. I am sorry to send a disappointing response but thank you for writing.

Yours sincerely, 

Mark Leishman

(The Private Secretary to TRH The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall)  

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