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CHINA & South-East Asia are NOT a Great Economic Opportunity for the People in the West, BUT a Long-Term Never Ending Threat to Living-Standards in Western Society and an Impoverishing Mechanism - Our Governments have to Wake-Up Now to this greatest of all Threats and Act Against this Future Subservient Scenario Before it is Too Late to Counteract it

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Great civilizations and great economic powers are built on their people, not the ‘elites’ who only garnish the kudos for themselves after the event and make people believe that it was they who have made the nation great, not those who actually made the great breakthroughs that changed, not just the country, but the world. History tells another story about the false misrepresentation of the elites, as they do not wish us to know because it is not in their financial interests to tell the actual truth. Indeed, the history of the world and the United Kingdom in particular, tells us the true story of the ‘real’ people who made countries like Britain ‘GREAT. In this respect people like our founding president Nobel Laureate Dr. Glenn Seaborg (Element 106), the late Professor John Argyris (inventor, Finite Element Method) our founding chairman and the late Nobel laureate Dr. Jerome Karle the 2nd president, knew that the power of innovation according to history lay not in the few, but in the many. These great thinkers of the 20th and 21st century determined through their world-changing life’s work that the ‘elitist system’ of the few, had an incomparable stifling negative effect on the world’s problem solving capabilities and their ultimate future security.

For these great thinkers saw through their experiences of advising US presidents and governments around the world that at the fundamental thought level, it was not in the main the inner thinking of our great universities, centres of advanced research or government departments that started the process of great inventions that changed the world, but in the minds of the people outside the confines of this presumed elitist system. Indeed when the worlds’ leading inventions were investigated in great depth, it became clear that at the fundamental starting point of the creative thought that would eventually lead to these future great technologies, in about 75% of all the cases, that groundbreaking thought emanated from the masses, not government, not the university system or corporate advanced centres of research.

Therefore it was a fallacy that the thinking at the fundamental level of the ‘elitist system’ (i.e. Oxbridge, MIT et al)  had come up with the mindsets which invented the modern world. For that was due to others and where because the elites try to give people the brainwashing impression that it is all down to them, this factual knowledge is always suppressed. In this respect also in the case of the United Kingdom as the very real ‘special’ case, as the thinking of the masses (the British people) at the fundamental level has created most that we call the modern world today, not our university system et al. Indeed, our universities may have been charged with creating some of the technologies thought up by others, but the initial seed thinking came from people outside this elitist dominated system.  Even research has confirmed this world-changing fact and where the Japanese MITI in the 1980s determined that this thinking at the fundamental level of the British people had created approximately 53% of what we call the modern world as it was then. A decade later in the 1990s, the Germans made a similar finding and equated this to 52%.

Therefore the United Kingdom is sat on an absolute treasure trove of inventive thinking, but where successive governments and the present one is totally unaware to this un-tapped pre-eminent nation changing fact and where they think that the elitist system has done this and is currently making this happen. This is a false understanding and a negative understanding of the nation and its potential. Indeed the reason why the United Kingdom is held back in economic terms and why it will  never ever had a renaissance of the dynamic economy that was driven by the thinking behind the Industrial Revolution a quarter of a millennium ago and which made Great Britain the greatest power ever in relative terms, eclipsing even the USA after WW2 in real terms. That is a fact, as successive British governments have never understood that prior to the commercial development of technologies, there is the person who thought of the idea at the fundamental level initially in the first place and where this according to the history of the world tells us that approximately 75% of this intuitive thought blueprint came from the minds of people outside our advanced learning institutions or corporate R&D centres.

Indeed the Foundation undertook a general outline of this phenomena and the actual people who changed the world forever in a Blog in early 2014 and where people should study this very carefully in detail,

‘Why the 'Innovation Chain' is so Important for the Future World and Why things have to Change for Humanity’ –
This outline should clearly show that our universities and advanced centres of research or even government and Whitehall et al, did not come up with the fundamental thinking first that literally led to technologies that changed the world forever.

Therefore the UK government has for its own good and the wellbeing of the nation’s future to start to comprehend all the above and especially with the growing economic might of the Far-East and China. For since the late 1980s, China can be seen as a future economic ‘threat’ to the west, not an opportunity. This was seen very early on by Seaborg, Argyris, Karle and other leading minds in the ‘West’.

Indeed the Foundation has been shadowing China for 25 years and seen how China has emerged as an economic powerhouse, now only 2nd to the USA and in a very short relative time when compared to the history of the world. The reason for this comprehension as a threat was because some of the Foundation’s leading scientists could see further than all others and where they had this great intuition by creating their own groundbreaking work that in many ways revolutionised the modern world. The Foundation also had in membership through its members/fellows, Dr. Jian Song, former Vice-Premier of China for 13 years and president of CAE, where we knew that he was the fundamental architect of the scientific and technological regeneration of China under his watch. In this respect science and technology has been the underlying dynamic of China’s economic growth and will be so until their economy is predicted to be over 4-times that of the USA during this century. Unfortunately for the ‘West’ and its people, western leaders were oblivious to all this pre-run-up and who was doing what internally in China and why we are in the position that we are today and will be if action is not taken, tomorrow.

The Foundation’s alarming concern was that with this huge economic power in the hands of one nation, the West would become quite quickly subservient and lead to an immeasurable destabilisation of western economies over time. This was even though we knew that the UK and the West had a military capability that could destroy China, but where it was to a great extent, impotent’, as it ultimately could not use it because of the consequences for humanity if it did. Indeed, without the means to repel this economic force the West would be impoverished, not economically enriched. In this respect Seaborg and others saw that when this happened, as it will, the devastation would be unprecedented and far greater than a third world war, as economic wars are far more devastating, for they continue indefinitely. So the reason why great thinkers determined that the ORE-STEM Complex had to be built for the West’s own good and to combat and nullify the vast economic future power that China would have at its command and disposal. Indeed, all nations are now all aware of ‘Mutually Assured Destruction’ (MAD) where only a madman would actually start global nuclear Agamemnon and why this will never happen. Even China and Russia are fully aware of this fact and therefore the only street in town is future economic domination if common-sense is used, not military might. In this respect also, Seaborg was fully aware of this as one of the main creators of the ‘Bomb’.
Therefore this development is far greater than the United Kingdom and without it Seaborg and Argyris et al saw nothing but total subservience and not what ill-informed corporations and senior civil servants tell their political leaders. For considering what we are dealing with here the ‘West’ has to act and in the not too distant future either, for the ORE-Stem Complex will take at least 20-years to initially evolve.

Therefore whatever political decisions are made in the future by western leaders, the West and the United Kingdom has to use its gut feeling and not the out-of-date advice of Whitehall or so-called independent experts who mainly like for their own financial enrichment, the ‘steady-state’ condition and no change dynamics, but where also they invariably get it wrong according to historical facts. Unfortunately this time will be the biggest mistake that the West and the UK ever makes by underestimating China and where the ‘West’ should be taking the advice of leading 20th and 21st century scientific and technological figures, who saw far further than all others. Indeed, many in Whitehall are blind to world leading ‘intuitive’ reason based upon knowledge and it is hoped that a future UK prime minister or US president understands fully the threats far better, just like Seaborg and Argyris et al did. There are opportunities, but for that to be the case there has to be at least a level economic playing field and where the ‘West’ just simply has nothing presently that will equal the future economic and financial might of a growing China and the Far-East. Indeed the present system will fail the people in the ‘West’ miserably and lead to enormous hardship. That is how things will go if our political leaders do not act now.

Added to the above, some informed people will also be aware of China’s recent commitment in its promise to  attack the petrodollar in the future that it proposes to undertake. The Foundation has known about what China and Russia (and other Asian economies in cooperation) have been undertaking in the background for several years here and where we introduced indirectly to Russia and China through the President of Kazakhstan the mechanism that can achieve this and where we introduced Nobel economist Prof. Robert Mundell, the ‘father’ of the Euro - . Indeed, all this is part of the ‘grand plan’ that China has devised with others and the UK and the West should be highly concerned, if not overridingly concerned about the unparalleled ramifications this will bring and have on the future world order.

I shall leave it to the readers and western governments to decide whether the Foundation is giving good counsel or are just trying to fool people. But respectfully I would remind people of what so-called government experts including Whitehall told the present UK conservative government about the chances of Brexit happening and Trump becoming president. These are just two mere recent examples alone out of a multitude of advice that Whitehall has given and recorded by history, where they got totally wrong. None of these so-called experts even warned the world about the financial meltdown and that says everything about so-called economic experts. Indeed western governments including the UK (Blair & Brown) and the USA (Bush) were told by Greenspan in 2004 that if the financial markets were not reeled-in, there would be a financial collapse in world markets. History tells us that they took no notice and where Brown even liberated the markets thereafter and something that only an economic illiterate finance minister would have decided to do. Then the flood-gates were totally opened and where 90% of western people will be reeling from this for decades.  But although the global meltdown was bad for 9 out of 10 people, if the West do not build the ORE-Stem Complex, things will become progressively harder and untenable in the future. The Foundation cannot make it any clearer and something has to be done to counteract the emerging might of China and South-East Asia.

For if the ‘West’ gets it wrong this time, the effects will be ever-lasting and overwhelming for future Britain, the USA and western economies.

Indeed knowing how out-of-touch Whitehall is (we advised the old dti as external consultants through their innovation unit during 1997 and 1998), this blog was created in the main to raise the alarm on what is actually happening. This unit was supposingly the driving force of future advanced economic development but where we found at first hand that they had not a clue about the power of ‘innovation’ in practical terms. They knew and used the word ’innovation’ continuously, but in reality did not know what it really meant. In this respect as a single example, we asked their senior people to invest £2 million in a different kind of innovation incubator to see how that would perform against the bog-standard innovation units and centres that they were using and are presently being pushed as a means to achieve future economic dynamism. But where there was one big difference that they did not comprehend one bit with our economic incubators, as they were not for the establishment system that has in the main failed western economies since they were initially devised by concerns such as Whitehall and their so-called expert advisers, but incubators that tapped into the minds of every person within the United Kingdom and literally, incubators for the people’s thoughts. For we had done our research and knew where predominantly the real breakthroughs that have consistently changed the world in a technological context had come from and what the ‘real’ history of the world told us. But, the dti’s innovation unit had no perception or indeed a clue of what we were talking about, as they simply would not even listen. The consensus ruled and that was that, even though it had failed miserably over the decades.

We also advised the Blair government on the creation of the NESTA (National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts) and on paper seemed to be a bright spark in the bleak thinking of the dti. Unfortunately it floundered in real terms as the wrong people were chosen to be trustees and not a single scientist appointed, only a few celebrities that Blair liked to get on-board. Indeed now the NESTA has had over £1 billion of lottery money to drive its mission, but where we have not seen a single major global technology emerge for any of this so-called investment in the country’s future.

But where without being conceited, it has to be said that if they had listened some 20-years ago, the UK would now be well on with constructing a dynamic future economy that was built upon the whole of the creative thinking of the people of the United Kingdom, not the minority (which is estimated to be less than 1% of the thinking input of the British people). Seaborg and Argyris et al knew this, but where the dti did not have a clue and where they both also knew that the thinking of the British people had through their innovative thought at the fundamental level, created over half of the major technologies that revolutionised the world and we see through the eyes of what is now the modern global economy today…and will still be to a lesser extent tomorrow as China makes increasing in-roads. Indeed, even the Japanese and the Germans had determined this fact in the 1980s and 1990 respectfully as previously cited, but where this information has always been suppressed by our university elite and Whitehall elites for fear that the ‘real’ seeds of economic dynamism would be uncovered. For that would certainly be bad for these elitists’ institutions who would loose their false kudos and most importantly for them, funding and power to sway political minds to the blindness of their thinking.  

But where if governments come to their senses for once and implement the only strategy that will nullify China's future economic might, it has to be stated that the 'KEY' to all this working for the people of western economies so that they have a future and also for their future generations to come after China's full-blown emergence is with us, can never be disclosed unless western governments 'really' come together and act in the 'real' interests of the majority, not what they perceive the people want or for the rich 1%. But again, it is also clear that China may implement such an equivalent economic blueprint if they know what the prime component is to create the world's most dynamic on-going and continual economies. Therefore only when western nations are serious about tackling the emerging China economic problem, will western governments know of the main component to why this will work and where China will not be able to copy it or even create an equivalent resource once it is implemented. For there can only be one ORE-STEM Complex and whoever controls it will control the world markets of tomorrow and thereafter in perpetuity it has to be stated.

Dr. David Hill
CEO, World Innovation Foundation
25 November 2017



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