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The People do 'NOT' know the TRUTH of what is actually going on and the 'Reality' of our so-called Democracy which is in 'Reality' the democracy of Big Business & Government hand in glove


Before you read this article visit what one of the longest serving veteran US Senator in American history has to say about the 'cancer' that is destroying America's way of life and the backbone of their nation, the middle-class, who have lost the most and will continue to do so under the present economic values.

'American's Real Struggle-- Against Billionaire Oligarchy' (2015) by US Senator Bernie Sanders -

There is an irony and great dichotomy in the way in which big business and government operate together. On the one hand they appear to the general public to be doing their best to make things better for their customers and voters respectfully, but where in reality the fact is that they work against the direct interests of the people. For government and big business know that they have a captive audience no matter how people may try to think that they have a choice. The fact is that government controls the people through the laws that they pass to subject them to their will. On the other hand big business know that people have no option but to buy their goods and services to provide for their personal needs, whether that is a house or a ball-point pen.

'Four Horsemen - Feature Documentary - Official Version' (How the world really is by international economists and eminent thinkers) -

Therefore in reality the people are captive to these interested parties and they both know this.

So the question is how do these political and economic entities work against the direct interests of the people you will ask?

To start with according to Forbes a mere 2,000 corporates last year controlled 51% of the world’s total economic turnover, or around US$ 36 trillion in nominal terms. The remaining 49% was left for everyone else, companies, people, institutions and governments. Therefore before we even start, world trade is over 50% controlled by big business. With this they weald enormous financial power and ‘influence’ like no other group in the world and remember that we are only talking about a mere 2,000 companies.

Film Documentary - 'The Corporation : The Pathological Pursuit of Profit and Power'
Big business operates on the steady-state principle for as long as it can, as that is how it makes trillions of profits every year with little financial or economic headache. Indeed the longer it can produce profits in an unchanging big picture, the better it is. Therefore big business has no real interest when considering the security of the bottom-line (the ultimate objective of capitalism and globalisation) of changing the environment in reality as the longer things go on in the same old way, the longer steady profits can be made. But in this respect government's role, through big business’s ultra-powerful lobby groups, is when you analyse the situation, is to keep the status quo for as long as possible also.

I will give you a single example of this in the pharmaceutical industry and where the top 5 drug companies turned over US$770 billion in 2010 and this year will push this turnover based upon historical growth to near US1 trillion. That is just five pharmaceutical companies remember and where the total drug business et al will be in the order of US1.5 trillion if not more this year.

It is also a well known fact that the pharmaceutical industry is a very high earner for shareholders and therefore a good investment for the rich and their financial returns. I say rich because the bulk of all shares are owned by the top 10% of people and the remaining 90% of the world’s people have hardly any shares in relative terms according to global analysis of stocks and shares ownership.

But this is good for government as well as they see these big businesses as their greatest earner through taxation and of course employment. When you gather together the economic and financial power of big business you can see why governments bow inevitably to their wishes and where it is not government that are in control of a nation’s future, but in reality big business. Unfortunately western governments including the government of the United Kingdom are controlled by big business and a pointer to this clearly is how big business manipulates their sovereign tax commitments and where all of the Forbes global 2000 companies operate tax avoidance mechanisms (sorry did I say tax evasion?). The facts are there and where the largest corporations in relative terms pay hardly any tax. Therefore even government is hoodwinked by these scams but where they do nothing about it. Why is this is the question? One answer to this conundrum is that it can only be that within the Establishment, there must be powerful individuals who see that it is not in their personal interests to do anything about it as the steady-state is serving them extremely well. In this respect everyone should watch the Horizon programme series 'Are you good or evil', as this series indicates that at least one in 25 powerful individuals (both political and business) have psychopathic tendencies and have no empathy at all with fellow humanity - but there are indicators also that this percentage is on the low side and many more put personal gain above family, country and the world's overriding wellbeing. The word comes to mind of corruption and where those in power can quite easily get involved with this process with private off-shore accounts in many countries and where these transactions cannot be traced, even though governments say that they can.  

Now back to the pharmaceutical industry.
In this respect this global industry is not in the business of ‘cures’ but ‘treatments’. I would make that clear from the start, as if they were cure after cure, they would soon see their profits plummet and with that billions of dollars every year. Therefore better to NOT find a cure but constant treatment that will perpetuate the situation in perpetuity.  A fine example here is the treatment of 'hard' drugs and the treatment regimes that the world adopts (because governments and big business say that they are the best way to tackle the problem). Note again I do not say ‘cure’ treatments or ‘cure’ treatment regimes. Here we have a system based completely on a maintenance system that keeps drug addicts treated indefinitely to a great extent and where in relative terms of numbers, the majority are never cured. Therefore there will always be these non-performing and primitive treatment regimes in place because it is in the direct financial interests of the giant pharmaceuticals that they always continue - And there lies the reason to why no cures are ever entertained by both big business and our governments who are behind closed doors, hand in glove with the whole process of curative denial that lies behind the present-day regime of hard drug treatments in the West.

In this respect when a humane and non-addictive ‘cure’ for all class ‘A’ drug addiction was invented/developed by the Vietnamese government a few years ago and where there was no ‘cold turkey’ associated with the treatment, one would have thought that the British government and Whitehall would have snapped the arm off of the person making them aware of this revolutionary treatment and investigated it immediately. Indeed even more so when this treatment took a mere 72 hours to detoxify a long-term hard drug addict and with non-addictive medication unlike Methadone, Bupernorphine or LAAM et al.

But you would be wrong and the opposite was true.

For the readers information Methadone is a Schedule11 synthetic narcotic analgesic (pain reliever) and where the drug shares many of the same effects and characteristics of morphine. It is ‘highly’ addictive and even more so than heroin, the opiate that it substitutes. By law it is only administered under strict secure locations such as qualified pharmacies where qualified chemists are in permanent attendance.

Some of the physical and side effects of methadone are:

·         Restlessness

·         Vomiting

·         Nausea

·         Slowed breathing

·         Itchy skin

·         Pupil contraction

·         Severe sweating

·         Constipation

·         Sexual Dysfunction

·         Death

·         Lung and respiration problems

Effects on women:
·         Menstrual cycle changes or lapse in cycles

·         Pregnancy complications if users reduce dosage levels during pregnancy

Bupernorphine is a potent (30-50 times greater than morphine) semi-synthetic narcotic substance. It is also ‘highly’ addictive and has a greater addiction than heroin.

LAAM or L-alpha-acetyl-methadol is a Schedule II drug for use in treatment of drug addiction. In addition to anxiety users are subjected to a number of side effects such as abnormal liver functioning, rashes, nausea, and increased blood pressure. Therefore side-effects are nearly as bad as the drug that they try to treat.

Considering these facts, all the substitute maintenance treatment regimes are highly addictive and where they all have serious side effects.

Indeed adding to this and outside the pharmaceutical industry but ultimately where this industry is linked, in the year 2000 there were an estimated 1,200 treatment facilities in the U.S. dispensing methadone alone. Currently this figure is conservatively estimated to be 5,000 as drug addiction has boomed over the last 14 years. Times these numbers by all the countries in the word who use Methadone et al as their main treatment for drug addicts and you have a vast global industry. Therefore this powerful group again just does not want a cure to exist as they do not want to be out of business now do they?

So the question again is why don’t western governments introduce this ‘curative’ treatment from Vietnam? After considering everything and where western governments do not want to even run trials (they blocked it in the UK through the Home Office – Whitehall senior civil servants), the answer can only be that big business does not want a cure and governments are totally complicit and culpable in this process. For this must ultimately be the answer as the medication is non-addictive, has no side-effects and is safe having now cured tens of thousands of hard drug addicts in Vietnam.

People will ask therefore if this is so good, why they have never heard of it. The answer is three-fold,

  1. Government do not want to publicise it.
  2.  Big business does not want to introduce it because it would kill off a multi-billion dollar industry.
  3. Vietnam is a communist country and where it is an insular regime that gives very little out even today. But it also has to be stated that the Vietnamese government held out its hand of help in this 'special' case to the UK but where the UK government declined their humanitarian cooperation. Mad you may think but that is how government and big business appear to operate in the United Kingdom (and throughout the western world) where the power of the corporation and the continual wealth of the few, rules ever supreme.
Indeed government have known about this cure for nearly 10-years now -

Therefore people in this country and all other western nations should be aware that big business with government backing stop miracle breakthroughs happening if that new discovery would have an immense effect on the bottom-line of big business. It does not matter therefore if such a phenomena  relieved and cured the scourge of global drug addiction, as that is not the point of government's cooperation with big business. You see government are not really interested in the good that new things will do if it affects their good friend big business. Therefore big business needs in reality comes before the people's humanitarian needs and that is now a fact based upon historical information in respect of the interactions between government and big business behind the scenes and closed doors.

Indeed over recent decades big business has involved itself with university and government R&D as well in a so-called collaborative effort to find cures for all sorts of things together with inventions that would help humanity. It appears now that this is not as clear as it is on face value and for the good of all. In this respect big business now controls a vast amount of professors and their research who are sizably or fully funded by big business. So if research findings do not fit in with what the giant paymasters want they have the power to destroy the research or have the power to just have it hung out to dry or simply shelved and where it never ever sees the light of day again. Therefore as big business has now obtained the ultimate control over university and government research in commodities to a great extent, it can stop all good things emerging if it wishes. Just like they have done with the class ‘A’ drug cure from Vietnam.  Therefore from now on just don’t believe for one minute that big business is in the business to help humanity but only itself and where it manipulates government by its immense financial and economic power to do its bidding. Unfortunately for humankind that is a modern truism of the very highest order.

Indeed on a final point people should understand what is going on with the incoming US-EU trade pact and where again this vast trade pact is not in the interests of both the American and European people when you delve deep into the agreements that are being drawn up by our governments and big business

But overridingly the 'big question' that has to be ultimately asked is, 

HOW CORRUPT REALLY IS the 'Establishment' in the United Kingdom?

For the answer to this, one has only to look at the emerging scandal over the alleged paedophile activities of the Establishment to obtain a small insight into the answer to this uneasy question.

This concerns a recent article in the Daily Mail published on July 19, 2014 (pages 28,29 30) and where this clearly shows that the Establishment is 'inherently' corrupt to the core when their vested-interests are challenged and attacked. Indeed, 'cover-ups' are inevitable from the top down - The article was entitled, 

     'Chilling day special branch swooped to seize ANOTHER dossier on VIP abusers'.

In this respect the article revolved around a substantial dossier on alleged paedophiles at the highest level within the Establishment  - what is supposingly being addressed presently (July 2014 onwards) by themselves, the Establishment. The following is extracts from the article which concerned a dossier passed on by the late Labour minister of state Barbara Castle to a journalist and what happened to this journalist  in this events' aftermath.

The knock on the door came early one day in the famous dry summer of 1984...and Dale Hale, the young editor of the Bury Messenger, was reading the daily papers at his desk as his reporters were binning to arrive...As Hale, then 31, answered the door, a trio of plain-clothes detectives barged in, followed by dozen police officers in uniform. What happened next was, in Hale's words, 'like something out of a totalitarian East Germany rather than Margaret Thatcher's supposingly free Britain'. The detectives identified themselves as Special Branch...responsible for  of national security.  'They began flashing warrant cards and bark questions' said Hale. 'It was as if they were interviewing a potential criminal rather than a law-abiding newspaper man'. The officers told me that I should abandon plans to print a story that was scheduled to run in our next edition. If I didn't, they told me to expect a long jail sentence.'

Initially bewildered by their threatening tone. Hale soon worked out the purpose of the police visit. The focus of their attention was an incendiary dossier he had been handed a few days earlier by long-serving Labour politician Barbara Castle...and the MP for nearby Blackburn. One of her lifelong interests as a principled advocate... was child protection. To that end, she had become concerned at the rising influence of the paedophile lobby...infiltrating the political Establishment developing links with...senior public figures including MPs, peers, civil servants and police officers.

Mrs. Castle was particularly alarmed, Hale recalls, about the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE)...officially affiliated with the influential National Council for Civil Liberties...'To her frustration, politicians seemed unwilling to discuss this important issue,' says Hale.

So being aware of my investigative work in the local media, she approached me and we agreed to a meeting.'

Over tea and a bun at a local cafe Mrs. Castle opened a battered briefcase and handed Hale a bundle of extraordinary documents. They included typewritten minutes of meetings...held by Westminster in support of the paedophile agenda...with details of...Establishment figures who had apparently pledged support of their cause...No fewer than 16 MPs were on that list...I warned her that I would have to make enquiries...about some contents of the dossier.

...A few days later he (Hale) he put in a call to the Home Office. 'I could detect the antagonism from officials as soon as they answered'...The Institution that should have been protecting vulnerable children seemed more interested in topping the Press from prying too closely.'

It was the morning after Hale made his call to the Home Office that Special Branch officers turned up at the Bury Messenger.

Pushing him (Hale) into a corner, they began barking orders. 'Let me assure you that this story is not in the public interest,'...It cannot be printed, as a matter of national security.'

'That can't be right.', Hale told him (the senior interrogating officer).'Look, we're not here to argue,' the detective responded. 'Are you going to hand over your papers?'

'No', Hale replied.

At this point, the officer produced a document, signed by a judge. It showed that his previous remark about not printing the story had not been a request, but an ORDER. The document...was a D-notice - relic of wartime censorship that could be served on newspaper editors, allowing the Government to block any story that threatened national security.

'If you don't comply with this notice, we will arrest you for perverting the course of justice,' the detective barked. 'You will be liable for up to ten years in prison.'

At this point, Hale's resistance collapsed.

The papers...were swiftly confiscated, as were Hale's notes and even his typewriter . Sounds familiar, it is and the very same thing that happened in the Local Authority case previously cited in another blog - 'Lawrence Case shows that Justice and Corruption are part of the Police System but where the whole Establishment is to a great extent Corrupt - Time for great change and Justice for the People who pay these people - That means both You and Me'  -  

'When I (Hale) asked the reason for this strange act of expropriation, I was told it was being taken in case of allegations of fraud,' he says (police officer).'You might have typed these statements yourself.' said a detective.

As the police left, Hale was warned never to write about the raid or tell anyone what had happened.

'One point I found interesting was that they all spoke with London accents,' says Hale. Not a single man was from Lancashire. It was obvious this was a Metropolitan Police raid, planned in the capital.

'This was confirmed when, disobeying Special Branch's instructions, I phoned Bury police about the incident. 'They knew nothing of it and were astonished.'

Rather less shocked was Barbara Castle. When Hale saw her a few days later, she told him, 'I thought this might happen.'...'Well, this certainly shows the extent of the cover-up.'...'We are fighting a formidable foe.'

With the D-notice in force not even Mrs Castle could then do anything as the Establishment had through the Judiciary blocked everything . But what the above clearly shows is how corrupt the Establishment is. Indeed since this dossier was erased from existence and in recent times, a  further 117 documents relating to the Establishment's paedophilia accusations have been lost by the Home Office (the most corrupt department in Government).

As a further post-script to the above the Daily mail article also stated,

'This week  a former Tory activist called Anthony Gilberthorpe told a Sunday newspaper that he had been asked to procure under-age boys for drink and drug-fuelled sex parties at political party conferences in the early eighties'

Can we say more about a corrupt Establishment? Probably yes and a great deal more to come !...if  of course justice is allowed to take its course and the Establishment does not undertake possibly the greatest COVER-UP of all time?

‘The truth about Trasylol’ –

What you should know about the 'Gates Foundation' and Others, and how they manipulate the system to their own ends and predominantly unknown to the people - indeed they are not the so-called good guys that they make out to be -

'The Government Problem' (24 December 2014) -

'The Billionaire Sentenced to Five Years in Prison' (25 December 2014) -

The biggest problem of course is to change all this but where our political leaders are bought and sold on the altar of power and wealth both in the USA and the UK. For when it comes to ultimate control, less than a mere thousand people control the destiny of the USA as an example, and at their pleasure. For it's official now, as they control the White House in reality, even before a new President is elected, no matter which Party gets into power. In this respect, in the USA things are not as they seem and where western media controlled by the top 1% wealthiest Americans, is suppressing the 'real' America of today.  A few Americans have bought their political leaders before they even enter the White House and where the working poor, working class and middle class that accounts for 90% of the American people, have no say anymore in their country's future. Only the rich and powerful has any real say. Indeed the article by investigative journalists at the New York times released on 10 October 2015 makes this perfectly clear For just 158 families have provided nearly half of the early money for efforts to capture the White House. -

Dr David Hill
Chief Executive
World Innovation Foundation

22 February 2014
(updated 10 October 2015)

Establishment 'Paedophiles' including our political leaders. Who would have thought that list would include Blair and Brown -

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