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The European Union (EU) is Heading Towards Terminal Economic Decline, but where their Politicians Haven't the Knowledge to Realise What is happening and Why?

There are many reasons why the UK should disengage itself from the EU and plot its own destiny, but where it is in the direct interest of the mighty corporation to stay in according to the rich and powerful 10% of the world's population (and basically the 0.47% of the population who according to Credit Suisse's 'Global Wealth Report'  control 41% of the world's wealth - and where also the top 10% rich control 86% of the world's wealth according to the same report). But it also has to be said that the 'cash-cow'  that provides the rich with all their riches (the 90% of the world's people who work for these oligarchs and corporations), get nothing of any major significance out of the EU in terms of 'real' increases in their standards of living. Indeed the living standards of the vast majority in the EU (500 million+ EU citizens), are declining year-on-year and have been doing so in real terms for the last decade. Unfortunately this decline for most of the EU citizens will continue unabated as EU leaders, politicians and bureaucrats are controlled by the mighty corporations (last year according to Forbes the 'Global 2000' controlled 51% of all total world trade and why the corporation have politicians (including political leaders) in their back pockets, orchestrating an economic strategy for the rich and not the people.

'Brexit - The Truth Behind the EU's Accounts and the Endemic Corruption that Supports a Non-Changing System of Economic Waste and Jobs for the 'Boys' -

 A few of the reasons why the UK would be better out of the EU are as follows.

1.  The Wrong Quality and Backgrounds of Politicians in the EU Compared to China is the Vital Difference in Winning the Economic War of the 21st century

China's leaders are predominantly engineers or scientists by training and where EU politicians are predominantly not either engineers or scientists by training but lawyers.  China's meteoric rise has been principally orchestrated by technical people and the main reason it has to be said why China has developed rapidly. In contrast EU politicians because of their non-technical mindset (in technology terms) have never understood the power of innovation, invention and technology to transform economies into dynamic economies. China has always been different here and where their past leadership over the last 30-years (the years of the economic rise of China) have also been chiefly trained as engineers and scientists. In this respect Dr. Jian Song, the former vice-premier of China for 13-years and an Honorary Member of the Foundation, was the man who initially developed the 'economic blueprint' for China and which they have adhered to ever since he did so. Overall, I don't think that he did a bad job either, looking at the unparallel economic rise of China over the last quarter of a century and where he was the former president of their national academy of engineering.  Indeed, lawyer's minds just look at the laws of the land but have not the understanding of things that create wealth (innovation, science and technology). These two mindsets are therefore completely different and where the economic decline in the EU and also the USA can be linked to this distinct political deficiency. For one has the mind and thinking to develop a nation through the constant exploitation of technological excellence and the other has not a clue what innovation and invention can do for the benefit of a nation. The reason again, is that EU politicians have in the main 'legal' brains and China's politicians have 'scientific and engineering' brains.

The EU espouses through the Lisbon Treaty et al that they understand the power of innovation and research & development,  but in reality they do not. The history of this fact is how the EU has not exploited an economic strategy that has worked and basically is failing its people all the time. Indeed if the thinking in the EU was so good it should not be China that is charging ahead but the EU. This is not the case and therefore the EU's thinking cannot be right and where that is basically down again to their politicians not having a scientific brain, but a legal brain in the main driving the economies of the European Community. For this latter thinking will never transform the EU into the economic powerhouse of the future world, but where in difference because China has a scientific mindset, will eventually have an economy by the end of this century at least 300% greater than the EU. By that time the EU's economy in comparison will at best, just 'stand still'. Therefore the EU because of  having the wrong mindset in their decision-makers, will not just stagnate in economic terms, but in real terms will decline decade on decade.

2. The 'EU-USA Trade Pact' versus the 'China-Russia Trade Pact'


The EU-USA trade agreement is an agreement for western corporations  and not for the people. No way is it a 'free-trade' agreement and where the people of the EU and the USA will be worse off financially with this trade agreement in place.  In this respect EU politicians have negotiated into the agreement that the mighty corporations will receive a minimum profit on their commodities, products and services and if this minimum profit is not met, they can sue sovereign governments for the profit. This unfortunately is written into the agreement so that it cannot be challenges and the agreement surmounts the sovereign laws of all EU 28 members. Indeed the icing on the cake for the corporations is that if there are any disputes, they will be held behind closed doors in 'secret' court/tribunal hearings and heard not by the nation's judiciary, but by a special corporate/EU tribunal constituted by predominantly corporation interests, not the people's interests. In this respect the people will not be allowed into these secretive courts and will not have a say in the proceedings at all.  Indeed, the taxpayer will not even be told of the decisions and the billions that have been paid out - presently around the world with far smaller equivalent trade treaties, corporations are suing governments for over $30,000 million in compensation claims and where the people hear very little, if at all, about this huge corporate claims. Consequently, corporations will to a certain extent be able to sign their own cheques. Hard to believe, read the small print !

'The TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) will be an Absolute Disaster for the People of the EU (European Union) and the People of America (USA) in the long-term - We simply have to Vote AGAINST this behind closed doors Transatlantic Trade deal before it is signed up and too late for the People to do anything about it' -

But added to this, corporations will be able to override all manner of environmental concerns if these hit their bottom-line, such as stopping Fracking. From TTIP onwards, they will be able to get there own way and the people and their governments, will not be able to do anything about it. Don't believe me again, do your own research and where as one example of many, a US corporation is suing the Canadian government and their people (their taxpayers) presently for $10 billion for not allowing them to undertake Fracking.

'Fast Track Trade Traitors Murderers and Enemies' -

'The Lie Machine' - by Dr Paul Craig Roberts, former Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury for Economic Policy in the Reagan Administration

The China-Russian Trade Pact on the other hand will benefit their people, as China's next stage of the implementation of their  economic 'blueprint' for global economic and now financial domination, is to develop their national internal economy, boosting the nation's inner economic development. Indeed with near to 6 trillion in dollar reserves currently and  increasing by the year, China could support its economic growth now for at least 30 years with this change in functional direction. Therefore essentially it does not need the West to develop its nation's economic base any further, as there is a chain-reaction internally now in place that cannot be stopped; not even if the western economies started to collapse. What a position to be in and where in the future the world dependency currency will not be the once mighty US dollar, but a new global currency that China and Russia have been working on together now for nearly 10-years. One has also to remember that China and Russia together have vast mineral and energy resources to tap into, but where the EU has not. And as it has not the right mindset to bring out an economic miracle through the Lisbon Treaty (as the basis is all wrong due to it not having the vital 'missing economic development' link in its thinking and strategy), the EU will never be able to solve its future problems together with the USA (who have very similar non-performing politico-economic mindsets and strategies in place).

Therefore a great economic divide will develop over the next 25-years and it will not be  on the EU's side. Indeed, the EU will see a constant decay and decline in living standards of their people because their politicians are from the wrong technical backgrounds and where consequently they do not understand, nor will they understand the thinking that is needed in the 21st century to create a dynamic economic bloc. That is where US-EU 'Partyocracy and Corporateocracy'  surmounts democracy and where the 'real' benefits are for those in politico-economic control and not the people's positive futures. Unfortunately that is paramount and 90% of the people are basically used as economic fodder, to do with as they choose. Don't think so, see what the future brings by staying in the EU and witnessing your children's futures and meaningful lives, go down the preverbal EU non-performing economic drain. 

Threat to the UK's National Health Service (NHS)

As a side effect of this so-called 'free-trade' agreement, the USA's massive health care industry can't wait to make big in-roads into the National Health Service (NHS). Not a lot of people are aware of this and where 'privatisation' of the UK health service is inevitable with this trade deal. The sad fact is that all parties know this including Labour who espouse that the NHS is safe in their hands. If this is so why aren't Labour against this massive trade pact that will take the NHS away from the people? For the TTIP is clear in the treaty, monopolies CANNOT EXIST and what is the NHS seen as, a monopoly of course. So forget about saving the NHS if we are in the EU. Indeed all EU governments will be unable to provide or improve their health service because of objections by the private companies making money in the health ‘business’. In this respect in Sweden the public sector is no longer permitted to provide health services as it’s viewed as ‘interference’ in the market. So the TTIP copies this and will enable the UK's NHS to be fully privatised and all our political leaders know this. All are therefore hypocrites saying that they will save the NHS.

3. Cost of EU Membership and Benefits or No Benefits


The EU costs the UK today £55 million a day. This figure will continually rise over the next 20-years as EU Policies fail the people of Europe as they have for the last 10-years (including taking in the financial meltdown into account).

 MEPs (Costs of the 751 Members of the European Parliament)
There are 751 members of the European Parliament.  The basic salary for each is €95,484 a year (depending on the currency fluctuations between  the £ and €) for every EU member of parliament.

On top of this there is €300 a day for attending the European Parliament. Based upon 270 days out of 365 days this equates to €81,000 a year.

MEPs receive a Brussels/Strasbourg allowance of €304 per day towards away-from-home accommodation and subsistence costs  - which assuming 270 days equates to €82,080 a year.

The MEPs pension fund is non-contributory. All payments to it are made from the Parliament’s budget and none are deducted from the salary of MEPs - therefore on top of the basic salary one can add most probable on retirement a lump sum pension pot of €303,195 (see links below).

The salary package includes life and accident insurance, medical insurance, and payments towards language and computer tuition (if ever used) - therefore this perk is in addition to the basic salary and probably worth at least another  €10,000 a year.

MEPs are reimbursed at cost for the price of the tickets they buy to travel between their home and the Parliament in Brussels or Strasbourg - Business Premier class travel. Therefore assuming  40 weeks return travel from the UK to Brussels over the year, the cost of this would be in the order of 40 x £510 = £20,400 (€25,092 at 25 May 2014)
(assuming an average return fare of £510 - fare ranges from £450>£570)

MEPs can also claim for up to 48 single journeys within their own country by train or plane or boat (for example, Finland or Greece), or for car journeys in the UK and the eight other largest Member States up to a maximum distance of 24,000 km annually at the rate of €0.49/km. Therefore MEPs can charge an additional sum of €11,760 a year if they travel up to the maximum.

An annual allowance of up to €4148 annually is available to MEPs to meet the cost of travel, accommodation and subsistence when making journeys outside their own country in connection with their parliamentary work

The European Parliament makes available the sum of €21,209 per month towards the cost of an MEP employing staff - €254,508.

MEPs currently receive an office costs allowance known as “general expenditure” of €4299 per month - €51,588 a year).

Overall on average therefore an MEP can receive up to  €615,660 a year and look forward to a lump sum pension pot of €303,195.

This works out for the 751 MEPs and for a single year, €462.36 million (over 20 years €9.25 Billion) and the cost of pension pots a further €227.70 million for the current incumbents. But one has also to remember the hundreds of millions in EURO that have been forked out over the last 40 years which is an enormous amount and where 100s of millions and tens of billions more will be shelled out in the future.

This is only the cost of the Politicians and we have to add an enormous amount for paying the vast army of bureaucrats as well. Indeed some have even estimated that the total cost of the EU project costs EU taxpayers (UK included of course) as high as 1,000 Billion Euro a year for the whole of the EU conglomeration (around 50% of the annual GDP of the UK)!

But the above also does not include any special payments and for other assiciated duties for the EU outside their remit at MEPs. So some MEPs get considerably more than these substantial sums.  It is therefore no wonder that people like Neil Kinnock (former leader of the Labour Party) and Glenys Kinnock (commissioner & MEP respectfully) liked and enjoyed their political jobs in the EU for many years.  But who wouldn't and that goes for every one of them both past, present and in the future.  Indeed one budding MEP and successful author  (David Craig)  has stated recently that an average MEP can easily save up between €1 million and €1.5 million from the EU. Indeed he has gone on to say recently again that MEPs are living on another planet compared to those who voted them in.

Some have said that this is a 'gravy-train' but where I could not possibly comment on this.

4. Being in the EU has not changed our 'Economic' trading percentages with EU countries since we joined the European Project in 1973 - Therefore there is  no economic advantage to British trade whatsoever for the UK being in the EU.

Recent research published by the think-tank Civitas - The Institute For The Study Of Civil Society, states that the EU has provided the UK with NO trade benefit. In this respect the Civitas Report states that trade with other EU nations makes up no more of the UK's trade now than it did just before Britain joined up to the EEC in 1973. So what is the point in Britain spending £55 million a day on an uneconomic and deficit increasing political monster that is out of control?

Who are the idiots therefore is the question, the people who pay for all this or the politicians. It clearly looks to me that it is the people unfortunately.

5. The EU's  Annual Translation Costs are 'Officially' Over £1000 Million and Rising Continuously 

Just one element that is different to the United States of America and the United States of Europe is the latter's astronomical £1000 Million+ and growing translation costs. The reason of course is that the USA has one predominant language, American English, but where all EU 28 member states have different languages, equivalent different national alphabets and ways of saying and expressing things. Communication throughout the EU is overridingly fragmented  and therefore a highly negative factor for integration and in providing economic dynamism.  Therefore the EU 28's disparate individual national standings are not conducive to creating a dynamic economic block due to the communication difficulties.  Indeed I have always stated that communication, collaboration and cooperation are the hallmarks of a dynamic economy in the 21st century and if one area is lacking the totally innovation chain is broken and cannot be fixed no matter what we try to do. Therefore the EU will never excel like the USA has done, because of this strategically fundamental inferior weakness within the EU's internal market structure.

It should be noted that the above are only a few reasons why a Brexit vote has to be the case  come 23 June 2016, or we shall all (including our children and their children) never be able to get out of this monster that takes no prisoners today and definitely not in the future. Use your brains, intelligence and 'gut' feeling is my advice, but beware of the lies and untruths that the Europhiles will try to con you with. For once voted on, there is no chance of ever having again an 'independent' Britain and that's the truth if our politicians were fully open and dare I say it, truthful. For the TTIP for example states that the trade treaty is irrevocable and therefore forever in politico-legal language and meaning. So don't be fooled by our politicians is my advice, as if you do, you will definitely regret it big time if the UK stays within the EU.
'Brexit - THREE' of the Great Myths (and more) of staying 'IN' the EU Destroyed if the People of the United Kingdom Would simply Use Their Common-Sense and Read into the TRUTH' -

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Stop Press - Cameron Forced to put in the Queen's Speech or suffer defeat in parliament if he did not exclude the NHS from the TTIP trade negotiations

Cameron was forced to include a clause yesterday (19.05.16) so that the NHS was excluded in the TTIP negotiations. This should tell everyone that he is working for the corporations, as the TTIP is a corporate treaty in reality and why should he have had to be forced to do this if the TTIP is so good for the people?

But he is having to do this under duress. Unfortunately for the NHS this will not stop the EU from privatising the NHS over a relatively short period of time when we have signed to stay in the EU and where because the TTIP makes it clear that 'MONOPOLIES' cannot exist, the EU will demand that the NHS is privatised.

And Britain will not be able to do a single thing against this, as we would then be trapped inside an all-powerful EU and under their total control. Don't believe me, return here in a mere 10 years time to see that all the above has unfortunately come true if we stay in the EU. For only by voting OUT can the NHS be saved and that is ultimately the truth.

I just wish people would wake up to the reality of the EU and where we shall definitely not be able to save the NHS and anything else for that matter that we cherish so much, once we sign to stay in the EU. For this time it will be forever.

Dr David Hill
World Innovation Foundation
25 May 2014 (updated 20 May 2016)

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