Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Where do we go when we die? A simple question from time immemorial and where it depends on whether we are good or evil ultimately - A personal take


All logic says that the universe was created and did not happen by sheer chance and out of nothing. Indeed the 'big bang theory' is perverse in the extreme, as that means that there was nothing at all that existed before this occurrence...nothing. Considering this thinking therefore, something came out of nothing and which this theory postulates; an impossibility whether it be living human matter or pure energy. But that would be like also accepting that time has no substance/mass (a concept that is generally ignored by mainstream science as it appears sheer madness, but where it purveys everything and is not abstract), but where if that were so, nothing would exist at all. For time is the arbiter of what will be and what has gone before us. Therefore the theory that the universe came about through the 'big bang' from nothing is in fact a bit of madness in reality and where many leading scientific minds now comprehend that this theory cannot be the basis of the universe's creation. Indeed I am always consoled through the fact that the greatest minds of a certain time, get things horribly wrong. In this respect as a single example of this, the Royal Society, the oldest and most prestigious scientific institution in the world, once stated and believed that man could never possibly fly, because nothing heavier than air that man ever created, could possibly do this. Therefore so-called leading-edge thinking can be totally wrong. Indeed probability theory has to use logic with intuition ultimately to determine how things really are. Overall therefore we have to get away from the big bang theory, look to far greater logical theories and the main reason why we are here...and there might I add.

When we look at our knowledge today, we think that it is at the leading-edge of intelligence, but where in reality it is Neanderthal in nature when compared to the knowledge that we do not know. Indeed I would say that our present knowledge and intelligence can be seen as a  fraction of one-percent, but where the knowledge that we have to yet to inherit I believe, is most probably incalculable. This is not absurd as it appears and only those who think that they know better than others and believe that our knowledge and wisdom is advanced, think at the opposite end of the scale. It is not I can tell those monomaniacs who think that it is and where they have a lot to learn. Therefore the reason again why we are all here.

I have never been a religious person in the true sense of the man-made religions of the world, but have always believed in the existence of GOD. The two are completely different as one was made by humans and the other is the only possibly reason why we and the universe are here. Indeed I have thought for a long time that our world is what the catholic religion calls 'purgatory', a half way house. In this respect if GOD exists he or she would have created such a half-way house for those who were not ready - in this respect we have all done things that we regret to others for our own self-gratification. This even where charities I have found are concerned and where I know people who have run such entities that lost the plot due to the self-interests of themselves and not the charity, whether it was for financial benefit or the sheer kudos that they craved for. 

Over the years I have also become more convinced, rightly or wrongly, that this world was conceived for a sort of sifting place and to see if we as a people are worthy of continuing on the journey that creation has ultimately provided. In this respect the first thing on a positive path is to determine what is right or wrong. Unfortunately a great number of people in this life lack this judgement and usually those who can change the world to become a better place for the majority to live, are the ones whose transit is not ensured I believe. For those who abuse the power that they have, their future I contend having understood a little bit more about why the world is here, is not a pleasant environment for them to enter in the next stage of the journey. Indeed here the Bible and the Quran are the same in that no-one who does not help alleviate the suffering of others to their ultimate capacity, never ends up in a place that they will really like, the second time around. 

Evil if I can put it that way, appears to dwell in all regions of the world, including the so-called peaceful 'West'. Indeed there are some conspiracy theories that appear to be sheer madness but where the evidence says differently.  In this respect the leader of the Islamic State, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, is considered to be an  Israeli Mossad-trained operative whose real name is Elliot Shimon, the son of Jewish parents 


If this is true what is going on in the world, as the USA armed these barbaric terrorist when the fight was against Syria and now these very same weapons are being used against ourselves. The West has also funded the 'IS' terrorists to the tune of billions in the fight against Syria and the Assad regime, prior to them turning on the West. What madness is all this where the 'West' one minute funds and arms psychopathic killers and the next this vast funding and military equipment is used against us. Either the politicians are stupid and inept (possibly the case) or all this continual funding is planned so that the military arms corporations (the USA is the largest manufacturer and dealer of military hardware in the world) have a continual income from death and destruction. Sounds mad? But is it as there are many examples where wars appear to be madness and suddenly emerge. Therefore the big question that has to be asked, is the giant corporations indirectly responsible for all wars and suffering in one way or another? With trillions of dollars a year put into the global system in the guise of defence, they well may be?

In this respect also, the 'Snowden' documents supposedly reveal that British, American and Israeli intelligence worked together to create IS, “a terrorist organization capable of centralizing all extremist actions across the world,” using a strategy called Hornet’s Nest designed to “protect Israel.” According to the documents, “The only solution for the protection of the Jewish state is to create an enemy near its borders. 

But after surmising the above we need to get back to the main purpose of this article and where the rich and powerful individuals may have a life of luxury in their present world, but in the next journey, some religious teachings say that they would wish that they were dead every day of their new transitional life-span - for this will be eternal for them with no relent and what GOD most probably calls this immortal justice for all the evil that was created over an average life-span of up to a mere 86 years (those who exist within the affluent areas of western nations). As great scientists have stated, energy cannot be destroyed and where every life is energy ultimately. Therefore at death, it cannot be destroyed, even though it may appear that we all go up in smoke or if we are rich, end up in a mausoleum.

But not seemingly to be totally mad, there is all sorts of phenomena that cannot be explained. One is the old story concerning beings from another world. My take on that according to all possibilities is that the so-called angels that appear in most religious books in one form or another and where some apparitions have apparently been seen coming out of the sky, could in fact be more advanced developments from further down the road. 

People will ask if GOD is good or evil? It is a good question to discuss as when we see our world we see more turmoil and destructive forces than forces for good. Therefore in the old reasoning of evil, the world can be seen as evil as this constituent of man and woman is profoundly evil in the world that we presently live, having over half the population of the world living in dire poverty, relative starvation and inhuman existences. So evil in many ways dominates our world and where apparently the rich and powerful like this existence to continue in perpetuity. For nothing changes really year-on-year, other than the rich get increasingly richer and the majority of the world's populous suffer more and become poorer. Some would say this is a vision of Hell/Jahannam if such a place exists? But it is not as it is our world, or should I say the world of the minority who make it  that way for their own self gratification and interests. Unfortunately it can be said that they wish to be blind to the realities of this world due to living in a cocooned environment of great wealth and privilege. They never know any of the suffering that they indirectly unleash on humanity and that is why this negligence of mind is pure evil and psychopathic in nature.

Therefore again the reason why I consider that our world is a form of limbo-land, where we do on average eighty odd years on average in the western world (many in most other regions of the world sadly of course far less, but where this is directly due to those who control things in a materialistic world) and where we either make the grade or we do not. Unfortunately none from the world who control it through their actions I consider inevitably exist in the next phase of our existence (remember nothing really can be destroyed as we are energy in reality) and they exist in what can be considered as the modern storage media equivalent of the 'cloud', where some energy just hangs around forever. In this respect if you have been frustrated multiply this existence by a magnitude proportionate to the universe's so-called life-span to date and that is what this next step feels like, in eternity.

My take on the situation also is that we therefore exist in three parallel universes. The central universe is the universe that we inhabit and the outer universes are what the Bible and Quran signifies as Heaven/Paradise and Hell/Jahannam. One cannot cross into the other universe until a new time-dimension is crossed and that takes a great deal of energy. This may be where the concept that our universe was created from nothing and may have a place in science. For we cannot see or detect these two outer parallel universes but where the change in composition and life form together with our universe's incalculable power that destroys and creates new star systems at will, allows passage I believe between the three parallel universes. This may seem strange but it is just as strange as believing that our universe was created out of nothing and there was nothing there before the so-called 'big bang', whatever that may have been. The other interesting fact is that we are so far away from other galaxies within our universe, that the remoteness of our world cannot detect any other life-forms as we know life forms. There are other life-forms I believe that inhabit our universe, but where they are nothing like the carbon form that we are. These forms are energy forms that can at certain locations between the two outer parallel universes transfer to our universe. The purpose I believe is to keep an eye on what is going on within the central universe (our universe) and the ultimate war between good and evil. God allows this system to exist (even with the so-called Devil running the show in one parallel universe) because without such a mechanism in place, the sifting system that God has created could not exist. For even God knows that evil cannot be totally eliminated by the good things that He does, as there is always within some intelligent beings an evil instinct to do great harm to all others for their own benefit. In this respect the basis of good cannot do evil things (God cannot commit evil acts even destroying evil, which would be an evil thing in itself - a dichotomy I would say that God realised after he had created the central universe and saw what was the initial 'outcome' of allowing self-thought). Therefore God cannot destroy evil in itself, but can despatch such evil to a parallel universe where evil can dwell forever and thereafter suffer for the past evil that these occupiers had wreaked whilst they were a part of life's short journey within the central universe (the universe that we presently occupy). 
For what this article is about in part is putting religion into a modern perspective and why we are all here. For in this respect the ultimate quest should be to enter the 'creator's universe, but where it has to be stated that the choice is left entirely to each individual - for this is where the creative entity allows free-choice to happen and where one ends up, depends entirely on what we do). In many ways I think there are more probabilities with this form of thinking than the religious creations of man to date. For those who observe see more. A subtle way of saying that we may think that we know most things but where in reality our thinking is highly debatable. For do we really know where we are going at all. I think not as the way that we develop this world is unsustainable and where the clear possibility of the extinction of humanity is now clearly on the cards. Therefore the question is if GOD exists, does he really care you might ask? I don't think so in reality, as people make their minds up to do good or to do evil. For those who help others I am perfectly sure now that they are the ones who continue on the journey, but where those who solely exist for their own ends, end up existing indefinitely in their solitary world of their own making. Remember again that energy and therefore life in many ways cannot be extinguished and where therefore we must go somewhere after our present existence. Not what religion tells us, but what the use of our current scientific knowledge tells us and the unknown (the greater knowledge that we do not know presently and in excess in my humble opinion of 99%+ of our current knowledge and thinking), which exists as well in reality. 

Overall I have come to the conclusion that there is a creator and we certainly have a purpose in being here, even though scientists cannot tell us why. But, it has to be said they probably never will, as no-one can know or enter into the mind of God.

Death is the liquidator of time as we know it as humans and where time then becomes nothing. Indeed a billion or even 10 billion years is just the same as a mere second. For what happened 100 billion years ago, as the universe according to our relatively primitive knowledge currently, is no more that 14 billion years old? But it has to be said, that there are grave differences within the three states of Heaven (Paradise), Purgatory (earth-life) and Hell, as Heaven is without time and the most precious thing that we can ever secure, Purgatory has time as we know it, but Hell is forever and every second is a billion years of yearning for something we can never achieve and a continual nightmare of suffering and perpetual anxiety.

Who or what owns time is the big question, not if the big bang happened or not and where this is relatively unimportant, compared to what time really is.  For without time there can be nothing, no universe, no world and no life, absolutely nothing. Therefore time is the greatest mystery and who or whatever allows it to exist is the creator we have over time, associated with the word we call in our ignorance, God, Allah or some other divine deity. Time is therefore everything in reality, and what or who created it.

'There is a creator therefore, for the probability that there is nothing that created us and the vast incalculable Universe, is perverse in the extreme when using mere logic, common-sense and our intelligent senses.  For if we believe that there is not a creative God or Allah, we believe that we simple do not exist ourselves.

Unfortunately as a postscript, the American people are being kept in the 'dark' all the time about what their respective government undertakes and where they will have to come to terms with this totally destructive force within the American system of democracy and peace. For if not, it will have an enormous effect on the American people and their future way of life. Indeed if change does not take place, their people may not sadly have a future in any meaningful form. Change has therefore to be the order of the day for their future government to prevent the ultimate decline of a once just and powerful nation -  Crime-Inc - http://www.opednews.com/articles/Crime-Inc-by-Dave-Lefcourt-Assassination_Coup_Crimes-Against-Humanity_Death-160213-943.html

Don't believe me that the US government could implement such things on the American people, then read what a former Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury for Economic Policy in the Reagan Administration has to say about the assassination of JFK and his brother Robert. Indeed this man is as sane as you and me.
'President Kennedy and His Brother Robert Kennedy Were Murdered By The Military-Security Complex' - http://www.opednews.com/articles/President-Kennedy-and-His-by-Paul-Craig-Roberts-Assassination_CIA_Conspiracy_Government-160213-249.html

In the final analysis, time again is the arbiter of whether we exist or not, for once we are dead in an earthly sense, a billion, ten billion or even 100 billion years (although current knowledge estimates are that the universe has only been around for 13.8 billion years) is the same as a second. For who is to say that we are not created time and time again and where we cannot detect this fact because we cannot comprehend what time can actually do. Indeed, with our relative primitive knowledge and technology that we possess presently (to what we shall discover in the 100s of thousands of years, if not millions of years ahead for Humanity, unless we do not kill ourselves through sheer wanton greed et al), who is to say that there was nothing before 13.8 billion years ago. For there might well have been something before that time that simply disappeared, billions of years before such an event. This theory is no different of taking at face value that all things were created nearly 14 billion years ago, due to what our present technology indicates. No, the 'big bang' theory is too simple and where we have to open up our minds to other possibilities and ones that have more logic that we were created out of nothing and nothing existed before. The answer has to be that there is force that created us and it is at this force's dictate, whether there will be anything or not. Once we get our heads around that more logical reasoning, we can start to open up our minds fully, expand our horizons, increase our knowledge to what our intelligence was created for and to contribute far better to our specie's ultimate destiny in the creators universe. That destiny has to include that we all understand that God or Allah (or whatever our creator is called), has up to the present time, undetected forces/attributes/elements not known to us as we stand today (because of our primitive thinking and lack of knowledge), but where we know one of them, that of controlling 'TIME' itself. 

Dr David Hill
World Innovation Foundation
23 September 2014 (updated 31 December 2018)







UK 'Establishment' Paedophiles including political leaders - http://www.seancopland.com/articles/sex_offenders_register_free_online_search.html





Seaborg (Element 106 Seaborgium) knew that with the political and military mentality in the USA that World War 3 was an inevitable event without a change to a global "development" system of Cooperation, Collaboration and Concern for Others Between Nations - https://worldinnovationfoundation.blogspot.com/2018/12/seaborg-element-106-seaborgium-knew.html



  1. "All logic says that the universe was created and did not happen by sheer chance and out of nothing."
    Logic does not say this. The closest you'll get to logic saying this is Leibniz's Principle of Sufficient Reason:-https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Principle_of_sufficient_reason
    However, PSR is controversial, and is certainly not to be identified with "all of logic".

    "Indeed the 'big bang theory' is perverse in the extreme, as that means that there was nothing at all that existed before this occurrence...nothing."
    It doesn't say this. It says that there was an initial state of extreme density and temperature. And how can you say that the Big Bang theory is perverse, when it is supported by Hubble's analysis of galactic redshifts, as well the 1964 discovery of cosmic microwave background radiation?

  2. Both Newton and Einstein at their respective times thought that their theories were true but where as knowledge advanced big questions have been asked. You are 100% sure then and consider yourself a Newton or an Einstein that our knowledge of the origins of the universe are set in concrete forever then?

    You are therefore very misguided in your research assumptions and how theories are dispensed with century after century. Indeed the Royal Society (the most eminent science institution in the world) stated at the turn of the 19th century that nothing could fly constructed by man that was heavier than air.

    My advice to you is to have an open-mind and don't take on face value what the so-called leading minds of the time say, as many if not most have been discounted in future centuries. Indeed if you have a closed mind you will never discover anything other than support hypnotises and theories of others. Intuition is the golden key that opens all new thought and where all the giants of science have built on hard facts, not an assortment of possibilities that are not a fact. Indeed in terms of the big bang, no-one knows what was before it, even if it ever happened.

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    2. Unknown

      I shall reply, but where I shall not do so unless you let me know who you are? People hiding behind pseudonym like 'Unknown' I do not take kindly too. Therefore I will give you 24 hours to let me know who you ate and if you do not, I will remove your comment. If you are a person of strong conviction you will let me know who you are and what you do for a profession. You probably will not do this hiding behind such a name as 'unknown'.

    3. You said
      "All logic says that the universe was created and did not happen by sheer chance and out of nothing."
      ""Indeed the 'big bang theory' is perverse in the extreme, as that means that there was nothing at all that existed before this occurrence...nothing."

      You misrepresented logic and the Big Bang theory. To point this out is not "misguided" or "closed-minded". It's a statement of objective fact.

  3. Can you please summarise the above with five bullet points of a sentence each? I sense you've made a few points that might be worthy of discussion but they're lost within the word count. Thanks.

    1. It is a personal take, so if you have any points to make please let me know. I think that it is simple to read in clear English but if you have difficulty in undertaking the English cited, please let me know and I will try to help you out of your difficulties.