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COP 21 (Climate Change Agreement) - Welcome to 'Planet Hell' in a Mere Generation

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'Not Just Exxon: The Entire Oil and Gas Industry Knew The Truth About Climate Change 35 Years Ago' -

The so-called climate change agreement to save 'Planet Earth' from the harsh environment that will be caused by a 2C rise in average global temperature, is a lie, as nothing meaningful will happen and where reliable average temperatures, based upon reliable analysis and not politically massaged figures, will increase to most probably in excess of 4C over the next two decades (Royal Society & MIT research, 2013/14). This of course would be catastrophic for humanity, but where apparently behind closed doors, our political elite and corporate elite even though they know this, will do nothing in reality. You see there is a far greater force operating in the universe other than the devastating effects of climate change and where that is corporate power. To all intents and purposes, this dictates everything now to our political leaders behind closed doors. This insane madness and politico-economic thinking, where climate change through the power of nature cannot be beaten, will eventually destroy the human experience and in this present century if projections are right. 

Overridingly COP 21, is not a legally-binding Agreement and therefore not a 'legally enforceable' Agreement with no 'real' political teeth if nations do not want, or should I say more so, their most powerful and influential businesses, want to abide by the climate change protocol'

For as the temperatures increase dramatically, as they will over the next two generations (2015>2055) and if the people are told the truth by our political and business leaders (which is very doubtful based upon previous lies given to the people...the Iraq war, the Libyan war, the Syrian war, the neo-Nazi run Ukraine-Russian war, the Turkish-ISIS oil sales, the initial US creation of ISIS, the Establishment paedophile political cover-up, the Hillsborough political cover-up, the global financial meltdown and political cover-up, the cover-up of the great savings failure of HBOS and other UK banks from the wealth of the British people, Whitehall's and the White House's political cover-up for corporate interests above the people's interests in health and finances, the great Obama 'mirage' cover-up with letting the US bankers off the hook, the collapse of the US banks and the corrupt US administration's  bail-out of them with 'vast' taxpayers' funds and long-term debt, leaving trillions of dollars, EUROs and pounds in debt for the western people to pay off in perpetuity etc, etc, etc...the list is endless), our environment will start in earnest to collapse. This will mean of course our ability to support human life in the future will diminish dramatically with all the catastrophic consequences that this will bring for all our future generations to come, post-2035. Our political masters appear to be oblivious to these dire scientific projections that will ensue and where they will happen as night follows day.

Indeed, the corporate world even though they may very well be aware of the above, will not do anything that affects trade and basically, their corporate greed. The reason for this seminal denial in their minds to despatch humankind to eventual oblivion, is apparently because most business and political leaders have psychopathic tendencies and where in truth, they have no empathy with all others in reality, only themselves. You see personal power over others and what they have and will receive in this life, is paramount to them. Nothing else counts. Therefore the problem is not ambition, but the thinking of insane minds in their quest for personal domination over others and the personal riches that this power provides for them. Although in the extreme, Hitler as an example, had these traits and where many perceive that a high proportion of corporate leaders and political leaders have these traits also. Unfortunately for humankind, these same corporate and political elites, don't realise this according to emerging research on this 'very important' area of survival, that in many ways, will determine whether human civilisation in the main will continue to exist,  or become an extinct species within a mere 100 years or so...the only one presently that has so-called 'intelligence'.

'Why We Need TransNational and Global Consciousness' -

'The Trans-Pacific Trade Scam' -

'"History may not repeat itself exactly but it certainly rhymes." or who are behind wars -

'Agenda 30 is a cynical plan to persuade us to embrace our own enslavement and oppression' -

But we should note though that psychopathy cannot be medically cured. Therefore this incapacity to have empathy for others is a mental disease with no cure. Consequently, the majority of humankind is totally threatened by these people, as it is not ambition that drives them, but pure sociopathic tendencies to do whatever it takes, no matter what the consequences are to all others (even to other psychopaths), in order to dominate and have 'all' the rewards for themselves, to demise of all others. 
Unfortunately for humanity and where this has been outlined previously, COP 21 was basically all hot air and changes little from all the previous so-called gatherings by world leaders with regard to protecting our planet and humankind. It is all a lie, as profits on the 'altar of corporate greed' for the few, takes total precedence over saving our species and 90% of the world's people having a meaningful life...for the people are deprived in other words due to what the super-rich and most powerful corporations in the world (majority western corporations who control the most of world trade) dictate what shall be or shall not be. There are no 'ifs' and 'buts' about this, as the world order is now being totally led by the inmates of the asylum not the jailers, who care nothing about 'sustainability', just personal greed and the good life whilst they are here. Harm to others never enters their head or conscience when it comes to personal reward and is  state of mental illness that as previously stated, cannot be cured medically.

Overall, the decisions (or should I say the lack of a legally enforceable non-committal of the Parties) COP 21 has now made the 'American Dream' a thing of the past and where the destructive force of control and plunder through globalization by the top 1% and the Global 2,000 group, will only allow the minority to get richer and richer, whilst the world basically imploded eventually with continual and intensified climate-change induced natural disasters and an explosion in the number of wars around the world, where nations fight for depleted resources (water security, food security, land security, finite ground resources etc). Are we really mad it has to be asked therefore? Yes, I believe that we are, or at least our political leaders and corporate leaders are, for they do not see that 'sustainability' should be their primary consideration, not more 'bucks' in their personal pocket to the demise of the vast number of all other humans. 

To express the point strongly as a single example of what is happening to the working and middle-class people of America, that make up 90% of the total American population, 14 factories are being closed in the USA every day with all the job losses in manufacturing being shipped to the low-cost labour economies of the world. Therefore although the camouflaged US unemployment figures are that no more than 8 million Americans are unemployed, when the 'economic inactive' numbers are added (long-term and older unemployed who would like a job if there was one), the United States of America's actual unemployment is over 30% and nearly 100 million Americans. The same is true for the UK, where politically massaged unemployment figures again, taking in the economic inactive numbers, is also over 30% (age 15>64 years). Therefore the 'British Dream' is dead and buried also for 90% of the working and middle class people in the UK on the altar of corporate profits for the few. Indeed taking into account that more of the largest corporations are transposing their headquarters to other parts of the world to save paying out vast tax payments to the US government (and UK governments together with EU 28 nations), the people of America are being deprived any income tax from these corporations. Money that could pay for as examples, better healthcare  and support for the America people that they make redundant and lose their jobs through their 'constant' closure of American factories.  

As COP 21 is not legally binding in the true sense of the meaning and relies upon a nation's conscience in many ways, it has no 'real enforcement' teeth. Indeed, the USA, EU 28 (incl. the UK) and Japan specifically excluded the world largest trade deals in history and where COP 21 had not to affect their trade in any way. Therefore if the largest polluters, global industry, are not a part of COP 21's temperature control mechanism, how on earth can the maximum 2C rise ever be achieved? It is an impossibility and why again COP 21 is a complete lie that will come back to haunt all those politicians who created this vast future mess  that can be compared to a future 'Planet Hell' (although they probably think that they will be dead by the time the sh.t hits the fan and where they are probably right - so no sweat to go along with a lie on the part of our corrupt political leaders and senior politicians).

For corroboration of the above, there are several references given below from reliable sources. Both the American people, the citizens of the EU 28 and western aligned people of the world, should all read these articles so that they are enlighten to what is really going on behind the scenes and closed doors. It certainly is not what you perceive I can tell you.

Dr David Hill
CEO, World Innovation Foundation
20 December 2015 (updated 29 December 2015)

'Japan will not sacrifice growth in combating climate change: Abe' -
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'The KINGS of KINGS and Masters of Humankind's Ultimate Kismet - the 'New' WORLD ORDER that will eventually dispatch Humankind to Oblivion and its Ultimate Extinction - The Greed of the Few Combined with Our Planet's Natural Resources Running Out will make this Inevitable...We have to Change Our Development Mechanism from Corporate Globalization to Sustainability before we have Used Up 'All' the Non-Replenishable Natural Resources of the World...the planet belongs to all of us NOT the Few !' -
'Is War Inevitable or is it Planned by Powerful People Behind Closed Doors in the Interests of Personal Economic Gains? Daesh could be an indicator of the Truth' -

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