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Is War Inevitable or is it Planned by Powerful People Behind Closed Doors in the Interests of Personal Economic Gains? Daesh could be an indicator of the Truth

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Update overview to current times slightly for this 2015 Blog
Since 2015 when this blog was created, major things have happened on the world stage with the so-called Pandemic that had officially a 99.8% probability of 'NOT' dying if you got the Covid virus and the Ukraine war. Behind both these major events in history, the World Economic Forum ('The WEF') has been behind them, as they were part of the 'master plan' and their GREAT RESET global agenda - Read other blogs by the World Innovation Foundation to find out really what is driving these dire catastrophes and why, as there will be other similar catastropies coming and on the horizon already, why The WEF is doing all this harm to humanity. As just one instance and WEF instigated, the World Health Organization (The WHO) in 2024 will be able to call a pandemic anytime and instigate lockdowns and compulsory vaccines using untested short-timescale vaccine technolgy, unlike any other time up to 2019 and where there are millions of people now throughout the world suffering from the dire side effects of these mRNA vaccines - this is what Nurenmberg code was all about, but with WEF economic anmd financial power, this is now being totally run over and destroyed where in reality, it is genocide where the WEF's top adviser has stated several times over the last two years that the world population has to be reduuced to 1/8th of what it is today and to 1 billion humans - genocide in other words and The WEF makes no bones about that either and is 'open' in their statements and conference addresses. You have been warned and that is no joke either !

Start of the 2015 Blog

The Current Global Economic Model is a Model for Continual Global War

'Crime, Inc' -

Don't believe that the US government could implement atrocities on the American people, then read what a former Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury for Economic Policy in the Reagan Administration has to say about the assassination of JFK and his brother Robert. Indeed this man is as sane as you and me.
'President Kennedy and His Brother Robert Kennedy Were Murdered By The Military-Security Complex' -

'The GOP Candidates Know Nothing about Syria' -
'Terror, climate chaos, financial crisis are the costs of 'doing business' ' -

The current global economic model is an economic model for constant war and if we do not change our economic mindsets to this reality, these isolated wars will eventually grow in this present century, into a continual global war that is unending - literally WW3, but where this time it will be none ending. How Walmark operates illustrates this clearly and where this is how the current economic model works against the American people. Unfortunately government and US business don't tell the people this of course. But as night follows day, eventually the penny will drop and where the American people will see when it is too late, how the government massaged their job figures (how they calculate them and where they do not include the 'economically inactive' numbers that are doing nothing and run into tens of millions of US people, on top of the official unemployment figures) to just look good at the time. For the real truth is that Americans and European people are losing far more jobs by the year than they are being created, but they do not realise this as government will not tell them and global media is 95% owned by the rich and powerful. Fact not fiction when you delve into the economic statistics in the true light of day.
'Walmart’s Imports From China Displaced 400,000 Jobs, a Study Says' -
'A Conservative Estimate of ‘The Wal-Mart Effect'' -
Indeed outsourcing US and European jobs to the low-cost labour economies is far worse for these economies, because of 'purchasing power parity' and where the indigenous people working  within the low-cost labour markets, can buy their goods far cheaper. Therefore the relative rates are not that much different when buying power is brought into the equation, but where of course, it is extremely beneficial to the large corporations to operate in this way and lay off tens of millions of US and EU people in the process.

For the present US economically inactive figure is 55.4 million people for 15 - 64 years of age that are not included in the unemployment figures and equates to 26% on top of the official employment figure at the end of November 2015. This is from a total pool of 212.739 million that could work if they had a job. Therefore the true unemployment rate in the US is 30.8% (26% + 4.8%) and not 4.8% that the government tell their people. A big con in other words if ever there was one. Unfortunately it is the same procedure in other western economies such as the UK. Another big con again if truth be fully told again.

- Inactive Population: Aged 15-64: All Persons for the United States -


But one has to ask oneself the serious question, 'is the so-called western military defence industry behind most wars?' For without conflict, whether organised or induced, the largest industrial sector in the world would not function. Indeed if there were no wars, trillions of dollars could create a far better future world for humanity. In this respect killing machines would be supplanted with a  system to preserve humankind, not destroy it. For in this respect, 'sustainability' of the human experience would be assured and human's ultimate destiny could be achieved.

Daesh (the Islamic State) may be a clear pointer that wars are created for the vested-interest of certain powerful nations and their partners, as the following article outlines in some depth.

'Why ISIS Exists' -

There is no doubt that the 1st and 2nd World Wars transformed the USA into the leading super-power in economic and military terms. For without these two great wars that humanity fought against each other, the military industrial complex in the West could not have evolved and where it has all been achieved in the guise of defence.

But after WW2 had ceased, the USA and the UK had created a monster in terms military 'corporate' institutions and where then there was no real wars to feed off. So the so-called 'Cold War' era emerged and where aggressive posturing was shown against the former USSR, so that the arms race continued and where this allowed the mighty military killing machine industries to continue in receiving trillions of dollars. Military posturing was so manic that in the early 1960s, a nuclear holocaust nearly happened and where Kennedy was insanely ready to press the button by unleashing nuclear weapons on Cuba and the USSR. If this had happened clearly the world and humanity would now be a desolate place and a near terminated or indeed extinct species, where life as we had grown to know it, through scientific and technological advances, would have been no more; indeed reversing human evolution back to the dark ages of cavemen in reality, only surviving from day-to-day. Very much like 50% of humanity currently, who live on a mere 1>2 dollars a day. But of course instead of being over 3.5 billion people living in these terrible conditions presently, the population after a nuclear holocaust would most probably have been counted in a few thousand at most, for if the blast did not get you the nuclear aftermath would, and where the global environment to sustain human life would have been totally polluted. Indeed, the global environment would have been engulfed for hundreds of thousands if not millions of years in an all-encapsulating dark cloud of radioactive waste that would have killed most carbon-based living organisms, including humanity. Therefore the true reason to why Kennedy was assassinated by the Mafia, not because Kennedy and his brother were fighting a war against the Mafia bosses and their operations, but because corporate power could not take the risk in allowing Kennedy in the future to have the opportunity of pressing the button ever again, as he nearly did with the 'Cuban Crisis'. Therefore the Mafia only did the 'dirty' work of the powerful who lay unseen behind closed doors and where they were only doing this for their own ultimate 'self preservation', not for anyone else - a major trait of the psychopath mind and where they destroy, but they do not wish to be destroyed themselves.

Therefore the military industrial complex together with the mighty corporations could not allow this to happen, as other than there being no world to live in, the super-rich would be no more also.
Indeed, once the atomic bomb had been created, the genie could not be put back into the bottle and why a new global strategy had to be devised so that the military industrial complex could continue unhindered. In this respect, this course of action was brought about by the knowledge by all, including the  super-rich and powerful, of MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction). For in this new totally different era, major global wars would have to be a thing of the past due to the consequences to all and the super-rich as well. But how could the vast military industrial complex continue without major wars was the big question for the top 1% in charge, as they needed the military industrial complex to continue indefinitely to provide the super wealth that they craved (a form of sheer madness, as they can never spend what they have already and which according to Credit Suisse 'Global Wealth Report', exceeds seventy trillion US dollars collectively and most probably a great deal more)? The plan devised was to continually create 'phony wars' or 'cold wars' and to support and build so-called freedom fighter factions around the world. For this strategy would provide a continual supply of reasons to why western nations in particular, had to spend trillions a year on so-called 'defence'.  Therefore the 'great ploy' was hatched on the unsuspecting people of the USA and Europe in particular and where this thinking was to preserve the military industrial complex forever. Sheer madness, but where most industrial leaders and political leaders have psychopathic tendencies to enable them to get to the top and understand this as normal thinking to them, but far remote to reality and sanity. Otherwise they would not rise to the highest levels in corporate and political power and what they both crave for above all else - power over all other humans and a mental illness without doubt.

Consequently the 'Cold War' did not just emerge, but it was a thought-out economic blueprint so that the 1% could prosper indefinitely and those who were behind the global military armament's development field.

Today as we have a new world order, the preservation of the industrial military complex has to be sustained. But as they cannot do this without constant wars and perceived threats, the so-called defence industry has emerged that has grown to be the largest concentration of money in the world and a $5 trillion+ a year industrial sector, taking into account the mass technological killing machines, scientific & technological materials and the armies that use them in the so-called guise of defence.

In this respect most people in the West consider that North Korea is a threat to humanity with them building the 'bomb'. But others consider that the North Korean threat is a mirage and indirectly being funded by certain powerful forces in the West, to appear that way. Indeed, you never hear of Russia complaining about the North Koreans building atomic weapons or missile delivery systems, even though they are on their borders. For even if they are a supposed friend of Russia, even Russia would call out about this nuclear arms build up, as if ever the unthinkable happened, Russia would be burned as well as the matter escalated. Do you think for one insane minute and in your wildest dreams that Russia would allow this? If you do, then you must be insane as well. Therefore the reasoning that all this North Korean rhetoric by the US is not to inform the people of what is going on (what they wish the people to believe), but to increase spending on more nuclear weapons and weapons per se in the guise of defence. Madness again, as we have enough nuclear weapons presently to kill off the planet multiple times without any additional ones or more powerful ones to kill even greater numbers.
Therefore how do governments with their misconstrued economic self interests keep this vast industrial killing machine going? This is not so a hard a question to answer and where it is easily answered by simply creating new wars on an ever-increasing continuum. Simple really and why the military industrial complex, especially in the West, grows every year in untold US dollars, depriving the vast number of people throughout the world with any meaningful life, even their own.

Indeed, it is strange that hardly anyone looks on the state of the world through these all-encompassing eyes that are based upon this form of thinking, as our governments could not do these type of things, now could they? For people will think that this mechanism of continually creating wars is insane, but where there is some logic now entering into the argument that this could very well be the case, as peace means the death of the military industrial complex, especially again, in the West.

For, if we look at the emergence of the Islamic State or Daesh we see a great difference in what western governments are telling us and what is now being uncovered.

'Why We Need TransNational and Global Consciousness' -

'The Trans-Pacific Trade Scam' -

'"History may not repeat itself exactly but it certainly rhymes." or who are behind wars -

'Agenda 30 is a cynical plan to persuade us to embrace our own enslavement and oppression' -

Fact 1.
Daesh has now been around for a few years, in one form or another. It started as a western mechanism to defeat middle-east interests that were at the opposite end of the spectrum to Western interests and where the US and others armed the forerunner of Daesh to achieve western interests. Fact not fiction.

Fact 2.
The leader of Daesh has never been killed. With the military might and technology at the disposal of the West and predominantly the USA, this should have been an easy matter, as the UK clearly showed with the killing of 'Jihadi John' by a UK drone. But, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, a soccer-playing bespectacled religion Ph.D, is very much still alive. Indeed, as it is becoming clear, Turkey a member of NATO and supported by the US and western nations, is involved with Daesh's main money earner (for Daesh to buy their never-ending supply of killing weapons) the sale of stolen oil and therefore overridingly a supporter of Daesh. Indeed, Turkey does not want al-Baghadi to die and indirectly the West does not either. But I have to say that his days may very well be numbered, as the *US military in particular have been shown to be users of people since the end of WW1 and after WW2 and they know that Russia may do this first. So to keep face, the US may now see that he has to go and we shall have to see. Fact not fiction.

* After WW2 and as a single example of to what depths the industrial military complex will go to, the US allowed one of the most insane and insidious, but highly intelligent perpetrators of War Crimes ever to go free. Most people have heard of the death camps known as Belsen & Auschwitz, but hardly anyone has heard of the insidious Japanese torture and medical experimentation camp know as Unit 731. Don't be put off by a simple sounding name just as a 'unit', as this was a vast torture and experimental camp on an industrial scale as that of Auschwitz, run by Dr. Shirō Ishii. He did not use any anesthetics for his gruesome medical experiments, as he just cut limbs off people without ever using them. Indeed we know of the Nazi death camps and what they undertook on helpless people, but what Unit 731 did was far worse in many ways. When the war in the pacific ended and the US military had uncovered the immense Japanese death camp, they did not put Shirō Ishii and his insane accomplices on trial in an equivalent of the Nuremberg trials, but simply recruited him and his human experimenters, and where he was allowed to take up academic posts in the USA. He therefore never stood trial for some of the most hideous and sinister crimes against humanity that anyone has ever undertaken on 100s of thousands of men, women and children (including several hundreds US servicemen, according to war records). The reason as usual was given by the US government, for the 'greater good'. In reality gaining the knowledge of finely tuning how to kill humanity in the future.

For another example one has only to look at the dark past of Rockefeller, who was allowed through his business interests to sell weapon making materials to the Nazi during WW2, that indirectly killed tens of thousands of US troops.

Fact 3.
To keep the West's military industrial complex operating throughout the world and increasing year-on-year in economic revenues, the new 'Cold War' of the 21st century has emerged with Russia, that basically copies the 'Cold War' of the 20th century. A continuum of 'phony' wars to keep 'The business' going one could say. But I believe unlike the Cuban incident, the US military had no idea that Turkey was going to down a Russian fighter bomber and where this was not in the script. For if Turkey had started WW3, that was not in the 'power' business blueprint, just like Kennedy's insane actions. Indeed if Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan ever tries this again, he is a dead man, just like Kennedy was. We know of credible evidence (information including phonographic information coming out of Iran and Russia), that Turkey is allowing Daesh oil to go into Turkey and being bought there, keeping Daesh going and giving it the ability to buy armaments continually against US/western troops and military fighter planes. By all accounts Erdoğan's family and associates are heavily involved with these oil purchases and where the sales are worth 100s of millions to Erdoğan family and intermediaries. Therefore when it comes to financial greed it appears, human life, suffering and being a so-called ally can be secondary. Fact not fiction.  

Fact 4.
When Flight MH 17 was downed by a missile in 2014, the USA with all their military satellite surveillance technology permanently as the 'eyes-in-the-sky' over the war-torn region between the Ukraine and Russia, did not see a thing. Indeed to this day the US has not released any photographic information that unequivocally shows that the missile came from the so-called rebel/terrorist held area of the Ukraine. Considering this if the US had the evidence, they would have produced it by now, but they have not. Therefore one can only conclude that with the US eyes-in-the-sky (the most advanced in the world that can 'home-in' to ground areas just a mere few metres from the ground) being all over the Ukrainian and Russian border, the evidence just does not exist. For if the evidence was there and there is no disadvantage in not doing so either politically or militarily, the evidence would have been plastered all over the world's media to denounce the Russians and their so-called Ukrainian rebels/terrorists. Therefore it is more likely than not in my common-sense thinking, that the ally of the US the Ukraine military, shot down Flight MH17. Strange again how western media (which is 95% owned by corporates and governments) appears to have dropped the whole matter now and where this is not the sign that the so-called enemy undertook this act of international terrorism with hundreds dying in the whole horrible process. Fact not fiction.

Fact 5.
The Russian fighter bomber shot down by Turkish jets under the direct orders of President Erdoğan, was according to the official letter issued by the UN Turkish Ambassador, only in Turkish airspace for a mere 17 seconds and a flight distance of 1.15 miles. This is after the Turkish airforce according to the Turkish government information released, warned the Russian fighter bomber for 10 minutes to keep out of their airspace. Therefore the official Turkish letter and the warning times just do not add up to any intelligent reasoning and therefore there was another reason why the Russian jet was blasted out of the sky. As Daesh's oil supplies were being taken apart by Russian fighter bombers and President Erdoğan's family are implicated in the sale of Daesh stolen oil, the reason for the downing of the Russian fighter bomber appears more plausible to be personal economic gain. But where, NATO and the US are still backing Turkey's implausible reasons for the plane's shooting down, even after the 17 seconds letter of the Turkish ambassador was published. This just does not stack up in any intelligent' person's mind? Fact not fiction.
Although these are just five facts over a broad spectrum of time, I am now of the opinion that wars are planned and the seeds are laid by the military industrial complex to keep them in business and for making in the process, 100s of billions in US dollars a year for the top 1% and their corporations. This to me seems a more probable reasoning to why continual wars happen.
Indeed, added to how the planet is being destroyed by global corporations in their quest for ever more profits for their shareholders, the mutual destruction of planet Earth is assured now. How mad are we really, to destroy the means for us to live is the big question? The only answer that I can come up with is that we are being led by psychopathic political and corporate leaders. It is the only answer why we are killing ourselves and our planet, for only insane people would do this.  
'TTIP and climate talks -- how big polluters are hijacking the world's climate future' -

We shall have to see, but as increasing released intelligence and information comes to light over the coming years, we may be able to fully establish if wars are planned and instigated behind closed doors or that they are a fact of humanity's make-up, to continually wage wars on our fellow man, women and children...and to kill each other. It is hoped therefore for the survival of the human experience, that the former is the case and where the mindset that drives this madness (sheer economic greed) can be changed in the decades ahead and before it is too late to prevent the extinction of our species; and what is the only so-called known intelligence in the universe presently. But also if it is the latter, definitely extinction will ensue for us all, as things grew totally out of hand and where we would not be able to stop the chain reaction that was started. Therefore the only way that humanity can survive in the long-term and not just become a 'blip' in the 4.54 billion years that our planet has been inexistence, is if it comes to terms with the fact that the military industrial complex certainly is not the answer.  
'9/11: Decade of Deception (Full Film NEW 2015)' -
'Yugoslavia: The Avoidable War' -
'Syria is the Middle East’s Stalingrad' -

Still don't believe that the US government could implement horrifying and unspeakable things on the American people, then read what a former Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury for Economic Policy in the Reagan Administration has to say about the assassination of JFK and his brother Robert. Indeed this man is as sane as you and me.
'President Kennedy and His Brother Robert Kennedy Were Murdered By The Military-Security Complex' -

Dr David Hill
CEO, World Innovation Foundation
6 December 2015 (updated 10 April 2016 and very partially 30 April 2022)

'Is NATO Member Turkey Aiding and Abetting ISIS/DAESH' -

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