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Global Pharmaceutical Giants have made Criminal Activity legal and the vast US multi-billion dollar Corruption Fines just a part of their Drug Costs - But since this blog was posted in 2013, the whole corruption by Big Pharma had been turbo-charged into a whole new dimension of Corruption never been seen before and the Pandemic is just the start of this continual dimension to extract money from the people based totally on false pretences - wake up people for your own long-term good and the future of your children it has to be stated clearly now

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Just a reminder of what #GlaxoSmithKline has done , makes perfect sense that they should be at the helm of #WarpSpeed #covid19vaccine efforts ! .
"No. 194 on Forbes’ list of the 2,000 largest companies in the world."
$3 BILLION payout (2012?) , then by (2017) GSK  reported 30 Billion in revenue 😒 which will only go up with #covidhysteria .
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Big Pharma - Drug & Device Companies, Lawsuits & Facts

The following is a List of out of court settlements (Agreed with the US Justice Department) of the top 12 Pharmaceutical companies in the world at the end of 2013 (there have been many more since, as they have no respect for the 'rule of law'). It is therefore only the 'tip' of the iceberg in terms of illegal business dealings with the public, taxpayers (who pay through drug costs for all this corruption), governments and the world-at-large.

'Ackman says Valeant regulatory compliance no worse than rest of pharma industry' - (31 October 2015)

It should be quite clear now that big pharma is 'only' interested in vast profits and basically has no empathy or real feeling for humanity other than it being a continual and immense cash-cow for them, creating the highest profit business industrial sector on the planet. Their actions and out-of-court settlements speak volumes and where history does not lie. But where also our 'so-called' peoples' politicians and leaders pamper to their every whim and corruptive  enterprise ways without any meaningful reprisal. Indeed, all that they do is apparently pay billions upon billions of the taxpayers' money to line their deep pockets with every more silver and their current 'blind' and misplaced judgement in thinking that there is a cure for continually mutilating influenza/respiratory human killer viruses, is a pointer. For there has never been a single one to date even though the giant pharmaceutical groups have been trying for 150 years now, as these particular human killer viruses change continuously and last years' so-called vaccine, is out of date before we get it - a fool's journey in other words. But of course through this immense 'con' on the people of the planet, they receive non-ending trillions over the years without relent and no real payback to the people.  In this respect and to the point in the latest edition of the “Journal of the American Medical Association”(March 2020 analysis) in a study of 35 large pharmaceutical companies it showed that from 2000 to 2018 (a mere 18 years) they had revenues of $11.5 trillion and a gross profit of $8.6 trillion – yes they made, 8,600,000million profit or around 75% profit mark-up before the rich 1% shareholders et al got their grubby little hands on it. 

 . So we are being 'conned' as I say every day of the year by these 'so-called' kind and humanitarian business behemoths in the interests of trillions of dollars on an ever increasing scale (paid indirectly again by the taxpayer - the 'people') and totally immoral to humanity if truth be told.

For the major drug companies throughout the world are continually being found out for criminal and fraudulent activity in order to sell their pharmaceuticals. Not me saying this but the world’s media coverage and the out-of-court agreements that they have settled and where in the past 5 years alone fines in excess of $17 billion have been agreed between authorities and the big drug companies. These include but where they are not a fully exhaustive list of examples,

$4,700 million - Johnson and Johnson (2018)

$3,400 million - GlaxoSmithKline (2006)

£3,000 million - GlaxoSmithKline (2012)

$785 million - Pfizer (Wyeth) (2016)

$1,200 million - Teva (2015)

$2,200 million and $2,5 00 million ($4,700 million in total in a mere year) by Johnson &Johnson  (2013)

$500 million - Daiichi Sankyo (2013)

$762 million by Amgen (2012)

$1,500 million by Abbott (2012)

$95 million by Boehringer Ingelheim (2012)

$109 million by Sanofi-Aventis (2012)

$950 million by Merck (2011)

$520 million by AstraZeneca (2010),

$750 million by GlaxoSmithKline (2010)

$423 million by Novartis (2010)

$600 million by Allergan (2010)

$2,300 million by Pfizer (2009)

$1.42 billion by Eli Lilly (2009)

$650 million - Merck (2008)

$425 million by Cephalon (2008)

$600 million - Purdue (2007)

$515 Bristol-Myers Squibb (2007)

$704 million - Serono - (2005)

$500 million - Schering Plough (2002)

$875 million - TAP (2001)

- Source for all from the US ‘Department of Justice’ and world media sources. Note also that all of these actions had criminal activity as part of their respective  settlements. But because these huge global concerns make so much money out of selling drugs, these fines have apparently now become an in-built expense in the corporate cost of their drugs. Indeed in GSK’s 2012 case in the USA, nearly $30 billion was sold and where it was estimated that even after the $3 billion fine was deducted, a profit of $11 billion was made.

Johnson and Johnson's asbestos laced products are now the highest ever dire case of known substances that are carcinogenic and cause CANCER in the history of the giant pharmaceutical companies and the initial $4.7 billion fine is only the tip of the iceberg, as there are literally 1000s of claims that their products caused cancer to happen in people (babies, mothers, fathers and millions of people who bought their products and where J&J knew that asbestos as an example was in their baby nappies for decades, but said nothing according to Court disclosures). This is what people are dealing with and if they only did their own research (unfortunately only 1% at most do this and why 99% of the public are ignorant of the fact that these vast profit generating corporations, put profits which are the highest in the world by far and continually printing money for their products, above human life itself to attain this end for the very few), they would see how corrupt the pharmaceutical industry really is. Indeed, people should do their own research into these Covid-19 vaccines for an eyeopener and where independent research over a decade by dedicated people (not medical, but intelligent people outside the confines of the medical establishment) has determined that a great deal of the medical profession is based upon lies and mere suppositions with no real physical research evidence to back up what they tell us when it comes to diseases -

Therefore it certainly appears that the accepted corporate environment that these giant corporations have structured internally for themselves has created these illegal activities and where it is of their own making and not predominantly the countries that they operate within - but I have to say though, that it does help if there is government and internal corruption to boot. But possibly the biggest sadness to date has to come out yet in India where over 20,000 of the poorest children in the world (between the ages of 10 and 14) have been used as human guinea pigs for Big Pharma – . Indeed over the past seven years, nearly 2,000 trials have taken place in the country and the number of deaths increased from 288 in 2008 to 637 in 2009 to 668 in 2010, before falling to 438 deaths in 2011, the latest figures available. Therefore the drive for corporate profits has a very dark side to it and everyone should be fully aware of this fact. Apparently this is not a problem for big pharma and where vast profits and greed rise above human life itself. Governments just have to get to grips with these huge corporations and fine then not just a small percentage of their profits but all the estimated total profit.  That is the only way that they will ever alter their corporate mind-set and strategic blue-print.

But where it has to be said as a footnote, that Big Pharma has governments in their grip behind closed doors even though they have their roots predominately in the Nazi era, the holocaust, chemical and biological warfare -  
   and where their activities have not really changed one iota.

Indeed, the vast pharmaceutical industry with a global annual turnover of over $1 trillion is not in the business of 'cures' but only treatments such as Tamiflu et al. In this respect it is not in their interest to invent cures (only treatments) for then they would kill off the fatted cow and thereafter their would be no need for their drugs, hitting the bottom-line with billions of billions of lost sales year on year. Therefore people are living in a world of deceit, as cures are not really on the agenda for the pharma mafia. Medical science may be (that is totally different to pharmacology), but definitely not the global pharmaceutical industry.

For reason why Nature Magazine undertook the damning assault on the World Innovation Foundation (WIF) was because they took to task one of Dr. Declan Butler's friends (Nature Magazine). In this respect WHO primary advisor Professor Albert Osterhaus stated that he had discovered that Avian flu (bird flu) had jumped into humans and could be transmitted from human to human. This was not true and where Professor Ken Shortridge, a member of the WIF had first determined this. Thereafter when Osterhaus was challenged, Butler led a witch hunt on behalf of his friend Osterhaus and stated lies in the article such as one of the WIF's vice-presidents did not know of the WIF but where Robert Huber had undertaken WIF Assignments in South America. This shows the corruption and power in the global pharmaceutical industry and where Osterhaus is seen as the link with the global pharma mafia. The following article clearly analyses this situation and where Nature Magazine is a tool of Big pharma and not what people think, a prestigious science magazine. The truth is that Nature magazine are at the heart of the pharma mafia with the wrong information and propaganda that they push for the mighty pharmaceutical industry turning over $1 trillion a year and growing.  

The following concerns Osterhaus and Dr. Declan Butler's friend, who has systematically manipulated the WHO so that Big pharma makes tens of billions a year on 'false' pandemics (all paid by the taxpayer, you and me) It makes very interesting reading how corruption has corrupted WHO advisers and magazines such as Nature -  'World Health Organisation ‘Mr Swine Flu’ Under Investigation for Gross Conflict of Interest' - Note that this damning article was in 2009 and where pandemics have been totally turbo- charged since  and the so-called Covid pandemic, just the start of a continual pandemic on the people of the world so that the Giant Pharmaceutical Corporations can make hundreds of billions annually out of the people's taxation - wake up people what is really going on for your own long-term good -

Dr David Hill
Chief Executive
World Innovation Foundation
9 December 2013 (updated 22 May 2021)

References: note that more up-to-date references have been added since this initial blog in 2013 to the following Media references)

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Want to learn something new? Then listen to this video based on 10 years of 'independent' medical research to what viruses really do to Humans? It should open up your mind, if not blow it?
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Violation Tracker Industry Summary Page - pharmaceuticals

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Listen to this interview by a receptionist at a large northern medical practice with 20,000 patients and what she has learnt, seen and had access too through the Covid-19 Pandemic. It’s a different story and you make up your mind if there is any truth in the interview or not?

 'Nina'The Delingpod: The James Delingpole Podcast -  James talks to the receptionist of a large NHS medical practice. She tells him the true shocking story about adverse reactions to the 'jab'. – ‘Click’ on ‘Nina’ and listen if you want to open your minds to other possibilities

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Twenty-Seven Years of Pharmaceutical Industry Criminal and Civil Penalties: 1991 Through 2017 – (certainly politicians have in recent times turned a blind eye to what the drug companies are all up to and that may because of their significant contributions to political parties – but you make your mind up on that based upon all other years before where they paid out billions in fines and where as they say, leopards never change their spots)

New Report on Big Pharma Settlements Highlights Need for Tougher Enforcement - – (certainly politicians have in recent times turned a blind eye to what the drug companies are all up to and that may because of their significant contributions to political parties – but you make your mind up on that based upon all other years before where they paid out billions in fines and where as they say, leopards never change their spots)

Twenty-Seven Years of Pharmaceutical Industry Criminal and Civil Penalties: 1991-2017 (Chart Slide Set) -

Novartis subsidiary Sandoz to pay $195 million over antitrust allegations -

Big Pharma and Medical Device Manufacturers (what you really need to know about them and what they get up to in defrauding we the taxpayer who pays all the bills – not really philanthropic in any way whatsoever and government appear to be in bed with them – but make up your own mind of course?) –

SEC Enforcement Actions: FCPA Cases (for a panoramic picture of corruption  within big corporate US business including fines levied on even former US vice-presidents visit the following)  -

Pharmaceutical Executive (billionaire) John Kapoor Sentenced To 66 Months In Prison In Opioid Trial (shows what these people will do to make more billions and do not care about the taxpaying public who ultimately pay all the bills,  in reality – but this is probably the mindset of all billionaires in truth and where money means power and human life means literally nothing) -

Four pharmaceutical companies are fined £3.4MILLION for 'cheating the NHS' by working together to inflate the prices of antidepressants prescribed to thousands of people -

SF tech biz forks out $146m in fines, settlements after painkiller makers bribed it to design medical software that pushed opioids to patients -

Violation Tracker Industry
Industry:  pharmaceuticals
Penalty Total since 2000:  $40,144,167,254
Number of Records:  873


$260 Million Opioid Settlement Reached at Last Minute With Big Drug Companies -

New report on Big Pharma settlements highlights need for tougher enforcement -

European court upholds €150m ‘pay for delay’ pharmaceutical fines -

US authorities have imposed a $750m fine on GlaxoSmithKline for selling contaminated drugs. The case is the latest in a series of huge settlements secured by the US Justice Department against pharmaceutical companies with the help of whistleblowers. -

Federal prosecutors snare 3rd generics exec in price-fixing investigation -

French competition authority fines pharma company for its anti-generic ‘commando’ sales tactics -

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What ‘Successive’ Governments of the United Kingdom and Whitehall have covered-up and ‘Not’ told the British People about Hard Drug Addiction Treatments that simply will never work and the only one that does they have 'secretly'suppressed -


Vaccines will 'Never' save us from a deadly equivalent of Spanish Flu if common sense is used

Possibly the Most Important Keynote Speech ever given for Humanity's Future Survival as the 'Unthinkable' will eventually happen according to Dr. Margaret Chan, D-G of the World Health Organization (WHO) who has said many times, it is only a matter of time not when -


  1. Find appropriate article that is totally related pharmaceutical formulations I just circled this post to my friends.Thanks for sharing this one.

    1. Thank you.

      Even the industry internally knows that it cannot carry on in the way that it is and has to change to a more transparent, open and moral business model. Hopefully the next leaders of the industry will have the qualities, integrity and human feelings to see this great needed change. If not, the industry will fall into total disrepute with the world's people and eventual boycotting will be the fall out. If that happens even mighty corporations will cease to exist over time.

      Dr David Hill
      World Innovation Foundation

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    1. Thank you Shashi.

      It is hoped that your organisation is a turning point in the way that pharmaceutical operate and that integrity and the people's trust is restored in the industry. You are probably aware of the despicable way that the industry giants have tested on tens of thousands of the poorest people in India and where many were children and over 3,000 have died. A life is a life no matter who's it is and it is about time that the drug multinationals realised this.



    2. Shashi only posted this to get a back link for his client.

  3. Capitalism will not eat itself. It is busy eating us.

  4. Well said Tom and never truer words said. But by eating us continuously they kill the means eventually, for those who gain all the time, their continual growth in wealth as everything has its limit. When that limit reaches its breaking point, all hell will be let loose. Unfortunately history tells it that way when you study in retrospect why empires and the rich of their times, failed. Greed and complacency are the silent killers of society that are undertaken by the super-rich and powerful and nothing appears to change this end result. Unfortunately those who have most of the riches of the world in their control never see the woods for the trees and then they wonder why society and their world has broken down as history again has shown time and time again. The present richest people and most powerful corporations are just the same and where in reality they are not really intelligent enough to see what they are destroying - the human experience itself for at least 5.5 billion people who presently live on Earth.

  5. The fines are clearly unacceptable, but do you really believe that an Rx company would design a trial that it thought would kill the test subjects? C'mon, what would be the point of that? If test subjects die, your drug doesn't get approved so why run the trial?

    Is there an issue of consent? Probably. But then how do you ever test a drug on children, or perhaps more correctly, how do you ever develop a drug for children if you can't test it on them? Is your solution to stop developing drugs for children? Or to simply give them drugs tested on adults without any testing on children? And of the stats you quote, how many deaths were in trials run by "big pharma?" How many were on the drug being tested versus the comparator or placebo? Easy to throw out numbers. Not so easy to disseminate facts.

    And the Nazi thing? Have an agenda, do we?

  6. Respectfully I should do a web search to verify the situation and if your premise is so correct why didn't they test the drugs on British or America children and not 20,000 of the poorest children in the world. Is it that a life of a child in India is not worth the same as in a western country. We know why they did not test children in our countries because if the deaths had occurred here or in the EU or USA, there would have been a right old public outcry (righty so)and multi-million do law cases.

    No they did it in India because they knew that the backlash and potential legal settlements would have be the huge. Get a state of reality on the situation if you can or have you no pity on the mothers and families of those who died.

  7. Just realised who you are Chet. As a Director/Head, U.S. Corporate Development at GlaxoSmithKline and a tax counsel/accountant to boot, you should have enough proof yourself of what goes on behind closed doors at GSK. You may try and support your employer and your industry but don't try to pacify yourself by having a go at others where the international media says that your organization undertakes criminal activity. Are they all wrong and making all these things up? What about the latest SFO investigation and China's assault on your organization. Just because they pay your wages you may feel obliged to support GSK's actions worldwide, but don't expect people to teach you what is right and what is wrong? I assume that you were taught this at an early age?
    I hope that as time goes on your firm's high remuneration gives you comfort and that you take comfort also in knowing that your family is safe from what goes on in other countries and undertaken by firms like GSK.

  8. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Thanks Mike. Unfortunately too many people only look at one side of the coin and accept what the media tell them. Unfortunately again because 99% of all media companies (TV, papers etc) are owned by the rich and powerful, which suppress news that affects their bottom-line, both currently and in the future, the public never learn of both sides to a story. Indeed the media is controlled by vested-interests that operate behind closed doors in general terms. One cannot blame the public for not knowing what is really going on though as even the internet is highly subjective in what mainstream media companies release. Best to always have an open mind and come to your decisions on a cross fertilization of news from many sources. Came across one only today concerning how the Scottish Vote may have been corrupted (RIGGED) by an organised strategy before even the vote kicked off -

      So if true and the video appears to be authentic, the powerful always get what they want through their servants the political leaders and the 'establishment'.

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