Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Shale Gas Fracking - just another big Con on the British People that will create more problems eventually than any so-called benefits?

The fracking millions... local benefit or ‘bribe’? http://www.blackpoolgazette.co.uk/news/business/local-business/the-fracking-millions-local-


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'Death by Fracking' - http://www.opednews.com/articles/Death-by-Fracking-by-Chris-Hedges-Cancer_Carcinogens_Corporations_Death-151018-23.html

If ever there was an example of how this current government panders to big business and where business is pulling all the strings behind the scenes, it has to be shale gas fracking and the new planning system. Both are all about huge amounts of wealth creation but not for the people (the taxpayer) and where the big winners as usual are the corporations and the politicians that serve their ends. For the people are just the ‘cash-cows’ to provide the wealth and to be basically exploited at will and no more - no real wealth to the people whatsoever in other words and all 'take'.

In the USA there are all sorts of reports where tap water ignites when it is turned on and a naked light is close to it. This never happened before according to USA residents but it certainly does now. Therefore why is water apparently lighting up if there has not been an effect on the water supplies. Added to this the businesses involved will not come clean to what the chemicals are that they force into the shale with high pressure water to break it up and release shale gas.

The problem is that a great deal of people do not realise that we are more dependant upon our water extraction from the ground than the water stored in our reservoirs. That goes for anywhere in the world and the USA and UK are no different.

Therefore if we poison our ground water, we are literally dicing with the nation’s propensity to provide drinking water for the people. Indeed what happens if these chemicals poison the ground wells for good and we cannot drink from them. If this happened we would have to buy imported water at an astronomical price for ever. It is a little like radioactive contamination when a nuclear power station or a nuclear  bomb has been released into the environment. People just cannot live there for decades  unless they want to run the risk of ill-health and cancers etc. The same result will happen if we contaminate our water supplies.

Therefore the government are literally mad and where they simply think of today and not tomorrow and the world that our future generations will have to face (a far worse situation I can tell you than today). Indeed shale gas will not last long, possibly little more than three decades before it is depleted. What happens then? Probably dig up the coal in the UK where we have 300-years of supply. So why not do it now?  The answer to that lays at the foot of Downing Street and where behind closed doors all sorts of deals are sealed with our corporates.

I can understand why government are pushing like headless chickens in the dash for energy with no thinking other than Lovely jubbly, but where if they really sat back and thought hard for a week, they would see that there are far better ways to provide our energy security -  http://worldinnovationfoundation.blogspot.co.uk/2013/12/invest-in-energy-security-first-and-not.html
But will they listen, I think not as usual as they know it all. In this respect they would rather look at the moon and bribe local authorities so that their friends in big business can make a killing as usual.
When it comes to planning as well, they have given a free hand to big business and developers to buy up greenbelt and turn it into building land, some 100-times more valuable. In this respect there are people who are literally making billions out of this government scam that will line the pockets of the few as usual. Indeed government appears to be fully complicit in this process  also. The only winners again are big business and not the people who our government purportedly serves. That is possibly the biggest joke of all time but where unfortunately the people and their families suffer again. Why is it that normal people using common-sense can see what is wrong with the system but they cannot? The answer must be that politicians are in the back pocket of big business and that is as far as things go. In this respect one has only to see after a few years where secretaries of state and ministers end up working a day a week for big business at exorbitant rates. One is a former  Culture Secretary and where he now has a £300,000 job with the BBC plus all the perks that go with. How can this happen when the same person was the BBC’s ultimate boss as a secretary of state when in office. Oh by the way, he also gets his basic salary in retirement as a former secretary of state of around £135,000 a year for life. The system stinks to say the very least but where it is just water off a duck’s back to them.

And then they ask why people are not voting? For what, is the answer. For they are feathering their nest and little more once the covers come off.

But the worst thing that our politicians are doing to date is that they are selling the people of the EU and USA down the Swanny with the new trade agreement where big business can override the laws of sovereign nations - http://worldinnovationfoundation.blogspot.co.uk/2013/12/the-eu-usa-trade-agreement-if-our.html. You could not make it up if you tried but this is what is actually happening at the present time. Indeed the only winners again with be the rich and powerful (0.7% of the adult population of the world owned 41% of all global wealth last year and 10% owned 86% of the world's wealth according to Credit Suisse, but 50% only owned 1%) and of course, the politicians themselves.

But the great madness with Fracking appears to be that just as much energy is put in to release the energy. Therefore there is no real benefit other than the people pay dearly for all this madness that simply substitutes one carbon energy source for the other. Indeed it is purely just another stream of revenue and vast profit for big business and where the people pay an astronomical price and risk their long-term health into the corporate bargain. Therefore politicians are not really working for the people and safeguarding their wellbeing, but the vast financial and economic interests of corporates. Why do we vote is the big question, as those that do, simple do not get any real justice  whatsoever from our political classes anymore?

Dr David Hill
Chief Executive
World Innovation Foundation
(updated 20 October 2015)

Reference: 'The Lie Machine' - http://www.opednews.com/articles/The-Lie-Machine-by-Paul-Craig-Roberts-America_Corporate_Corporations_Power-141012-777.html by Dr Paul Craig Roberts, former Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury for Economic Policy in the Reagan Administration

The Fracking Boom is a Fracking Bubble - http://www.opednews.com/articles/The-Fracking-Boom-is-a-Fra-by-Walter-Brasch-Activism-Environmental_Activism-Environmental_Boom-And-Bust_Bubblenomics-141227-240.html


  1. Although I agree with you about big pharma, your premise is remarkably flawed. You state that there is a "cure" for the "disease of addiction." However, the science shows and the fact is, addiction is not a disease. Addiction is a SYMPTOM of a brain disease (see Hypoism). Many so-called "cures" have come down the pike for the symptom of addiction. Problem is, the brain disease that causes the symptom of addiction is still in place. See Hypoism to understand. Good luck

    1. I really don't know where you are coming from as there is either a cure or not. But I can categorically say that this is a cure for all class 'A' drug addiction and where it detoxifies within 72 hours with NO cold turkey. I have witnessed this at first hand with eminent western psychiatrists in an Hanoi clinic from start to finish - a mere 5 day program.

    2. thank you for bringing this to everyone's attention, I for one will spread the word and ask questions of those who don't seem to want to know.

    3. Thanks Skribat. The 'word' certainly needs circulating and anyone who does not believe you refer them to this article. Then ask them to leave a comment on this website or get back to you and say what the flaws in the article's argument are? But you must ask them for their cited information and by whom. Because these Fracking mad people have only one thing that they care about...money, money and more money...and to hell with the people's long-term health and family wellbeing to get that and no matter what.

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