Friday, 10 January 2014

What ‘Successive’ Governments of the United Kingdom and Whitehall have covered-up and ‘Not’ told the British People about Hard Drug Addiction Treatments that simply will never work and the only one that does they have 'secretly' suppressed


There has always been a resistance to change for some strange reason in the way in which the government and particularly Whitehall addresses the growing problem of drug addiction and its treatment within the UK. Indeed they have kept the ‘maintenance system’ in operation for decades now even though most drug addicts never come off hard drugs. So why do they keep on indefinitely with this non-performing, ineffective and ultimately killing system (methadone overdose etc kills more than overdosing on heroin et al and is far more addictive than heroin or cocaine) in place and where according to the government’s own estimates, hard drugs cause over £16 billion in costs for the British taxpayer every year and where this is continually rising annually. Indeed through all these times Whitehall and in particular the ‘Home Office’, has been loathed to change their undeniably failing system that does little to reduce hard drug addiction in Britain today.

In this respect they have put all their faith and eggs in the one basket by a system being driven totally by the overtones of the powerful pharmaceuticals (an US$800 Billion annual sales industry and increasing consistently year-on-year). It is as though in many ways senior civil servants at the Home Office have been totally corrupted by means behind closed doors with regard to their duty of care towards the British people by the big drug companies into thinking that only their drugs can solve this uncompromising drugs problem in the UK, driving crime ever upwards and increasing pressures on the NHS accordingly. The reason why this corruption happens is because the economics involved are vast and the returns are the most profitable for those in the corruption loop. Some have even said because the Home Office will not change, that brown envelopes must be passing through Whitehall constantly from the pharmaceutical groups and that civil servants are to a great extent in the private pay of these corporate giants. Whether this is true or not, it is open to speculation, but where there are certain pointers that say that strange things happen within the Home Office with no apparent reason and initiated from the 'top'. Indeed ministers from the last government and this present government have shunned personal pleas to introduce a ‘CURE’ for all hard drugs. Yes a cure and not hot air. So why should government ministers shun such a situation when the current system is constantly failing even though it costs billions every year for the taxpayer? In this respect it may be something to do with a corrupt system and where the 'roots' of these vast financial corporates is based in the unacceptable - . But for answers to the reasons why there is this great negativity by government and Whitehall not to introduce a 'Cure' we have to go back in time and then come to the present times for the probable answer.


Vietnam from the 1990s to the present day - United Nations

During the early 1990s information was coming out of Vietnam (a communist country) that rural inhabitants who had come down from the hills to the cities and out of their head with opium, when visited the following week, when they were visited by UN observers, were completely free from hard drugs. How could this be as one week they were high on drugs and the next week they were normal people undertaking their usual agricultural and general work with no apparent effects from hard drugs at all. This intrigued Kofi Annan the UN’s Secretary-General at the time and authorised a full investigation to the purported phenomena.

Indeed Annan was so interested, because if this was right it could mean a major breakthrough worldwide in drug addiction reduction, he authorised US$400,000 to be made available to determine what this possible miracle was.

Dr Lutz Baehr was appointed the UN Secretary-General’s  international coordinator and visited Vietnam countless times to observe and evaluate what was allowing Vietnamese people to go on hard drugs and where they were literally out of their heads, and then in a matter of only a few days they were normal again.

What Baehr found over these long visits was that the Vietnamese had over many years concocted an antidote to opium through trial and error and where this consisted of 13-plant extracts that they mashed up in bowls to form something like a poultice. They produced several of these mashed up plant elements in bowls as they knew that just one would not get them ‘clean’. After they had devoured one bowl portion they went to sleep. After several hours they awoke and their family or friends would give them another portion out of another bowl. This sequence continued over a three day period and by the end of the week the addict was ‘clean’ and normal again, and where the detoxification process took a mere 72 hours to complete.

The beauty also of this way of addressing the problem of weaning off hard drugs was that there was no ‘cold-turkey’, no human harm and no side effects that most pharmaceutical drugs have. So it was unique and far superior in many ways...for it cured and got addicts free again and off hard drugs.  

Thereafter and to cut the story short here, the Institute of Chemistry in Hanoi took over the development of this incredible cure and entered into international collaboration with leading phytochemistry scientists in Germany (the Leibniz Institutes and Germany’s finest). This collaboration determined the active ingredients and that the concoction was not harmful to humans. From thereon the plant extracts were synthesized in Vietnam in western standard pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities and where the treatment has now been integrated into the Vietnamese NHS. The treatment is called ‘HEANTOS’.
Vietnam is the most bio-diverse country in the world by far and that is why they have this cure, as it is composed from naturally growing plant life and therefore non-addictive, unlike methadone et al that are/is even more addictive than the hard drugs that they seek to cure. And where of course, very few addicts kick the habit and live a lifetime of sheer hell as cold turkey is ever present unlike the cure from Vietnam where there is none.

United Kingdom from 2003 to the present day – HM Government & Whitehall Senior Civil Servants
In 2003 the Home Office was made aware of the phenomena that could cure hard drug addicts of opioids through David Blunkett who had been contacted by one of his constituents in Sheffield. From that point on the Home Secretary introduced the information to senior home office executives who were responsible to tackle Britain’s hard drug problem. This information was greeted with lukewarm enthusiasm and where after two years of meetings these same senior civil servants decided not to continue with any further communication. This even though a cabinet minister of the Vietnamese government was willing to travel to the UK with his doctors and scientists to show the Home Office the treatment through trials. This hand of help was also refused.  David Blunkett did no more either.

In 2013 the present coalition government was contacted and where Health Minister Norman Lamb and Anna Soubry again did not want to know about the revolutionary curative treatment for hard drug addiction.

Why Did both the Labour Government and the Coalition Government Shun the ‘Only’ treatment in the World that Cures and with No Cold Turkey Involved?

There is no common-sense answer to this as anyone would have thought that with hard drug addiction affecting probably around 1.5 million people in the UK directly and indirectly through the families of the drug addicts themselves, that both Labour and Conservative-Liberal administration would have welcomed the situation with open arms.  But the clear answer is that they have not, and not even entertained even ‘trials’.

Consequently there can only be one answer, ministers and senior civil servants have been stopped behind closed doors by the big pharmaceutical companies and the present powerful maintenance regime, as these concerns would be affected financially. Therefore it appears that the people in the UK who suffer daily through hard drug addiction are secondary to powerful financial interests. For if not, the curative hard drug treatment would have been introduced years ago and where because Vietnam is a communist country, people of Britain cannot have the treatment in Vietnam. Why should they when our governments have shunned the hand of help and where the UK still continues to use methadone et al which costs the taxpayers hundreds of millions every year with no meaningful positive results at all. Indeed methadone is more addictive than heroin and where there are many overdoes now in Britain using it and being prescribed by our medical professions (under orders from our government of course as well). What real madness this really is?

But really, the main reason why this 'CURE' has not been introduced is because the powerful drug giants are not in the market for cures per se but 'treatments'...
Reinforcing this fact visit the following web-link concerning Prostrate Cancer and why there are no cures but always treatments -

That is what the strategy of drug companies is, as if they cured things then there would be no need for their drugs. Therefore they will never kill the fatted calf and the reason why such pharmaceutical products as Tamiflu et al for addressing bird flu are treatments, NOT cures.

A sad story but true and where our government ministers and senior civil servants blocked the introduction of  this curative hard drug treatment because the Giant pharmaceutical companies told them to 'block it behind closed doors'. BUT WHY and where there can be only one answer, the powerful drug companies and the present system do not want it as it would take away their bottom-line.

Therefore it appears that government and Whitehall think to hell with the 1.5 million people who suffer directly and indirectly (the considerable number of family members of hard drug addicts from all walks of life) in the United Kingdom daily without a treatment that cures for their loved ones, and where the system is basically only really interested in itself and not a cure or the people at all. That sadly appears to be, based upon 10-years of direct experience, the situation summed up in a simple nutshell of government negligence, corruption and downright dereliction of their national duty towards the people of the United Kingdom.   

Dr David Hill
Chief Executive
World Innovation Foundation
10 January 2014 (updated 2 November 2015)

Ps. People have asked if this is so good why did the UN not make this treatment known to the world-at large? The answer is and incredible to believe but true, the UN can only investigate and cannot be seen as having any commercial interests whatsoever and favour one country over another. Therefore once the UN research had been completed they were not allowed to take it forward as the UN mandate did not allow this. But of course this totally restrictive confinement to the development of good things that are found from around the world by the UN, is something that Big business has indirectly created through their politicians. For in this respect they put a stop on the UN's humanitarian activities exploiting anything that was  good for humanity  believe it or not (other than dishing out food et al due to famine etc. that never hits the bottom-line of the vast corporate giants) but where this is perfectly true. Indeed in this respect the world is run by powerful corporations not politicians who behind closed doors do what these powerful corporates tell them to do, including a nation's leaders, for they usually have put them there ! There is also the situation that private deals are constantly made between our politicians behind these closed doors and where you never ever see a poor retired politician. Therefore vast vested-interest basically stops all good things happening in the world unless it is in the financial interests of big business to allow it to happen. Unfortunately that is the 'real' world that we now live in and where the people are just mere pawns in the whole process and of course, the cash-cows that provide all for the powerful and super-rich in this life - in other words but not perceived by the average person, just mere slaves to the establishment and their requirements. Indeed someone once asked what is purgatory and where one reply was that we live there. I have now come to believe that this world is either that place or hell as the rich and powerful just do not appear to have any empathy at all for their fellow man or woman. If they had, inequality would be declining and not increasing as it is year-on-year.  Therefore I have come to the reasoning that the powerful few literally just care about themselves and no-one else and the reason why our modern world can be compared to a place like hell.


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  1. Thank you Mr. David Hill for you very informative article on the relationship between heads of state and corporations. I have known this however your statement makes it clear that these unscrupulous scoundrels care nothing for anyone but themselves. I especially liked the graphics and pictures of smug looking Health Minister Norman Lamb and Anna Soubry. These people must be replaced with humane forward thinking people who will work hard to make the world a better place. I will pass this information on as best as I can.

  2. Thank you Jean. These people are hand in glove together and basically the politicians and big business do not care about the suffering that millions in the UK (when the wider effect on families is taken into account who have to endure one of their loved ones in dire circumstances on hard drugs) as profit is the only thing basically that they adhere too. A sad world and where our politicians are mere puppets in the whole scheme of things controlled by the powerful who have no morals whatsoever.


  3. Really some time drug and addiction is very heavy in our life and we are everyday saving this drug and tablet but it is effect on long time and they are damaged our body.
    Mental Health Rehabilitation Centers

  4. This miracle cure sounds very interesting, but it won't be an actual miracle cure. 5-7 days is the normal time it takes to detox from heroin (bit longer for opium) during that time you get very sick and crazy. This bowl of mush is probably mainly Kratom - a leaf native to SE Asia that is an opiate antagonist (like subutex ). Those bowls of mush probably are just tapered down doses, this will help withdrawal a lot but not completely.

    Even if it is more complex, and even if big pharma say yes it takes decades to turn that bowl of mush into a westernised medicine.

    Currently big pharma has no incentive to say yes. I am on a opiate replacement script and once you are it is very hard to even get a doctor to recommend that you come off.

    Methadone is also very very cheap, abstinence based recovery is very expensive. Even the most well meaning folk start to balk if they think that the NHS is paying £500 per day for 8 weeks or so just to get some junky clean (as many go right back on it sooner or later as it's as much a lifestyle problem as it is an addiction). Very complex. But interesting article. Thanks

    1. I am afraid that you are completely wrong. Heantos is composed of 13 plant extracts and not one of them has any resemblance to Kratom that people have known about for years. You don't get sick and crazy with it either. Mostly you sleep. This medication was developed between the Institute of Chemistry Hanoi and the Leibnitz institutes in Germany (debatably according the Germans, their best scientific institutes). Heantos has now ben manufactured in western standardised laboratories now for at least 5-years. It is also much cheaper than methadone and around $20 per patient to purchase. The actual detoxification is around 72 hours (3-days) but the 5-days is the time that people stay in the Hanoi clinics from intern to discharge. Thereafter the stay on a deduced strength of Heantos for 6-months to make sure that they do not relapse. Therefore don't assume something about something that you really know nothing about. That is very dangerous indeed and you become an advocate of the persistent maintenance regime that does very little if anything at all to get people of hard drugs. Indeed Methadone is officially more addictive than the drugs that they seek to cure unlike Heantos that is not an addictive treatment, just a cure.


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