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EU Membership -v- BREXIT – the Future Truth

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Even the founding architect of the monetary union, Otmar Issing has warned that the Brussels’ dream of a European superstate will finally be buried amongst the rubble of the crumbling single currency.” Realistically, it will be a case of muddling through, struggling from one crisis to the next. It is difficult to forecast how long this will continue for, but it cannot go on endlessly. Governments will pile up more debt—and then one day, the house of cards will collapse.” - https://www.forbes.com/sites/timworstall/2016/10/23/now-he-tells-us-architect-of-the-euro-says-it-will-never-work-so-milton-friedman-was-right/#6fd86693750a

 'REVEALED: EU To Bypass National Parliaments On Controversial TTIP Deal' - http://www.breitbart.com/london/2016/06/21/eu-bypass-democracy-trade-deals/

'EU FALLING APART: Former Italy PM warns bloc DISINTEGRATING which could spark WAR' - http://www.express.co.uk/news/politics/664268/Former-Italy-prime-minister-Mario-Monti-EU-heading-towards-disintegration-Brexit

The ‘risk’ to stay in the EU (European Union) is far greater to the socio-economic future of the UK and its people in the long-term than BREXIT. This is based unlike the analysis of those who want to stay in the EU, on the unfounded projections of fear (such as a possible WW3 et al), but on how the EU has been performing over the last 10-years in terms of its social and economic success and projecting this into the future over the next 20-years. 

For according to the evidence the political decisions taken by the European Commission and major political leaders of EU countries (particularly Germany, the most powerful EU player by far), have created social stresses not seen since WW2 and where this has produced unprecedented unrest and unreported crime in modern times. Indeed in terms of the latter, there is hardly any news on the atrocities that are going on in Germany, Denmark, Norway, France and Holland et al. It is apparent that the national media throughout the EU are subduing the reporting of exponential and highly increased numbers of murders, attempted murders, rapes, growth in paedophilia,  crimes against children, muggings, card fraud, burglaries, pick pocketing,  commercial and business fraud, money laundering and civilian and business robberies. It is as though the respective EU governments have had private words with their media outlets. Indeed and although not in the same league as physical violence, the BBC has been highly selective in ‘SUBDUING NEWS’ that is beneficial to the BREXIT side.

As a single example, on 1 March 2016 (a mere 3 months ago), Switzerland voted not to join the EU after 23 years of negotiations. Did you know that this had happened, for no-one I have spoken to have not. Indeed, the BBC did not once in their news bulletins report this and have not done so up to this present day. The problem concerning this suppressing of EU news is that if Switzerland had decided to join the EU, it would have been front page news for weeks. That is the problem and where the BBC is totally biased towards the government’s stance and that of those who wish to stay in the EU. Indeed, I would advise the people of the UK not to trust the BBC on anything concerning the EU, as it definitely appears that this tax-paid corporation is no more than the servant of Cameron and his government together with the Labour Party (note that James Purnell, was made the BBC’s Director of Strategy and Digital after he had been the last Labour Government’s secretary-of-state for culture, media and sport (the BBC’s political boss) after he left office with no other applicants being allowed to be interview for the job and where this is one of the top four most powerful executive positions within the BBC – that is how corrupt UK politics has become and even Jeremy Paxman could not believe that there were no others interviewees for the job when he confronted Purnell on BBC Newsnight). All that Purnell could say was that they got the best man for the job and where that in my mind says everything about the political impartiality of the BBC…it has NONE).

Knowing of the ‘unreported’ reporting has only been possible through the WWW and where many blogs et al have reported the true facts of mass migration and their dire effects on the indigenous people of the EU, who before the decisions of the European Commission and the mightiest EU leaders, was unaffected and living in relatively calm world of common European good, not the dire good of what has now become to be seen as the theatre of political illiterate, where basically numbskulls are running the mad house.

For now we have the biggest threat to peace in the EU-28 and all due to the bureaucratic reasoning of those with no common-sense at all, where several hundreds of terror cells lay dormant and where if truth be told, are increasing by the day now.  The enemy within is now here to stay and fully resident, just waiting for the orders from ISIS, Al-Qaeda and amany middle east and African terrorist groups to strike hard into the heart of the people of the EU. Indeed, history has recorded that no so-called terrorist group has ever been stopped to get what they want in the long-term, as guerrilla warfare is the unseen enemy and where conventional war, where you can see your enemy, just does not exist within this future EU scenario. For no matter how many military troops you have at your disposal, the terrorists will always win and obtain what they seek eventually. So-called terrorist groups/freedom fighters such as in Afghanistan, Israel, Canada, Mexico, Kenya, Egypt, South Africa, Rhodesia, Algeria, Russia, …USA et al all eventually won through; the list is endless throughout history and where they show what happens in the downfall of countries and empires. For they will always have the element of surprise on their side and the primary reason why they will always win – history has recorded that clearly. The EU and its countries will now be no different and where the struggle for freedom will not go into decades when it starts, but centuries as Europe reshapes itself. Indeed, one of the reasons why Cameron and Blair are supporting Turkey joining the EU is because they know the above is inevitable and where Blair was one of the main instigators of creating an unstable middle-east. For as all these things, even the creation of ISIS, is dictated to by foreign policy and those who benefit constantly from war (the ones who control the largest money-making industry in the world, the military industrial complex). For they need constant wars to feed their insatiable appetite for wealth and why wars will never cease to exist until be totally change the politicians we constantly have in power...who are basically the puppets of the most powerful economic masters in the world (the top 1%).

Unfortunately now that is what is on the horizon for the EU and wider Europe. For history is just a chronicle of war.

But on the other side of the ‘dire future coin’ there is the fact that EU-28 is on a relatively fast downward economic trajectory. For the EU has now been in a relative declining spiral with other economic blocs and nations for nearly two decades now. Indeed the EU are so worried about this disastrous economic trend and fact that they think that going into economic partnership with the USA will solve their economic problems. This again is sheer stupidity by our political elites. The reason, the USA is declining in economic importance also and where the emerging dynamic areas of the world are in reality those where Britain should be concentrating their economic efforts…NOW. For as these regions take over the world’s economic order, those that trade with them will succeed, but not with relatively ‘spent’ economic areas such as the EU which has basically run its course to nowhere. Commonsense dictates that, not those economists who are backing staying in the EU or even the IMF et al, who drastically got it wrong about the EURO and also never even predicted the global financial meltdown, so how good are they it has to be asked? Indeed, most of theses so-called wise economists have vested-interests to tell their crystal ball lies, as they are funded mostly through government and EU funded grants and commissions to say what the paymaster tells them. Therefore BREXIT will in essence save the future of the UK, not destroy it. That will be done only by becoming a full member of EU-28 through being dictated too by the EU as a mere outpost of the ‘European Super-state’.

The root causes of War
People do not make wars, but politicians do. As a single and primary example in the timeframe of humankind, the Second World War. In this respect ‘The Treaty of Versailles’ (Traité de Versailles) was the main cause of the rise of Hitler and why Europe was thrown into turmoil, misery and eventual genocide. For the Treaty enforced on the German people in 1919 was nothing more than a harsh, severe, strict, extreme, drastic, stringent, tough, swingeing, cruel, brutal, oppressive, ruthless, relentless, summary, punitive, authoritarian, despotic, tyrannical, arbitrary, repressive and iron-fisted treaty of austerity to extract reparation for what the Kaiser and German politicians  had done to the western allies (the ‘victors’).  This made it impossible for the German people to regain its self-sufficiency and a standard of living that did not advocate war. Indeed, as the German people could not get out of these chains, they looked for a way to do this. As the Allies would not relent, it was only a matter of time that Hitler or someone like him emerged. Therefore western politicians in fact were the root cause of WW2 and their mindless reparation thinking.

The problem now is that the EU is going the same way as austerity bites hard and increases year-on-year through the economic bloc’s failing system. Indeed in another 20 years time with the constant explosion in immigrant numbers flooding into the western continent, the EU will implode as it will not be able to sustain the present indigenous 500 million+ EU citizens to a living standard that prevents wars.

That is the real medium-term fact with the EU and if the UK does not exit in 2016, it will bring the UK down with the EU itself within a mere two decades I firmly predict. For only by being outside the EU in twenty years time and by then trading with the rest of the world, will Britain be able to overcome the shock waves of a decaying and crumbling EU. But added to this and where the EU is going to announce the creation of an EU army after the Referendum, the UK will have diminished armed forces to protect its people when anarchy is amongst us all if we stay in the EU. Indeed, secret manoeuvres are already being carried out in Germany if people searched the WWW, where police militia are being trained for the future civil unrest that will come as night follows day.  Don’t think that this will happen and civil unrest will emerge; it only took 20 years from 1919 to create this in the past and where the past always repeats itself, eventually.

Indeed, the EU has all the hallmarks of what happened around 100 years ago with austerity running ripe throughout the EU, just like what happened in Germany after the mother of all austerities, the Traité de Versailles. In this respect, the ‘Referendum Vote’ can be seen as the modern-day treaty of Versailles  Therefore BREXIT will not cause war to happen internally between nations, but the EU will. Out and leaving the EU is the only way to avoid the harshest effects of the EU’s social and economic meltdown when it comes and where few economists are even mentioning this possibility. I wonder why when all the tell-tales are there? Could it be that they have been told by their respective governments and universities not to rock the boat for personal reasons.,.possibly.

Dr David Hill
CEO, World Innovation Foundation
29 May 2019 (updated)

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