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"Democracy for the people by the people" is a clear illusion and where ‘Parliamentary Democracy’ for the politicians and rich donors together with 'Big Business and the Unions et al is real and the only “so-called” democracy in town

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In the centuries gone by it was Kings, Queens, princes, princesses and feudal landowners who controlled the people and what they could not do and what they were allowed to do. They therefore used the people for their own personal gains and how they liked to treat them in order to attain personal wealth at all cost without the people being able to do little about this system of tyrannical subjugation and basic human slavery.

Today to all intents and purposes if we do our in-depth research properly, we  basically have the same old system of suppression of the people if we all stopped and thought for a minute, but where the present-day structural system is a far more subtle and concealed arrangement to make the people feel that they are ‘free’, but where they are not. For the current system of so-called ‘democracy’, where the people think that they vote for the person that they wish to represent them in parliament, is a fictitious nom de plume in reality that really does not exist in reality and where it is the very same order as the imperious feudal system that it eventually displaced and supplanted.

For in the UK and the West we have a system of political parties that appear on face value to be democratic, but in reality again, it is not. Indeed, the people only vote for the person who the “Party” chooses. Therefore democracy for the people just does not exist in reality, as the person who ends up in parliament (in the US, the Senate and House of Representatives) is not chosen by the people, but the “Party”.  This is where ‘true’ democracy for the people falls at the first hurdle, as the people have no say in the “Party” political selection process at all, but where only the “Party” hierarchy, the political machinery and ‘big’ business does. For from thereon, the whole political system of democracy in the West stops working for the people in reality and politicians and big business together control the people under the guise of democracy.  People do not recognise or realise this truism even when you tell them, but where applied democracy just does not really exist for the people in all truth.

That is why big business with our politicians in tow, always exploit the people for their own personal/business economic and financial enrichment, not the other way around as the majority of people still think even today in the West.

For when you have a system of ‘Parliamentary democracy’ where the ‘’”Party”’ decides who will represent the people, democracy for the people-by the people, just does not exist. Indeed, all the ‘political Parties’ use the people for is to vote for their man or woman and making the people think that the people have voted for their man or woman, but where in reality, the truth is completely the opposite and an illusion. For prior to general elections being held in Western nations, each political “Party” has had private meetings with their political big business donors, rich individual donors and large Union donors to determine what they will get from an elected government. From thereon all they need is the cross on the ballot paper from the people to give them legitimacy and they have then got what they want, a monopoly of the taxpayer’s funds, control of laws and the people to do their bidding, whether they like it or not. And that is ‘Parliamentary Democracy’ in action in all truth and what democracy in the minds of the politicians and big “Party” donors really means, not what the people think that it means and democracy for them. Or in other words a political system of totalitarianism for the political elite, the “Party” donors and external influences, not for the people. For ‘Parliamentary Democracy’ is a mirage in terms of real democracy for the people, by the people. Unfathomably, the penny just has not dropped as yet and has not sunk in within the psyche of western people, but where this has to do so if future generations are not to be held in these vice-like illusions of democracy like today and where nothing changes for 90% of the people in the West. Indeed the people have to accept and pay for the continual negative dire effects of the political decision-making like the 2007/08 financial meltdown that impoverished 100s of millions of people and families in the West and where the top 10% grew even richer at the expense of the majority of the people.

In this respect, this system of ‘Parliamentary Democracy’ uses the people at the ‘politicians and bid donor’s whims,’ in going to war under the guise of democracy and in the national interest et al, but in reality, it is all about economics and the capture of economic enrichment for the political and elite rich, not for the people who pay with their lives in every war that our political and rich elite start in the guise of freedom…nothing could be further away from the truth as history has recorded with all the ‘false flags’ that the elite have staged for their sheer enrichment and nothing more.

For our so-called democratic system allows white elephants like HS2, wind power and financial meltdowns to flourish and where the people pick up the massive price tags and perpetuity maintenance costs every time, not just for the current generation to pay off, but for those into the very distant future, paying down the debt for decade after decade. The reason for this is that the minority rich and powerful become even more richer and powerful by the year and where the people become continually impecunious year in, year out. The big question is, when are the people going to get wise to all this corrupt manipulation between our political elite and big business? Unfortunately based upon historical facts, it appears that the majority of people are overridingly gullible and ill-informed because they take the Establishment-line generally and do not undertake their own research into what and how western democracy actually works by stealth for the rich and powerful, not for the people’s good. In this respect also, most of mainstream media (MSM) are owned by the rich and powerful or controlled by government like the BBC. This means that the minds of the electorate are filled with facts that the Establishment want the people to think is the case but it is not necessarily the truth, as the other side of the story is never told for obvious reasons. Consequently this constitutes brainwashing of the people’s minds in believing predominantly the Establishment view and nothing else, as main news media is censored with a one-sided view, whether it be war or negative economic issues.

To give an example of how our politicians fix the so-called democratic system for themselves and not for the people, we only have to look at the 2019 conservative election process for their new leader and therefore the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. In this respect the 313 conservative politicians (the Tory Party’s Members of Parliament) had a first hand pre-selection process in 4-rounds in action to select their man or women that they wanted, not any of the 160,000 conservative members. The members only got a look in after their MPs had whittled it down to two candidates and that is what politicians call modern democracy in action if you believe that. Therefore the big question is, why could not the 160,000 members of the Conservative “Party” choose the new leader from the very start without the MPs eliminating all others except the final two? For it would have been an easy matter for the members to be balloted initially to see how many votes each MP obtained from its “Party” membership. Using simple statistical analysis and the 5% probability elimination factor, the ones who obtained the least votes from the membership would be remove. Then the same process would be undertaken again and MPs eliminated. After the fourth reiterative process, the remaining candidates would be voted on by the 160,000 Tory membership for their final selection and where the MP who had the largest membership votes, would be automatically elected as the new conservative leader and new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. This would have had no involvement at all of the democratic corrosive influence whatsoever by the 313 Conservative MPs.  That is the politician’s democracy, not democracy of the people and where the 313 MPs undertook elimination exercise for their ‘personal’ interests and not for the 160,000 membership’s interest. For if you believe that a parliament consisting of 75% of MPs that voted to stay within the EU would not be biased against BREXIT, you should really go and see a psychiatrist to tell you why not?

Therefore the above is why the UK will not leave the EU where the majority of people voted and wanted to leave the EU in 2016 and contrary to that, the majority of conservative MPs wanted to stay in the EU. Consequently the sitting 313 conservative MPs have not just hoodwinked their members with the way that they have selected the new leader (like they did with PM May’s selection before that and who was  a committed EU remainer), but have also destroyed all trust in their MPs who supposingly represent them if the UK does not leave the EU in 2019. For overall through their underhanded selection actions, the present incumbent Tory MPs will destroy their own “Party”. Time will tell, but once the 160,000 conservative members’ find out that the UK is not in reality leaving the EU, they will leave the Tory “Party” in droves and eventually to its early extinction.

But back to how the world of politics operates in giving the people the chimera of so-called democracy and how it works from the bottom-up.

What the Real Selection Process is by the ‘“Party”’ and not the people.
  1. The “Party” (whether local or national) invites within their ranks members who they think will be good for the “Party”, not the people. Some are specifically parachuted in from outside the area in a stronghold constituency of the “Party” to preserve and secure the top “Party” MPs, further eroding the integrity of the democratic process for local people, as the “Party” is paramount, not the people.
  2. Prior to the final selection behind closed doors, the local (or national) “Party” officials select the man or women that they really want to elect for the “Party” and not for the people. Therefore if there are say 8 candidates, seven are wasting their time, unknown to the voting electorate of course.
  3. Through this ‘behind closed doors’ mechanism, the candidate is selected by the local or national “Party” hierarch to represent the “Party”, not what the people select.
  4. When installed within Parliament, the “Party”s choice (not the people’s choice) becomes a part of the Parliamentary Political “Party” and where they are held by the Whip to vote as the “Party” wants, not as the people might wish. Thereafter everything is in the interests of the “Party” and not the interests of the people who put their cross against the candidate in order that they were elected to parliament. This is the sham that goes on indefinitely.

For the above in overview is the way that democracy works in all western nations and it is the “Party” that counts and not the people, no matter what the politicians might tell you. Therefore the people may think that they have democracy but where in reality they certainly have not. Consequently not until the people understand this clearly and how this politico-economic so-called system of democracy works for the few, voting will have no consequence on what the people wish to see happen. Indeed Parliamentary Democracy is a dictatorship in reality, as whatever the people wish to happen will never happen, as the system is a control mechanism where the people are used for the appearance of democracy by giving their vote (in some countries they are forced to vote by law but where this does not change the outcome for the people in an applied sense), but it is in essence thereafter a fool’s paradise. For you only have to look at Greece as a prime example of political manipulation of the people and where the 2019 incoming “Party” of government is promising an even closer relationship with the dictatorial EU (even after the EU and the IMF destroyed the nation through their decade-long draconian economic loan policies) that is controlled behind closed doors by the rich and powerful whose economic power puts EU politicians and bureaucrats into the driving seat. Don’t believe me, then do your own research into how so-called modern western democracies operate and if you do it right, it will open up your mind to the real world of politics and financial power in all its insalubrious facets.

Dr David Hill
CEO, World Innovation Foundation (UK)
6 July 2019 (modified 9 July 2019)

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