Monday, 9 December 2013

UK's Debt is far more than what people really think

Before you read this article visit what one of the longest serving veteran US Senator in American history has to say about the 'cancer' that is destroying America's way of life and the backbone of their nation, the middle-class, who have lost the most and will continue to do so under the present economic values.

'American's Real Struggle-- Against Billionaire Oligarchy' (2015) by US Senator Bernie Sanders -

The UK will not move forward in any meaningful way until government understands that it is the major part of what is wrong with the current system.

Indeed the great problem is that government never learns because Whitehall does not allow it to do so. The steady-state is all that matters and why rock the boat when at the end of it if you do nothing you get very well looked after. There is no incentive therefore for government to learn because they are looked after from political and bureaucratic birth to grave. Not until Whitehall gets a culture of risk and creative indulgence will Britain move forward. Therefore the great stumbling block to future economic dynamism is government itself. It is time that it looked itself in the mirror and asked deep and searching questions about itself.

'The Illusion of Democracy' -

'Cancer Capitalism' -

But there are either too many people in the UK with their heads in the sand or are oblivious of the economic state of the nation. For it is dreadful to say the very least.

Indeed with regard to the UK's overall debt, the chief economist at PwC on far better economic projections than today in 2009 and shortly before Labour left office, calculated that by 2015 the nation's total debt would be £10.2 Trillion but where they stated that the range of our debt could be as high as £11.5 Trillion -

It was made up as follows,
Households Debt - £1.9 Trillion
General Government Debt - £1.4 Trillion
Non Financial Company Debt - £2.2 Trillion
Financial sector Debt - £4.5 Trillion

The UK's actual total debt is therefore far more than what most people really think.

But added to this and according to MoneyWeek magazine as a single example from financial/investment analysts, who correctly predicted the 'crash' and global financial 'meltdown' in 2008/2009, the debt crisis will create a devastating effect on the British people in the near to medium future and where our government will steal from us all through stealth taxes to pay off the interest alone (projected to be a minimum of £70 billion alone by 2015) -
How to survive the final phase of Britain's debt crisis (April 2014) -

Dr David Hill
Chief Executive
World Innovation Foundation

9 December 2013 (updated 24 October 2015)

'Four Horsemen - Feature Documentary - Official Version' (How the world really is by international economists and eminent thinkers) -

What you should know about the 'Gates Foundation' and Others, and how they manipulate the system to their own ends and predominantly unknown to the people - indeed they are not the so-called good guys that they make out to be -
'The Lie Machine' - by Dr Paul Craig Roberts, former Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury for Economic Policy in the Reagan Administration

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