Monday, 9 December 2013

Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria in current times shows that Humanity has learnt hardly anything at all



As Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria in recent times shows and Iran and North Korea most probably in the future, when God-Allah created man he made a bad job of it. In this respect we spend more on wars and killing each other than feeding the world and making humanity a far better caring world-order. Indeed we spend well over $1 trillion every year on weapons of mass destruction and in the name of so-called defence. Therefore in a world where God-Allah supposingly created man, this is alien to the teachings of a unified people made in His vision and where everyone in the eyes of God-Allah are equal. But man made a bad job of implementing God-Allah’s religions also and where more wars and conflict are made in the name of God/Allah through religion than anything else. Therefore if there is a God-Allah, he certainly would not associate Himself with the present man that he designed or intended to be custodians of His world. Indeed over $1,000,000,000,000+ for just one year alone could eradicate most of humanity’s killer diseases and provide for a sustainable and peaceful future world order. But what do we do, we would rather do the opposite. Therefore man is not really an intelligence species at all in the true sense of the meaning and far from it, as he would rather destroy the human experience than preserve it. Unfortunately that is the truth of God-Allah’s human creation that should have been far different to what it is today. Indeed this illogical manifestation is at the root of all our problems. 
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Dr David Hill
Chief Executive
World Innovation Foundation
9 December 2013 (updated 3 January 2016)

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