Monday, 9 December 2013

UK's Energy Security is NOW totally in the Hands of a few foreign profit driven Corporations and how could successive UK governments allow this to happen

Foreign ownership of UK energy supplies and generation literally means that the British people are held to ransom in perpetuity now.

The increase in energy prices by Centrica the owners of BG and the constantly increasing energy rises generally has a much wider story to tell the British people. In this respect some quick statistics may help and according to SERIS ,

  1. The ‘Big Six’ generators control around three-quarters of our generating capacity and control 96% of all residential electricity supply. 
  2. Only three out of the ‘Big Ten’ generators in the UK are owned by British companies and where seven are owned and controlled by foreign shareholders.
  3. Indeed on the generating side only 25% of UK energy is generated by British owned corporates.
  4. Foreign companies generate 2/3rds of the UK’s onshore wind farms
  5. 2/3rds of UK generating capacity is owned by European countries other than the UK.
  6. Within UK waters, 50% of installed and under construction offshore wind farms are owned by Scandinavian countries.
  7. One-fifth of UK capacity is owned by 9 foreign governments and German municipal owned concerns.
  8. 51% of our offshore wind farms and 70% of our nuclear sectors are foreign owned.

9.   over half of UK offshore wind farms are owned by foreign governments.

(derived from research by SERIS – Sheffield Energy Resources Information Services)

Therefore we no longer control our energy supply by a long way and are totally beholden upon our foreign energy owners to play the game fair. But will they? I very much doubt it and where shareholder’s returns are all that really matters. Why did we allow these primary industries to fall into foreign hands and where energy controls business and families? Indeed without energy UK business cannot operate and the British people cannot exist. For these industries are vital and should never have been allowed to be sold. In this respect unlike other EU countries that have banned their sale on the grounds of national interest, successive governments have allowed them to be sold off. Now these foreign energy concerns can hold the country literally to ransom.       

Dr David Hill
Chief Executive
World Innovation Foundation


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  2. Thanks Malik. These monopolies have been created by our politicians and where other EU nations have blocked their sales on national interests grounds. Seemingly they just do not know what they have done but typical of the decisions of UK politicians.